ESO ‘Ask Us Anything’ Answers (Part 1)

Ready to learn more about the Ebonhart Pact? has the first round of ‘Ask Us Anything’ answers. Here’s a sampling:

Obviously the Elves and the Nords have never got along too well – are the nations in the factions entirely happy with the alliance, or are there rogue/rebel groups within, say, Skyrim or Morrowind?– By George Trotter on Facebook

The foundation the Ebonheart Pact was built upon—one of mutual desire for survival—makes for a deeply complex and ever-shifting political atmosphere.  The Argonians, Nords, and Dark Elves have set aside their differences, for now, to unite under one banner against their shared enemies—but to say that everyone is happy or even content with the Alliance would be a far cry from the truth.  A certain level of distrust and resentment roils just beneath the surface for many members of the Pact.

While some are openly accepting or critical of the Alliance, most Pact members you’ll encounter fall somewhere in between, and hold their true feelings about the arrangement close to their chest.  It really depends on each individual character’s perspective and life experiences.  Most you encounter are not willing to bring up their personal feelings to a stranger, but you will meet some who are very open with their praise or disdain for the choices their leaders have made.

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Reader Comments

  1. That’s great! It solves my first issue with the factions – the idea that all members of a race think exactly the same way, and all agree to the alliance. So I’m very glad to hear that’s not the case =)

    Now for the most important part of this issue: Why is MY character forced to agree to the factions? This is a role playing game isn’t it? An MMORPG? Then make this game true to the spirit of TES, and let me join these rebel groups, or say “To hell with the war, I’ll have no part in it,” and just find my own way by adventuring.

    Skyrim didn’t force all the Nords to join the Stormcloaks, and all the Imperials to join the Empire. Legate Rikke was a Nord woman fighting for the Imperials.

    Please, please, don’t screw this one up. Exploration and choice are PARAMOUNT to a good TES game, and both of these aspects are being screwed up here. Your answer above only addresses half of the problem.

  2. To continue with what Darkstorne said, obviously the “race = faction” thing is a part of the game. It’s not a decision myself and many other potential players are particularly thrilled with, so, what I’d like to know is, is there a *possibility* sometime down the road, maybe in a patch, maybe in an expansion, where this part of the game could become optional? (in the past I’ve suggested allowing us to opt-out of PvP, this could be a solution to the balance issues that such a free-for-all could cause).

    The reason I’m asking this, is because obviously Mannimarco and Molag Bal will get defeated at some point, and well, Tiber Septim’s gonna come along shortly and unite Tamriel. I can’t see, for example, the Ebonheart Pact sticking together then without a very good reason.