Skyrim Hat Trick at Golden Joysticks

Earlier today, Skyrim came away as the big winner at the UK’s most prestigious gaming award show, The Golden Joysticks. The game captured the night’s biggest award, Ultimate Game of the Year, as well as awards for Best RPG and Best Moment (visiting the Throat of the World).

Congrats to Bethesda Game Studios on this accomplishment, and thanks to all you that played the game and voted!

Reader Comments

  1. No surprise Skyrim got those three awards. Not surprised Rage didn’t win the shooter award and Elder scrolls online one to watch award. DLC award kind of surprised but then PS3 problem affected that. Other than that congrats on your awards.

  2. Skyrim deserves! i dont know all kinds of problems with other users, but my experience is near perfect inside this amazing world since 2011. I believe on you guys!

    Rage deserves nothing. Rage and BFG are shameful results, resuming 2011 and 2012. No love for you Id.

  3. Bethesda Game Studios my favourite and only game developer πŸ™‚
    You create the best games, it’s that simple.

    The thing that makes them so good and different than others is that they really draw you into a whole another world, and makes you want to stay in that world. There is no other game developer that creates, what I would like to call, “atmospheric freedom” as good as you.

    • +1
      Bethesda will probably do the same with Fallout 4 and TES VI, they seem to sweep our complaints about the lag and other technical issues under the carpet every single time.

  4. Congratz,To celebrate this. Why not announce that Dragonborn Expansion? πŸ˜‰ You could put a picture up like you did with dawnguard,even if we prefer trailers. just a announcment would be great

  5. Honestly, I don’t mind ps3 owners complaining.

    The issues affecting skyrim have been an issue for all the games they released for ps3 including Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and sky rim.

    I see it the worst on Fallout New Vegas if I try to play a character to level 50 and play the DLC.

    The fastest way to trigger the slowdown in F:NV is to load a save file where the character islevel 35 or above and played OWB & LH and go into the pipboy and view the Quests tab or over world Map.

    Doing that triggers the slowdown.

  6. I’ve played Skyrim on PS3 since its launch. I was disappointed when I played due to all the bugs and permformance issue. Skyrim has been the most enjoyable game I’ve played since its release. But, there is still room for Improvement. Please don’t let us Playstation guys down πŸ™‚

  7. My personal favorite moment is when you do the first Companion quest and you get trapped in the cage. If you’ve played it you will know what I mean. I didn’t expect that to be in the game at all!

    Well done, Bethesda. You deserve it. πŸ™‚

  8. @MonkeyPaws
    How is it not Bethesda’s fault? They knowingly released Skyrim on the PS3 without fixing issues such as the lag. They knew the PS3 version could run into a “bad-memory situation”.

    They could have delayed the PS3 version and held it back until they had ironed out all of the PS3-specific technical issues, but no, they released it anyway to cash in on the 11/11/11 release date.

    Every other developer, even Valve (and we all know how they felt about the PS3 at first) can make games that work well on the PS3, Bethesda are the odd ones out here.

    You’re not pointing out a fact either, it’s your opinion, not a fact. What happened with the PS3 version of Skyrim and DG & HF was completely within Bethesda’s control. They could have delayed it until they got it working as well as the other version, but no, they released it anyway.

    If Bethesda can’t make games that work well on a console that has been out for five or six years now then they should get another developer to do it, like 4J Studios who ported Oblivion to the PS3. Bethesda have even said themselves that “the PS3 is a powerful system” so hardware isn’t the issue here, the software is.

  9. LOL GOTY?
    I’ve grown callous towards your company.
    If you can win GOTY with what you released on PS3…gods help us.
    The Best Moment award is well deserved though, congrats.

    • Do you think that Sony and her playstations is the reason for the industry exist? with or without you, things will continue to grow.

      I believe the dlcs are coming in the end of the year, or in the begin of 2013. Is no easy task fix a huge bug in the code for sure. And go to hell with the mod argument here! we deserve a fixed vanilla, the original reason to expend 60$.

      I prefer waiting for the best.

  10. You forget when Oblivion came out for ps3 Bethesda had plently of time to work on it and got it stable.

    But that game did not have the bullet time-ish kill cams as all of their later games.

  11. Bethesda must set aside a huge portion of their budget, for these awards shows. Pay enough money and your game will win any award, and when it comes to Bethesda it’s obvious this is what they are doing.

  12. I don’t think Bethesda “buys” their rewards.

    Even with all the stability issues in the recent elder scrolls games and fallout, we all love the games.

    That is why when support issues like this happens, we raise holy-hell over it.

    But even a rolling development blog of progress or even allowing the techs who are working on patches to speak would be nice.

    The silence from Bethesda on their patches is deafening.

    Also, wky does the PR guy use his personal twitter account for addressing the community?

    • Unless they completely rewrite, recode, reprogram, and re-release the game there is no fix. That is what happens when a company tries to do a port job. Bethesda has never figured that out, which is why every single one of their games has been broken on the PS3 console.

      Like I said. There is no fix. Any DLC they release will only break the game more (see the Fallout titles).

      I’m angry that I bought a broken game based on lies. I really doubt I will ever give Bethesda one more penny for anything with their name on it.

      I’m just watching right now to see how they talk their way out of this one. For once, the media has learned how Bethesda (mis)treats their PS3 customers. Like I’ve said before, it’s all about damage control now.

    • Agreed. Even with the innumerable issues (I play Skyrim on the PS3), it’s still the best game I’ve played since it’s release last November, and still play it on occasion.

      Oh! And congratulations on your awards!

      PS: I am still waiting on your DLC’s, and I hope they come out soon.

    • The truth is…they don’t care about the PS3 anymore,”Elder Scrolls” in the future will be only in the PC and Xbox probably….they just want money and more money,they are damn “nacionalists”(USA USA!! = Xbox),to PC users they give them a cookie(CK) and everyone is happy,shit…with that cookie PC users fix the problems for them(BGS),pc users also create some porn to fix their(PC Users)real lives…to ps3 users they only say…”tomorrow” and then they say again “tomorrow(we say something)”…but the fact is that they don’t know how ps3 works,because they are xbox fanboys….wait scratch that…is all about MONEY!..sad i know…. by:PC User πŸ˜‰