Now on Steam: Skyrim 1.8 update

Update: The Skyrim 1.8 title update is now out of beta and available to all users on Steam. As previously noted, this update is planned for consoles and will roll out in the near future. As new information is available, we’ll provide an update here on the blog.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. Alot of cosmetic problems need to be fixed , such as the thieves guild hood disappearing when a you are vampire aswell as hearthfire glitches freezing in certain houses

  2. On the Xbox Version I walk into the Inn and the music is playing but sometimes when I walk closer to the shop keeper, music stops. If there is anyway please fix this if possible, the music reminds me of Lord of the Rings 🙂

  3. Thanks Bethesda! Good that you keep releasing updates for my favourite game 🙂

    There’s one (pretty major) thing though that I miss being adressed in these patches…
    Z-fighting (flicker) on mountain LOD. It has been there since 11/11/11 for a lot of users, but there has been no fix from your part. It is (and has been) the only thing that’s bugging me while playing Skyrim.

    Is there any chance of this being fixed in the future? My guess is no (because something that major should have been adressed in patch 1.1), but I think it can’t hurt to ask. It would be great if it was fixed, because flickering mountains makes the exploration less fun.

      • Z-Fighting is when two objects have been merged together whether in the final game by Bethesda or through a mod and the two objects are “fighting” over what should be displayed over the merged area. Pretty much if you try putting two barrels together of different colors it will “flicker” between the two colors constantly. Games don’t make priority systems which is why they fight because they don’t know which should be displayed.

      • LOD is another term for the very distant land. It’s what allows you to see mountains in the distance. (I’m simplifying here, but this is to give you the basic gist.) Z-fighting refers to the z-axis, or more simply how close to the camera things are. When two things are very close to each other, they can cause z-fighting, which is where flickering or banding occurs as the engine tries to show both things occupying the same place.

        It’s more clear to see with mods that alter Skyrim’s depth of field settings, as usually the LOD land is given a light depth of field style blur.

    • Z-fighting is not a “major bug”. It has 0 (that’s ZERO) impact on gameplay, it’s purely graphical.

      It’s something that is always going to happen in games with a massive draw distance, and Skyrim is one of those games. Increasing the z-buffer would fix the problem, but it would significantly reduce performance consistently for a problem which is only visible very rarely.

        • I have to say, for PS3 users these comments can be viewed as insulting. PC gamers can fix just about anything for their copy of Skyrim through the modding community, whereas PS3 users keep getting hosed. The complaints about a small, silly detail ruining immersion are a bit over the top.

          PS3 users are starving, and some PC gamers are complaining thatthe prime rib they ordered came out just slightly overcooked.

          Before someone says it, some of us do not have the extra cash lying around to be able to afford a gaming PC. Or, we just prefer playing on a console, so no, we will not just go out and buy a PC.

          • No way! we pay for a final vanilla in the first place! After delete the game, if someday a I come back to play again, i dont have patience or taste to check for mods everywhere, because this games is a total mess.

            Stop with this flawed argument! A lot of users dont have love for mods, we buy a supposed final product, if this company have no way to finish a product, is better stop the franchise forever.

            Like my brother says: they sell for PC with the argument of duct tape. and for consoles with a necessity of be rewritten. Both cases a shame.

        • Z-fighting has no real cost-efficient technical solution atm. You can reduce at a performance cost, but nature of the issue is purely mathematical so unless some genius programmer can solve it every world-simulation game will have to deal with it.

          • Don’t need to be a genius to fix this…they only need to change the engine…in other words:”not possible in this game for obvious reasons.”

  4. So so many quest bugs, and this is all you guys fix??? As a ps3 user iv all but given up on DLC as its clearly beyond your capability but could you at least fix the vanilla game for us??

    • There’s the Unofficial Skyrim Patch you know , those who are on consoles I DON’T CARE , you bought a Bethesda game for a console , YOUR FAILURE.

      • Just because your a sad little loser who thinks he’s part of the ‘Glorious Master Race Of Gamers’ doesn’t mean you need to offend people who play on consoles. I don’t blame him – PC is full of fucking losers like you who have no lives and sit there all day thinking they are better than everyone else, It’s why I don’t use my PC for gaming anymore – much better experience on console. And, maybe his PC isn’t good enough for gaming!? Just go back to your dark little bed room and stop bitching about Console players on the internet – you are what is wrong with Mankind.

