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  1. I am so tired of taking all of this shit from Bethesda. If you can’t deliver the dlc then just admit it. We’re tired of you ignoring us. If you think you can do it, say it. If you can’t, admit it! We’re tired of you pretending we don’t exist.

  2. I tell you what ps3 user want to hear, as an example:

    From Gstaff, Hi all ps3 users, progress update with the DLC, so far performance has not improve as one section of the map functions while the other side destabilizes and once that side becomes stable its back to square one. The overall RAM size of the console makes it difficult without the system lagging or freezing after 1 hour game play hence forth were expecting to perhaps release it this christmas or mid January, if no update from there expect the worst.

    Something along those lines might be the best answer you have given us since the past 4-5 months.

  3. Gstaff do you honestly just want us to hate your company? Do you really care so little that you won’t say anything at all? There are literally hundreds of posts in this thread alone asking for a response and you have ignored every single one. At this point, it’s honestly pathetic the way you have treated us. Keep on pegging those nails into that coffin. It just reminds me of why I will never buy another Bethesda Game Studio game ever again.

  4. So.. I’m sure gstaff is reading all of these responses, too…
    The only one question is: why doesn’t he give a statement to this angry mob of ps3 players?!

    • Likely because he’s been told not to. At least that’s my best guess. He’s the community manager and as such is only allowed to say what he’s told he can. When Zenimax tells BGS they can give more info, I am sure they will.

          • So you guys will, one day, bring us PS3 players all those UPDATES and DLCs? please say YES!
            i really like you guys didnt just made a game and just that, ddnt update or did nothing. We, PS3 users, just wanst some answers, like “we are working to bring the DLCs for you” or ” we are almost there” or something.
            Thanks and congratulations for the DLCs, and we still want them.

          • please let everybody level up past 81.and please sort out the lag.its all but gone in houses and caves and tombs but when you come to fight dragons bandits and animals the lag back with nightmare slowdown. ive had elks float off in to the sky.and what about more carrying everybody can go around and pick all stuff there had drop as there gone around the houses are stuffed to the raffters.and also i hope we are getting new npcs as there hardley and left in the game and change the dialouge as it getting very boring.and get rid of dark brotherhood its now very dull but love the new shadowmere.many thanks i could happily play the game for another year

          • Hi gstaff,

            can you tell us if PC-gamers have to wait a month (or maybe longer – or even shorter) for Dragonborn? Will it also be 30-days-timed-exclusive for xbox360? How many dlcs are affected by this damned Beth – Microsoft deal? All articles I read state, that the first 2 dlcs would be timed exclusive. Well, Dragonborn is in fact the third.

            I love The Elder Scrolls – I played nearly every Elder Scrolls game on PC since Daggerfall. It’s the most epic game series ever. I thank you for The Elder Scrolls from the bottom of my heart. But I’m sick of waiting a whole month for every DLC, because Microsoft tries to sell more outdated xbox360 consoles. Many thanks in advance for answering my questions.

          • Please elaborate on “bringing full add-on content.” Will PS3 get Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn or just one or the other? Sending a statement like “We are close…” can mean next month or next year, so could Bethesda give us Skyrim fans a full report of what is going on and timeline of when the DLC will be out?

          • on the back of my skyrim box it say’s dlc’s but one year after i bought it nothing,this is a clear breach of an open contract you have deceived many people into buying this game i believe legal action should be started and compensation sought.

          • what i really want to know is what kindof content is going to be in the dragonborn DLC i watch a trailer and i see some stuff that looks like we will be able to go to morrowind but thats just conjecture and i have no intention of buying another DLC for skyrim and getting dissappointed with the lack of content. Please give us a few tid bits of information on whats going to be in the new Dragonborn DLC.

      • A new content ?

        I used to play all the TES games on pc ..
        Buyed skyrim on PS3 spended more then 200 hours on multipel characters …
        Enjoyed to play it on a console !!

        Tell me plz ?
        Do we get a “new” dlc for ps3 or do we get the same DLC’s as for XBOX / PC??
        If not i buy them for my PC and start all over but i just cant wait so long and buy the game on PC and get the dlc’s on ps3 later …

        I better can use the hard earned cash for the DLC’s then buying them on multipLe platforms ..

        Btw a character select screen would make life so much easier ! Then searching between multiple save games…

        I hope you guys take time to inform me …

      • Thank you for finally responding. Wish it wouldn’t have had to take over 400 comments to get your attention but still, thank you. We really do appreciate it.

  5. Awesome trailer. This looks great.

    So … exactly how buggy is this going to be though? You bothering with proper play testing this time or not?

  6. Hello, I’m going to be the one person to actually comment on the DLC. This DLC looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get it. Even though it’s the same price as Dawnguard, I’m hopeful that it will be much larger.

    @gstaff: Do you know which patch will be required to play the DLC?

