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  1. Come on Gstaff, are you really going to keep ignoring us like this? You’re announcing the third dlc and we haven’t even seen a single update in over three months. You’ve got to give us something.

  2. God so much tension…i know this is beth…but…you sony people got the upperhand on assassins creed guys…do look at just the bad…

  3. Angry ps3 user here. Screw you, bethesda, skyrim, & pete hines. Even if dlc comes out on game of the year edition, I’ll buy it used at gamestop so bethsoft gets nothing. This is the direct result of your lack of communication. Hope other ps3 users do the same. Maybe when you lose money you will show us some regard. So there we go, ps3 users only buy bethsoft games used, maybe then they’ll try harder to do their jobs.

  4. Why don’t you cowards give us some answers? Apologies? Any response at all?

    Your fans are insulted and want answers. Say something.

  5. I waited all day yesterday for the trailer for it to be released 10 PM last night (cause im in Australia) to find out that xbox got a release date and not even pc or PS3, let alone PS3 will get the first one at all WTF man thats it im moving on to better games like hitman or assassins creed 3

  6. 1.) Hearthfire was a joke… did you really think Microsoft would let that slide by without noticing?
    2.) PS3 users, put a flaming sock in that hole of yours, this is not the place. BESTHESDA LOSES OUT MORE THAN ANY ONE OF YOU INDIVIDUALS! NOT LIKE THEY WANTNT THIS, so knock it off already!
    3.) Anyone wonder WHY they don’t respond? Because it’s none of your business, AND this is not the proper forum for that, they gave their responses to it already anyhow. Answering here encourages more people like you to clog the comments.

    Anyhow,… well people, here’s your shivering isles? I hope so, looks good.

    • Bethesda could be sued for this they are showing favoritism and lack of communication. Those are only two of the many legal charges they could be sued for.

      • then do it already. I heard enough of “sue’ing” by people that don’t know what they are talking about. You really wanna go there? Beth releases DLC for a rabid bunny. There ya go, your joke of a lawsuit is so easily circumvented, its rediculous… not that I don’t agree that more could have been done, but seriously, do you really think that’ll get you anywhere?
        lack of communication? they gave their responses, its YOU people that choose not to read it in the appropriate places, if the situation hasnt changed, what the heck ARE they suppose to say? you guys are the ones harrassing bethesda over it.
        And dont gimme that “Oh they should be giving us constant updates, even if there is no change” bull,.. I mean seriously, people are treating this like something they need their hand held through.
        Bring your complaints to the proper place and stop flooding every damn comment page. You are losing the support of even those who fully agree.

      • Favoritism? Lack of communication? If someone could be sued for favoritism and lack of communication, every business today would be bankrupt. Bethesda has a deal with Microsoft (who in turn provides money to fund their game) that the Xbox will receive all DLC content first. The PS3 will get it sometime, be patient and don’t act entitled. You received the game you paid for (even with bugs included). DLC is something they provide because they want to, not because they have to.

        • where just as entitled to any content maid skyrim is a multiplatform game not eclusive to one microsoft only had a deal for 1st two lots of dlc why shouldnt ps3 owners be angery and upset that a 3rd is being released and they still havent been told anything at all

        • hello gstaff, i just want congratulation you guys for this epic game, its the best game i ever played but im sad because im a PS3 player, can you give us any tip, anything so we can wait. Like say “all the DLCs ll come one day” that would give me hope, thats what us, ps3 players want, hope.
          thanks and please comment my posts and replies.
          SKYRIM even for PS3 players IS THE BEST GAME. would be Legen…. wait for ir ….
          dary [hehe] if we could try the DLCs.

        • Oh how nice of you. So in other words, “We’ll continue to ignore you as long you don’t become too bad of PR for us. If you cross that line though, we’ll make sure to shut you up.” Great to know Bethesda actually cares! (said no one ever) -_-

        • Shouldn’t the fact that the company you represent has put itself into a position where the customers are becoming uncivil set some kind of flag that maybe it’s time you tried to deal with your customers?

          It’s time that someone (probably the job of the PR but I don’t actually remember the last time your VP of PR did any PR work) addressed this?

          I know your company policy is to accept criticism and not attempt to defend yourselves but there’s a fine line between accepting criticism and ignoring it, and frankly you’re no where near that line.

