Dishonored Killer Moves Trailer — Feat. Your Best Clips

Above you can enjoy the result of the Killer Moves contest — a trailer featuring our favorite picks of the gameplay clips you sent us.

We can also announce that Francesco Certo is the big winner of the contest. Congrats Francesco!

You’ll notice that the trailer is scored with the winner’s track from the Drunken Whaler remix contest. Check out our Q&A with Chilton (Eddy Charlton) below:

Did any particular artists inspire your remix?

I heard ‘Alice’ by Pogo about 3 years ago and was blown away by the sounds he made just by chopping up samples. That was the song that made me start producing, and I’ve been chopping up vocals ever since.

What did you use to create the remix?

I use Reason and Recycle. I taught myself how to use the software over the past few years with no musical background, it’s a good balance between my geeky side and my creative side.

What part of the track is your favorite?

As soon as I added the pitch bend to the section that starts at 0:27 I knew I had a tune worth finishing. It’s probably such a minor effect to anyone listening, but with every song I make it’s a case of working away until I get that one bar that I’m really happy with, and the whole song builds from there.

Did you have a chance to play Dishonored before submitting?

I wish! I’ve thoroughly rinsed it in the past few weeks though.

Where can fans hear more of your music?

I have a SoundCloud account which you can find here: I also made an alternate mix of my Dishonored remix with some Rashad & Confidence hip hop vocals, check it out!

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