Now on Xbox LIVE: English 1.8 title update for Skyrim

The English version of the 1.8 title update for Skyrim is available. When we have more information on its release for other territories (and the PlayStation 3), we will provide an update.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. Hm…, update for Xbox well, that’s nice…, but anything for PS3 or even the upcomming downloadable content maybe for PC ?

    • As a PS3 user, all I’d like is the ability to make arrows. Yes, hearing my Xbox 360 users talk about how awesome Dawnguard and Hearthfire is does drive me crazy but I have the patience. But a little update of the ability to make arrows would be cool.

  2. ” When we have more information on it’s release for other territories (and the PlayStation 3)” lol leave it to Bethesda to leave PlayStation dead last even in a sentence you guys never cease to amaze me

  3. So do you guys even care about your fan basis on the ps3 ? Because if you ask me (along with many other people) you do a lot that says other wise its no secret by now

    • Im calling BS on that one GSTAFF. If you cared about all platforms equally then dragonborn would be released to everyone on the same day. patches would be released to everyone on the same day. How much extra did ps3 have to wait for patch 1.6?? Im not even going to start on the dlc for ps3.

      If you guys really cared about your fans equally you should be at least fixing a substantially larger amount of bugs than whats listed above.

      Its one thing you couldnt code for the ps in the first place so your dlc won’t work right now but you could at least fix the vanilla game a little more. its still riddled with bugs which us console users don’t have the luxury of modders to fix

      • You do realise, patches released on consoles must pass certification in Microsoft/Sony, so releasing all 3 versions at once would basically mean the PC owners would have to wait for those companies to do their job. Why should they?

        • and why should ps3 owners continue to have to waight on everything you ass what make you think your that specile for equale fair treatment everthing must be suplied to all platforms at same time anything less is discrimanation

          • How about you start your own business and you do what you claim? See how hard it is then. Ever stop and think that its not Bethesda’s fault for the delays? Maybe its Sony’s or some technical issue that they can’t seem to figure out. So stop bitching at them and be patient, they do get to you when they can.

          • im only asking for fair and equale treatment for all customers not just one group lycos grow up and join the real world were the law say’s fair and equale treatment for all consumers

    • I’m sorry Gstaff but I’m going to have to call you out on this one. You say you care about your fan base on all platforms and yet where were you over the last 6 months when people were demanding answers, where has there ever been an apology for all of the crap we have waited through, where have you ever given us even the slightest inclination that you actually cared about us at all? I know that you sincerely mean what you are writing but the issue is that Bethesda has not yet proven that yet. You guys need to make a change if you want that statement to mean anything.

      • your right gstaff dont care about ps3 unless u run a microsoft system ie xbox or pc you got no hope of getting anything out of bethesda this is oblivion all over again ps3 wont see any dlc untill goty edition is released and all ps3 owners will be told to buy skyrim all over again or just miss out on dlc bethesda have no idea what equale or fair treatment of customers is well bethesda your curent business practice is called discrimanation

        • I understand actions speak more than words. Because of that, the team is working hard to deliver content to the platform.

          I realize that frustrations will continue until that happens, but we’re working to make it happen.

          • well prove it then if your also close to dlc for ps3 release then give us a sloid timeframe that is all we bein asking for if you cant even give us a genral time frame that means your not close at all and just full of lies trying to shut us up

          • you’ve said the devs are close to releasing content for the the ps3, can you at least elaborate a little on that??

            which content is it dawngaurd?? heartfire?? dragonborn?? all of the above or something different perhaps??

            will it be released this year???

            Also, has the 1.8 patch even been submitted to sony for approval

            Is there going to be a patch to to tackle the large number of bugs still in the game or will it be like all the rest of your games , left unfinished?? I could understand the arguement that its a big open world and its bound to have bugs but its over 12 months now.