  7. Hearthfire didn’t count as a “meaty” DLC or an expansion for Xbox. I’m a PS3 player, definitely knew that hearthfire wasn’t going to slide by microsoft.

    also……sadness for the

  8. finally watched the trailer…ok that actually looks pretty sick. mad morrowind shit in there !! telvanni structures, aldruhn-style houses, bull netch! !!!!

    usually a hater but im excited

  9. I don’t get it, ps3 dlc should be priority at this point. I don’t want them to stop on dlc’s altogether, but a thirddlc for other platforms is just a slap in the face. This dlc looks awesome though!

  10. I want to thank you especially for relating the DLC to Morrowind. As a long-time Morrowind fan, I’m very happy 🙂

    Also, thanks for being the best game developer Bethesda! Your “games” (I would rather call them worlds) are the most memorable of all.

  11. Still waiting Gstaff. Do you think that by ignoring us that we will just go away? If so, you are going to be terribly disappointed.

  12. All I want to know is why hasn’t Bethesda said anything about PS3 when their is a line of code concerning “PS3”? How can a company push out DLCs left and right when their are existing problems with the current DLC, especially not being released on PS3. I really do love Skyrim and have put in over 400+ hours into the game, but I feel that me as well as other PS3 users are being jaded. The last thing I heard from Bethesda is that them stating that it was their fault, which that was in July. Why have they not come out and explained or give use PS3 users any news of where they are out. Sure, they can give news of a new DLC, but what about Dawnguard and Hearthfire for PS3? I am to the point that if and when the DLC comes out, I will most likely not get it simply because of how ALL gamers, including myself have been treated. Bethesda needs to understand something about Business Ethics as well as Consumer Bill of Rights.

  13. Personally I wouldn’t mind losing you as a customer. You’re acting childish and immature. Besides, you bought their game already, did you not? So how can you complain about their programming skills when you already went and bought their merchandise. And you wonder why Bethesda doesn’t respond to your idiotic comment why?

  14. Please say something for us PS3 players. 415 comments and we got nothing from you BETHESDA.
    say something please! SKYRIM is the best game i ever playerd and this make me angry and sad at the same point.
    please, anything is good for us. Its look like you guys dont care for us,ps3 players.
    thanks and cya

  15. Well as a PC player I don’t mind waiting for the “exclusive” period to end, I gladly purchase and enjoy the content afterwards, it’s just frustrating to go out of my way to avoid the usual websites, magazines, youtube channels, livestreams etc. that I frequently enjoy in order to avoid spoiling the content. Any fan of anything does not want to have their experience spoiled early instead of enjoying it in the moment, and let’s be honest, in today’s gaming society there are people who enjoy going out of their way just to spoil games, plots or stories and the gaming network and social media networks make it as easy as pressing a few keys.

  16. Do you plan on releasing this for PC same time as Xbox? I believe the exclusivity agreement ended with Hearthfire, but please correct me if I am wrong.

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  18. @gstaff

    When you talk about new content for pc and ps3, do you talk about ps3 dlc’s we’re waiting for so long?
    And if you do that, is there any release date?
    Maybe next week or next month?
    Or is this just a new answer like ” we’re working on it”?

  19. I really must know, i have a Mod to Save Paarthurnax, but will we Save him in the DLC so Delphine can stop Ordering the Dragonborn around.

    Must we still Murder Paarthurnax, or do i still need to use the Mod

  20. Hopefully this is the end oc our wait, but really I got a feeling that this content mite only be dragonborn because beth seems to get dlc to work if it takes you to a whole new area(see fallout 3dlc). I would like to see all three, but whatever something is better than nothing. Oh & get over this now, I doubt we will see a special reduced price on any dlc we get.

  21. You don’t share that details yet?
    So when do you think you can do that?

    Perhaps you know that we’re waiting over months now..

    Don’t you think now could be the best chance to explain what you’re planning for the ps3?

    I don’t understand you

  22. GSTAFF – Could you confirm whether Dragonborn is a timed release for xbox only at first, like the first two DLC’s were? Or is it just a case that you’re doing your best to get Dragonborn ready for PC as well?

    • Can you give us a time frame when you will release this update of yours, will it be in a weeks time, a months time, a year time or even a century time ??

      • ok you all need to have patience when it comes to updates. You people may not realize this but in order for an update to be put on the PS3 SONY has to approve the Update before it can officially be released on the PS3. That means stop giving Bethesda crap about not getting a PS3 update out when it may in fact already be out and they are just waiting on approval from SONY. -_-

  23. Would be nice if you guys had competent developers that were able to get things working on all current gen systems. Exclusivity is one thing, being a PS3 owner, but I just can’t find a good reason to give my hard earned money to a developer like Bethesda.

    Gearbox, Platinum Games, Rockstar San Diego, however… they’re a different story.

  24. I love skyrim but stopped playing it until more of the bugs/glitches gets sorted out. My question is are you doing anything about this at the moment?

