ESO Dev Diary featuring gameplay!

The team from ZeniMax Online Studios discusses how they are bringing the rich history of The Elder Scrolls series online in the newly released documentary-style video for The Elder Scrolls Online. Check out the first-ever released gameplay footage as the team talks about their vision for the game – from the basics to how they are developing one of the most socially-connected MMOs ever created.

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Reader Comments

  1. Everything looked great until they showed the combat. all characters were just basically standing still and exchanging hits, where was the movement? And why every attack needs to have some kind of flashy effect to it? Especially the battle in Cyrodiil was like watching a fireworks show.

  2. Any doubt I had in the past is gone now…

    This game is going to be GREAT!!!

    And only nerds and no-lifers will dare to say otherwise…

      • No.

        This is 2012, everyone and their momma use the internet for all sorts of thing.

        But only nerds and no-lifers complain about menial things like lore and sh** when there is a good game in front of their eyes… That’s what i meant, didn’t meant to offend you.

        • good game or not,… you basically said you want something brainless and uninteresting, just because it plays well? If thats not what you mean, then yes, lore is important… otherwise I don’t understand what your saying.

          I do agree with you, the game looks great. It’s your logic thats lacking.

  3. When this game comes out… assuming I can afford it… I guess I’ll be bidding farewell to what little social life I’ve managed to achieve. =P

  4. Looks better than I thought it was going to be. I would love to see this as the first MMO to use the Oculus Rift technology that Doom 3 BFG used. I’ve not heard of any other RPG type MMO’s using it.

      • Yeah, they’ve said that it is going to be first person/third person. They’d really be missing out on something cool and different if they didn’t go for it.

  5. This looks fantastic guys! Luckily you have WoW and now Guild Wars 2 to learn from, to not make the same mistakes they made. The only two things that worry me are how horrible the characters look (but I understand they have to be low poly because of the world detail and the fact that it’s an MMO), and I made a sad face when the guy said, “Once you reach level 50, the world really opens up.” This means everyone is just going to be rushing to get to endgame like in WoW and no one will help each other.

    • I agree with this,… same reaction I had…
      Levels need to be treated as only part of the whole, and it’s importance needs to be downplayed,.. both in player power and game content.(not to say a level one should be capable of beating a lvl 50, thats not what I mean at all)

      But the ride, and the means, should be just as important as the end destination.

        • I hope this doesn’t end up being a GW2 clone though. I don’t want to end up having to grind the same 3-hour dungeon 20 times just to get a set of armor. Or have to use real money to buy things that make the game playable like adequate inventory space and bank slots.

  6. What Interests ne Most, is how will sneaking and Stealth be integrated into the Game in a balanced Way, I mean you wouldn’t just Turn invisible will ya? That might be a Little OP… Any Info on that? The Way I Saw Stealth from the vid was just Too visible…

  7. Looks brilliant! Will there be a Linux version available for it? You are not constrained by Gamebryo and there can be a Linux version as you have it ported to OpenGL… so what is your announcement on the issue of native Linux support?

  8. Still not loving the faction system (and hoping they’ll at least be alternatives *after launch* for those of us not interested in PvP), but the rest of the game looks pretty great.

    Hopefully it’ll be an actual open-world RPG (everywhere, not just in Cyrodiil), and not the annoying city-map-map-map-another city exploration system I’ve encountered in (some, not all) other MMOs.

    • thats exactly what it is…. the entire continent will be open to us… granted, at launch, certain areas wont be complete, but they are doing the whole thing.

      I also hope the end game PVP isnt prevailant as a “must do” like raiding is in WoW.
      Which also says, I don’t like raiding either.
      They ‘mention’ end game solo content,.. but they had better realize that solo content in the end game is MEANINGLESS if we are forced into a gear race with everyone else just because the solo content doesnt compare.

  9. Sharing the concern voiced earlier – I hope Zenimax does something to alleviate the ‘rush to 50 lolol’ that inevitably happens in other games.
    Also, wondering when/if there will be a F2P system instituted.

    • F2P is a standard nowadays, it would be a mistake if they go for mandatory suscription… It would make Zenimax look “outdated” (and that can’t be good when releasing brand new MMO)…

      • I highly doubt it’ll be free to play… the developers may be trying to make a great game, but they are also in it for the money… never forget that.
        F2P means they’d have to introduce an item mall or bonus content for paid subscribers vs non-paid, locked content, ect… both options present ingame issues

        Who knows for sure tho? I don’t think they announced that part.

        • IIRC they said it’d be subscription based but could offer a F2P option after launch. Dunno if the status of that has changed or what.

      • F2P means P2Win. I hope they will go with a B2P hybrid model, where you can buy (and are encouraged to) get a subscription with the (sadly) nowadays necessary cash shop limited to cosmetic etc stuff you can get with the subscription also and regular paid expansions.

        • Yes and no. LOTRO is certainly P2Win, or at least P2GoFasterWayWayWAYFASTER. But World of Tanks has a nice balance – granted, that’s an mmo tank game, but it’s pretty decent as far as leveling goes and whatnot.

  10. My goodness! This looks to do for MMO’s what THE ELDER SCROLLS has done for single player rpgs. Everything is so spot on right its miraculous. Talk about stepping into a dream and living it.

    Thanks for the exciting beyond words gameplay and interview.

  11. Looks fantastic, I’m very excited. As with most people, I was skeptical at first, but the more I’ve heard the better it sounds. The only problem I have with this trailer is that I didn’t see an archer, or maybe I just missed one. Will there be an archer or assassin class in the game?