            Another poster here said no matter what you post we pick it apart and turn it against you, easily done when everything you post is so vague and cryptic.All we want is some actual information. Perhaps you don’t have it but can you go get it?? your the only one on here in a position to do so

          • Shall we look forward to Dragonborn being released any time soon then? Why don’t you clarify what “content” means? Don’t you ever realise that people are starving for DLC here and you are doing NOTHING to help the situation, other than annoy them with incomplete and naive info? Come on guys! We are customers and we deserve some respect and consideration! Show some love guys and you’ll be surprised, people will start to feel better. it doesn’t cost much, as long as you don’t lie that is…

          • Bethesda cant date outside xbox. Her RED RING STD is now THEIR red ring stds. At least Beth took Ps3 for all our trust, respect, and time before running off completely.

            BTW I love playing the never ending sony dlc thats been available to us ever since day 1 = “SKYRIM: DOGHOUSE” only on ps3!

          • “I understand actions speak more than words.”

            If Bethesda really believed that statement, then explain how the PS3 console has been treated since Oblivion? Explain why the people that purchased the Fallout titles still have broken, defective games years later? Explain Bethesda’s actions regarding Skyrim on the PS3 since it’s inception.
            I, and many others, are very curious.

            I know I won’t be responded to by gstaff, just a messenger, or any other Bethesda employee, lack of caring. I just wanted to put these requests out there.

            Bethesda has a track record where their actions have spoken very loudly, and very poorly I might add, when it comes to the PS3 console and the customers that have paid the same price as other console users for products that are nowhere near the same quality.

    • We’re not asking if you care about all platforms out there. We are asking if you care about the one other platform that has skyrim on it that you don’t seem to really care about.

      Do you or do you not care about the PS3 as much as Bethesda loves Xbox/pc??

    • I agree , at least mention PC more.
      ( Or release PC and Xbox DLCs together )

      I really don’t care about the PS3 , it was your fault to buy a Bethesda game on console. ( Yes , console )

      • @iZoul
        If the PC is your preferred platform, then great, no problem with that, but don’t bash other platforms just because you don’t like them.

  4. glad to see you guys still fixing the game’s.glitches ..but come on.. the PS3 need the your attention…..too……also i’m still dying to play the dlc on my ps3…..were’s the love for ps3 users….:(

    • they are giving PS3 attention or does working on trying to get the content working on PS3 and working with Sony on said process not count. Blame sony for the issues. They are the ones who developed the obnoxious platform that is causing all the issues Beth is having getting the content to work.

      • @Rose
        It’s far from fair to just pin the blame on Sony and be done with it. Even Valve can make games that run well on the PS3…Bethesda are the odd ones out here.

      • there be no problem with skyim on ps3 if bethesda had botherd to code it for ps3 insted of just porting it over from xbox saying there working on it and saying there close dosent mean that there actuly doing anything they got nothing to show except anouther xbox release you want to lay blam then blam bethesdas development not sony you stupid lill bich

  5. hey gstaff is there by any chance we’ll get those water flow shaders in a future update? or is that to much if not more fixes in the updates. Because the water is the only thing that looks funky.

    • Depends on the coder. More specifically in this case, depends on how much bad code has already been implemented in a game that can’t be reversed that they are now attempting to code around. That’s what happens when you design a game with Microsoft being your main priority, the PS3 users end up getting left in the dust and Sony gets blamed for it. Good times.

    • if it was coded for ps3 they wouldnt be haveing the problem its cause they cheap asses and ported it to ps3 its not compatible so theres butload of glitches same happens with every game they make why they continue to think porting is a good idea has me stuffed

  6. see you cant even hand out patches fairly why dose ps3 always come last in reciveing everything havent bethesda ever heard of equal and fair treatment for all customers this is beyond a joke now if nothing is out by xmass for ps3 i vow to spend 2013 destorying bethesda as a pensionor i got nothing better to do then spend hole yr finding any legal loophole to close bethesdas doors permanitly dicrimination law will good place to start i figger

  7. Well Gstaff you say you care about us so tell us, is 1.8 coming to PS3? We understand you can’t give us a date since you can’t know when but is it coming or not? You won’t tell us about DLC, you won’t tell us what this supposed ‘new content’ thing is, the LEAST you could do is to at least tell us whether or not we’re even getting this update.

