Now on Steam: Skyrim 1.8 update

Update: The Skyrim 1.8 title update is now out of beta and available to all users on Steam. As previously noted, this update is planned for consoles and will roll out in the near future. As new information is available, we’ll provide an update here on the blog.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. Look at this, I go and get Dishonored, play it for a while, and then bam suddenly, Patch 1.8 mined for potential dlc spoilers. Today is a good day.

    By the way, Dishonored is sick, those rats man.

  2. How about the bug that makes Hearthfire BREAK Dawnguard?

    (Blood Elder Scroll can’t be read if you have hearthfire installed, and you can’t progress OR go back, simply unacceptable.)

  3. Downloaded the 1.8 Beta Patch, Skyrim won’t work. Apparently TESV.exe is missing – I remember having this problem earlier this year too.

    I Verify the Integrity of Game Cache and Steam gives me a new TESV.exe. The game still doesn’t work.

    I opt out of the beta patch. The game STILL doesn’t work!

  4. Does this 1.8 Fixes the CTDs of the dawnguard game expansion at lesst for the italian version?

    Also does it fixes the dialogue bug that’s affliccting mod community ?

  5. Have to say the patching of bugs (and the initial bug-testing for the games release) have been pretty shambolic once again.

    There’s an absolutely huge neatly compiled list of hundreds of quest bugs, many of which are game-breaking, in the main game alone – without taking into account the myriad of new ones that are bound to have been introduced with the DLC.

    Whilst the unofficial patch fixes many of them for PC it’s hardly an ideal situation. And it’s totally unacceptable for there to be this many bugs for console versions. Especially as Bethesda quite clearly has no intention of fixing them and continues to bury it’s head in the sand.

    After many years as a Bethesda customer I’ve not bought the DLC on principle, nor will I purchase future Bethesda games as, quite frankly, their disregard for paying customers having a functioning product has reached disdainful levels.

  6. so what happened to patches that included new additional content did beth decide we are too ungrateful for freebies, it wouldn’t suprise me with all the bad vibes going round but it would be nice if they gave us spears at least i can imagine ebony spear looking awsome.

    • The free content was a backup in case DLC couldn’t be released. Mounted combat, and extra kill-cams count as DLC for the PS3. Gets Bethesda out of trouble if they announce no Dawnguard/Hearthfire/or the third. They couldn’t just release it for PS3.

      Pete Hines has stated on his twitter that it DOES count as DLC.

        • What content?

          Mounted combat is EXTREMELY clunky, and kill-cams constantly activate when I MISS with an arrow.

          I’m not going to purchase another Bethesda game if this is what I can expect. Either announce ACTUAL DLC for the PS3 and GUARANTEE it’s release, or admit it’s not coming. These pointless gimmicks are crap, and don’t add anything to the game. You can’t honestly expect us to be happy with it.

          • The missing arrows killcam is one of the bugs i can deal with. Better yet, it adds some element of surprise when your arrow misses it’s target. So it’s feature, not a bug. 🙂

            The other bugs are annoying though. The lighting inside my Hearthfire mansion is abysmal.

        • Will there be a patch that reinstates the stealth unarm kill animation which was introduced in patch 1.5? As well as fix the totem of hircine quest that would occasionally not activate when married to Aela?

      • I please just want that they release the fix for :

        Dawnguard constant ctds
        localization ctds issues
        creation kit memory leak
        creation kit dialogue bug

  7. I played all Bethesda’s games(oblivion, fallout 3 NV, skyrim) and never had any bugs, and anyway stop talking s*** if you can’t wait or “understand” bethesda’s slowlyness on these fixes OR stop playing these games, go outside play basketball, soccer etc., problem solved.

    • If you’re not having any issues with Skyrim or Bethesda’s other games then that’s fine. However, a lot of other people are so if you have a problem with that then just move on if you’re not affected by these issues.

      Everyone who complains does so not because they ‘hate’ Bethesda, but because they want to be able to play the game they paid £40 for without experiencing any issues. They are as much a TES/Fallout fan as you are and are only complaining for this reason, not just for the sake of complaining.

      Here is a video explaining some of the lag issues specific to PS3:

      Obviously PS3 users are quite annoyed that they don’t have access to Skyrim’s DLC when Xbox and PC users have been able to play it for a few months now.

      • I’m more annoyed that I can barely play vanilla Skyrim. I can’t play for more than an hour before I have to manually shut off my system. It’s gotten so annoying that I rarely play any more.

