Oblivion/Skyrim savings this week on Xbox LIVE

This week’s Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week is dedicated to The Elder Scrolls and features savings on Oblivion, Skyrim, and their respective DLC content.

Oblivion (Games on Demand) – $9.99 this week

Shivering Isles – 600 MS Points this week

Knights of the Nine – 200 MS Points this week

Skyrim (Games on Demand) – $44.99 this week

Dawnguard – 1200 MS Points this week

Hearthfire – 320 MS Points this week

NOTE: This sale is for Xbox LIVE Gold members only.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s amazing that Bethesda will do price drops for older content on the Xbox and PC, but they refuse to price drop on the PS3. Five years later, and Shivering Isles is still $32 on the PSN store. Don’t you think it’s time to drop that price? How about a price drop on your broken Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas DLC?

      • Sony have a section on the PS Store for price drops, but in the case of Bethesda’s TES games there isn’t any DLC to drop the price of…*

        *In Europe anyway, the US has SI but that’s about it.

  2. yeh i have a xbox but u would think they would price a bundle for both dawnguard and hearthfire for $15 on psn only since the hold up.

  3. COME ON ….!!!!!what’s the purpose of this delay….I really can’t wait any longer….I mean I’ve been checking on your blog,on your forums,internet,pete hines twitter account and bethesda’s too and nothing….how long we have to wait till you F.I.N.NA.L.L.Y announce dragonborn dlc….I love your games I really do despite all the bugs but you clearly don’t understand some things…skyrim has been out for almost a year and all you managed to do is to make 2 apsolutely mediocre dlcs and patch 1.8 has been in beta for like 2 weeks GIVE US A TRAILER AT LEAST……..I can’t say that I still have faith in you but I am trying

      • Yeah I’m aware of that and I really hope that noone at least from Bethesda isn’t hurt(I need them alive cause who is then gonna be making some of the best games ever made xD :P) the thing is that if they could post this for me unimportant thing about discounts of 5 years old Oblivion and Skyrim which I possess both then I fail to see why the heck they can’t announce dragonborn when they clearly have means to do so……

        • There’s a big difference between posting a blog entry for something that Microsoft decided to do (doing a sale on LIVE) and announcing DLC.

          For starters, Gstaff could very well be posting this blog from the safety of his laptop in some evacuation area miles away from the office. Secondly, why would they announce a DLC when it might not even be done yet, and who knows if it will- the Bethesda Office might be completely flooded, and when the water finally recedes, they might have to rely on a backup from a week ago.

  4. Long story short: I downloaded Dawnguard, completed so* many hours worth of quests and still haven’t received the side quest “The Gift”. This quest was one of my major reasons for purchasing Dawnguard at all. On top of that, the only radiant quests I am receiving now are to turn 1 of 3 people I’ve already turned or to kill another high profile npc. I’ve tried quite a few things and nothing’s worked. Only real* problem(s) I’ve ever had with the game. Feeling like I just wasted $20 & too many hours of my life just to not get my money nor time’s worth. Honestly makes me never want to play this game again, no matter what, until this is fixed in an update. I thought I’d never want to sell Skyrim, but…

  5. How’s that PS3 DLC coming GStaff? Cutting the price in half on the preferred machine is all well and good but it doesn’t send a great message out to the people who are waiting for you to just *confirm* or *deny* that the content will be available on PS3.

    That’s all that we want, confirm or deny. Not “we’re still working on content for all platforms” not “I have no information to share” or any more question dodging. Is it part of the plan for us to have DLC, yes or no? Not asking for timescales, no conditions or any kind, just a yes or a no.

