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  1. So it’s official, Dragonborn will be released as a timed exclusive for Xbox even though only the first two pieces of DLC was meant to. Care to explain this, Bethesda?


  2. I hate to be ‘that guy’ but Gstaff you had mentioned that PS3 dlc info was coming soon and then disappeared off the face of the earth. If it’s not soon then maybe you should just say that. Communication is not that hard.

  3. Maybe we’ll get some news on DG & HF for the PS3 when Dragonborn launches on the 360 on December 4th. A confirmed/definite release date for this year. Hopefully.

  4. This will be the first “real” expansion pack! Can’t wait!

    Thanks Bethesda for taking so much inspiration from Morrowind, you know we’ve all been waiting for it for so long ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Um… That isn’t Red Mountain, is it? Why is it so close? Why does it take up almost the entirety of Vvardenfell? And why does this hurt me so much!?

    • I personally think it’s a volcano on Solstheim…
      It looks too close to be Vvardenfell.

      But I honestly hope it’s red mountain. It would be SO awesome to visit it again, even though just a small part of it.

      • Red Mountain is visible from Skyrim…

        So it’s possible it’s also visible from Solstheim, being the island closer to Vvanderfell…

        But it could also be another volcano, considering Vvanderfell suffered a disaster, maybe other volcanos appeared around the region because of it.

        But, who knows =P

    • They will seriously drag their heels releasing a GOTY with all of the DLC.

      They would get ridiculously flamed by the media for releasing it for two consoles.

      In fact, if they don’t want to do that, we may never see a GOTY.

    • Give Only To Yanks ๐Ÿ™‚ bet microsoft loving all this. Just as well we don’t have packs yet with our new psn store being as useful and reliable as a chocolate fire guard.

  6. Here we are again. Bethesda releasing information on a game that appears to be Xbox exclusive and not providing us PS3 users and PC if the DLC is coming to the other consoles or not. They say “we are close…” which I asked Bethesda to elaborate on what they meant by “we are close…” and they cannot give us fans a percentage or even a simple answer. Bethesda…you have customers that are waiting to hear a response of the DLC on PS3 and you continue to ignore us. You do give us two sentences (short) that still leaves us guessing. Your response to the consumer should be those as to shed light and uphold consumer confidence that your product will be released with some sort of time line, not just “close”. I will use my manners and say “please”, provide us with some real detailed information on the release of the DLC on PS3 and “please”, do not use “we are close”. If you want to gain the confidence of those who have left, offer an apology for not being so clear and quit ignoring them when they are asking if it is coming out on PS3 or not. If you want to keep the fans that you still have that have been faithful, provide us with the information that we want to hear, not just “we are close.”

    Please and Thank you.

    • Hey Sean,

      Realize you want to hear more information. We’ll announce the information as soon as we’re ready to… but for now there’s nothing to update beyond the words you don’t want to hear.

      • Whether it was Sony, Microsolf, Bethesda, Todd Howard, Pete Hines, gstaff, or who ever advised that PS3 updates should be kept quiet at all cost was a real dumbass.

        Bad for costumers, worse for your company.

      • Is this DLC a subject to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft? Or will the setback take less than 30 days? Or you are legally forced to neither confirm nor deny any speculation regarding this issue?


        • I wonder if they really even have any issues with the ps3 version. Maybe it was just part of the deal with Microsoft not to release any info about ps3 version until all the DLC stuff was already released for Xbox.

          • Well speculated Macgyver, at this rate its more than likely, and to further add the icing to your hypothesis, if they release all the DLC simultaneously for ps3 in the GOTY edition

      • Wow, you are so completely full of shit. How does Pete Hines’ cock taste? Must taste real good if you stay in your job. He also must like your work down there too, you still have a job.

        Why don’t you fucking man up and tell us the truth. The truth being you are a useless POS that does not know how to appease a crowd.

        Now go get us some real answers you little bitch…

      • “Weโ€™ll announce the information as soon as weโ€™re ready to”

        As soon as we’re ready to? Unless Bethesda is still working out how to program for that mysterious PS3 thing, what could that possibly mean?

        When 90% of Bethesda’s PS3 customers become former customers, will that be the right time? When the sales of the next title seem a few hundred million dollars less than previous years will Bethesda be ready then?

        When Bethesda spends more time in a courtroom than in the office, will that be the right time?