  8. I’m unimpressed …

    There are hundreds of things wrong with this game, including some pretty severe quest breaking bugs, and each DLC you release keeps adding more on top.

    And after months without a patch, THIS is all you release …

    • Hey, give them a break.
      The programmers have to have time to go to middle school to complete their education you know.

      That way, their programmers will be on a level of parity with other companies.
      See what I did there?

  9. It’s clear there will always be the diehard defenders apologising away the mistakes of Team Beth.

    The point is, why does a paid for product not work as advertised?

  10. I was hoping for a quit job option for Companion radiant quests and the find that book for Urag same as you can for Thieves Guild quests. It would get round the problem when the item is not there or inaccessible (High Gate Ruins) and would make it possible to carry on. Dialogue from quest giver can be like that from Vex/Delvin who usually comment unfavourably about wanting to quit.

      • Sorry GStaff,

        I musta read that wrong. On at least two of my characters, i STILL have multiple unkillable Louis’s hanging outside the Whiterun stables. And i noticed this yesterday when i went hunting for Shadowmere for the 18th millionth time….

      • I also have 3 Louis waiting at the Whiterun stables and I can’t get rid of them sooooooo, there COULD be and there ARE multiples of this character. 2 of them are partially submerged into the walkway. jussayin

        I have been playing your games for many, many years. I have spent a lot of money to play games that are released BROKEN and never really fixed. The older I get, the less patience I have for this. Not only is it broken, but I’m forced to use Steam and I don’t have internet at home so when my “Play in offline mode” suddenly malfunctions, I have to go into town 20 MINUTE DRIVE just so I can get so wifi to uninstall and reinstall to turn around for another 20 MINUTE drive to continue playing. I bought the game, I own the disc, I shouldn’t have to check in with an internet service to play the dang thing! Some people still live where there are no internet connections.

        • Then don’t buy the game and wait for the GOTY + 5 years and you can buy it cheap, download all the best mods and have the time of your life for a year or something. There are lots of good things in store for those who WAIT.

          I’ll just put these two names here so you’ll know what I’m talking about.



          ’nuff said.

  11. Hey GStaff, could you please tell the Developer Team to do a Patch with only BUG FIXES? i want to see a big chunk of Broken Quests fixed, also liked the Dialogue issue that was introduced by 1.7 patch Fixed, Dawnguard mute wolves and pretty much everything else that is not working as it should, please GStaff we BEG you to release a BUG FIXES PATCH ONLY, so i kindly ask you to tell the Dev Team if they can do one.

    Everyone who agrees comment on this.

      • So, there is a possibility that Skyrim could be left broken?

        Well, I guess that is no different than any other title on the PS3 that has been made by Bethesda.

        Nothing against you gstaff, I’m just angry at a company that took my money, based on lies, for a broken and defective game that they never intended to fix…again.

        • A possibility? It’s pretty much guaranteed. Bethesda are notorious for this, and Skyrim has seen them sink to new depths of apathy regarding customer satisfaction.

          PC Version – more or less fixed via community mods
          Console Versions – totally borked despite being a YEAR old now.

    • ask him(“gstaff”)things his like ask me….is pointless,he’s just a “pet”,about the “ones”(“programmers”) that should fix the broken things,etc… i really don’t know what they learned at university,looks like a joke or they are all kid ourselves just to make money.

      One advice to “Bethesda” and i think everyone will agree with this advice: Support your fans,when we send a damn email for support we except an answer,ask your fans things and hear those answers and stop being greedy,because that will only led to destruction(loosing your fans),but if you support your fans you will get more money,more fans and everyone will be happy.

      Peace & Love for everyone 😉

      • The funny thing about this is, companies release broken and unfinished games all the time. Everybody keeps buying them. The game comes out -> rant of fail ensues about how broken / unfinished it is -> that dies off -> the next game comes out year+ later -> Repeat from step 2.

        The problem is most gamers won’t actually hold off on buying a game even if the evidence of likely failure is looking them right in the face. I love Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout 3/Fallout NV, but every single one of them had this same problem. Every. Single. Time. Does anybody not buy the next game? Apparently not very many people.

        So far Bethesda are doing a better than usual job IMO. Skyrim is by far their best game. Though, I imagine had I bought it on a PS3 I would be speaking a different tune (Then again, I wouldn’t have. For me there isn’t a point in console games).