          I would be fine with the fact that you’ve shafted two thirds of your customers for the third time in a row. I would be fine with the fact that appeasing Microsoft is more important to you than being fair to your customers. I would be fine with that if you would just acknowledge your fans. Everyone wants answers to legitimate questions but you just ignore everything. And no, Mr. Hine’s twitter account does not count as public relations. The fact that his communication can be reduced to 140 character blocks indicates that he’s not doing his bit.

        • So I guess we are becoming bad PR for them. They are beginning to remove comments now. This is rather dictatorial, don’t you think gstaff? There is nothing civil about what you are doing here, and ignoring us and hoping we will disappear will never happen. So why don’t you man up, grow a pair, and actually give us something other than “We are working on it.” or “We have no new info.” The same goes for that moron Hines (incidentally, he needs to be fired. He is lousy at his job and has absolutely no sense of tact)

          So give us some news that is detailed and not vague you fucking tool

          (Going to keep posting this until you have a constructive response)

    • Oh yes sir, you are completely right. We, PS3 users will just kao tao to the likes of you at your behest….You are an utter moron.

      Contrary to your belief, PS3 user DO DESERVE an answer. We paid just as much as PC and XBox users for the game. We were under the impression from the get go that there WOULD BE DLC for PS3. By not answering, or giving a proper explanation, Bethesda is losing all the more. Whether you like it or not, it is our business…especially when we are willing to shell out the cash for the material, late or not…this is just bad business.

      So, go fuck yourself Elderone

  7. Wow! What a great video! Too bad that’s all it’ll ever be to me…a video.

    I’ve already given up hope for DLC on the PS3, I’ll just go watch youtube videos of 360 users having fun instead.

  8. Any idea when it will be released for PC? Not complaining at all, just putting together a Christmas list and wanted to know if it’d be out close to then! If not, my boyfriend’s birthday is in January, so there’s always that. 🙂 Thanks!

    • It’ll be out on January 4th. Sadly, Microsoft and Bethesda have made a deal that all of the DLC comes out for XBox first and is exclusive for the platform for a month. :/

      • Ahh, okay! A month’s wait definitely isn’t too bad. I do fee l bad for the PS3 users though 🙁 But yay, I’ve officially got a birthday gift lined up! Thanks!

    • ZemiMax studios has plans for the PC community. Beta testing Elder Scrolls Online. So when the next gen. consoles are released, MicroSoft will line there pockets with treasures, to continue to exclude SONY’s PS4. bringing the same concept that the PS3 community has experienced exclusively with Zipper Interactive’s DLC (MMORPG) Finally to the X-BOX 720.
      Thank You Bethesda for taking my suggestion, and staying with the DragonBorn theme, in your 3ed Epic Skyrim DLC
      NigthRider2000; member of the PlayStation of Domination / Volunteer beta tester.

  9. what the heck i thought the 1.8 fixed dlc problems i had a little feeling dragonborn was ps3 exclsive but no we arent getting another dlc i also thought the contract with microsoft was two dlcs that were timed exclusive well hello hearthfire was a dlc and it was number TWO you didnt get hearthfire through a software update it was paid for and it was content considered a dlc im soo sick of bethasda bullcrap when pete hines said we dont need next gen consoles he was right bethasda doesnt even know how to use current gen consoles well thats too bad take a programming lesson from ubisoft or dice but please dont teach yourselfs cause you dont know anything

    • PS3 exclusive? why would they do that? timed exclusive maybe as an apoligy,… but really, that would only give ps3 some reason for gloating on the forums, not really fix anything, while at the same time osterize PC and Xbox users.
      What they NEED to do is fix the PS3 issues, get all systems on the same page and stop using exclusives altogether.

  10. I think its time to bring something to your attention Bethesda. You lied to PS3 users, you promised something that isn’t happening, you have a major lack of communication, and you show favoritism to Microsoft. YOU COULD BE SUED by some angry PS3 user that feels cheated, which is basically every PS3 user. You might want to consider at least giving us information before someone tries that.