      • What a despective and stupid comment, my hard earned 49 dls have the same value than yours and we Xbox users do deserve the patch that fixed all stuck quests…nerd

      • The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is not a solution, or a final solution as well.

        Oblivion have forever issues.. people need put the middle finger for you.

      • So I can spend $60 for a platform I already own or spend hundreds of dollars to build a PC up to specs that can play it better than the aforementioned platform? K. Thanks for making my financial decisions for me.

        • PC’s are pretty cheap nowadays, you can max out Skyrim for less than 900$, which a standard PC actually costs, if you want a PC for farmville and Flash games, then yeah, go for a lower price.

          • Please keep in mind that for most of us, $900 is not “pretty cheap.”

            The key demographic for the PS3 system is adults. You know, people with insurance payments, car payments, mortgages, and a ton of other bills.

            Not saying anything against you my friend, but just keep in mind not everyone is in a situation that they can afford to just “go out and buy a PC, or 360.” That is why such comments are usually met with a touch of anger.

      • We console users didn’t FAIL just because we bought the damn thing. It was put out on all platforms so it should work on all platforms, end of story.

    • You should refer to that lump you call a game player by its true name, POS3, I will spell it out. Play Station is and has been shit. one was bad 2 was bad and now 3 is worse do not blame Bethesda because you system of choice is terrible. Go watch a Blu-ray.

    • It is not Bethesda’s fault that the PS3 is a steaming pile of manure. You should feel blessed that they managed to get the game running on that hunk of junk in the first place.

      If the Dev/Patch process with Sony was anything remotely user friendly, the PS3 would have the same patches as Xbox and PC. Unfortunately Sony hates you, and you still love them, so enjoy wallowing in your misery. Frankly I am tired of hearing about PS3 users continually bellyaching about how games do not work properly on their outdated console and it is the developer’s fault because PS3 users refuse to move onto a viable platform.

      If you want to continue to stay a PS3 user accept the consequences that come with doing it and stop complaining.

      • @Steve and @Eglyntine
        What is your problem? If you’re not having any issues with Skyrim then move on and stop trying to stir up trouble with your childish fanboy comments.

  5. All this time and still no fixes for the myriad quest bugs (which aren’t even hard to troubleshoot – PC modders sorted them all MONTHS ago)

    Sucks to be a console Skyrim player. I was able to get rid of my PS3 copy but I feel bad for those that are stuck with it.

  6. ‘Not much to hang in the tree’ like we say in Sweden,

    How about doing some balancing on some stuff? focus on the core game rather than DLC first hand.

    • Not much to hang in the christmas tree, indeed.

      Changes to nerf Smithing/Enchanting/Alchemy would be welcome, the game is still a walk in the park on Master. There are many, many things that need to be overhauled, but these three are the greatest thugs in the midst.

      Oh, and it would be awesome if you’d try to fix a substantial amount of all the hundreds of bugs still present in the game. Patch 1.7 and the newest Unoffocial Patch installed, and I can still re-visit a certain dungeon to aquire a never-ending respawning supply of a supposedly unique staff.

      • There will be no official or unofficial version to fix all bugs. Just try again Oblivion or Fallout 3, and you understand. The game has a bad root, the tradition of the company.

        Now for Skyrim, play the main quests, minor and irrelevant as you can… all done? uninstall. Wait for Fallout 4, watching the amazing ads, looks is Todd Howard! my hope is back!

        After the launch, let´s see all this again, mods for some fixes, dlcs, unhappy customers… is a vicious cicle, and millions are made. All softwares have bugs, but the Bethesda games dont have a final fixe… for a huge company, who provides a game and not a operation system, is just a dead end.

        Skyrim are my last try, and I am happy to lost my hope, after all this years buying TES. Thank for almost nine months of frustration, the baby finaly born dead.

        Sorry my english.

      • I am curious as to why this is a big deal? If you think that it is OP then do not use it, no one is forcing anyone to max out the perks in those three sections.

        For those of us who put the time and effort into it, you bettered bet we want them to be worth the work. It may not be hard but it is definitely mind numbingly time consuming so in my opinion the reward is worth it and balanced for the effort put into it. Again, if you do not want your game experience to benefit from these skills at max or feel that it is too OP for your play style, do not put perks into them. That is the simplest fix and Bethesda does not need to waste man hours on overhauling something that does not need their attention when it is 100% controllable by the user.