    • Nvm, I didn’t notice you had responded to my previous comment. lol. It’s a start. 🙂

      gstaff said on Friday, November 16, 2012 at 2:42 pm:

      “PS3 is absolutely getting the 1.8 title update. It’s release is TBA.”

  8. 1.8 will do nothing positive for PS3. No fixes, no DLC stability, no respect! WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR NOTHING BUT A FAT LET DOWN.

    If what Im saying is off or wrong, correct me then! Do something about it! You’re “close” to starting progress? Im “close” to ditching you hacks.

    All you’ve hinted is that ps3 will NOT get Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Ether Im wrong, or Bethesda is.

    Come at me gstaff!

    • It’s not hate. Bethesda is very lucky to have extremely devoted fans. They should expect a disappointed reaction when they don’t treat them all the same way.

  9. Maybe it would help to give the PS3 Players an own Post around this week, in wich you may sum up how far your programmers progress is. Simply whether you already analysed the problem, define what it is, and then Tell your soloution, and Maybe give a Little Teaser Artwork 😉
    If you don’t think thats a Good Idea, please response, and Tell why you don’t think so 🙂
    (Please remember, I’ve always been friendly to you GStaff and trying to be constructive and helpful)

  10. You guys know no matter what gstaff posts that you’ll pick it apart and turn it against them… Right? Silence or response, it’s a lose-lose situation regardless of actions taken.

    • thats what they get for claiming they care for all fans but only provide things for microsoft and compleatly ignore ps3 owners skyrim dose not belong to xbox it is not a exclusive game gstaff and bethesda will continue to get complaints aslong as this unfair and discrimantory treatment continues and so they should no platform should of seen any dlc if they cant provide the content to all platforms

        • Would you mind explaining how it isn’t?

          So far, we have seen two out of three consoles given everything (PC will get Dragonborn), and only one that has not.

          I thought the definition of discrimination was the treating of one demographic differently than the rest.

          I doubt that Bethesda is doing it on purpose, they would love the money rolling in from DLC. I think Bethesda is just too incompetent to program for the PS3 unlike many other game studios.

          • problem is bethesda dont program for ps3 they only do crapy portovers thats why they have so much trouble for ps3 if they actuly programed for ps3 to begin with they wouldnt have a 1/4 the problems as they do its just anouther way they care so much for there ps3 fans

    • “You guys know no matter what gstaff posts that you’ll pick it apart and turn it against them… Right? Silence or response, it’s a lose-lose situation regardless of actions taken.”

      The only reason why their responses are constantly being picked apart is because the responses are the same thing over and over again, none of which give any real information.

      “We’ll let you know” and “we don’t have anything to share” only work for so long. Bethesda has been dragging those two lines, sometimes with a slight variation, but the same lines out for months now. They have yet to actually tell us anything we can use. So far, the only glimmer of hope that the PS3 is getting any DLC is because some detective went through the 1.8 patch line by line and saw something that leads one to believe the DLC is coming. Other than that, sure, we’ve gotten “content is coming” but that is as specific as Bethesda has been. Content could be anything from a full DLC such as Dragonborn to a new dagger and even more stupid kill cams. Technically speaking, the mounted combat and kill cams we have received could be called “content.” We can only make assumptions because they haven’t given use anything else.

      Take into account the way Bethesda has treated it’s paying PS3 customers in the past, and you better believe we want real answers.

  11. GStaff, you say you understand that actions speak louder than words but for the four months since the first DLC hit we’ve seen neither actions nor words from Bethesda. We have however seen a lot of promises that words will come “soon” so my question is, why should anyone believe you this time?

  12. Seriously Gstaff? all i want to do is play dawngaurd on my ps3 and i havent been able to for 6 months. I don’t have enough money to buy enough money to buy a new system and wouldn’t want to either. I was so excited when it was the supposed date for dawngaurd but then you let us down. If your not gonna give us a DLC just tell us. And don’t feed us the bullshit we’ve already heard about “we are still working out bugs”. I want real answers not half baked bullshit you keep telling us.