        Again, I know you’re just the messenger gstaff, but please let the “higher ups” know that their PS3 users are becoming former customers very quickly. Not to mention, other countries are starting to think about making policies due to the actions of Bethesda. The US may follow suit, in which case the company you work for will be pretty boned.

    • by the look of things mate, i believe january 4th the latest for dragonborn since in the patch it already had some files associated with DLC content for ps3 and also now it would seem that xbox has got another exclusive 30 days deal =(

      • so was halo. MS decided to show pc gamers the finger. Both fingers, actually. let’s hope Bethesda doesn’t do that. I don’t think they will. but who knows – stranger things have happened.

        • Not at all…

          The first Halo was initially intended to be released for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms, until Microsoft’s purchase of Bungie in 2000 led to the game becoming an Xbox launch title and platform exclusive. So it born on Xbox (the game and the series, not the idea).

          The first Elder Scrolls was a DOS PC exclusive. That’s why the series born on PC.

      • so was halo. MS decided to show pc gamers the finger. Both fingers, actually. let’s hope Bethesda doesn’t do that. I don’t think they will. but who knows – stranger things have happened.

  7. Bethesda should just say, something and end this, I mean do someone even belives at that moment in possiblity for good news? It will be either broken DLC or preferable message that there will be no DLC at all on PS3 , this thing goes for to long already

  8. DRAGONBORN’s new creatures are pretty creepy looking. Really captures that sense of the alien MORROWIND has. The shot with the dragon skeleton is eerie to say the least.

    Armors are also cool especially the very warm looking fur coats and hats. Havent seen such comfortable attire since the days of multi cloak wearing DAGGERFALL ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the screenshots ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I don’t think Dragonborn is a timed exclusive. Looking back at previous Bethblog posts,

    it says quite clearly first two. And unless I really can’t count, Xbox have had their exclusivity. Of course Microsoft might of turned round and said “hell no! Hearthfire doesn’t count! It’s too small.” We might need to wait PATIENTLY for Bethesda to explain the release date only for Xbox.

    To Bethesda, thank you for making a great game even better with the DLC. Keep up the good work and hope the PS3 guys get the first two DLC soon.

    • Skyrim and its content are developed on the 360, so it’s reasonable to suspect that a release date for a port (PC or PS3) can’t be announced until development on the main platform is complete. I have no idea why gstaff can’t simply state that this is the issue. If Dragonborn is indeed the third DLC to be an XBox 360 exclusive, revealing this would likely elicit a lot of negative reactions, so I can understand why they wouldn’t confirm this. Still, this wasn’t supposed to be the case and Bethesda knows this. Bethesda has a record of keeping quiet when they can’t live up to their promises (anyone remember “end of January?”). But again, this is a ROTTEN way to deal with your fans.

      And 30-day exclusives for 8 year old console hardware is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Keep up the good work, Bethesda and Gstaff!

    • Following the chain of links, this is apparently the actual official press release text: “The first two add-on content drops for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360, 30 days before it’s available anywhere else.”

      If they didn’t want Hearthfire to count, then PC gamers shouldn’t have waited for it. It’s that simple, and I don’t understand why Bethesda is not just giving us clear information. Two “add-on content drops” have passed, with Xbox having exclusivity for both. Now it’s time for DLC to release simultaneously. If Beth aren’t READY for the PC release, they should tell us that, so we can stop being upset about the Microsoft/Xbox thing. But if that’s the case for some reason, they should time it so both release simultaneously. That’s just basic PR and having consideration for how your fans will think and feel when you do something like this.

        • Well, that’s good to know – I must have missed that update in all the hundreds of comments on the other posts ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish it could have just been announced when you announced the DLC though. That could have saved a lot of “why won’t they tell us…”

          The screenshots (and more-so, the trailer) look promising, definitely looking forward to this DLC the most compared to the others.

          • technically they could just mean they’re releasing an update on PC/PS3, and they actually did renew the 30 day DLC deal with MS. It could be anything.

        • You could’ve said so earlier, though it’s nice to hear such a thing anyway.





          I figure it’s not something you would’ve freely said with the Microsoft’s sword of Damocles above you, so I’m taking a shot at a guess that we can expect PC Dragonborn around 11 December.

          As for PS3 Dragonborn, trololool. You can always replay Morrowind in the meanwhile.


          • wonder where examiner got their info. I think they’re just following the logical conclusion that bethesda renewed the 30-day exclusivity for MS – whether that’s true or not, it is the conclusion even I am forced to draw at this point.

