BFG Release Day!

Relive your favorite moments of DOOM with the newly-released DOOM 3 BFG Edition — available now in North America and this Friday in Europe on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3!

BFG Edition includes the original versions DOOM and DOOM II, as well as  re-mastered versions of DOOM 3 and its Resurrection of Evil add-on pack. And for the first time ever, play eight never-before-seen DOOM 3 levels in ‘The Lost Mission’.

Later today, PS3 players will be able to download the game directly on PSN. And if you already own DOOM 3 on Steam, between now and November 13th you can save $10 on your purchase.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh Bethesda. If only i could understand your US/Europe delay politics. And let’s not forget the fact that i cannot buy Skyrim on Steam at all, to this day, because my region isn’t good enough for you. I love you above all other developers but this is sick!

  2. Congratulations on porting Doom 3 after 8 years. X)

    Is the last news of 2012? after Dishonored, we have BFG for Google Glasses? pffff

    Come on… we are in october! no fix for the dlcs, a simple update and Doom?!

    Imagine january with TESO. Poor Zenimax Online team…

  3. Are there plans to bring Doom 1 & 2 to PSN separately? And will Doom 1 & 2 XBLA get updated to the match the version in DOOM 3 BFG Edition?

  4. No coop in doom 3 = no bought.

    You just bring the same thing on “xbox” and put it on pc. Are you joking?!? For 30 bucks!?!

  5. Now with motion blur and stable 60 frames per second. I love the lighting of the game, the visual is amazing for a 2004 title. The action is very simple, but have an claustrophobic effect for the surprise factor, effective.

    Good times.

  6. Awful so far. Low quality textures, little ability to customize graphics, freezing issues, inability to skip cutscenes, to name a few. Very unhappy with this.

    • Obituary: id software.
      Cause of death: lack of originality and engine weakness.
      Years of contribution: 1993-1996(real deal) 2004-2012(process of the fall).
      Today: a internal house inside another company.
      Heirs: Todd Hollenshead and Tim Willits.
      Future project: Doom 4.

    • i am shocked with the low quality in the textures and the frame drop sometimes. is really a shame whats going with id software, all those ads.. is total BS.

  7. Well I took the plunge and purchased Doom3 BFG on the PS3, mainly to check out the 3D on my Sony Bravia 3D TV. I got sucked into the 3D hype for the game, it’s `okay` but it’s not that good. Even with tweaking some of the 3D depth from the TV settings it’s still just okay. It’s much better than most games, but still lacking.
    I guess to make a really great 3D game it needs to be designed from the start that way.

  8. John Carmack should retire.
    He would come out on top with just “Rage” for the bad list.

    Rockets and Kickstarter… a wonderful sound.

  9. Does the sound system happen to be updated in the BFG edition? Since, no one really uses EAX 4 anymore, all is software reverb effects now, but there does not seem to be a way to force the good ol’ Doom 3 into software EAX mode.