Make your own Dragonborn

Back at QuakeCon, I watched as members of Symbiote Studios painted their own customized Dragonborn figurines. Pretty amazing stuff, and something that I wished I could have done myself — despite the fact I’m a terrible artist.

Good news is, you can now purchase your very own DIY Dragonborn Figure from Symbiote’s website for a low price of $12.99. Once you’ve painted one on your own, we’d love for you to share your designs by emailing us.

Order the DIY Dragonborn Figure
Order the fully-painted Dragonborn Figure

Reader Comments

  1. The rumors swirling about the next Skyrim expansion have me so excited.

    No no, not about riding dragons, I can already do that with mods…but…

    Morrowind?! Possibly Solstheim?!!?

    Now THAT is exciting! Hope it’s true!

    PS: Burn TESO burn.

    • It’s beyond confirmed in the data files that shipped with the Patch 1.8 beta. To what extent Solstheim is represented is still up in the air, but there can be no other explanation for the specifics that have been found.

  2. Get to work on DLC for PS3! Nothing else matters at this point for purposes of this game.

    This has class action lawsuit written all over it.

      • Are we on the Symbiote page or blog? Of course not.
        Bethesda needs to drop all the other bull$%^& and deliver the same game experienced that they promised ALL purchasers of this game. It’s called a WARRANTY, and they have breached it for purposes of ALL PS3 users.

        • Except this particular blog entry (posted by GStaff, who is the community liason guy, not a developer) is about figures made by Symbiote Studios. It’s got nothing to do with PS3 issues.

          In fact, posting this blog entry, selling those figures and fixing the PS3 bugs and DLC issues are in no way mutually exclusive.