  13. Guess what!! I officially hate Bethesda! isn’t that nice!! one year three dlc’s later my favourite game company turned into my most hated.

  14. Here’s the issue with the PS3 update. Sony, for the amazing system that it is, is ground breaking. They continuously use new chip types, new coding, and I love them for it, because it helps to propel the industry into bigger and better things. The 360 uses the same chip type as the original Xbox. Same with PC’s. You all experienced the bugs in Skyrim on the PS3. They’re trying isolate the differences in the coding that causes the error. The first ten minutes of Dawnguard may very well be ready. But if they release it, what good is it going to do? You’re just going to gripe about something else. So quit complaining, and let them work.

    Problems with what I said? Feel free to email me. [email protected]

  15. I downloaded the update and now my Xbox is saying that my disc is unreadable. I was playing early today with no problems and the disc hasn’t come out of my console since dawn gaurd was released and I started a new character. any other reports of this?
    Also why didnt you fix the game breaking glitch that won’t let you read elder scroll (blood) and (sun) in unseen visions?

  16. You know, for what it’s worth, I want to apologize for something that I said earlier. I may be frustrated that Bethesda hasn’t gotten this content to us and that they don’t communicate as frequently as many of us might want but that still doesn’t give me the right to question as to whether or not this team or Gstaff cares about us as a community. These are the men and women who have spent countless hours over the last 6 months trying to fix this problem in order to get the content to the PS3. I apologize for what I said and I hope that others will take the time to realize that these guys at BGS are working hard to deliver this content to us. We have the right to be frustrated and we have the right to speak our minds but we should always remember who is actually out there trying to get this content to us.

    • if they care for all fans as they claim dragonborn would be getting released to all platforms at the same time as would of all previous content all these complaints towards gstaff wouldnt exsist if fair and equale treatment was given to all cusomers insted they continue to play the favortism game and give xbox exclusive period again but cant even tell ps3 owners what they can expect to get nor an idea when they might get anything it’s hardly careing fair treatment to all

    • The only people trying to get DLC on PS3 are the DLCless players on PS3 with our constant fail reminders to Bethesda. Beth are the ones standing in the way on progress by ignoring all questions and only being “close” to the next xbox announcement.

      If we showed little outrage then they would’ve never had planned for ps3, if we stop confronting them now, they will continue to forget us! It will be like this now and for the future to come.

      Yeah I feel for ya. Must’ve been hard to release dawnguard in August when you had 0% production made at that time. I’m so sorry if a real update on anything would take one second away from giving xbox/pc all your affection.

    • Let’s see the fruits of all that lovin given the past 6 months then. Let’s see something other than “working on it”. Why do they rush to get a 3rd DLC out when NOTHING has been given to us jokers yet? why don’t they at least tell us dragonborn will eventually come out, so keep playing…

      so disappointed…

  17. “How can we irritate PS3 users more….”
    “I know announce another DLC that we will say will be released for them but never will”
    “Great idea!”
    “Also we could leave all the bugs in the PC version, and get this.. they will fix it for us”
    “You are going places my friend, how about i promote you to Lead of the QA department”
    “Yes sir, i have many idea’s that will cut corners and irritate people.”

    How i imagine Bethesda’s board meetings go.

  18. The worst part is, PC and Xbox players making fun of us, PS3 players. Im sure BETHESDA is working for us ps3 players but we cant wait more. Please make something happen for us and please others platafform’s players support us too.

  19. looks to me like us ps3 owners should just stop trying to drink from the xbox only fountin and stay out of the xbox only cinima i thoght discrimination of all kinds was ment to be against the law i must of been mistaken

  20. As simple as it looks: We, Ps3 owners, just don`t buy Beth games anymore. Let`s stop begging these guys for content they should have already provided for us a long time ago. There are plenty of ps3 games out there.

