Show us your costume

Who are you going as for Halloween tomorrow night? Vault Boy? Dovahkiin? Pinky?

One thing’s for sure, Joe Swedenhjelm from Iowa has a costume ready to go, as he was recently announced as the winner of GamesRadar’s Dishonored sweepstakes — winning a custom-made version of Corvo’s mask and jacket.

As you finalize your costumes and jack-o-laterns, be sure to take pics and share them with us. We’ll do a roundup of our favorite later this week.

Reader Comments

    • Ya its da Terminator after his Captain Harlock manufactured skin melted off.

      Not really more like a DISHONORED costume but you knew didnt you.

      Me am so evil i dont need no costume!

  1. I’m going as a paying PS3 customer in the eyes of Bethesda!

    Yup, that’s right. I will be invisible and completely ignored! No one will even know I’m there. The only evidence I was at the party will be the $60 stolen out of my wallet.

    When someone asks a Bethesda employee if they have seen me, they will reply “we are working on finding him”, then turn back to their conversation with a 360 player.

    • Infowars: My bionic monkey found a extraordinary information! Manufacturers of consoles are using popular brands of electronic games for testing related to happiness and depression, with the final focus… this can cause a shock my dear.. the creation of zombies! thousands of people walking with violent outbreaks, shouting about a DLC! or too much joy.. in a catatonic state of happyness, like hippies after ten hours inside a trailer park.

      Is bethesda a illuminati group? an alien developer?

      Alex Jones aka Meat Bubble

  2. your legal department got my etsy shop closed because of this. specifically. i made that mask and sold it through etsy to the nice irishman you see wearing it. i understand that you (personally) and you (bethesda blog / bethesda softworks) have very little power over what zenimax does. i just would like to point out this inconsistency that i’m fairly certain that you (personally/BGS/bethblog) are not aware of. i would also like to point out that cosplay and fanart are essential to your continuing success as a franchise. maybe your legal department should have a discussion with marketing/ PR about that. maybe point out to them that alienating their fans, be they PS3 owners or impoverished artists that have been terminally unemployed for a decade ( i fall into that latter category). i’m not mass producing. i’m just trying to make a couple bucks so i can go to the doctor, and maybe purchase the next elder scrolls game. i guess my point is this: my selling of your “intellectual property” only stands to benefit you as a company, as proven by your using it in a promotional capacity. i think you (personally) will understand that i am receiving some mixed signals here. i’ve seen many replicas and props on bethblog/twitter/facebook that i know are not licensed. yet zenimax legal sweeps through etsy, shutting down shops, many of which are the shop owners main source of income. how are we supposed to buy your games when you take away our ability to do so? communication is key. only through open and honest communication can we function as a society.

    peace, dovah,

    -meanwhile backlash

  3. Poor Beth, are PS3 players always this whiny? what do they expect when their system is at the bottom of the console-food-chain? The only thing below them is the ground where Sega was burried

    • We are only this whiny when we are angry. It has been over 4 months since Dawnguard was released on Xbox. That is four months with no news, estimations, or even a layout of the plan for the future. I would like to point out to anyone who reads this that you need to stop putting comments on Dishonored post because Dishonored was made by Arkane Studios. Bethesda Game Studios does not take the time to read these comments. Thank you to Arkane for putting up with these comments, thank to Zenimax media for allowing us to share our thoughts, no matter how rude and self-centered they may be, thank you Bethesda Game Studios for working on the problem to the best of their abilities. I am confident that they will deliver in a couple of weeks or at least give us some news, and thank you to whoever had time to read this and who have given honest and respectful tips to Bethesda. The game developers have been there for us every step of the way. Why are we turning our backs on them now?