  7. “Fixed rare issue related to duplicate NPCs”

    This is a huge one, long time coming. My 360 copy ended up with 3 Lois Letrushes outside Whiterun, Ive avoided that quest thus far on PC, hopefully now I can complete it.

  8. Kind of agree with others. Why focus on DLC when you have glaring bugs in your base game that should be addressed. Let’s see….

    as of 1.4 it’s a know bug and problem that once you pickup the last item for the restoration of the Theives guild that you give to delvin, the quest completes and you can’t turn it in. This is a bug on console and PC. I can’t even fix it on PC using console commands. epic failure

    • Their biggest problem is, even if they “fix” the vanilla game, the DLC’s will always screw the “fixes” they’ve implemented.

    • Yes. I’d love to re-marry. Ysolda died after just a few days of marriage. I searched for weeks for her. My buddy then said to check in the hall of the dead. Sure enough, that was her casket. I’ve been lookin’ for love ever since.

  9. Another patch to fix bugs , nice . But when are we Playstation 3 users going to get the Dawnguard DLC ? Or is that something that will never happen ?!

  10. Is there any chance to fix the problem of never ending clay/stone mining on hearthfire it’s sort of ruining it for me there’s just no challenge when building houses also a possible solution to the salmon catching for salmon roe it’s a nightmare sliding down the river pressing E and missing numerous times a net or rod would work wonders

  11. Not that im complaining on these once every 4 Months Little Bugtesda Released Official Patches, but how is it that a Fan can pull a Christmas List of Bug Fixes for a Fan Patch every Month, i mean the day Hearthfire came out, the Fan guy pulled a Patch out of his Free Time Pocket in 2 Days and Fixed Half the DLC already.

    You guys are a COMPANY for goodness sakes and Still the Main Skyrim Game hasent scratched the Surface as to what the Fan Patch has Fixed already.

    • Simple,

      People paid for Skyrim and expect it to work. So it takes a lot more testing before they can release a patch.

      If its fan patch and something breaks… well too bad you will just have to wait as you have no reason to complain. You didn’t pay for that patch as its not part of the official support.

  12. As an owner of the ps3 version of skyrim, I’m proud to say I’ve never experienced a single game breaking glitch (yet). While I am mildly irritated at the lack of updates and news of dlc for the ps3, I’m content with what I have. Skyrim is one of the best games I’ve sunk myself into. The presence of mild bugs is something I expect in any game, and in no way reduces the fun factor (for me). I hope to be able to get my mitts on Dawnguard eventually, but I don’t feel the need to throw an online hissy fit. I just hope that Bethesda is honestly putting forth effort to release the dlc for my console, and not merely focusing on the PC and 360 versions due to profitability. Any estimated times for the release of the 1.8 update for the ps3 would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

      • The CVG video linked is from November and is prior to the updates we put out to resolve this issue. If you’re running on 1.4 or higher, you shouldn’t be seeing that problem.

        If you are seeing that issue after the title update, I would suggest going back to an earlier save or starting a new character.

        • This is why you will loose future customers.

          1) You released a broken game.
          2) Tried to patch it.
          3) And when someone who has put hundreds of hours into the game can’t play the game anymore because you didn’t fix the problems, you tell them to start over.

          I haven’t played Skyrim in months, because my game constantly freezes to the point where I have to manually shut off my PS3. I might be able to get an hour of laggy playtime before it completely freezes up. I’m not going to have 20 characters just because you can’t patch a game.

          Either fix the game, or loose customers.

          • “If you are seeing that issue after the title update, I would suggest going back to an earlier save or starting a new character.”

            Yes, and play with that new character until the issues all happen again. Then, start over…again.

            Gee, that sounds like fun. An endless loop that doesn’t let anyone actually complete the game.

        • Hi @gstaff, i’m currently running 1.7 with a savefile created on 1.5 and i’m still getting this issue. While on 1.5 the game was fine at first but the issue returned 20 hours into the game. I would start again with the 1.7 patch but i’m not keen on the idea of losing 200 hours of progress. 🙂

          There’s a more recent video here:

          Slightly off-topic but i’m also experiencing this issue in Fallout: New Vegas –

          @No you don’t and @We’re suckers

  13. Skyrim will be like Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas and so on. No final fix and always in trouble, with mods to fix a lot of things or nothing. Bethesda need keep throwing popcorn at the screen to feed the retarded fanboys with their clothes and breasts, using amazing barbie dolls for screenshots inside a “rpg” or a “immersive experience” yeah.