  21. Bethesda is pissing me off already. Next game they decide to come out with I’m not going to buy it, and neither should any PS3 user. Let’s see how much Bethesda cares about us after. Boycott anyone?

  22. Bethesda seriously? Why don’t you stop spending so much time making new DlCs and fix the first one for us PS3 users, please?!?! thank you!!!!

  23. I don’t think Bethesda wants to give PS3 users anything because of the constant whining and harassment. Hell, if I put out a product that I had already made money off of when I sold it to stores, you think I would continue development? Maybe for a fee. But unless I absolutely HAD to make it better, no, I wouldn’t. Bethesda doesn’t HAVE to do anything. They already made their product, and it seems like everyone was happy to buy it. If you don’t like it, sell it to some chump who would. Also, if I was harassed as much as they are, I’d say fuck you and flip the fuckin’ table because my work wasn’t being appreciated like it should’ve been and just stop giving the babies what they want.

    • as skyrim is multi platform game ps3 owners are legaly intitled to all content released to xbox and pc so shut your hole xbox troll ps3 owner are only asking for fair treatment asshole so go get back under your rock

  24. i know all this trouble is because the ps3 is outdated and cant run games like the xbox or pc can and the Xbox 360 has twice the life of a ps3 and unless they make a better processor or a new console all together its just not going to work and sony is getting less and less persenteges of its own stock and might eventually get bought out or go bankrupt and that means no more online and updates face the facts unless you get a computer to play skyrim or an Xbox you might all together not be able to play high quality games and it seems Xbox is the best choice for gamers if you can live without mods like with ps3.

  25. @gstaff you said soon and now your saying more time? its starting to feel that its a lost cause. you dont even having anything to show to us on the progress your working on. how can you expect me to believe its gonna be soon. “thank you for your patience”? is this a way you show your appreciation of our patience? more statements without basis. im starting to think bethesda is just leading us in. if i’d only knew your game would be soo bad in the ps3 i would have just waited for the goty, atlleast oblivion goty had no appreciate it if you would atleast reply..

    • bethesda dont care about ps3 i bet they got less then 10 ppl working on ps3 while rest development work on elderscrolls online so ppl can continue to pay for a game they own f#$k onlinegamers are morons

  26. It’s unfortunate how little attention is being paid to PS3 users, especially when all it would take is some solid information. No one is asking for a commitment, just a little consideration. Al the issues with the PS3 starting with the framerate issues last year to the missing DLC and now being last to receive an important new patch is making many seriously reconsider purchasing Bethesda Products in the future.

    That is, why would someone with a PS3 purchase Fallout 4 or any other Bethesda product if shortly after launch we’re to be told, “Your money is not worth it to us.”

    Bethesda makes some of the best games in the business, an explanation would go a long way towards preserving goodwill.

  27. The sad thing is…

    Comments in a blog, social network, official page or whatever you use to post notices are just a reflection of your work…

    If you receive too many complains in every entry you post, then you are just not doing things right.


    • Or as is the case here the posters are a bunch of whiny brats who can’t comprehend that the issues are out of Beth’s control. Or do you honestly think they like losing money from lack of sales and devs salaries as they try to get the content to work on PS3.

      • @Rose
        I’m sure the issues were well within Bethesda’s control. If other developers encounter a game-breaking issue in one of their titles then they delay the game and then release it once the issue has been ironed out.

        I’m sure doing that would have saved Bethesda a lot of time and money. Or they could have got another developer like 4J Studios to port the game and save themselves from having to sink more time into making the PS3 DLC than they originally intended.

        Then all platforms would get everything at the same time and we’d all be happy…, I guess it was never meant to be though.

        • @Rose
          Getting DLC to ps3 will make them hell of alot more money then they have now. You dont like Ps3, so you think they are wasting time and money trying to help us. Truth, Skyrim would not have all the major sales numbers without us, and from the look of it xbox is the ones getting shafted with glitchy dlc at release.
          Alot of us a mad at BETH, but care less if they favor you and your xbox/pc. Though we may not get the DLC, they will never fix the bugs your given. Your special gifts were build using alot of ps3 users money.