  11. My geek boy fan meter is in the red! Absolute Epic Lore-gasm. Redoran and Telvanni architecture! Rieklings! Corprus Stalkers!
    Ascended Sleepers! Ancient Dragonborn Dragon Priest consumed with ill intent! Skaals! This is the closest we shall ever come to returning to the Star-Wounded East, to Morrowind.

  12. Dear Bethesda Softworks,

    I do not want to complain because Skyrim is in my opinion the greatest game ever created. My only issue was the lack of satisfaction when it came to devotion and support. I bought your games collector’s edition and was extremely happy to do so, considering the profit is going to an amazing game company, but, I find it frustrating when a new DLC is announced and yet again I have to drop a 20$ just to get it. Can there not be at least one small DLC which comes free to players who bring in their collectors edition receipt? I would like to thank you for your time and, I will be satisfied no matter your decison.

    • It’s not a bad idea… I am not sure thats the place of collectors edition tho,.. they do ‘game of the year’ and wierd package deals for that.
      I seem to recall, borderlands 2 did something along those lines with buying the first 4 DLC at a discount, kinda like a pre-order, with your release purchase of B2.
      I didn’t get it, so i dont know all the details…
      but yes, i too hope they fiddle with a similiar idea to this.

  13. I feel really badly for the PS3 players. It’s hard enough to wait a month to be able to play it on the PC, I can’t imagine not knowing if or when support will be coming to your platform.

    It’s definitely a problem that Bethesda should fix as soon as possible. Waiting six months to even get word if a fix is coming is pretty unacceptable.

  14. I am not very familiar with programming and such, but can somebody explain to me why Bethesda cannot seem to release content for the Playstation? It seems that almost every other video game company has no problem releasing content for every platform. All I hear is that Bethesda just has piss poor coders, but that just sounds silly. From the mouth of a Bethesda fan AND PS3 owner, I just really want to see if they are actually getting things done about it. Lack of communication and attention kinda let’s on that they might be a tad(or a whole lot) embarrassed about it, but they may be able to achieve redemption. I feel your pain PS3 bros, but their is an alternative choice that we may or may not share… *looks toward a KOJIMA logo*

        • I posted it a moment ago, but it seems to be missing…
          most agree that its hardware related, and
          seems to point in that direction(something about how the game can be played but performance suffers too greatly)
          most also agree that if it is a hardware issue, its the RAM of the PS3 system.
          Yes its vague, but thats what we have.. sorry 🙁
          coding for the wrong hardware CAN create these kinda issues when support isnt built in from the get go. Which means Bethesda is at fault, but so is PS3 for using cheapo RAM

          • And even the vanilla version of the PS3 version has lag, stuttering issues. If that’s not amended, then I wouldn’t expect a DLC to be released for it any time soon. Judging by the constant mention of “lag issues fix for PS3 users” in every patch, I assume that they are trying to work it out.. but aren’t successful, of course.

            From a business and moral perspective, it would not make sense of this was deliberate on Bethesda’s part. If it doesn’t work, it can’t work – as far as I’m concerned. Nonetheless, since I was only able to play Skyrim on the PS3, I am still appreciative of the fact that i had the chance to try it out at all. It’s still a fun game, despite the glitches and all that, which gave me something to share with other fans of the game – heightening our entertainment.

            I have a feeling that only the technological advances of the PS4 will amend the issue for the better. Bethesda may or may not make a deal with Sony that would grant a discount on the console or the game if either of the two are purchased. Plus, a re-released version for a new gen console would mean that the graphical capability would also improve… which was not too bad on the PS3, but not great either, but that’s because I love frozen waterfalls.

          • Oh , and I should mention, that from a rational perspective, the “lack of communication” from Bethesda’s part is that they themselves do not know. I recall a common tendency that anything set in stone yet not delivered raises a much unnecessary, undesirable commotion among the community…
            I wouldn’t expect them to choose vexing the community any more than what many say they have.

          • its that the systems allocate resources differently since they are trying to port it from xbox the software is trying to manage it in such a way that the ps3 was not designed to do hence the lag issues

    • Skyrim is an ambitious game for the console hardware. You can explore a huge game world and interact with any NPC or object you encounter. The engine tracks a lot of persistent data, your progress in hundreds of quests, your character’s interactions with thousands of unique NPCs, hundreds of NPC factions, 550 locations, many thousands of items.