  12. Agreed, some of us simply aren’t able to afford the pleasure of gaming on PC, with all my school expenses plus tuition, gas, and the fact that my “good computer” needs to, instead, be used for other purposes, besides playing games, it’s actualy quite enjoyable on PS3 and Xbox360. Personally, I own a PS3, because unlike some o you, I don’t have my parents to rely on anymore and I didn’t want to pay for Live. And if I’m wrong about you being a little kid, prove it, because your constant console or PC fanboy-isms are childish and out of control, and I couldn’t help but notice it lurking in the comments, waiting for updates on DG or HF. All I’m saying is if you’re on PC, then good for you, no one cares. Some of us have been playing on consoles and we’ll keep playing on consoles. Why? Because it’s cheaper than buying a 1000$ hard-drive or whatever for just playing games. Maybe it’s more enjoyable? I don’t care, a game’s a game. That’s yours to take it as you will. Just stop with all the useless supremacy. Anyway, Bethesda, I was pretty disappointed in the lack of updates and time it’s taking for DLC. I can’t speculate, because technicals aren’t my thing, but I only hope you are telling the truth about releasing it to PS3. If not, it’s ok, I have a life aside from games and Skyrim is fun, by itself. Keep working hard Bethesda and please don’t screw it over.

    • I have a pretty sweet PC, but I still prefer to play on console (it’s a comfort/convenience thing) – I tried to play the PS3 version of Skyrim but it was so broken I just had to ditch it.

      Got it on PC now, but, meh… the magic is gone. First impressions matter and this one dropped the ball BIG TIME.

    • You could get a whole system for $1000 that could play skyrim decently.

      You only spend thousands if you get the high end stuff. But your point is well made, and honestly the best one in support of consoles I’ve seen.

  13. Not sure if it is a bug or not, but I have a lot of stuff in my inventory (like three Elder Scrolls, Panthea’s Flute etc.) that I can’t remove. It says “quest items cannot be removed from inventory”, but I have completed all the respective quests. I know I could use the console to remove them, but I don’t want to “cheat”, if you know what I mean. Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated.

    • It’s not a bug, it’s the way the game is designed – although it is kind of annoying, since these items clutter up your inventory. It would have been ideal if they were unflagged as quest items after the respective quests were over.

      Go ahead and use the console. Using the console in Skyrim does not count as “cheating” as far as Steam is concerned – you will still get achievements, if you’re worried about that.

      • Ah, thanks a lot for the info! I was concerned about not getting achievements if I were to use the console, but if that’s not the case then great! It is indeed quite annoying, since the Elder Scrolls has a bit of weight. Would be cool if you could store them somewhere other than your inventory afterwards.

        Thanks again!

  14. Just a thought, but for future DLC/patches, you should make the flutes, lutes, and drums playable. With like their own skill trees and stuff, maybe with ocarina of time-esque, or guitar hero-ish mechanics. After joining the bard’s college I was really disappointed that I couldn’t go around and bard at people, or have a lute battle with Sven or something. Other instruments such as the sackbut or harpsichord should also be added. And in my opinion, being a PS3-er, this would more than make up for the lack of Dawnguard or Hearthfire on my system.

    • I agree, and have thought the very same thing! I too was sad that the Bard’s College – it was advertised as a new guild – didn’t actually have the functionality to bard in taverns and such! Kind of an obvious thing one would expect, and it made the whole thing fairly shallow. It doesn’t have to be a complex skill thing, I don’t really want to see guitar hero-ish mechanics in Skyrim – it could have simply been better College quests – attend the classes, practice at the college a certain amount with each instrument, play in taverns a certain amount with each instrument, and then once you’ve completed all that, you can then play in taverns for payment, and use it as a way of making money in the gameworld.

      • I agree with Jonah and Brandon, yet theres a Mod where you can just randomly a Lute or a Flute or a Drum and i couldve sworn when Skyrim was announced, we could infact do these things already, the same with Giants that could talk.

      • I was expecting the same thing! I thought that when I completed the main questline for the Bard’s College I’d be able to go around Skyrim playing my lute…

  15. I love these “rare” issues you fix. So you fixed a rare crash when using vampiric grip, but didn’t fix the constant freezing and crashing that many PC players have reported? And while you spend time fixing rare things, you haven’t fixed the hundreds of quest problems and other issues and bugs, but leave them for fans to have to fix for PC, and leave console players without any recourse?