    Please stop make games for consoles. And for users with some critical sense, not fanboys..

    Doom 3 BFG for console 39$
    Doom 3 BFG for PC 29$
    Dawnguard 19$
    Hearthfire 5$

    A pack to provide 92$ using different plataforms and arguments. If Dishonored do not sell amazing numbers, this group of shit dlcs and a old game provide a good cash together.

    If you are a happy boy, daddy buys everything for you, stay feeding this huge company, not only Zenimax/Bethesda.. the game industry and the holy trinity Desktop+Console+Mobile, they deserve.

    • I’m a console gamer.Most of what you just said is invalid.Sure there are some spoiled brats and fanboys out there.I for one are not one of them.I agree,Bethesda needs to look at what the unoffical patch has fixed and put them into a patch.It would solve a lot of problems that way.What you said made you look like a PC fanboy.I am not buying a £500 PC for better graphics and mods,I am happy with console gaming,it’s what i started gaming on and what I’ll end may gaming on should that day come.

      • I play on xbox! I spoke about stop launch their games to console, they give more problems than results.

        That the game runs better on PC, I already checked, but I have no intention to buy a new PC because of mods! games are distractions, a good pc is for my job.

        Anyway.. waste of time.

      • In fact the kind of game made by Bethesda lasts longer on PC thanks to mods. Is a waste of results for console, has no multiplayer and have less chance to be improved.

        • Even without multiplayer and mods to the console, the supposed “improvements” for the PC version. The final result is a stupid excuse, after being sold as multiplatform.

          I do not buy games because they have mods, it’s a flawed argument and a lazy way of escape for some developers.

  14. Exactly, just use the Fan Patches, check em out and Import them to the Consoles, the Fans at their Free Time are doing Bugthesda a Huge Favour.

    • While doing that would solve many issues…

      I don’t see Beth doing it…


      It’s simple, because importing fan patches is like admitting they (Bethesda) “don’t make the cut”.

      They would automatically become the laughing stock of the media, the general public and other videogame companies (that have no problems with bugs or DLCs).

      • I’d have more respect for them if they admitted their shortcomings and actually showed the consumers some respect for a change. Instead, the issues get overlooked and they throw out some novelty features every now and then to keep the fanboys spending.

        It’ll probably take a decade of fan patching to make Fallout 4 work when it releases.

      • Actually I’m pretty sure if they absorbed the unofficial patches the gaming press would sit up and take notice and heap loads of praise on them for it.

        Also, there isn’t a single game released in the last 15 years that doesn’t have a bunch of bugs in it. It isn’t an acceptable state of affairs, but it’s reality. Some companies NEVER bother to patch their games. At least Bethesda still does, and they care enough to continue to do so this long after release.

  15. Always glad to see bethesda continuing support for the game, though i do get scared every time a patch comes out to find out which mods will no longer work.

  16. Can you make it So that the carriage driver that you employ respawns? Vampires attacked and killed him, now I have no driver :,(

  17. Guys this isnt an MMO, there is no “balance”. If you want to change the way the game plays, you should be playing on the PC.

    But yes, they should really head over to the Unoffical Patch website and just start going down the list.

  18. All the fixes and improvements are great but I only have one wish for Skyrim.

    My wish: That Bethesda would release a native 64 bit version of the game so that we can actually use all the resources of any modern system.

    I understand they want to keep backward compatibility for people with older 32 bit systems but be realistic it’s 2012.

    It’s (near) impossible to even buy a new pc that doesn’t have a 64 bit cpu. Same goes for memeory, with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 the requirements are at least 2 GB to have a usable system and if plan on playing any game on it usually goes up to 4GB+.

    32 bit has become the minority and any business expert will tell you that catering to a minority is a bad idea unless it provides something exclusive which is not the case of Skyrim or any other game.

    Hell, you even recommend it on your own blog:

    The minimum requirements include:
    Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor

    Any Dual core you buy on the market is 64 bit so why you even considered making the game 32 bit is beyond me.

    Please set an example for the industry. Just think of the amount of “free” PR you will get if you do this?

  19. “As we have new details on Skyrim content development, we’ll let everyone know.”

    What? You guys are working on a new dlc?

  20. You guys really need to put together a team to just bang out all the bugs in Skyrim. It’s such a great game, and with DLC you could keep raking in money for some time. Still, it’s annoying that there are so many bugs and quests that can’t be completed as a result. Show us you care about US, your loyal customers, and fix these bugs. Other wise Skyrim will be the last Bethesda game I ever buy.