  12. I saw the cartoon stylization and the ridiculous sized horned helm at the very start and made it no further. It looks nothing like an Elder Scrolls game, just a generic MMO shoehorned into the Elder Scrolls setting.

    I assume the gameplay is also nothing like Elder Scrolls, it is near guaranteed to be like WoW. Even if I am wrong, it still does not fix the first point.

    I will most definitely be avoiding, but good luck to all those that find it their dream game. I personally will be sticking with 100% authentic Bethesda Game Studios computer games instead.

  13. wish this game was a Single player ,First person ,with co op play set on a scale the size of all Tamerail .Such a stupid idea to introduce mmo in the Elder Scrolls universe .Such wasted time working on something that could had made millions of $$$$$$$$$$ for Zenaimax but once again you have no idea of your true blue fanbase .hope someone will like this i sure wont .hardcore Elderscrolls fan

  14. I still have my doubts that an Elder Scrolls MMO is a good idea. These are the biggest issues I have that the video didn’t adress:

    1. No multiplayer experience:

    There has never been even a multiplayer mode for a TES game. Hence, they have absolutely no experience how the TES mechanics would work in a multiplayer setting. This leads me to the next few points.

    2. Combat:

    The combat in the TES series has not really evolved since at least Morrowind and to be honest, it is not the most exciting RPG combat mechanic there is. But it works well with the first person view and with the single-player experience, because it is more realistic compared to most other RPGs and fits the realistic world. I have my doubts that it will work well in multiplayer, especially on a massive scale. I fear that especially wizards will be overpowered (because of AoEs, good supportive skills and ranged combat), compared to archers and close combatants (they both dont really have any special skills worth mentioning). I am also wondering how sneak will work in a multiplayer setting.

    3. Classes/Races

    I love the openess of the class system of TES. To create any combination you want is great and gives you the power to create exactly the kind of character you want. This deepens the immersion into game and the connection you build with your character. That there are some overpowered skills doesn’t really matter in a singleplayer game. But to balance something like this in an MMO, especially since they decided to implement PvP as well, will be a really tough challenge. As I see it now, there will be one or several überclasses that will be just so much more powerfull, that “play the character however you want” will not be an option for most players (I’d say it will be something like a sneaky summoner in heavy armor).

    4. The “Elder Scrolls” feeling

    In my opinion, the thing that makes the TES games so awesome is the atmosphere, the realistic game world and thus the depth of immersion they have. I am not sure if they will be able to recreate that in a MMO. The story lines will be different, shorter and will have less impact on the world. Also, this time, you will not be the one hero to save the world.
    Furthermore, There will be players running around everywhere, not behaving like normal people in that kind of game would (e.g. running around naked, etc.). I think it will really damage the atmosphere if there are people fighting mobs everywhere and if the working village NPCs are in the minority.
    It also looks like that the graphics have a different style than the other TES games but I guess we have to wait for more to really judge it.

    I really hope all my doubts will be cleared up and this will be an awesome MMO but I just can’t see it. I’d rather have them add co-op or normal multiplayer to the Elder Scroll games and let me chose if I want to play with my friends instead of creating an MMO of this scale.

    • Just saying, the combat has changed a lot since Morrowind. In Morrowind, you just attacked, whereas now, you can block on your own, shield bash, power attack, dual wield, hit with bow, etc.

  15. To whoever it may regard, I am a patroller from TESWiki, so far from what I see, it looks very good, this game has gone up from only concept art/rendered footage, to what can be identified as a functioning physics and combat system, a good aesthetic environment, interesting pvp methods and pve, as well as other various things of interest. I was also going to make a suggestion for you, assuming you see this, I was wondering if your team would be willing to host a Q/A where our wiki staff could get people to ask questions about TESO (and possibly some on other TES topics). If you are interested in this then feel free to contact the staff on our IRC, but if not then disregard the suggestion. On another note, I am highly impressed by what is being shown in this, and I would like to state that most, if not all of the TES staff have already set up to attempt to conquer cyrodiil for the ebonhart…

  16. No offense, but this game is going to bomb. All the warning signs are there: rush to level 50, instanced PvP, “press mouse1 to attack, mouse2 to block” (boy will that make for exciting PvP…), WoW-style phasing, cartoony player models, etc.. There was no mention of any innovation whatsoever.

      • and the game isn’t out yet too, no1 but the ppl who make it knows when it will come out, for now, they could make the game better by the time it comes out.

  17. I wouldn’t mind if Elder Scrolls 6 had graphics that looked like this (and thus were criticized by the vapid Game Informer type of journalists) if it meant you could participate in gigantic battles of this type.

  18. Whether or not I end up playing it, I do appreciate that y’all used a different team on this than does the single player Elder Scrolls series. One of the biggest casualties of WoW was the loss of the RTS Warcraft.

  19. This game take place everywhere, right?

    So I see how places are designed based from past games (Morrowind, Skyrim). But how is this game going to effect future single player elder scrolls?

    I’ve always wanted to do the traditional rpg in Hammerfell and Elswyr, will this mmo ruin the mystery that only the single player games can have?
    Will this game dictate how future locations will be like?

  20. Any word on the economy…sounds sad (and it is). But running around mines, forging and selling weapons is one of the fun aspects of Skyrim. Would be nice if you could just be a war profiteer in this world

  21. Wait wait wait.. 9 races? a race is missing then? oblivion and skyrim had 10 races.. and isnt there dwenmers at this time? or they allready disappeared?