        • ahahhahhha…LOL if it wasn’t sad it would ‘ve been hillarious hahha to be honest sometimes I think that bethesda is insanely dumb cause first they could find some way to deliver dlcs to ps3 like hiring someone more experienced which wouldnt be their first time and secondly why it takes them soo long to just fix simple bugs which community have easely fixed and dlcs….. why it takes them ages to put them out are they disgusted of money or what …cause people would think that by now we would have at least 3-4 dlcs…todd promised meaty dlcs and I am not sure about dawnguard but hearthfire could have been sooooo better and before anyone says that I’m expecting too much from 5 dollars worth dlc then if they had it made better-bigger then they would charge more for it and customers(all of them) would’ve been satisfied…..it’s win-win situation but I don’t think that Bethesda is familiar with such things

          • i think your right about that. Gstaff sounds exacly like a automated response. i liked hearthfire but your right i would loved if it was a bit bigger.

      • Good to see the troll Monkeysuck still lurking. Wow, it seems that you exist just to try and talk negatively about PS3. You are one unmitigated loser.

        • I think when Bethesda says ‘working’ they me ‘taking a knee’ as they run down the clock.

          And let me add, this has been one helluva long time of possesion….

  6. Do you guys know what make “Elder Scrolls” alive? The Lore and let’s thank god for the writers….because the programmers and designers seem amateurs,so many bugs and graphical glitches…and the worse are the excuses.Anyway….GOD BLESS THE WRITERS FOR WRITING THIS GREAT LORE.

  7. my own.. my… my precious…. PS3! PS3! but Froddo refuses to play.. why? NO NO nonononono… is my, is my console.. YES! my preciousss… PS3! PS3!

    • The Toddit: An Unexpected Problem (2011-2012-?)

      A curious Toddit, Bilbo Howard, journeys to the Lonely Thamriel with a vigorous group of Developers to get a GOTY at all costs.

      Directed by Peter Hynes.

    • It wasn’t disrespectful, but your question was. You’re asking for information that no one can give you, and then you get into a snit when you can’t get it. What do you expect? They can’t give you a yes or no answer, because it’s more complicated than that – something along the lines of “Because the PS3 is a bitch to program for, we are busting our asses trying to get it to work, but at this time we are not sure if it will work or not.” That’s not being evasive, it’s called truth.

      • Seriously? You think the question was disrespectful but the answer wasn’t? Four months of being stonewalled with the lie of omission that there is “no information to share” is frankly insulting so I asked a question that GStaff should have been able to answer. Is it planned? Not are we getting it? not when are we getting it? Just is it planned? Confirm or deny, doesn’t get any simpler than that. GStaff read that question, understood that question but then chose not to address the question and instead repeat the same insult of “no new information”

        For someone who makes weekly claims to “understand our frustration” he doesn’t seem that interested in trying to improve the situation.

    • Sorry Murt. Until there’s new information available that I can share, the answers are going to sound pretty similar.

      Once we do have new content to share, we’ll put up a blog post with details.

      • I think you should use placebos with the blog users. Just confirm to the next month, and in the next month, the next one. But always with “i have the last launching date for the dlcs and updates”.

      • Thanks GStaff, I’m jut trying to drill down for something, you have to admit that the communication could be a lot better. If you can’t give any new info, can you at least confirm the following?

        By “content” you do mean the DLCs that are MIA and not new stuff that isn’t announced yet.
        By “still working on” you mean that the intention is still release those that are MIA and not simply skip over them.

        Also, does no new information mean “no progress” which is how it sounds considering how long that has been the answer or is progress being made and it’s just a matter of not committing to a date? We’re pretty reasonable, we can understand not wanting to commit to a date and then miss it, you’ve been through that before, but at least confirm the intention.


        • I’m sure they are in a terrible reengineering work there .. the engine was not properly designed for the PS3. Lots of optimizations for the current vanilla and dlcs, and need prepare to stick this for the next dlc. XBox 360 and PC need updates too.

          The first months of 2013 is a better guess.

          • There is nothing to comment until a positive result appear. Each one must accept that the company fumbled with some decisions, and focusing deadlines, conducted the feasible.

            I am cool now.. some pills… alcohol..

  8. I was going to ask if there were any plans to have a price cut for Oblivion/Skyrim DLC on the PS3, but there isn’t any DLC…, the US has SI but that’s it…

  9. I’m going to blog something totally irelavent to this thread.. I’ve been playing Dishonored, and so far I’m loving it. Well done Bethesda.♥