          • Probably just a speculation from the writer that assumed it’s subject to 30 day exclusivity. Quality journalism here

            “Skyrim: Dragonborn screenshots introduce new locations and monsters”

            You don’t say that an Expansion pack does such a thing

        • I don’t think you know what that word means. Close means, within the month/week/tomorrow. But you’ve been saying that for almost a month already.

          So that means *gasp* you’re lying. It’s okay, though. We’re used to it by now. But just know, every time you lie, you look worse. And by the end of this debacle, you’ll be lucky if you still have any fans on the PS3.

  10. The new screens are looking awesome! Looking forward to this one. I do dislike the mystery stuff, making us wait for details though. I wish game companies would just tell us honestly where they’re at with games and DLCs, even if the answers are rough guesses.

  11. Whatsup with the ps3 update’s about the dlc’s and patches ?? Its annoying that you guys give so little info about these things

  12. fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you… get the ps3 DLC up first before you put out a new on been what 3 mounths sense heathfire came out

    Dishonor… reputation destroyed ๐Ÿ™

  13. @gstaff

    I don’t know if you’re allowed to say, but is there going to be a bigger variety of new weapons and armor included with this expansion?

  14. Why dont you just release dawnguard + hearthfire for the PS3 while we wait the 30 days for your precious XBOX exclusivity deal to expire. You really are ostrasizing a large part of your fanbase and it doesn’t take a college grad with an MBA to see that. Where did you get your marketing / PR people from a cracker jack box HAHAHAHA. I have yet to buy any products from you nor will I until you finally release the DLC.

  15. Hey, @gstaff– I think whoever is in charge of this sort of thing, should add belts to scabbards & scabbards/some sort of sheathe to many weapons without them. I play on an Xbox 360 & I’m getting sick of seeing my weapons ‘superglued’ to my back & waist… No more floating weapons!!! Pass the word on to someone, anyone who’ll make it happen. Yes, even yourself. It should be part of the next free patch. If it’s not too much to ask– thigh & shin sheathes for daggers, buyable sheathes of varying styles perhaps… X-shaped on the back or back of the waist; upside down diagonal like when the Falmer ‘ready’ their weapon & same for ‘dual-wield’, only with the weapons being drawn on the same diagonal axis but different directions- left hand southwest, right hand northeast & vice versa, etc. You know, just throwing a few cool ideas out there.

      • I know; that’s what sucks about Microsoft and their anti-modding ways (for 360, of course). I used to play everything on pc, but got sick of constantly upgrading it, some things happened and blah blah blah now I play everything on Xbox 360. So, I’m hoping Bethesda will come through on this.

        • you dont have to ‘constanly upgrade” any more than you have to buy a new system so long as you do it right the first time…. poor planning and bad choices are what kill the PC for people.

          But yes,.. Microsoft is a doochbag of a company and I hope they sink for their practices.

          • I know I didn’t have* to- I chose* to & then chose not to, “some things happened and blah blah blah”. There was more to it than just choosing* to upgrade & then not; just as I also choose* to not explain the “blah blah blah” because so much happened. Series of unfortunate events. While it wasn’t the only thing that killed PC for me, even without upgrading, I was still shelling out cash left and right for various reasons (none of which were my own fault). For now, all my defunct tower is being used for is a ‘table’ of sorts for my Xbox… until I decide to rebuild (again), that is.

  16. Please Bethesda, fix the broken quests next. I love Skyrim and have all the add-ons. Best game ever. It just keeps giving and giving.

  17. I’ve come to the conclusion that the new deadric realm we visit is Hermaeus Mora’s realm. If you look at the seeker photo you can see that it has tentacles and those spiral things are made of books. There are books falling in the seeker photo and in the trailer tentacles pull you into a book and hermaeus mora is known for being a mass of tentacles. I think the whole place is his library.

  18. Never in my life have I seen a company that thrives off the support of their fanbase fuck up their PR THIS badly. If you guys can’t share anything besides “HERPA DERPA CANT TELL YA”, what’s the point of even having anyone on PR? Bethesda isn’t going to implode if you give us a few details on DLC that PS3 users have been waiting months for.