    Because I don’t think you should even be thinking about putting out dlc’s for this game while these bugs are still here, that’s why I haven’t bought dawnguard and hearthfire yet.

    I mean, I can live with small bugs like the sound disappearing for a few seconds, but do you even know about all the bugs? Like the perk ”tower of strenght” in heavy armor does absolutely nothing so it’s just a waste of 1 perk point, so you should either remove the perk so you jump straigh to the next one or make it work like it’s supposed to.

    There’s also a bug in the quest ”in my time of need” that happend in my save and I quote from ”If you kill the Alik’r warriors in the Swindler’s Den, two Alik’r warriors will sometimes end up constantly appearing in Whiterun by the entrance, and encounters where Alik’r warriors harass a Redguard woman may still occur”

    There’s also misc ojectives in my save like ”Return to Esbern” and ”Visit the College of Winterhold” that can never be completed and so it stays stuck there for the rest of the game. I could go on, but my point is it ruins the experience of an otherwise fantastic game so are you working on it? Until it’s fixed i can’t enjoy the game like i should.

  25. So by Saying that you’ll announce specifics on the ps3/pc Content soon, you somehow confirm there will be Content? Please correct if I Misunderstood something 🙂
    And GStaff, I do really appreciate your step onto the Community and saying something other Than we’re working in it 🙂

      • That’s awesome to hear! And may you give us something like a teaser picture as you always do? Something to speculate about? That would be really nice!

        (I also wanted to know whether the problem with Adding content to ps3 has finally been successfully solved, and if we could expect more content because of that, I could understand if you don’t want to answer that specific question, but response would be cool 🙂

  26. Veteran morrowind players should be able to recognize the corprus beasts, ascended sleepers and ash ghouls that were in the trailer. If my knowledge of lore is correct, and it usually is, didn’t the nerevarine manage to completely eradicate all blight diseases? And how would such creatures get to solstheim? There never were any sixth house bases there, so I’m expecting some imaginative explanations in the dlc.

      • i remember the ash mosters but i dont remember any of them having any eyes only faces that look like they were bashed in with a club but maybe they draugrs of solsteim were prepared differently than the ones in skyrim since solsteim was settle much later than skyrim if my knowledge is correct which is about 50/50 at best.

  27. It sounds like that the Dragonborn DLC will be released for every Skyrim platform, even on the same time period, which sounds great. But one thing interferes me; why lacking the information for PC players? I understand if Bethsoft has some trouble with the PS3 edition and that falls it silent, but the PC info lacking is stupid.

    I thought that the Xbox360 exclusive is over, why still don’t telling the release date?

    Turning to the PS3 issue, I think that Bethsoft should have all the DLCs published for low price, at least half of the original price. That would be reasonable for PS3 players for their patience…


  28. They’re obviously not releasing any new, specific information yet because they don’t know exactly when it will be. If they would release a specific date, and the suddenly something comes up and it takes longer, then all hell would break lose amongst the fanboys.

    It’s not very hard to understand…

  29. I just hope Bethesda don’t keep that deal with Microsoft any longer. It’s hard for a TES addicted to wait about a month for their DLCs! 😀

  30. Hello, nice new dlc you ve got there but what are you doing for the previous ones? I am a Steam user and i am experiencing trouble in Dawnguard and Heartfire, for example annoying frequently dragon spawning (literally every 2-3 fast travels I get a dragon event). During Dawnguard questline I ended killing more dragons than vampires. If the main attraction of the game, the top boss creature, becomes a more common encounter than a bear/wolf/bandit etc and doesnt let me enjoy other aspects of the game as housebuilding (Heartfire) or side quests (Dawnguard), whats the point to buy any new DLC? Beside that there some more bugs such as followers getting stacked in caves, I ve got a bunch of Louis Letrushes out of the Whiterun stables (the duplicate each time I pass from there) etc …

  31. Love the Dlc for skyrim on Xbox played them still playing them will continue to play them however im more curious about Dragonborn DLC. right now all we have to go on is a trailer and honestly i have no intention of buying yet another DLC and finding out after purchase that it just gives me the ability to create more armor or some lame crap like that. Basically my question to you is will we be able to ride dragons and be able to go to morrowwind and freely explore morrowind like we can skyrim or will it just be quest based areas that we will be allowed to go also there is a rumor of being able to allow other players into your game and play online group quests. Would be nice to have a bit more to go on than a trailer. As for everyone complaining about not getting a response as to whether or not PS3 is going to get some of the DLc or not you should just expect not to have the DLC released on the PS3 buy and xbox and skyrim for xbox and play it that way. At least then you know you can play all those lovely DLC your missing. Also remember that SONY has to approve any content for a game before it can be officially released on the PS3. In short more information at least tell us a couple things about the dragonborn dlc or confirm a couple things about it i mean if its going to be realeased in less than a month it would be nice to have some information about the dlc otherwise im buying dlc for finalfantasy 13-2 😛