  21. Can we ps3 users get some minor updates? Like dragon weapons and fletching? I dont really care about the story of DG, i would just like fletching my own arrows and making my own Dragonic weapons.

    • We’ll stop whining about our “stupid consoles” when Bethesda gives the PS3 version of Skyrim the same level of support as the PC and Xbox 360, by that i mean when DG and HF are released on PS3 and any and all lag issues have been fixed.

  22. Hello Dear Bethesda,
    I know you’re busy and thanks for the update, but if you could please fix Illia that would mean a lot. It should be a quick fix for you guys, I would do it myself if I could open up console commands but I can’t so.

    P.S. also thank you for not giving up on the PS3

    • Conjuring also, I still have issues with my avatar vanishing and the spell fizzeling when I cast conjuration spells in 3rd person. Will those be fixed?

  23. im a console gamer and while there are some bugs i have been playing since 11/11/11 and haven’t run across any bugs on PS3 so you guys that have ra into bugs on computers idk what you did to ur PC maybe you need a new one if you keep running into bugs idk but i never had one so eh sucks for you

  24. Good to see Bethesda are still releasing updates for Skyrim. I was reading the changelog and hoping for something along the lines of “Issue that could cause lag and framerate issues has been fixed.(PS3)” Oh well…:(

  25. Any plans on adding support for triple monitors on PC? As of right now the shadows are very glitchy when I play in Nvidia surround

    • PS: Cancelling TESO would be a good thing, granted that’s a big chunk of cash and time to swallow, but better than letting that flipper baby be born. Abort, abort!

      • I hope so. I still doubt it would be a big hit, but I’m pretty curious if it’s really gonna be an Elder Scrolls MMO or an MMO with the Elder Scrolls name on it. My money’s on the latter.

        • I support Bethesda whole-heartedly but totally agree with harbormaster. Boy did that make me chuckle.

          Oblivion has always been single-player. If x=”not broke” then y=”don’t fix” otherwise ref z=”KOTOR”

          • Funny that you mention a Star Wars game (I assume you meant ToR or KotOR 3 as a friend of mine calls it) in a comment about a game that uses the same engine as said Star Wars game.

      • I dont want to be mean, but daaamn… TESO is just a BIG NO, not something i would pay for… if they make it Real Time Battles and Fix the proportions of the Characters to fit other TES Games i just MIGHT get it.

  26. GStaff you need to add something to the list if you start a new game and buy the house in whiterun after downloading the dawnguard dlc and try to upgrade your house i keep paying for the alch lab and it will not put it in my house or say i payed for it even tho it keeps taking my money for other houses i do not know if it does the same i only have the house in whiterun

  27. I’m finding some path finding glitches. When I started a new game, the wagons went off the side of the road, flipped UPSIDEDOWN over something, then the gates to Helgen closed before the wagons got through.

    I’m absolutely LOVING Heartfire. I can’t wait to hear about more content.

  28. I have a little faith renewed in Bethesda. And I mean little, but somebody cracked open the 1.8 patch on pc and found interesting things. First it makes the PS3 ready for DLC. Second it shows a bit of a DLC. If this patch comes out before Halloween on the consoles, then im hoping the first set of DLC can come to PS3 by thanksgiving(US). Mind you my hope’s aren’t high.

  29. The memory/lag problem is in the core engine it’s easier to fix on a pc then a console because of how the data is stored. The lessons that Bethesda needs to learn are how to properly play/stress test games, and fix these issues before a release.
    (Also if we as gamers keep buying the new games after playing the old broken games, why would they waste money fixing it?)

    The other thing they need to do is create an official modding community and include a clause in the EULA for there construction set, that allows them to use, modify, and distribute mods that significantly improve the game. But you get into some complicated legal issue about intellectual copyrights and all that fun stuff if you do so.

    lastly, if someone out there has a fix they should make Bethesda directly aware of it, you never know you may be rewarded, credited, and everyone ends up with a better game in the end.

  30. We are sorry, we are trying our best but you are purposefully extremely difficult to program for. It is not our fault, blame your creators for making you nigh impossible to work with.

  31. i have a question about this updates you do on skyrim on steam if you got the game for the first time on steam how do you get all the other updates or is it all mashed into the update you give out like the 1.8 update because i don’t want to get the game for pc and not get all the updates needed for the game to work right