VGA Nominations: Honoring Dishonored and Dawnguard

Nominations for the 10th Annual SPIKE Video Game Awards were announced today and we’re happy to share that both Dishonored and Dawnguard received nominations. Huge congrats to both Arkane Studios and Bethesda Game Studios for this well-deserved honor.

Here’s the nomination breakdown:


Game of the Year
Best XBOX 360 Game
Best PS3 Game
Best Action Adventure Game
Best Graphics

Arkane Studios

Studio of the Year

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best DLC – Dawnguard

See all the nominees and learn about the advisory panel behind the awards at Then tune in for the VGAs, hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, on Saturday, December 7th at 9 PM ET.

Reader Comments

  1. just my opinion i bet you the best dlc will be dragonborn looks like has way more content then dawnguard, but its live 3 days after it comes out am i right….

  2. Dishonored is one of the best games I’ve ever played, completed it 3 times through in one weekend to get all of the Xbox Live achievements.

    That Arkane is saying that there will be no sequel is understandable from their view that their are too many sequels, but is really disappointing due to the richness of the world they created. Even games of different genres set in the same world would be welcome; I have to imagine that a RTS in which you would be attempting to found a colony on the Pandyssian Continent would be spectacular.

    Whatever they decide in the future, they deserve the Game of the Year award

  3. Yes, a DLC that hasn’t been released for all platforms should be given the opportunity to win Best DLC. Wouldn’t you wait to see how DLC turns out for all platforms BEFORE you choose a nominee.

    • If that were the case, then Skyrim shouldn’t have won any awards last year, because of the PS3 version. These award shows are rigged, plain and simple.

  4. Dawnguard should definitly win this, it’s the best thing i’ve never played on my Playstation 3…. Thanks Bethesda you’re the best! <3 <3

  5. The criteria for judging “Best…” needs a major rethink when it comes to multiplatform games. Serious game breaking bugs should be factored into whether games get nominated for awards. Yeah every game has the odd glitch (nothing in life is perfect) but when something is shot through with so many…

    You see on a box “Y GAME WON Y AWARD” you think ‘oh must be good’ it’s misleading customers.

    All these awards are really just industry patting itself on the back.

    And when induinstry gets full of itself we get the global mess we’re in.

    Not saying the state of the world is Beth’s fault just shows the symptoms of the ailing world we walk upon… i.e. too busy patting itself on the back to notice the little people without whom they wouldn’t exist…

  6. Re you kidding me??? Dishonored was so short, got old in a few hours, and had mediocre graphics at best. It is pathetic that they would nominate this game for any of those awards. Then studio of the year generally goes to whatever game gets GOTY.
    Oh, and finally give Dawnguard best DLC? Seems legit when Bethesda can’t even release it too 1 console.

    All these awards are is one big sham. It never proves which games are “best” simply what ones have the dumbest fans.

  7. One day, maybe Bethesda will learn that it is a bad idea to make a post patting themselves on the back when one third of their customers are angry. Of course, that would mean Bethesda has the capacity to learn something.

  8. I was very happy to vote for these nominations. They deserve all the accolades they get. I had a great time playing my first Dishonored and the second will be even better because I know more now. I’ve been playing Skyrim all year and still have ideas for new characters…the DLC just adds to the fun. I’m looking forward to the Dishonored DLC and I have a good feeling that the PS3 DLC will be coming and the long wait will be worth it. Thanks to all the devs for making the games I love and thanks for posting this, G.

  9. Really? Best DLC content. Apparently they forgot about ps3 owners still waiting for their version of dawnguard. And Dishonored come on very short and graphics mediocre at best.

    Boarder line boycott bethesda for an unhappy fan base

  10. Here we go again. Time for Bethesda to do what they do best. Bribing award shows to win undeserved awards. These award shows, are such a joke. It’s obvious these award shows are rigged, even the ones claiming to be voted on by the gamers.

  11. i just want the dlc on ps3… if i don’t get it soon i might give up on bethesda games entirely. i just get sick when i have to wait for a box filled with nothing to land on my doorstep. i really want to play this dlc… bethesda has always made great games, i just don’t want to have to give up on a incredible game developer because they can’t switch the control scheme from one system to another.