More Dishonored content on the way

Finish Dishonored, already? Completed a non-lethal playthrough, too? Congrats on being a true supernatural assassin! We recommend you continue honing your skills in preparation for the game’s upcoming game add-on content, Dunwall City Trials.

Dunwall City Trials will arrive simultaneously on PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. Details on this add-on, as well as future plans, are outlined below:

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, being released in December for $4.99 (or 400 Microsoft Points), will include 10 challenge maps that will test and track your combat, stealth and mobility skills. Ten distinct trials await challengers – including an arena battle against waves of enemy AI, a gravity-defying run of drop assassinations, and a race against the clock. Dunwall City Trials also features a whole new set of achievements and trophies as well as a global online leaderboard that will establish the greatest assassins for each challenge.

The second and third add-ons for Dishonored will be coming in 2013 and will each feature story-driven campaigns. Pricing on these two packs will be revealed closer to launch.

Daud, the leader of a group of supernatural assassins known as ‘The Whalers’, will be the focus of the second add-on pack, scheduled for release in early Spring 2013. Make your way through new Dunwall locales and discover Daud’s own set of weapons, powers and gadgets in this story-driven campaign. How you play and the choices you make will impact the final outcome…

Additional story details on the third add-on pack will be revealed closer to its launch next year.

Stay tuned for more details.

Reader Comments

    • Wow.
      No doubt. Arkane is making Bethesda look a little foolish aren’t they?

      Hey, maybe Bethesda could get in touch with Arkane to finally learn how this new fangled PS3 thing works?

          • Well, gstaff, I hope you realize we aren’t angry with you. You are just a messenger after all and don’t really have anything to do with the programmers or production staff.

            We have just heard the same rhetoric for way too long now. Not to mention, there are millions like me that want the base game fixed and aren’t really worried about DLC at this point. Dumping DLC on a broken game screws the whole thing up. Look what happened to Fallout: New Vegas.

            We feel that constantly stating nothing more than “Updates to come”, “We’re still working on it”, “More to come”, and similar statements are just stringing us along. We don’t get any real info from statements like that, and it gets extremely frustrating after a while. Please don’t utter the “We understand your frustration” line because I don’t think you really do. Otherwise, why would Bethesda release a game in a broken state? Again.

            We have just seen this situation before. The only difference this time is the level of media exposure, but we have seen this before and the games we spent good money on were left broken with no hope of repair. We bought this one in good faith based on the lies spoken by Pete Hines as many of us were still feeling the sting from Fallout: New Vegas and washing the bitter taste from our mouths while a defective, unplayable game collects dust on our shelves. That is why our anger is at a higher level than before. We found out the “new engine, special attention, quicker bug fixes, and level of parity” the PS3 was supposed to receive were absolute falsehoods and deceit.

            That is why “updates” that don’t really say anything are insulting and we, as paying customers with a purchase based on lies, are demanding more information.

        • Speak for yourself We’re Suckers. A lot of us ARE angry, and justifiably so. After the way we have been treated after the bugged release of Skyrim, the constant delay of PS3 patches, a complete lack of DLC almost 4 months after the Xbox 360 got their first one, and no genuine communication as to what is even wrong, it’s going to take a very long time for Bethesda to earn our trust back, especially when right now they’re not even trying.

          • I must say, I’m not all that angry, I’m satisfied with the vanilla game. Though I’d like to have at least Hearthfire.

            I’ve never (really) experienced any bugs with the game. (Mostly because I didn’t bought it on release I guess?)

          • Never said I wasn’t angry my friend. I am extremely angry that I got screwed over with both Fallout titles, and then got screwed over with Skyrim when I made my purchase based on lies.

        • All platforms deserve attention, especially PS3 users.
          I hope to see a good list of fixes for all plataforms, no mods as solution for me. I see no reason to come back to play one day, just to see a new mod.

          A new DLC, this is cool.

          Actually after Dawnguard and Hearthfire, theres nothing to encourage me to try Skyrim again.

    • Guys, come on, 100 million iPads sold for today – this is where the money, not in PCs which is declined another year or useless consoles which is made for collecting dust…

  1. GStaff, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but it does look like you could use some advice.

    Every few days you come here and post about Dishonoured or Doom or some other Bethesda news item and within three comments someone asks about Skyrim DLC on PS3. It was released nearly four months ago for 360 and there’s been no real update on the PS3 since then. Perhaps if you made a dedicated update post advising of the progress made then you can field questions about the actual blog content instead of being drawn back to DLC all of the time.

    That is of course assuming that you have been telling the truth over the last four months and DLC on PS3 is still the plan. If you’ve given up already then better to say so now rather than string people along even further.

  2. Murt

    Understand your frustrations, but from the late August update, there’s not a lot of news to share. I think for you and other fans, the most important information we can provide is dates and availability — right now that’s not information I have to provide.

    We’re still working on new Skyrim content, and we’ll release that content when it’s ready.

    • “That is of course assuming that you have been telling the truth over the last four months and DLC on PS3 is still the plan. If you’ve given up already then better to say so now rather than string people along even further.”

      I agree with many others. I don’t think they can fix Skyrim in it’s current state or add any DLC. It would be the Fallout titles all over again. Any DLC they add would break the game and make it unplayable.

      The only option would be a complete rewriting of the code and reprogramming of the game. In other words, a brand new release. I don’t think Bethesda is willing to take the time or expense for PS3 players. They never have before with all of the other games they left in a broken state.

      Right now, I think they are working on how to tell everyone they lied about Skyrim, yet still get us to buy the next Fallout title. “We lied, but would you give us more money?”
      Not to mention the damage control statements to the media and gaming websites.

      • PS

        Does anyone at Bethesda realize how much their treatment of the PS3 fan base, the broken state of Skyrim, and the lack of support or DLC directly affect the potential sales of any future releases with the Bethesda name on it?

        The actions, lack of communication, and feeble support from Bethesda towards an angry PS3 community are already killing the sales of the next Fallout title on the PS3 console.

        • This is why not to buy a RPG on a console.
          You have no mods or fanmade patches, and cross-platform means harder work for the company or comprimises such as the console-optimised inventory on the PC.

          Also, in my opinion a PC-optimised inventory is easier to use. For example, compare Sky-UI on a Pc to the default on a console.

  3. I’ve never been interested in those generic trail/challenges/waves of enemies that DLC’s are always associated with. I am going to skip the first one, but the other 2 are promising!

  4. I hope there will be a Sequel with an interesting story and hopefully more stealth kill animations. The magic part doesnt bother me at all because you’ll be too overpowered.

    Keep up the good work Arkane Studios!

  5. Look guys skyrim is skyrim but dishonored is different from that i mean has anyone found big bugs in their game in dishonored?
    well to be honest im happy that there hasn’t been any problem with this game and that this game is like assassin creed but with powers and in this cartoon style! and you can do the impossible with magic which ive never seen before, but i all so want to talk about this dlc that it would be great you could do more with this magic and make it go to the next level!