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  1. You know, I’ve been a fan of The Elder Scrolls well over a decade. I currently have all seven TES games (which means Battlespire and Redguard as well) installed on my computer right now, and play them all regularly. I own physical copies of every single one of them. I also have the TES Travels games on mobile. I’ve bought Morrowind 5 separate times and Oblivion 4 times over the years. I feel like I’ve earned a definitive answer as to why you are taking a huge dump on your PC fanbase, your longest supporting and most loyal fans, by giving the content to the piece of trash xbox first, and not so much as even announcing a date for PC when only the first two DLC packs were supposed to be timed exclusives for the crappy xbox? Now I see that we will finally be able to return to Solstheim after 10 years (or will we? Because I refuse to play on an inferior system) and you aren’t giving any information about the PC release. As far as I’m concerned, TES has ALWAYS been a PC franchise, but now you are turning your backs on us. Turning your backs on those who made it possible for you to be where you are now.

    • I’ll start of saying that i believe it should release for PC Xbox and PS3 same day. But for a fan of 10 years you should know that there would not be TES if not for Xbox. Bethesda and TES were in big trouble before Marrowind closing the doors forever kind of trouble luckily Tod Howard and the dev team pulled out an awesome game and with the TES first swing at the home console. from that day on the vast morality of TES sales came form the Xbox and Xbox 360. If not for the Xbox sales Marrowind would not have been the monumental triumph it was. As a large fan you should think the Xbox for saving your favorite game. the fact is Xbox and Xbox’s TES fans are “who made it possible for you to be where they are now. and as a side note “TES has ALWAYS been a PC franchise” is a childish statement, the game is a fantasy R.P.G. franchise for those who love that game type on the platform of there choosing.

      • Is this truely fact?
        xbox1 was not a popular system. Morrowind was also delayed for xbox, releasing on PC first. And from my understanding, the PC had more sales.

        Thats not to discount the Xbox in helping Morrowind thrive(sales wise anyhow…).
        xbox didnt save TES. But it certainly helped.

      • I agree. TES is an amazing game to be played on any console players like or, In my case, can afford. All three systems should come out on the same day, even If they had to delay the dlc a bit, to avoid problems. In my opinion, PS3 gamers should be much angrier. All this time and the FIRST dlc, Dawnguard, still has not been released for them, and probably never will.

    • I really hate when people are jumping to conclusions. How do you know its a exclusive? maybe they just ran in to a problem with the PC version and don’t want to put a date they can’t deliver.

    • Hey longtimefan; thanks for the laugh. You made my day a bit happier, knowing that there are people who exist in this world that actually can get mad over something like this. You should have a job by now; and a family. There are people to care for, wars going on, people dying; and you’re freaking out over a GAME? Even I’m not that low.

      – Signed, an xbox gamer that is laughing her butt off at you.

      – P.S. Bethesda; you’ve always been my favourite. I have always, always loved The Elder Scrolls. I can’t wait for this new Add-On and a chance to see Morrowind in a more or less ‘revamped’ state. I am also patiently awaiting TES:Online and any future TES additions!

    • Probibly (your worshopfullness) because you GODLIKE pc users have the creation kit which us lowly xbox users can’t get. Honestly I cannot understand this division. We are all TES lovers and everything will come to all of us. I’ve owned Morrowind 8 copies of oblivion, and 2 Skyrim, I understand your ocd on it. But don’t take it out on we xbox or ps3 people (which obviously makes it not just a pc franchise). Remember (If your old enough & I mean this nonsarcasticly), after arcade vidio machine the father of games is the consile. Hence the Atari 2600 and so forth. Patience, we all love TES and should unite under that

    • Hey, longtimefan — grow the hell up. What are you, ten years old? Life’s too short for your type of stupid console-warrior fanboy crap.

  2. honestly, I was hoping for Dragonforming, like a Tu’um that could allow the Dragonborn to transform into a life sized, flying Dovah that can either breath fire or frost with []&O or X&B and fly by double tapping Triangle or Y. A description like, “allow your dragon blood to boil and soul roar. Become one of the dov.” Parthuurnax could teach it to you. But dragon mounts are just as good.