  16. I LOVE your games. I have not had any significant problems on my end and yes i do play on the 360. I do feel for the PS3 community and if i were in their shoes id probably be upset. however, i do have faith in bethesda. The only games i play are made by your company. I feel good when i play them and i feel like i have acheived something every time i play. If i run into anything like i did with trying to use my stewart to furnish my home in hearthfire, i know you guys will fix it. Also, i have been having a problem with the ebony blade in skyrim. apparently it only benefits from the one handed skill tree while it is a two handed weapon. 🙂 and the potion esbern gives me has no effect. I know you guys will fix it. These are the only problems i am having. Keep the awesome games coming, you guys are spoiling me with them and i am very grateful. FUS RO DAH!

  17. will this update be the update ps3 needs for dawnguard and all the other dlcs need to work i hope it does because at the end of the month medal of honor warfighter and assassins creed 3 and i might totally leave skyrim but if i know that dawnguard and the other dlcs will come ill make sure to save some money on the side

  18. To all the devs: i was really impressed with the soft physics part that was shown in the “Game Jam” video, especially the chain whip. That was sick. I wonder if you guys plan to implement that weapon as part of a DLC or an update. I’d love to get some of that Castlevania vibe in my Skyrim so I can whip vampires back to ashes.

    If you can implement it you will make a man VERY happy… thanks for the great series, guys. 🙂

  19. There is a code in the patch saying PS3 downloadable content which means dragonborn could be PS3 exclusive or come out on PS3 first but it might not be exclusive so hopefully Bethesda will tell us if the PS3 problems have been fixed

    • It doesn’t need to be a PS3 exclusive, it just needs to work and be out on time, something that every developer other than Bethesda seems to be able to manage.

      • I would be happy if they just stopped releasing everything for 360 one month in advance! I know it’s stupid Microsoft trying to get as much exclusive stuff for their console, but I don’t like that Bethesda accepted it. Still, the PC release dates for DLCs have been perfectly timed (for me, with University assignments and the like being due just as the 360 versions came out).

  20. Can you at least comment on all of the Rumors going around about PS3 DLC coding found on patch 1.8


  21. “•Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

    Whew! Glad they finally fixed *that*. Seriously?

    Yes Bethesda, the patch seems rather light in the bug fix department.

  22. Hi!
    Thanks for continuing to patch things.
    Just a slight issue with the deep freeze perk, when I attack and enemy using I’ve and the become paralyzed, it’s easy to kill them. But my character tries to reanimate them to fight for me and they walk in place! 🙁 also when I move to a new room the zombie disentegrates and becomes and un-searchable ash pile!
    Thanks for taking the time!

  23. Well, this game is the best that I ever play. Have some bugs, lags, glitch, etc….but still are best than most games avaliable. PS3 here, I miss the DLC, but Bethesda is not perfect and I think that Sony are also guilty. So…thanks to Bethesda and your team…

    • WTF? Sony did nothing wrong (except letting bethesda release this trash on their console). Beth are responsible for all the game’s bugs and flaws – remember that next time you’re about to fork out money for their half-finished wares.

  24. Congratulations and thanks Bethesda on the Skyrim 1.8 Beta Update. Truly a glorious october with mountains of halloween horror movies and now an unexpected patch treat! 😀

    Hail Bethesda! The Santa Claus of game companies!

  25. I have a patch request regarding follower issues (seems to be a pretty large problem when looking online).

    My follower vanished, I have tried waiting in one spot for weeks of game time, checked my homes, catacombs..everything. When I try to get a new follower, it says I already have one.
    Not sure when or where she vanished but I have to save over my files and keep only 5 at a time, otherwise the saving/loading time of the game becomes unbearably slow. So I can’t even go back to a time she was around.

    Can you please add patch that not only gives you the option to dismiss your current follower for one you are currently asking to follow, and maybe add a “follower marker” to see where they are on the map.

    Would be awesome if you could do that! 😀

    • At least we’re getting this update, hopefully it’ll fix issues that people have been experiencing with the game. DLC for the PS3 that works would be nice as well though.

  26. Im really hoping for some PS3 Skyrim DLC. We really got the shaft on Oblivion and Fallout 3 is pretty much broken if you have the DLC or the GOTY. Maybe its about time to scrap that Radiant engine if all it does is ruin great games. I love Bethesda games and would love to continue buying and playing them, but as a PS3 owner im pretty gunshy. i think ill hold off on dishonored and see how badly we get hosed on future patches/DLC after this.