      The PS3 has only 256MB RAM available to handle all the persistent data tracked by the game. This results in performance issues when you pile on all the additional persistent data the game must track corresponding to all the NPCs, quests, locations and items added by the DLC.

      • And then on top of all that, add aerial mounted dragon combat in the x,y,z axes with mounted spell casting, moving boats, all the new creature races and meshes, etc.

  15. OMG, why don’t the lot of you get a life.

    Do you realy think microsoft are pissed with bethesda? Hardly, their rival the ps3, as no dlc whatsoever. Sounds like money well spent to me. They may have paid for a timed release, but they ended up with somnething a lot better, Exclusivity. I’m a PC user for Skyrim. But I also have xbox and ps3.

    Elder scrolls started on the pc, so to be fair it would be more at home on xbox anyway.

    PS3 as some of the best exclusive games, drakes fortune, shadow of the colossus, Metal Gear and God of War to name a few, Xbox in comparision as fable and halo. PS3 wins there. So well done Microsoft, if you have renogiated the deal. It’s Sony who need to sort themselves out, They never should have let this happen, they have let down their customers.

    So, Skyrim is still awesome without the dlc. to be fair, neither dawngaurd or hearthfire have impressed me much and I’ve started playing dark souls instead.

  16. OP OP OP…Gstaff deleting my comments with style… lol
    I feel like…”BGS” was my best friend,but then stab me in the back.BGS loosing fans since Skyrim… GJ 😉

  17. BGS screwing PS3 users and PC users with style… OP OP OP ^^ 😀

    by:PC user that will not buy more anything from BGS,well AC3 is coming,Hitman:Absolution,Farcry 3…so bye BGS! 😉

  18. sure they do, I fully agree! No where did I say they didn’t have a right 🙂 I in fact complain with you guys.

    so why not hop on over to where your comments about it actually matter in the proper forums and stop with the mob mentality?
    And I am sorry if “my” out of place complaining also needs a forum, but there doesnt happen to be a proper place for it except every random place skyrim is even mentioned. The comments get CLOGGED with this stuff.

    And while you would rather see 50 complaints of injustice, I’d rather not have people I originally supported ruin what fun is left for the rest of us.
    Jeezus, there are other ways to fight this than flooding!

      • and to clarify, going to a forum to complain about this when I want Bethesda to see this, that is pointless. I want them to see how angry they are making the PS3 community. I won’t clog forums with this crap. I would rather see the Bethesda servers get bogged down with all of this

    • The mods in the forums have been doing the same things as gstaff. Deleting comments, and banning anyone that voices their opinion. Anyone that asks questions gets ignored, whether they’re about the game, or who to go to to get answers.

  19. Bethesda i want to continue buying your games but this is a little annoying all us PS3 players are asking for is feed back but yet y’all still fail to give us that much.

  20. I really don’t understand you Bethesda if u do not plan on giving ps3 hearthfire or dawnguard or even dragonborn why not just simply tell everyone?? Why stay quite and agitate everyone?? It doesn’t make sense just tell us there will be no dlc for ps3 so all us avid skyrim ps3 fans can move on and maybe find a new game whose developers don’t completely screw us over??

  21. PS3 PLAYERS. Let’s send messages for sony in PLAYSTATION SITE to make those DLCs come for us. I think if we ALL do it togheter we can have it!!!!!
    1 sending is nothing but ALLLLL requesting it can make it happen

  22. You know guys I bet Bethesda reads threads like this and laughs while cracking open a beer on their big Xbox exclusive announcments. Probably them and some big time Microsoft Xbox reps…lol hell their ploy worked on me after buying sk yrim ps3 (400 hours mind u) I had to take my death box and pay to fix it…wasn’t much but can’t stand the Xbox controller cant afford decent gaming PC so please Bethesda show ps3 a little love dragon born ps3 1-3-13!!!! Lol..

    • Between the xbox the ps3(xbox: which has a known high fail rate) (PS3: which is a console,.. have any issues and theres no solution, but its PS3 and I love playstation to so i feel ya)
      and the computer your currently on, you couldnt have just invested in one good system? right.. usually its not a finacial problem, its a poor planning problem.

