Happy Halloween!

Halloween is always a fun day at Bethsoft HQ. We get plenty of folks that get dressed up for the affair. Even our new intern came ready to work in Mandalorian armor.

We hope you enjoy the group shot above. Sadly, I was so focused on getting Sal and Phil’s Panda costumes (hug!) in the shot, I completely left Jared’s Deadpool costume out of frame. Clever as he is, you’ll see we found an appropriate way to get him involved. Along with Jared, we hope you enjoy a mix of Bethesda-themed costumes and jack-o-lanterns in the Flickr slideshow below.

Thanks to everyone that shared their pics via email, Facebook, Twitter and tumblr.

And below, check out our favorite jack-0-lantern of the year — spotted on tumblr.

Until next year!

Reader Comments

  1. I really hope everyone enjoyed their time off.

    Remember, the one year anniversary of Skyrim is in ten days.
    If major changes don’t happen, the PS3 fanbase will be coming and we’re bringing hell with us.

    • ten. days.

      Can’t wait to see what Bethesda has to say for themselves when the one year anniversary comes, and Skyrim is still running like crap on the PS3.

    • Who are you tyring to kid Gstaff? There is no development going on for the PS3 DLC. Bethesda has spent the last few months with the lawyers trying to figure out how to get out of this nightmare that Bethesda themselves created. There is no DLC for PS3, that’s why you’ve become a broken record, and keep repeating the “We’re working on it” mantra.

    • Broken record, broken record, broken record. Do you know how useless you are Gstaff? You’re seriously as useless as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

      Your assurances mean sqaut anymore, just like Tweet Hines’ assurances that Skyrim is running on a new engine, that the PS3 version was of equal parity with the Xbox, the PS3 version receiving special attention. Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.

      Quit pretending that what Bethesda does is so top secret it’s practically a matter of national security.

    • And I can assure you that your phoned in responses can not be taken seriously without proof. Prove that somethings being done, or stop using that poor excuse of an answer. We’ve been lied to far too many times to just take your word for it.

  2. It would be nice if a new DLC was announced on Skyrim’s birthday 🙂
    Thanks for continuing being the best game developer Bethesda! Still enjoying Skyrim!

    Don’t mind other certain other people’s grumpy comments that they repeat on every Bethblog update (as if they don’t have anything else to do than to just complain).
    That Mona Lisa costume looks pretty awesome, but I imagine it must be pretty hard walking around with it.

  3. Happy Holidays Bethesda! Thanks for the nightmarish ghastly beyond comprehension pics 😀 Truly they are as haunting and mind warping as anything Gary Noonan used to put on his website til..THEY found out 🙂

  4. Happy Halloween Bethesda! 🙂

    The 1st anniversary of Skyrim is coming up soon…, that would be a good time to announce Dawnguard & Hearthfire (and possibly the third DLC) for the PS3 and maybe a patch to clear up the remaining lag issues. justasuggestion.jpg

  5. yeah, NONE of those fan costumes were bought or sold. sure. keep believing that. where do you think this awesome stuff comes from? somebody has to make it, and the person who makes it is not always the person who ends up wearing it. and then you use it as promotional material (that’s what the whole point of this blog is, right? market research, public relations and the like.) so, basically you’re saying that it’s okay for you to enrich your business with photographs of fan participation, but the crafters that make the costumes aren’t allowed to make them for other fans? (and of course receiving fair compensation. artistic talent doesn’t grow on trees) until y’all are willing to sign up for some good old fashioned income redistribution, maybe you should let individuals make a couple hundred bucks a month making cool objects. and then the crafters can (GASP) afford to buy your games. see how that works? symbiosis. on the other hand, if you continue to bring the hammer down on makers of one-of-a-kind handmade replicas (do you know what the word “homage” means?), your pool of awesome costumes is going to shrink. seriously, talk to your legal and marketing, throw a survey on facebook. i don’t know. clearly, from following y’all since morrowind, you profit heavily on the input of users through the mod community.