    • I wouldn’t buy any title with the Bethesda name on it. Personally, I’m going to give my money to a reputable, honorable company that cares about it’s customers and takes pride in it’s work. A company that if they release a broken game, does not rest until it is fixed and would not dream of leaving a game in a broken state.

        • At least Oblivion worked(thanks to 4J Studios), the downside is that we didn’t get any of the DLC plugins like Fighter’s Stronghold and the Vile Lair.

          Bioware are releasing Mass Effect 1 on PS3 after 5 years, so it’s not too late for Oblivion’s DLC. I doubt Bethesda are listening though.

  27. please please fix the forsworn conspiracy. i thought all npc where to respawn in the last patch. but eltrys is still dead just with little arrow pointing cant finish the quest its the only one i got left please help and let us end darkbrotherhood is a pain any news many thanks

    • Most patches only PREVENT bugs from occurring, if the bug already happened and you saved… well, you’re stuck with it. This applies to the ‘clone NPC’ bug supposedly addressed by this patch.

  28. found a glitch or bug in my game xbox 360 user btw but anyway i am doing the civil war line and i am at the point to where had to report to Legate Quentin Cijius may have miss spelled can’t see the name with my TV but anyway i went to him while he was sleeping and i think he new i was coming because he was still sleeping when i talked to him and he told me what to do and i tried to talk to him again and he talked to me while he was sleeping creepy lol

  29. Damn,this game is starting to look a “beta game”…to much bugs to fix and new DLC’s that broke the previous one…lol

  30. I keep coming here, looking for good PS3 news.
    Then I think I still care.
    But how long will I care?
    So many good, functional and ps exclusive games out there, you know…

    • @MonkeyPaws
      …and your stream of fanboy comments doesn’t seem to be accelerating our departure from this blog. Just saying. 🙂

  31. Why cant Skyrim be PC Only, is it the Only Bethesda Game that suffers so much from Bugs and late Patches but keeps flowering us with DLC.

    Clearly they Port there Games from the Consoles, but why try Selling there Games for the Consoles if they cant even handle it.

    • You are forgetting the most important thing for any company…

      Multiplatforming = More money

      PC only = Less Money

      So, from a business model perspective:

      Multiplatforming >>>>>>>> PC only

    • @MonkeyPaws
      It’s not a fact, it’s your opinion. Millions of other people use the PS3 to play games on a lot more than you do, sometimes the PS3 is the only console they have or can afford, and is more than just a Blu-ray player to them.

      Think about that next time before you post another comment calling the PS3 a “paperweight”. All that does is annoy people.

      • Yeah, I bet nobody at Bethesda reads these comments… I wouldn’t.

        For everyone who complains about a broken game… go make a better game. Anyone who’s been a Bethesda fan for any amount of time knows that bugs are a part of an engine as complex as Gamebr- sorry… Creation. Take the good with the bad.

      • @MonkeyPaws
        PS3 users post these comments on every single blog post because the last three games that Bethesda have released on the PS3, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and now Skyrim, have all had issues such as lag, freezing, and crashes that still haven’t been fixed years later.

        That’s why PS3 users aren’t particularly happy, they don’t want Bethesda to leave Skyrim in a state where it’s unplayable for some users, and they don’t want Bethesda to get off scot-free like they did with the Fallout games.

        That’s why your comments about the PS3 being a “paperweight” among other things are just another kick in the teeth for PS3 users. I hope this helps you see this situation from their viewpoint, they’re not criticizing Bethesda for no reason.

        • While I think it sucks the PS3 users are stuck with something buggy, by your own post the information was there. Based on that I honestly wouldn’t buy it on the PS3. Clearly they are having a hard time maintaining it.

          It’s like I said at the release of Skyrim when the game was really buggy for a lot of people and lots of threats/comments were coming up flaming/ranting at them, not just PS3 users. They do this every single game they release. There is no reason to expect otherwise. You had access to the research when you bought it.

          I don’t know about most people, but I don’t lay $60 on a game without looking into how good it’ll be and the track record of the company.

          It’s like repeated history every single time they release a game.

          • @Coreinsanity
            PS3 users knew that the Fallout games had issues, but Oblivion (which was ported by 4J Studios) ran quite well on the PS3, and a lot of PS3 users believed Bethesda’s talk of how the PS3 version of Skyrim would be equal to the versions on other platforms.

            We found out the hard way that it wasn’t. Like you said, while some people check the track record of a company before buying a game, I don’t think I can say the same for most other users.