          You get everything, but like to rub it into the faces the the others. And when we are pissed overall, you think the problem is us. Say thank you to beth, then butt out of our situation.

          Hell, you guys never need to ask or guess to have this stuff piled onto. Go back to playing dawnguard xbox/pc/and Rose.

  28. why is it that in every post i see someone has to say something about the elder scrolls games should be only on PlayStation or something about it only being on PlayStation you PlayStation owners should be lucky Bethesda even put the last two on PlayStation if you look back on the dates the vary first two elder scrolls games where on PC and i am vary happy they they took the time to place it on Xbox i love the games a lot and you PlayStation owners should be two stop griping about how it should have been a PlayStation game and be happy it is even on your system and also Bethesda works vary hard to bring stuff to us game system owners even the updates i got upset about the 1.8 patch coming to pc first but you don’t seen me bitching about it every time they post something about the game just give them the time they need and it will come to you in time

    • every one is complaining that ps3 are only platform yet to recieve any content on ps3 while xbox and pc get everything your a stupid fool who should learn how to read noone is saying it should only be on playstation you compleat idiot were asking for fair treatment for playstation customers nothing more

      • well if they didnt release a broken faulty product to start with they wouldnt be getting complaints about how it works i think everyone should be acountible for the work they do if they do a good job they get priase if they do a crap job they should be acountible ps3 owners wouldnt be complaining if they were given the same treatment by bethesda as xbox get all we ask is fair and equale treatment for everyone who bought skyrim you make it sound like we want special treatment we only want what every one else already has

        • no man don’t get me wrong about this. but i don’t think anyone should get special treatment not even xbox. and i am a big Microsoft fan have been. ever since i got my vary first Xbox back in like 2003. all i am saying is that it makes things harder on other people when there getting nothing but yelling. and dude it is not easy to make a perfect game. if you use math the way i do. i say that one out of every 20 disk they put the game on is going to have a problem with it. thats just my thought . and another thing do you know how hard it would be to make a perfct game with no butg. not easy my friend. that would take years to clean out a game off all bugs. becasue when clearing out bugs it goes a little something like this. they clean out 2 or 3 bugs and a glitch. now when they do that what do you think happens . more bugs and another glitch pop’s up and so on and so on. i mean if you looked at it. i have yet to see a game that does not have a bug or glitch in it or some kind of problem. that a company has not had to pull out a patch to fix. but i do fill your pain and anger but come on man what your doing is really not helping them it’s just putting them in a spot to where they just might say forget it and not d anything at all. not saying they will but games are never easy to make

          • Umm, no, we’re not like Veruca Salt as she was actually given things, taken care of, and shown a level of respect (as misguided as it was).

            PS3 players are angry because we got duped into buying a defective product (for full price no less). Remember that tweet Hines sent out over a year ago? The “special attention, new engine, level of parity” schtick. Bethesda then released a product that they knew to be defective. How else would one explain the fact they “forgot” to send PS3 copies to gaming websites to test and review?

            Fast forward to now. The PS3 version of the base game is still defective, has received hardly any support, and now it looks as though the DLC count is going to be 3 to 0, other consoles to the PS3.

            Compound all of that with the fact that some PS3 users have been putting up with this treatment since Oblivion and Fallout 3 and we are given updates no more informative than “we are working on it” or “we’ll let you know” and PS3 users have every right to be angry.

            If the roles were reversed monkey boy, you would be screaming just as loud as we are.

            One last thing, if Bethesda actually took the time to learn something, they would not be having these issues with the PS3. Instead, they still rely on lazy, incompetent port jobs.

          • We’re suckers: couldn’t have said it better! what a shame to have no sense of respect to a whole community of users simply because it ain’t profitable enough. monkeys. i will do everything in my power to get the message across to anyone who shows interest in their products. we shouldn’t tolerate this kind of disgraceful behaviour by any company, regsardless of the game. broken products, broken promises, heavy discrimination. monkeys!

