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  1. We’ll see how you really feel about PS3 users then. And if there is no announced PS3 release date we’ll get to see what NEW and INTERESTING excuses you have for us.

    • Yeah, because they profit SO much from losing money that expected to make by selling DLC on PS3.

      Get off your high horse. Unlike you who just can’t play a DLc, they are unable to make great amounts of money they were planning to make and for a company, that is no small lose.

        • No one blamed you for that…people keep forgetting its sonys fault…it feels bad to say this…but rememeber that hacking…yea…sony aint watching out for thier customers as much as you’d think…also…the ram sucks…so its hard to fit more skyrim onto there…

          • Yeah, and MS throws money at their PR department to hide their hacks…

            How many XBox profiles have you heard about being hacked and hijacked? I lost count myself…

          • I’m a huge 360 fan, but 360 was hacked way before PS3 and it was just as long as the PS3 hack. So the problem is that no ones knows!! It’s no ones fault, the game was made with 360 favoured, so of course it will fail on a system that Beth. doesn’t favour… I’m just glad I have both systems. I would blame Beth. for the problem and side with ‘jay’ on this one.

    • Oh come on. You KNOW they’re not going to announce a date regardless of whether or not they’re releasing it in PS3.
      It’s going to be another timed exclusive. PC and PS3 dates will come later as they always do.
      I know it sucks, but they already have a contract for the first 3, there’s nothing they can do about it now. Let’s just hope that they don’t make a similar agreement for the next DLC (if there is any).

  2. If it’s for Skyrim then I’m expecting something like this:

    *at end of trailer*
    “Coming to PS3 in 2020”. I hope I’m wrong though, although PS3 users haven’t exactly had much luck when it comes to DLC so far.

    • Verily nayrael speaks of truth.

      As for the DLC. What elder scrollian nightmares await us all as a pinprick light fearful in its brightness penetrates the peacefulness of our dark subconciousness so intensely our screams reverberate back to the present.

      Thank you Bethesda for..the terror to come.

  3. That helmet may make enemies believe that the user is sleeping or something like that… It makes them (the enemies) low their guard, if only a little bit.

    I like that.

  4. ok…
    things to point out…
    Dragon Priest like mask…gotta keep in mind there were 8 and a grandmaster…as seen by the pedestal in labyrinthian…so this one might be homemade…
    the last icons…might be goin back to solsthiem…or in the dragonborns case the first time…1.8 data said “dragonborn” so this might be another as many people speculated…he has this king like look of him…if solsthiem…the lord of castle Karstaag…kind of has a dickish look about him…so he might be an evil god-king who happens to be a dragonborn…all main characters shape thier own destinies so he (or she mabye) could have made his destiny to belord of solsthiem…as it is its own nation…making himself the lord of that nation…the new inhabitants (dark elves) his/her subjects…mostlikely nord…due to the clothing style…and the mask itself…but being a dragonborn is a sort of religion in itself…the bottem kind of looks like a beard…anyways…yea…im very observative…

      • Just zoomed in on the pic…lots of scratch marks on the helmet/mask (hard to tell which, it might acctually be a helmet than the ussual mask) so they may be older than we assume…or it might acctually be a sort of artifact…

      • Hah…daylight savings time rules…i went back in time…just to make a comment i should be making an hour from now…this comment is about 2:08…that last one was 1:02

        • Yet for me, someone who has been on Daylight Savings time and a different time zone, its both displayed as being posted on Sunday November 4 at 1:02am/1:07am. As I post this now, my time is 11:56pm Sunday night.

          Anyway, in regards to the whole DLC, the picture looks more like a cleaned up/newly made Falmer helmet using Moonstone for it.

          • Why is evrybody so strung up on the Betrayed and Snow Elves…seriously…they did that already…sides…that’s a Dragon Priest’Esqe mask…

  5. Actually, to me it looks like a cross between a dragon priest mask and elven armor, falmer gear is white in color. Possibly a Thalmor Agent or Leader turned dragon priest.

    • Falmer gear is not white, your thinking of the Ancient Falmer armor. The new Falmer Armor, made from Chorus Chitin is blackish grey and looks just like this shape.

    • Same here 😀 Thats why i was thinking of the Iliad since there supposed to be so evil and ancient just like the old ones.

  6. If you look at pictures of dragon’s, you will notice that the horns of this mask are identical to dragon horns in shape and style. Also, the armor at the shoulders is shaped like beaks, and the mask mouth-section is shaped like a beak. Also the arm-armor is like feathers or scales. Also note the stars and space behind the figure, suggesting he is very high (perhaps riding a dragon?)

    This is probably a new dragon armor in my opinion.

  7. I’m gonna go and agree with those that say that this is a kind of Dragon armor. And to those that say dragon priest, it’s possible that someone’s trying to resurrect the Dragon Cults and this may be a more “modern” take on the Dragon Priests’ robes. If the DLC’s title is truly dragonborn then it would make sense that some loon (possibly another dragonborn) is trying to create another Dragon Cult.

  8. I can’t find a straight answer to this question so someone (gstaff preferably) help please! OK was it the first two or the first three dlcs promised to Microsoft for Xbox live? I have both I’m just wondering which I’m gonna have to play the new dlc on? Hopefully ps3 I logged 400 hours into my character there(imperial thief) and for some reason it just plays better than my Xbox skyrim game.

    • Dude, they won’t answer that. They don’t answer crap. If they do, it will be evasive and exceedingly vague. They know jack all about customer service….heh…they may as well be Bell Canada…

      The original article back in May, stated the first two DLC will be XBox exclusive for 30 days…

  9. The trailer’s up on YouTube. It all looks excellent. But what I’m really jacked about is the Morrowind resources converted to Skyrim. If we get Solstheim, do you honestly think we won’t get Vvardenfell at some point, either in official DLC or the modders already working on it?

    Jacked jacked jacked.