      But your right,.. im sure they do crack open a beer over these comments, it’s a funny thought >.>

  23. Thanks Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls!
    I hope you keep on developing those great games and not so much reading all the raging kiddies.

  24. Hello GStaff, what is new in CreationKit v1.8? the lack of Update Notes with either Patches and CK Updates is getting… rather frustrating.

      • Oh hi there Gstaff! Nice to see your commenting to everyone except the PS3 players. Aren’t you such a great PR representative! Can I get paid to ignore people too?

        • couldnt have said it better myself… these guys need to head on over to the proper forums for these kinda issues,.. not mob every corner of bethesda’s sites.

          Thats funny coming from you tho what with your other comment.

          • People feel compelled to mob these sites because they get no response in other locations.

            The fact is, Bethesda’s PR sucks like no other. Until this is resolved, all of their social sites will look like this. And frankly, that’s all they deserve.

      • Gstaff, I’ve said before that you’re just the messenger. I have never been angry with you. That being said:

        There have been hundreds of posts within this thread about the same issue. Bethesda’s treatment of the PS3 fanbase and paying customers.

        Coming into this thread and only answering “softball” questions is only adding gasoline to a fire that is already so big it can hardly be contained.

        Let’s face it, the “we’re working on it” response worked for a month. It has been far longer than that. Again, I realize you are just the messenger, but we need something better than “we’re working on it.”

        I find it very hard to believe that after all of this time, all of these months, a professional software company has made absolutely no progress and does not have anything to share.

  25. I’ve bought every Bethesda game since Morrowind, and I can say the treatment of Bethesda towards the PS3 community has put a stop to that. Between the recent garbage games from Bethesda (I realize not made by Bethesda but marketed by them) of Brink, Rage, Wet, Rouge Warrior. Add in screwing over the PS3 in every single game over the last 5 years then I am done.
    Goodbye forever Bethesda. I hope that more ex-fans can make a similar commitment and kill the once great company of Bethesda.

    p.s. Don’t forget Dishonoured. Fun for a few hours, then basically garbage.

  26. @gstaff

    In the middle of all this “fun” you’re having sorting through all these comments, is it possible to post the file size of Dragonborn?

      • @gstaff

        So I have noticed that both you and Hines have went quiet on Twitter. I find all of this offensive and exceedingly bad business. I want to know why the silence, and I want to know why you are even bothering to release Dragonborn if it isn’t ready for all platforms. What kind of crap is this?


      • Oh come on Matt your willing to respond to a random question about file size and yet you won’t even give ONE response for the PS3 users? WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!

  27. If you guys don’t release Dragonborn for PC before Christmas, I won’t be buying the next Elder Scrolls game from BGS. It’s clear I’m not part of your target audience anymore, and I’ll be moving on to TESO which is developed by a dedicated studio that actually talks to their customers.

    Good day.

    • These kind of blackmail comments simply prove the fact that you (and all the rest of us) are TES junkies and Bethesda is the dealer. ALL of us will buy the next TES game, especially those who threaten not to touch a Bethesda game ever again. The only thing they fear is silence.

  28. Bethesda release a trailer hoping everyone will get all excited. What do they get? Angry PS3 users yelling at them. Don’t get me wrong I am a ps3 user, but I also have an Xbox. Skyrim on both, its a long story but seriously. Yelling won’t help. Its obvious that they are clueless as to how to program for anything not based on a PC.

  29. GStaff, for months now you have been saying “we’re working on it” with regards to PS3 DLC and people have accepted that without proof. Well, with DLC 3 adding the pile of provable lies told about Skyrim I now put it to you that all of this “we continue to work on DLC” that you’ve been claiming is another of those lies.

    You say Bethesda are working on it, I say prove it. Post an update of the progress made, post a PS3 gameplay video of Dawnguard to show where we are at at the moment. Or alternatively continue to say nothing and we will know the truth

    “Qui tacet consentire videtur” – He who is silent is taken to agree. If you want us to believe that you haven’t simply given up, you’re going to have to prove it.

  30. Imagine this: A bakery has problems with it’s oven. Would your rather receive a half baked cake, or wait while they fix the oven, then give you a normal cake?