          • Really discrimination? prove it. All i see is Xbox bought an exclusivity deal. (very common in games) and Beth is having a very hard time making PS3 Dlc. So its not discrimination its a company that should have said ok we are not good at programming for the PS3. you know what lets not make it for that console.

          • @Bad Blood: you say it’s their incompetency, i say it’s discrimination. either way, nobody can prove anything. my take is that if it were worth it to go into production of DLC for PS3 then Beth would have done so and we would be playing the content since long ago. no company works on an ad-hoc basis, they know what they are doing and i can’t agree that they are having SO much trouble with getting something out. it’s been MONTHS since everybody else got their DLC. don’t be a ull buying into everything that they tell you. think about how much it costs Beth to assign a working team to produce content for PS3 and how many copies they would need to sell to break even or make a profit. if the two dont much then we won’t be seing any content coming our way, ever. maybe something small will eventually come to make whoever is left arguing to shut up. it’s a business, and if something is not worth the investment then they would be fools to spend their resources on it

          • @Bad Blood

            – Game-breaking lag for many users on launch.
            – Missing patches, e.g. patch 1.6 which arrived on PS3 many weeks after 360.
            – Delayed DLC, already released on 360/PC months ago but mysteriously absent on PS3.

            There you go. Microsoft bought a 30 day timed exclusive deal for the 360, but months later PS3 users are still waiting.

            All users should have access to the same content at the same time. A 30 day exclusive deal is fine as long as the game works fine (which it doesn’t in a lot of cases) and the DLC works fine. (it didn’t with Fallout…

          • How about you just buy it for PC? If this has been happening since Oblivion and Fallout, you are indeed what your name says you are for purchasing it for PS3 if you think something like this is that big a deal.

          • My point exactly. I do not hate any console for I am a gamer. I, however, prefer PS3 for my games. Saying this, my son, who I just get interested in is upset because he cannot play the same DLCs that Xbox is enjoying and no, I am not going to buy the game on Xbox. I mentioned to Bethesda on my recent statement that they are hurting fan base, both Xbox and PS3 as well as PC by pulling this stunt. Other software developers have no problem with releasing content on all consoles, why is Skyrim is so different? This is why I really do think and believe that Bethesda does have some sort of contract with Microsoft to not release any DLC on PS3. IF it is not released soon, I can expect these conversations to continue but only in the court room. I also do not know why it is so hard to not communicate with true words instead of giving us fans short and unclear answers.

      • they are giving fair treatment. Or would you rather they just shove the dlc out the door to PS3 users before it is properly working.

        Bethesda isn’t choosing to not release content for PS3. Their hands are tied on it until they and sony can figure out how to get it working.

        • @Rose
          Bethesda shoved the DLC for Fallout 3 out the door before it was working properly. For some users the Mothership Zeta DLC pack would crash as soon as they tried to start it. Not exactly a good first impression.

          To recap:
          – Game breaking lag on launch
          – Missing patches, e.g. patch 1.6
          – Delayed DLC

          That’s why a lot of PS3 users are getting impatient. They’re not trying to “hate” on Bethesda or criticise them without good reason.

  29. I’ve been a fan of Bethesda for a few years and up till now, I’ve been very happy with the quality of games that they have produced. We all understand that the Xbox should get the DLC’s first but this is getting ridiculous! If you guys have enough time to create a 1.8 PATCH, a Dragon Born trailer, AND a 3rd DLC for the Xbox & PC, then where is the PS3’s 1st DLC? Im really disappointed in the lack of answers, support, updates, and progress on the DLC matter. I sure hope you guys fix THIS before its too late

  30. I see the patch still hasnt fixed elisif dissapearing out of the map, or the freeze problem i get when leaving the companions place, or the 1st person invisible arms i get when wearing linwe’s theives armour, or the baldness when wearing a thieves guild hood while a vampire, i could go on… All these patches seem very half assed :/

