Now on Steam: Skyrim 1.8 update

Update: The Skyrim 1.8 title update is now out of beta and available to all users on Steam. As previously noted, this update is planned for consoles and will roll out in the near future. As new information is available, we’ll provide an update here on the blog.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations Bethesda on the release of the 1.8 update. Now to start a new game to get into the winter holiday rpg spirit of things 😀

    • Yup they should just pay Kivan and Arthmoor (the third party patchers) to use their patches on Skyrim. At this rate, 5 patches every 3 months, we could expect Skyrim to reach their level of Skyrim performance by… The year 2135.

          • All of em should do better. That’s the whole point.

            Gamers are the only demographic that pays for a half-finished product and, not only accept this, but are grateful when the developers deign them worthy for some after sales service an maybe tweak some minor defects here and there. (Though really it’s the publisher who holds the purse strings, and thus decides on patches).

            You wouldn’t accept this **** from your plumber or electric devices, so why do you accept it for games?

            I’m done though. Skyrim was the last big AAA game I bought at full price. From now on I’m waiting till I can grab the games for cheap somewhere and hope that by that time between official patches and modders I can enjoy a more or less complete product.

          • I vow for everything Thax said.

            Gamers are indeed the only demograpic that pays for half-finished products.

            It’s all wrong.

    • I understand being mad about not being able to get DLC or getting a broken game, and I bitch about the glitches a lot. However I think whining about how few fixes there are in an update is detrimental. you’re pretty much telling them it’s pointless to make patches because the PC has mod builders who fix more things than they do, but as far as “General memory and Stability improvements” go they could have taken a long time to handle, especially for multiple different platforms as opposed to the PC which it’s originally built for.

  2. I hav not yet tested the beta couse usually they do not work for localized versions , so is this 1.8 now official? changes anything to localized versions? does change anything in CK ? also I haven’t played dawnguard and hearhtfire since the last time because of constant ctds and bugs made it unplayable , where ctds and bugs fixed in patch 1.8?

    Where all the navmesh issues that cause ctds and partially fixed in the unofficial patch by modders be included in the 1.8? will all the dirty edits and similar other problems fixed? Why still the textures bugs introduced in the high res texture stil not fixed? why those little annoying patch / updates / expansions introduced bugs are not taken care for? Why do you not create a miniteam of people to watch on the work of the modder’s patches? perhaps could help speed up the work , implement the fixes directly into the next patch and say a thankyou to modders as well about this free bugsearching work … now those are the people to “ASK FOR ” to free betas , not random consolle users that just care for a free play and understand nothing of how the game works behind the scenes .

    • Problem is… Skyrim was released on consoles too, so beta-testing on them is almost mandatory… And it doesn’t take a genius to detect bugs or problems with performance.

      And no, sorry, just because people play games on a PC doesn’t mean they automatically become programers or something like that.

      Tan-tan 0_0

    • Not gonna happen….. NEVER… just either buy it on XBOX and give them more of your money… or just go get a new game to play. They dont care and will not help us out.. I went for option two. No more Bethesda for me.

  3. This 1.8 update is causing quite the problem for modding esps dependent on update.esm. Perhaps, we could have been given a little warning that Bethesda wasn’t going to release the CK update at the same time. Then we could have locked down our 1.7 update.esm in order to continue working. Or, Bethesda could have waited to release the 1.8 version until the CK 1.8 was ready. But the company probably already knows this. So I can only wonder what their reasons were for this staggered update. Anyone know?

  4. I agree with hamburger on the ps3 version of the game being a good play through I’ve put nearly 400 hours into my character over the last year its been awesome! A few bugs as with any gigantic open world game but I’ve managed to overlook the m none were game breakers anyways. Now all I want is some dlc or a confirmation of dlc cancellation. My suggestion dawnguard Xbox/PC exclusive. Dragon born/solstheimw/e ps3 /PC exclusive including hearthfire for free but we’ll see…

  5. MASTERFILE: File Update.esm is a higher version than this EXE can load.

    When is the Creation Kit going to be updated so I can work on Dawnguard mod?

      • 11-10-12 – Still no PS3 patch.. The facts are simple. Bethesda has not put as much effort into trying to fix the PS3 version as they have for the XBOX. They are being paid extra from MS for exclusive content, for a period of time or not, they are getting paid extra. So they are concentrating on the XBOX. The company itself is poorly executing the bug fixes, I myself have both systems and I choose poorly in getting the game on the PS3, but I like that system much better. I am on the original PS3 and still no ring of death. On my third XBOX. Enough said.

        All that being said, just do what I did people. I have been reading all the complaints, a lot of issues with the PS3 version. No matter the source, the issue is with Bethesda and the lack of effort put into the PS3 version. Just to to and file a complaint. Put in the issues you are having and the resolution you want. Make is known for real, not just in a blog.

  6. Heres an idea, Cancel the PS3, Bethesda clearly cannot handle it.

    We have Games that is Only for the PS3 or Xbox, but since the Xbox is a Big Seller, Bethesda Games should be for PC and Xbox Only.