    • See the problem there is that we know the oven is broken, from here we do not know whats wrong with the DLC for ps3 so we do not know whats being fixed with out exploiting a loop hole such as the coding problem, cmon 6 year old system and coding problem, what about removing useless items to improve performance like the embalming tool and wrapping paper.

  31. If you can ignore all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the butthurt PS3 users for a second, this looks awesome – storyline seems a lot more interesting/compelling than the kind of dull main quest in original Skyrim.

  32. Hey GStaff, Maybe you could Tell the People Out there what the Problem is specifically? And what is the Main Problem about solving it? I’m Pretty Sure there are lots of smart People Out there in the world, who know a Solution you may Not have thought of. I think that would satisfy many upset players, honestly, aren’t you tired aswell of “Where’s my PS3 DLC?” And “I’ll Never Buy Beths’ Games again” Comments under your posts? Maybe make a New Post about what exactly is the Problem, and what your Ideas to solve it are. . Hope this was somehow constructive and helpfull 🙂

  33. Returning to the actual point of this article, this looks amazing. It looks like a lot better story – more interesting and compelling – than the original Skyrim main questline, which kind of left me flat.

  34. Listen people I have said it until I am blue in the face. Bethesda has never released all of their content to Sony consoles!!! Not with oblivion!! Their first game outside of the PC was Xbox exclusive!!! Get it through your heads, They do not care about anyone who uses a PlayStation!!!! We might get one DLC. But lets look at Hearthfire. It was obviously released to be an Xbox exclusive. If you look at the DLC the was released for oblivion and you follow the trends then you can clearly see that hearthfire is a lot like the orrey from oblivion. That is why it did not count towards the exclusivity agreement between the two companies. PlayStation users were never meant to have it. Secondly we WERE supposed to get DG, but because they have less experience in porting games to our system they managed to muck it up. Just like they did the game itself. So we ARE meant to get this one but because of the problems we probably never will.

    • Fighter’s Stronghold,Horse Armor Pack,Mehrunes’Razor,Orrery,

      Spell Tomes,Thieves Den,Vile Lair,Wizard’s Tower.

      Not one of these ever saw the PS3.
      Do the care?? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  35. Hey Beth,

    Don’t you worry about your public relation when always you post something about skyrim an angry mob of ps3 users comes and posts hundreds of comments about what you do to them?
    How you show them your disrespect and say absolutely nothing about your work for the ps3?

    I wouldn’t wish this kind of PR to any company…

  36. Well it’s THE DLC I was waiting for , hopefully there will be many Dunmer ( and especially Telvanni ) side quests as I’m not playing the Dovahkiin role.
    Spears are amazing , truly great things are coming , I’ll make a player home on the island never to return to Skyrim 😀

    But please , this S***box bootlicking is getting lame.

    • It’s not bootlicking if Bethesda is getting paid big bucks, or at least some sort of royalty, to do it. Successful business model.

  37. Still no news on the new deal you made with Microsoft and more exclusive DLC? Because all the sources I read said the first two, and the first two certainly were exclusive to 360 for the first 30-days. The logical and civil conclusion (no need to delete this post) is that Bethesda renewed the deal with MS, and will presumably offering all DLCs to 360 users 30 days before any other platform.

  38. Gstaff, perhaps even a small bit of information you could share would calm my nerves. I know I am not the only person asking for this. Perhaps a PS3 exclusive dlc that has he weapons we’ve been missing out on? I think that this would at least re assure the PS3 owners.

    • Nice thought, but Tweet Hines already nixed it. He tweeted sometime back that it would be all or nothing in terms of PS3 DLC and that Bethesda would not consider giving out some content and not all.

      I remember it specifically because the response was given in his normal warm and soothing way of replying to PS3 customers…

  39. @rupinder, It would certainly calm my nerves. It would help PS3 users stop being so mad at Bethesda. They would feel good about having smoothing Xbox and PC users don’t have. I’m a PS3 user, and I approve this message

  40. I have both systems(prefer ps3) nd I honestly can’t believe this. Not that the dlc isn’t out because that is understandable what bothers me is the lack of communication from Bethesda to their ps3 fan base. I hope your taking notes here Bethesda you will lose business over this …already losing my support I used to buy your games on both systems but never again…going back to being an Xbox PC exclusive company might be something for you all to think about