Now on Xbox LIVE: English 1.8 title update for Skyrim

The English version of the 1.8 title update for Skyrim is available. When we have more information on its release for other territories (and the PlayStation 3), we will provide an update.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. They probably can’t give us news due to a deal with Microsoft they have. If they continue to stay quiet about this then we know there’s a deal. Sorry for us being so annoying gstaff, but may you please show us if you have some sort of deal going on??

  2. Understand that Bethesda keeps saying they are working on “new content” for the PS3. This language seems to suggest that PS3 will never receive the DLC available on Xbox, but other “new content.” My guess is an armor/weapons set, probably for $1.99. If Dawnguard was coming they’d use “Dawnguard,” they paid good money for the trademark. Instead they use “new content.” Scary.

  3. I don’t doubt that microsoft has paid/compensated bethesda to focus on xbox/pc versions. Perhaps sony should do the same? I presume the xbox360 still runs on a streamlined version of windows7, so porting between pc/xbox should not be difficult, and it would make sense to primarily focus on those versions at the outset. However, given the difficulty of ps3 coding, bethesda should have anticipated problems and adjusted accordingly. I for one am a pc gamer, and would like to point out that not all pc gaming rigs need to run into the thousands of dollars…a decent gaming rig can be built for several hundred.. or maybe slightly more than the cost of a ps3 or xbox360., and the graphics and gaming experience would be similar but more customizable.

  4. So dragon born is for ps3 and if we have to settle for dawngaurd and hearthfire on goty but does that mean we have to start all over

  5. WHAT!!! Gstaff did you just said you were working on updates for PS3!!! I think I already heard that somewhere else??? Ah yes, FREAKING DAWNGUARD!!! I think its the fifth time I kill Alduin! Im a little bit bored!!

  6. Can someone please start posting the Bethesda petitions to sign? I would like to sign everyone of them and start seeing them on every Bethesda post…Facebook, twitter here everywhere!

  7. @angryps3owner what meant was if it comes down to a goty does that mean we have to start over me and my dragon born nignog have been through the hole game if we have to Bethesda is losing a bigger part of gamers than they think

  8. Can anyone tell me if there has been a fix in any patch update for the Rescue from Fort Kastav quest? I have googled this problem and noticed many other players have had the same problem where the reporting for duty option doesn’t appear, leaving me stuck with no way to complete the quest. Major bummer.

  9. @Dovakin no you will not have to start over if you get the game of the year edition. As long as you have your current file saved then you won’t have to start over.

  10. Lol gstaff that’s to funny you say that they are working hard to get the content on the ps3 I call bull shit on that one there’s NO F ing way that they are becuse if they were this content would be out already and there would b a hell of a lot more info for us if you really gave a crap about the ps3 communtiy and its funny how everyone other then bethesda can bring out content ON TIME

  11. I’ve had the issue with spells recharging or not casting. Someone on another site said they became very weak, my character is also getting killed very easily, sometimes with one or two hits. Some things in the terrain are floating, like trees, butterflies are frozen in the air, falling through mountains… Used my sword today and it had meshed with a dragon staff even though both items were not equipped they were still attached to my character. The sword hilt hovers next to my character. More lag whilst playing. Map has expanded, in preparation for the Dragonborn dlc. Oh and I’m playing on xbox360. Hope they fix these issues quickly.

  12. If its a stupid ass armor pack ill go ape shit! I hope they get a huge lawsuit over this if they don’t deliver the regular content. This isn’t right or fair in any way. Rockstar, EA and 2k have never had this problem! It’s 100% there fault, they should have built the dlc from the ground up, not try to port a Xbox version like dumb asses. After fallout 3 new Vegas and oblivion you would think they learned there lesson about taking short cuts.

  13. I kind of hope DLC comes out on ps3 before Christmas. I don’t want to wait all the way until then. But knowing Bethesda, that’s an absolutely insane thing to ask for. Plus the DLC better be discounted. If it isn’t then I won’t get it. It would be an insult to make us wait this long and through all this crap and then expect us to pay full price for it. I’m not asking for it to be free (not that I would have any problem with that) but even a small discount would suffice for me.

  14. So after just sitting by watch everything about ps3 dcl content I came to find out that your releasing dragonborn on Xbox next week but yet ps3 hasn’t gotten any thing. You all are just beating around the bush with this situation. Yes we know it takes time but you have had a lot of time to figure the problems no I don’t stand by what everyone is saying about boycotting but I do stand with them about wanting answers so when will ps3 see the dcls? And will there be any price changes for both the older dcls?

  15. Oh and by the way how can you win and award for an dcl when not all platforms have had a chance to play it? That seems like a spit in the face to me

  16. for the love of god in your update could you please get rid of the “Dead thrall to powerful cap” i want to be a necromancer for goodness sake but i cant reanimate a body are you serious, im a powerful necromancer i should be able to reanimate anything. This has been my biggest issue with Bethesda besides the fact im limited to only two summons come on this isnt an online multiplayer game! we shouldnt be limited to what we can do.

  17. Anybody want to bet that they are waiting until the VGAs to announce DG for the ps3 during their acceptance speech. Seems like the type of self serving move they will make.

  18. 7 months of nothingness and Bethesda can’t even release a official statement lol get it bethesda can’t release anything for us……BUT one guy did what nobody at Bethesda could do…..BUT Bethesda can’t even give us any updates or show us that they are working hard on any content for ps3….BUT Bethesda can show Xbox/PC there new content WHICH IS 2 DAYS AWAY FROM BEEN released….BUT 7 long months and we get nothing I wonder how deep Bethesda is on Xbox dick never seen a company who states that they working for all platforms but bend over and give Xbox full penetration…..BUT when it comes to ps3 Bethesda been bending us over and giving us stray anal shots with no lube

  19. This latest patch SUCKS! you guys should atleast test the patch before you release it.. I say this because the game now loads 3 times slower (yes I’ve deleated every single saved game already) and now the game freezes and I have to reboot the Xbox to fix it……… IDIOTS!

    You have one job to do and you can’t even do that right!

  20. Are y’all going to fix the bug that won’t let me open the blood scroll in the ancestor glade??? I haven’t been able to finish my game for awhile now. I’ve even deleted hearth fire and tried it and it still didn’t work!