  3. And the Gods raised mighty Talos into the Heavens and made him divine. But before that the Gods made ALL OF MICROSOFT DIVINE FIRST AND THEN TOOK A GIANT, STEAMY, GOD-LIKE DUMP ON EVERYONE ELSE. And so was created the 10th Divine, to be worshiped by the clans of the far-off Bethesda-land, where the only answer to every question is… “Still working on it”. Congrats to @gstaff though. Guys puts up with people like me all the time!!!

  4. I’ve noticed that Bethesda is consistently giving out bs responses to the status of Dawnguard and other Skyrim DLC for PS3. In general we PS3 gamers are asking them the wrong questions on Twitter and their main site. What we need to ask are these questions:

    1. Bethesda… why didn’t you develope Skyrim on Playstation 3 first given how complicated porting can be from Xbox 360 to Playstation 3?

    2. Any viable entity projects a rate of successes and a rate of failures with their business plan. By assuming you adhere to the law and pretest your products for the lawful required amount of time, why weren’t Playstation 3 users given a fair notice or a delayed release of Skyrim to maximize quality and fair usage for current and forthcoming content of Skyrim?

    3. Given the amount of complaints and faulty replicas of your design why hasn’t your company requested a recall of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim? Are you unaware that you can be held liable in the court of law for false advertising, mental anguish, and bad faith business dealings?

    4. Bethesda, Playstation 3 users have proof that:

    a. Skyrim was defective before they purchased it.

    b. The un-obvious defects of Skyrim on Playstation 3 could not have been seen before purchasing.

    c. You did not for-warn or notify them about Skyrim’s defects before the sale or that you actually lied about it.

    d. Playstation 3 users relied on your lies or non-disclosures of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim.

    e. Playstation 3 users have suffered monetary damage due to your negligent misrepresentation of Skyrim on Playstation 3.

    What is your response to that?

    These questions will cut them to the gut if they do not answer truthfully or wish to remain in silence. The famous line “no comment” won’t pass here as it will make them look unethical and unprofessional. Either directly answer the question or yield to cowardice Bethesda.

    Read more:

    • They should just make TES for pc and xbox. it’s obvious that ps3 players lack patience and understanding the difficulty of fixing bugs for a game. Maybe they should never make another elder scrolls game for ps3 ever. That would make everything so much better.

  5. It’s actually just a commercial agreement. Microsoft have been well known for shelling out the big bucks for exclusivity on their platforms (or for unlocking exclusivity on other platforms). It’s dissapointing because unless I’m mistaken, the sales figures have always pointed to the PC as being the dominant platform in the elder scrolls series. I guess the only upside is that by the time the PC version rolls around they will have ironed out the bugs.

  6. I will be buying this on December 4th, or not at all. I’m sick of being ignored, and your insulting silence is the reason I didn’t buy dishonored, the rest of the elder scrolls games, or anything else you have made, even though I had planned to at one point. The fact that I feel more heard posting a random comment here as opposed to emailing you, tweeting at you, or using any other method to contact you should speak volumes.

  7. New to the series; I enjoy Skyrim, but I’m a Ps3 gamer. I feel as though I’m being short changed with a wonky version of this great game with all the bugs this game has on the Ps3. Some of them are so terrible, I just laugh in a hysterical rage. I swear, if I continue to play this game in its current condition, my console will just be an overly expensive paper weight.

    The DLC rant is getting pretty old pretty fast; I’d say take all the time you need. I’m a firm believer in quality over demand and quantity. Unfortu ately, not everyone is as patient as I am.

  8. Hey Gstaff, any New Trailer or New Screen or some New Info for Dragonborn please.

    Please try and Release the DLC with Xbox on December 4th, since Christmas will have Huge Sales on the Game.

  9. I preordered and got the collectors addition for the ps3, at this point I would like to mail box and all to Bethesda for a full refund… what say you Bethesda?