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  1. i would really like to not have to fight cliff racer every 5 steps those thing were the single most annoying enemy in the entire elder scroll 3 game

    • If you played oblivion and payed attention to people talking to each other, you would know that Jiub (the first person you meet in morrowind) killed all the cliff racers and became a saint.

  2. when is there going to be a in game triler on dragon born i would really like to see what you guys have done to change some of the strong hols like tel vos, molag mar, or gnaar mok?

  3. @gstaff

    are we going to expect more of the well known artifact weapons like chrysamer or deadric crescent blade for example?

    also will the annoying cliff racers be as numerous as in morrowind?

    • Remember, the cliff racers were driven off by that saint(can’t remember the name.) Maybe one as the last cliff racer for a really tough boss? 😉

    • How could I forget? I was young when that game was out and had no idea how to build a good character. that was all that kept me alive.

  4. Anyone else see the Hunger(tenticle faced daedra), the Ascended Sleeper(floating squid head getting hit with the fireball), the scamp(stabbed in the face), corpus stalkers(look like fleshy zombies), and the daedroth breathing fire? So much of both morrowind and solsthiem returning, it will be awesome!

    • unfortunately it is not a scamp, i believe it is a reikling which were from the expansion Bloodmoon. the ones featured riding bristled boars.

  5. Dragonborn should have a reduced price because I’m sorry, Dawnguard was OVERPRICED. Paying 1/3 of full Skyrim game cost? The DLC did not have 1/3 content of Skyrim. Dragonborn looks to be much more substantial than Dawnguard, this again proves that Dawnguard was overpriced.

  6. If your talking to me, was just pointing out things I saw in the trailer, the ascended sleeper floating from right to left as Dovahkiin was lobbing a fireball at it, took me a while to dig it’s name up, thought I recognized it from morrowind.

  7. Amazing ESO dev diary… 50 comments.

    Any post about Skyrim and its DLC… 10 times that many comments.

    I think that should tell you something Bethesda.

  8. I have been mistreated too many times by bethesda and they just keep giving away dlc to xbox users and completely ignoring the ps3 users

  9. You know, people will always comment bethesda in this way, but you will know in your heart, that you will buy the dlc no matter how angry or hurt you or others are. Those angry customers will ALWAYS buy the dlc at the end.

  10. You know what, whatever happened to the sony team helping your team making the DLC for ps3 work, are you telling me in this time frame that even sony does not have a clue on how to work on their own system, are we that backward in development that incompetence is acceptable ????

  11. M’Aiq feels sorry for users of the PS3. M’Aiq does not agree with time because time does not exsist. M’Aiq is tired now, go bother someone else

  12. I hope we get an official apology and some kind of acknowledgement from bethesda that lessons have been painfully learnt this time. Don’t think this company can afford another fiasco like this as reputation is rock bottom now, which is a shame as games are great.
    We have heard all the excuses and promises from fallout 3 and new vegas that things are sorted. Mess up next fallout same way and i think will be game over here sadly.

  13. @ gstaff ok sir,we know that there is some sort of “content” being made and you cant reveal any specifics nor confirm any dates. but, please…can you atleast tell us ps3 users that we wont be disapointed by this content your working on. i would really appreciate it if you reply.thank you for your time.

  14. The way I am seeing it, the DLC for PS3 is like I.O.Us. All we get is a piece of paper that says I.O.U., but do not receive the real thing. I do feel as if the staff is being ran by Lloyd and Harry.

  15. i have no doubt this new content as you call it will be just as buggy as previous fallout dlc packs where and still are on ps3. I would like to ask if you are going to recommended restarting game from beginning after installing new packs for best results? Am asking as that was only way i could get play dlc like mothership zeta as froze everytime at start using any previously saved game.
    Speaking of fallout can you say when we will hear about next one like at E3 show next year for example? Fallout is my favourite game and must ask if it will be delayed because of this dlc fiasco for us ps3 users. Also any plans to bring the whole collection of fallout to psn store as of yet not tried ones before 3.
    Many thanks and hope new packs work well and take some of the anger away, but hope you guys realise whats needed and expected in future games to restore customer satisfaction.

  16. I agree with were suckers 100% on that last post I’ve waited so patiently but its almost as if bethesda is purposely neglecting ps3 fan base at this point they owe us at least something release date wise PC too for that matter…I know they had an agreement with Microsoft but that doesn’t mean they can’t at least communicate!

  17. all beth trailers are the same. they last about two minutes, start off slow with some boring narroration, and then when it gets to the end they throw so much awsome stuff in that you just stare at your computer wanting more!

  18. Nov 7/ 2012: “we’re close to a ps3 update”

    Jan 7/2013: “we’re closer to a ps3 update”

    Mar 7/2013: “we’re very close to a ps3 update”

    May 7/2013: “we’re very very close to a ps3 update”

    Jul 7/2013: “ok… we were kidding you….”

    Every two months some good news 😀

  19. @gstaff, Iv been wondering what exactly was the insperation for hearthfire, i love the dlc i only wish you could demolish a house if you dont like the end result and maybe a few other locations to build. What Id really like to know though is was this dlc so small because you were too buissy working on the ps3 issues or was it just something you thought would be cool to add.

  20. i got a theory, and correct me if i’m wrong,

    but the reason ps3 hasnt got dlcs yet is because bethesda is work hard to get all the xbox timed dlcs out, then putting full support on the ps3 issue.

    if thats what you guys have been saying then thats that, just think of this as a summery.

  21. XBOX 360 exclusivity is real unjustice. Us PC users made you what you are today. So having Dragonborn on PC at the same time as on the XBOX would be nice.

  22. This 30 day xbox exclusive is bullshit. I paid just as much for my PC copy as xbox users paid for theirs. If this is not released for PC on the same day I will not be purchasing it at all, and may pass on ES Online as well.

  23. Looks like that Skyrim: Dragonborn is the next prostitute in the “the elder scrolls” series since Oblivion. After the xbox-gamers had fun with it, we (PC- and PS3-gamers) are allowed to play. BUT 1: i hate to wait and 2: I dont want to be next, i want to be first!!!

    You can delete this comment but you cant delete the truth: you have sold your honor to Microsoft.


  24. You can modify spells in the creation kit and there’s a Midas Magic mod that has some handy spells for the budding magus not to mention Invested Magic which makes Skyrim actually playable and fun as a mage.