    By the way, the Trailer for DLC 5 is coming Monday.

  7. I’m kinda shocked with all the hate against this or that console (or both of them)…

    Are we forgetting the PC version of Skyrim had hundreds of bugs on release?

    Are we forgetting the need of unnoficial patches to repair the game?

    Are we forgetting Beth has always had these kind of problems, regardless of the platform, since Daggerfall (PC only by the way)?

    I am a PC gamer, so I know what I’m talking about and it pains to see how elitist are certain communities (mine especially)… Complains shouldn’t be about one platform or another, but about an unfinished product (the game), and sorry, I don’t mean to be a hater or something, but that’s my opinion.

    • It’s not that we are forgetting about the PC release and all of the bugs it had, it’s just that the PC is kind of in a different situation. The PS3 user just can’t really have any sympathy.

      We have all seen screen shots and youtube video of the PC version once modders get their hands on it. Unlike the consoles, the PC community was able to take Skyrim and within a week of release turn it into something the console players could only dream of having. Not only can the modding community fix every single bug, glitch, and broken quest, but what they can do with the graphics and the ability to add to the game (items, houses, cities, weapons and armor, etc) is incredible. Unlike the console versions, especially the PS3, the PC version of Skyrim and any game released by Bethesda can be turned into perfection and fixed to a flawless state by the modding community. PS3 users have broken games on our shelves that will never run, let alone be fixed.

      • “Unlike the consoles, the PC community was able to take Skyrim and within a week of release turn it into something the console players could only dream of having.”

        And that’s the way it should be.

        • Sure, and the slogan would be:

          “We sell you something broken… You do the rest, IF you can…”

          Mmm, well, I’m not sure, but if people actually enjoys that kind of trend, who am I to disagree?

          Tan-tan 0_0

          • I never said that was a good way to do business. Any reputable, honorable company would release a game as close to perfect as they could get it. They would not release something broken, then release the tools and say to their paying customers, “Here, you fix it. BTW, thanks for the $60!”

            Bethesda is a great example of what NOT to do as a software/gaming company.

  8. By the way will the new DLC aka >”Dragonborn” will the xbox players get an exclusivly for 3230days or not and the trailer for it should come out at Monday 🙂

  9. … Some of the “fixes” i see are not necessary for teh PC :<
    I get som really immersion breaking decal popping from hell.
    Suddenly, a wild moss on wall appears!

  10. Please fix the freezing on the 360… Game is unplayable. Anywhere near Windhelm locks up the system on my main and random freezes throughout the game on every other character as well. Devastated.

  11. does anyone have the same problem after the update?
    i cant get in contact with water, the game freezes and i have to restart every time.
    will this be fixed also and soon?

  12. 11/11/2011

    Skyrim in 3 days full 1 year and this week I get to the part of the reconquest of Winterhold … but, but … Rikke will not give me the mission.
    Beth 1 year, 1 year and we see DLC, Kinect, but a problem that has been known since December 2011 and it is more serious to ignore persists.
    I started this game on 13 January and came through all the bugs near the end but now I get this “gift.”
    My copy of the game is “alternative” so I have no right to
    nothing but complain and who purchased the original should be fine disappointed to see the Bethesda DLC offer a “build your house little Dovah” and not see the most important things to resolve.

    Is not a day
    Is not a week.
    Is not a month.
    It is one year, 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds.

    Never suffered so much to finish a game, thanks to Beth for this beautiful year and that Talos guide you.

    Google Translator

  13. I love Skyrim. I’ve poured over 600 hours into it, over 1,200 into Oblivion, innumerable hours into Morrowind. I’ve been playing these games on my XBox since I’ve been playing games. And mostly, I’ve come to accept these glitches as something to expect and accept in a game as vast as these. They’re almost part of the charm at this point.

    That being said, as of patch 1.7, I am still unable to join the Theives Guild at all. Brynjolf will not change into his guild armor, and walks around Riften saying ‘Hmm?’ whenever prompted.

    This is game breaking. This is an entire questline that I cannot enjoy because of a glitch. This is an entire guild that my character cannot become a part of because of a glitch. And to be honest, duplicating NPCs and aesthetic glitches seem menial to me when compared to the fact that I can never complete the game 100% because I can’t join the theives guild. I don’t care that all my books disappear in Vlindrel Hall (they do). I don’t care that I have a briar heart permenantly stuck in my inventory because of the white phial quest glitch (though I’d really prefer it gone). I want to change the fact that 25% of the guild storyline is barred from me, and I’m sure others. Please, address it. Let me play my damn game.

  14. You’re probably running an ATI graphics card with adaptive MSAA. If so, disabling it and turning on SSAA or regular MSAA should fix the texture popping issues. That’s been a problem with Skyrim on ATI cards since day 1.

  15. I can only hope you guys addressed the scroll glitch in Unseen Visions quest for us people who purchased the Dawnguard add-on and Hearthfire. 🙁