Following this week’s hands-on previews for The Elder Scrolls Online, we’ve launched – the game’s official community site. Be sure to bookmark the page, as it will be regularly updated with new features, dev diaries, screenshots, art, and more!

Highlights today include:

Welcome to the Official Elder Scrolls Online Community!

Explore the Story of The Elder Scrolls Online —  An introduction to ESO’s main story.

Reading the Future of the Past in The Elder Scrolls — The first dev diary featuring ZeniMax Online loremaster, Lawrence Shick.

Tamriel, Now and Then — A comparison piece showing locations from previous Elder Scrolls games and how they now look in ESO.

All the content you see on the site is only the beginning. As the new home for community content for ESO, you can expect much more in the coming weeks and months.


Reader Comments

  1. Can we just have one post about Dawnguard? I’m sure Pete Hines has had enough of us attacking his personal Twitter account, doesn’t seem very professional to me. We are not just going to go away if you keep quiet.

    • They are trying to “white wash” us.

      Blind and distract with the new shiny games, all the while hoping we forget about the Skyrim debacle. It almost worked with Skyrim. People had almost forgotten about the broken state and frustration they experienced with Fallout: New Vegas, but Pete Hines had to sprinkle a few blatant lies in order to push us over the edge and line up with money in hand to purchase Skyrim.

      Of course, now not only will we remember Skyrim, we won’t believe a word they say about the next game. Skyrim will be their swan song on the PS3 console. Not something to be proud of in my opinion. I don’t see the next Fallout title selling well unless a miracle happens.

      • Forum and Blog trolls = 99% effective.
        Real world results = 0% effective.

        Relax, take a skooma.. enjoy a good day outside your house, a nice day at the job! Hello, is the McGirls? i need a BigSmack with DoubleBoobs LOL.. double soda too. tks!

  2. Hey Will

    Content is being worked on for all platforms, but we’re not ready to make any formal announcements. When we do, we’ll post it here on the blog, Twitter, and anywhere else we can.

    Thanks for your patience.

    • Hey gstaff,

      Thank you, know your working hard for us! Is nice to get a small comment every now and then to put our minds at ease. The only reason emotions are flying high over lack of content for PS3 is because we are passionate about the game you have created.

      Can’t wait to jump back into Skyrim!

      Thanks again Will

    • Again dodging the question. You realise this means someone will ask again the next time this blog is updated.

      It’s a simple yes/no. Is the PS3 version of Skyrim going to get the same additional content as the other platforms? If the answer is yes then just communicate more often. It’s the pretending that this issue and therefore your PS3 userbase don’t matter that pissing everyone off, so just answer the question.

  3. hey Gstaff i don’t know if you got my last post or not but can you tell bethesda that in the patch to add a NPC re-spawn for like the blacksmiths and venders in towns that dragons attack becasue it makes it hard sometimes when a person is over weight and finds out the ppl where killed in the town that the person was so close to to sell his stuff it would be alot of help and when i say re-spawn i mean like like have a random person after like 5 days take over the spot i would really like the help thank you

    • If NPCs dies, they’re gone from the world. No plans for a change there.

      Best to keep Skyrim patch related comments to blog posts about Skyrim patches (or our official forums).


    • you can’t ask for something that may or may not be DLc for the game just because there was stuff in the patch don’t mean it will be Dlc 100%

  4. This post will become relevant when that site has the official ESO forums on it.

    Saw an interview with Matt Firor and he said they were working on making players AIM their combat in ESO. Aim your swing, aim your arrows, aim your spells. No more auto-lock-on typical MMO combat would be amazing. PvP would finally require tactics AND skill, not just one or the other.

    If you guys pull that off, this game will win. Seriously, it will be incredible.

  5. Please, some more Skyrim for the PS-3 concole?
    My PC got left behind with escalating software/hardware gaming requirements so I got in the que for Skyrim the day I bought the PS3. I feel so let down by you guys that I really can’t help but wonder how much influnce and development money can buy in the console gaming world. That other platform has lesser graphics, do they have deeper pockets?

  6. its been over half a year and still no word on the ps3 dlc. starting to wonder if bethesda even cares about us ps3 users. think about it last time with oblivion they didn’t even make the dlc for us. whose to say they arent just trying to cover up the fact they arent making one this time. then they’l come out with a new game hoping we forget about it. starting to lose all faith in bethesda. and will be entirely shocked if ps3 does ever see dawnguard.