            They might read reviews and watch trailers, but they don’t look up detailed technical info because they assume that the game they buy will work fine out of the box. Most games do, but not Bethesda’s games on the PS3.

  32. do you people really want to know the difference between the pc, playstation and xbox is and why TES does not work so well on the playstation. well it is for one because the first two elder scrolls games where made for the pc. that’s why all of them work so well for the pc rather then game systems. now on to the xbox and ps3 the third TES game came out for the first xbox for one reason only to see how well it ran on a computer based game system and what i mean by that is that the xbox was made by a computer based company called Microsoft and seeing as it went so well they thought well next year we will try on playstation but the problem with playstation is that it has limits to what it can do just and how much it can handle. now i am not saying that playstation sucks all i am saying is that if you look at it from a point of view of computer company it will always run better on the xbox and pc for one main reason becasue they are both computer based systems. But on the other hand Bethesda really should have tested every elder scrolls game they made for the playstation really good to make sure that it will run like it should with that said i hope you all take the time to read this and maybe it will help you understand why us Xbox players seem to have less problems then other systems

  33. Hello, hey GStaff its ME… AGAIN… anyway, did you guys did some changes to the Horse Behavior movements? there is something really strange when riding a horse and moving, if you sprint and try to move left-right the movement feels too “clunky”, i dont know what you guys did but perhaps add each and every change to the Patch Release Notes? i HONESTLY dont like how the horse riding feels, its just BAD… hopefully it will be fixed in the final 1.8, GOD i hope it does.

  34. Hello Gstaff/Matt!
    I Guess you know all about the files/hints fans found in the update, cough *Solstheim* Cough *New DLC* Cough *Spears* Cough *herma mora* *apocrypha*
    and much more awesome stuff,Just wanted to say that i am looking forward to it,Even if you havent announced it yet,I am just wondering why you guys leave hints/Files about upcoming dlc in updates:) Is it for fans? So we have something to speculate on?

    Also i know you cant comment on that maybe,So lets change topic.

    There is a glitch that i find annoying,But not that big deal since i rarely have pets,and also i am playing on a new characcter now. But seems like the game thinks i have a pet already,But i dont. I try to get a armored troll but cant,Try to get a wardog but cant,THey just say,looks like you got a pet already.

    I think it went like this becouse i accidentely killed my old dog once. I dont expect for any fix but would be nice. But not that big deal for me 🙂 Take care matt!

  35. Hey GStaff give this message to bethesda because it is starting to piss me off. they need to add a NPC re-spawn in the patch. because with dragon’s attacking towns and cities it gets hard to sell things. i don’t want to be on my way to a town that i am really close to and end up finding out that a damn dragon killed the blacksmith or the venders. and making me have to travel across the map to a town that a dragon does not attack just to sell things. and it gets even harder when i am over weight and have no way of running or fast traveling. it would be a lot of help if they could make it to where. after about 3 days a new npc with a random name took over the place. thank you for reading this even tho i never get a respond from the staff when i ask for a little help

  36. I’m really hoping for that all Skyrim DLC get released on the PS3. We really got the shaft on Oblivion as there was a lot of DLC that got released for Oblivion as for the 360 and the PC that never made it way on to the PS3 like the The Vile Lair and Mehrunes’s Razor. (Even now it would be awesome if those missing DLCs for the PS3 version of Oblivion got released for the console.)

    It would be nice if the Fastred and Bassianus Axius NPCs had some Riften dialogue in Riften once they move to Riften instead of them just talking about High Hrothgar when they are spoken to. Maybe they could live in Understone Keep or the Bee and Barb instead of them being homeless, bedless and forced 24/7 to be outside.

    I do have 2 questions for Bethesda.

    Will we ever see a remake of the first two Elder Scrolls games? And if so, will the remake be put on the Sony PS4, the Mircosoft 720 (or whatever they call their next console) and the Nintendo Wii U?

    Will we ever see a handheld Elder Scrolls game? (for example on the Vita or 3DS)

  37. Thank goodness i have my Skyrim folder backed up because this patch breaks my game and will continue to do so until SKSE and other things get updated. Would be helpful if you could decline the update since Skyrim on the PC is such a mod heavy game.

    Oh yeah this also breaks Creation Kit if you try to load Hearthfire/Update/Dawnguard ESM files with Skyrim.esm.

    Should consider going into more detail as to what the patch contains, 204MB in size and it fixes four things and improves one thing and has hidden stuff to do with another DLC that hasn’t been announced even.