    I also agree with ps3 owners, they are being left out, BIG TIME, its like Bethesda are starting to take an EA approach to how they treat everything…

  31. If Ubisoft can manage big fixes of frequently occurring problems with ACIII within WEEKS (including MASSIVE patch notes) why can’t Bethesda fix game breaking bugs or supply full patch notes within a YEAR!? And that’s just for this game…

    • It makes you think…

      Ubisoft released a Day 1 Patch for AC3 that fixed many, many bugs…

      Now they are going to release another one, which doesn’t only fix bugs, but also make some changes requested by players.

      And they’re still planing on release at least 5 DLC for AC3 (first one on December) and another Assassin’s Creed next year.

      Maybe Bethesda is just lazy… =/

  32. Hello. Im playing Skyrim on playstation 3 fat 80 gb. My game sometimes freezing loading screen and in game. (last update 1.7 installed). Im deleted update and data files and download again but some times still freezing. And my save file no big. I love this game so much. Bugs not problem for me but i hating freezes. (i have no problem for other games)

  33. Guys us Ps3 owners should just move on Beth isnt going to give one solid update or Dlc content for it .Never expected they were going to give us any downloadable content anyway .They claim were’re close .No ReAL UPDATE ,NO NEW INFORMATION ,xbox gets what actual news updates .Just shows what we all really know NO DLC .

  34. What’s more dissapointing is not just the lack of news on the PS3 DLC but also the lack of transparency on what they doing to solve the issue.

    If they gave us regular updates on the process of what they are coding or planning then it would make things easier as customers. I don’t have money or time to buy a new console or PC just to play DLC and to start a new character from scratch.

  35. -Well said sir. PS3 players are just tired of being spit in the face. I thought ( stupid of me I know). They would start leveling the playing fields for other platforms.
    I just hope this microsoft deal was worth all the bad rep they are getting. And I didnt care about thethirty day exclusive deal. Call of duty is that way. But they put there shit out day 31. Its just 4-5 months thats freakin ridiculous on any level. Come clean Beth and talk to you consumers and dont forget to cup microsofts balls

  36. I’m not asking for the DLC right now I just want to be told the truth, now. Are we being strung along just so you can get more PS3 sales ( thanks for the non dlc exclusive T-shirt pack by the way, most helpful) and then to be told, sorry nothing we can do for PS3 users? Just want a bit of honesty, that’s all.

    • i bet you all ps3 wont see any dlc till next year when bethesda release a game of the year edition of skyrim all dlc included and ps3 owners will be told here we told you we were working on it for you here buy skyrim again at full price now plz can some explain to me how that is careing treatment of fans?

  37. After i beat Skyrim.. wait did i even finish it? i cant remember cuz i started playing a
    different game because lack of support… DLC ect… to many bugs and just a hack job port resulted in me playing other games.

    Skyrim is/was the Last Bethesda game i ever will buy/play and as much as i LOVE MMO’s i wont touch Elderscrolls Online because iv been wronged so many times with past games.

  38. You know at the end of the day Beth is to blame. THEY are the ones who put this game out on PS3. If you werent up to deliver what has been promised maybe it should have been an x box and pc only. I say that having a ps3 only. BUT they went ahead and did it anyway. PS3 has been the same for years so dont give me its a difficult platform. Maybe its your port group, but none the less its beth problem to address this not sony.

    • @Brackuss
      +1, they could have just delayed it until they had ironed out the issues, but they released it anyway knowing that it would run into “memory issues”.

      If only 4J Studios had ported it, it would have saved us all so much trouble…

  39. Bethesda. I’m making a formal request to the patch workers to fix the glitches for Xbox 360 skyrim missions house of horror in markarth(door requires key to leave) and animal control companion mission in whiterun (evergreen hollow I think- no sabre cat, just a marker pointing to the ground). I’m sure there’s more glitches to be fixed, but these 2 seem to be the most common problems I’ve come across from people on forums.