    • no but technically someone could get reprimanded, demoted, or lose their job because the big fish don’t want anyone telling anything. don’t vent at gstaff, vent at the XOs

      • I’m not critiquing the staff at all, Bethesda’s PR is just handled so terribly that there’s no point in having any PR at all. I don’t blame Pete or any of the rest of the staff for not giving information, I just don’t see why they need to hire people just to say “hurr hurr cant tell you”

  19. Hey Bethesda, I’m not angry about the dlcs for the other platforms, disappointed ya, but it would be pretty cool if you guys make an add-on for ps3 for skyrim

  20. Gstaff, to start, I adore skyrim, it is among one of my favorite games. but to know that I cannot enjoy it fully compared to other consoles makes me doubt your concern over ps3. To make matters worse, whenever you are asked a direct question regarding ps3 dlc, you deflect and reference back to a previous statement. We are all smart people, we know you are a great company with a fantastic team of developers and to say there are “no updates” is simply impossible because of your aforementioned team. And to come out with a statement explaining you are “close to new content” and not give explanation or backround on such a huge change is frustating for fans such as myself who have been following every update since august. It saddens me above all else, I’m not even mad anymore, only disapointed. So please gstaff, implore you, please respond to this and please do not reference to the past or say that you are “close” or say that there is no update. Give us something new.

    Best regards


  21. All you ps3 users. I’m sick of your complaining if you bothered to pay attention to anything then you would know they have had problems with the ps3 version. I’m not long out of prison and even I know that. They are having software issues and bug problems so deal will it instead of throwing abuse into thin air. Otherwise buy an Xbox. :). But seriously if u think u can solve the issues they are having then go for otherwise shut up!!

  22. Well i personally think is rather unfair to say: We are close and things like that. Just admit or deny if it is xbox 30 days exclusive or not and I will be happy. Thought to be honest I won’t buy it on january if it comes out, there is way to much other more important stuff for me than playing video games (which I can’t say for time during the Christmas). I think that if a company decides to release something after Christmas, well you are digging a financial grave, you will definitely have less profit if releasing it after Christmas then before. Just my opinion, I could be wrong I am not an economic adviser. But I think that ppl want something for Christmas and well you can’t say: I will give you 20โ‚ฌ buy it after holidays —> wut?! what kinda gift is this.

  23. @gstaff – What Skyrim beverage do you have when unwind after a long day of reading the complaints in these threads and refraining from losing it?

    Thanks for providing us with the facts that are available.


          • gstaff: “Oh a ps3 question? Uh well that would be…(looks at watch) Oh would you look at the time! Sorry I gotta go! And I was a so close to at a answering your so important predicament at that. See-ya!”

        • also a drunk effect after a few bottles of mead would be great too. Also people who take a gram of moon sugar or skooma should have a weird trip, like the screen blurs and gets wavy. You can actually have visable side effects if you use Sleeping Tree Sap, it’s an anesthetic that heals for 100 and everything just looks colorful and blurry for about an hour in-game. I’m not looking forward to DLCs as much as the little things through patches and updates to improve the gameplay.

  24. If I were to join the speculation wagon about exclusivity, I would say file size/ actual content plays a roll. The deal may very well layout what is considered toward “dlc” and perhaps MS, through intent or after thought, said hey the deal was for x and you gave us y. Again, conjecture and speculation. Eitherway, people need to stop whining. I know everyone wants to play it, but Bethesda isn’t intentionally trying to shun players. They know who butters the bread and I’m sure are doing what they can with what they have to try to multiple things at once.

    • 1st of all, I have both PS3 and a PC for gaming. But even I have an Xbox, I will still play TES on PC simply because it feels right this way. Being Xbox exclusive is bad even for Bethesda themselves (or at least the TES series) in a long run. PC has a much more advanced graphics technology than any consoles currently in the market that is a no doubt. And with iPad/iPhone continuously owning more and more casual gamers, the market niche for consoles is shrinking. Die-hard games like TES should aim mainly at the PC world. TES is a game with an open world without any limitation (well, kind of), hence it should not limit itself to the limited technology of consoles.

  25. Well Gstaff, yet again the PC and Xbox users have a new patch and we’re sitting here waiting for something that may never come. Are we getting the 1.8 update and if so, when? It’s not that hard to communicate something so simple.

  26. Noooooooooo!!!!……. I already took vacation from work for the 4th to play this for three days uninterupted. Guess I should’ve read more closely that it was only xbox ๐Ÿ™

  27. The only thing that would stop the chatter and bickering on the blog would be if the Internet went down for everyone. Then gstaff could finally sleep. And that twich would probably go away too ๐Ÿ˜€ seriously though gstaff, I commend you for you for your patience and tact.

    • whose patience? gstaff or ours? do you even mildly realise how PS3 players feel right now with the 3rd THIRD DLC coming out?