Now on Xbox LIVE: English 1.8 title update for Skyrim

The English version of the 1.8 title update for Skyrim is available. When we have more information on its release for other territories (and the PlayStation 3), we will provide an update.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. by the time the DLC comes out for ps3 there will be so many other games to play that I don’t even see a point in purchasing it
    and if I did decide to purchase it I have to wonder how much will it cost on ps3 because of kinda lost faith in Bethesda when it comes to PlayStation titles so why would I want to buy broken DLC

  2. What another dissapointing post made by Bethesda. You are not doing very well on this one, and will make sure to pre warn anyone who attempts to buy your game on a ps3 and tell them about the mishandling of information and disrespect towards the playstation community. Congrats on the great success on sales, I hope it was worth the back stab you’ve done to our loyal community.

  3. Maybe instead of saying xbox has a 30 day exclusive you guys should have said “xbox gets it first, PC will get it the 30 days after, and playstation we just won’t tell you anything for months and when we do we’ll tell you that we’re close, but won’t specify on what close means.”

    • But we’re not. I will not stop until something is heard from Bethesda, other than the same ole statements, such as “we are close…” or “we understand your frustration.” If they truly understood, they would have come out and explained…or is their mouths filled with Microsoft’s money?

  4. If you were to be honest and said that PS3 could for sure get a DLC February 2013 I’d be much happier. Don’t keep telling us the same thing for almost 6 months now and leaving us in the dark.

  5. Listen whoever actually believes that this whole issue has nothing to do with Bethesda your wrong for ex. I bought ac3 on ps3 great game I love it however there are quite a few annoying bugs some that make the game a little hard to progress through BUT because Ubisoft actually has developers that care within 2 weeks not only did they constantly update there loyal fans (on EVERY system) when they would receive the patch, details on what’s being fixed etc. They even took a lot of solid advice from comments and social blogs from unsatisfied costumers on a couple cosmetic faults and fixed those aswell aka conors hood (if you have the game you know what I’m talking about) so to say this isn’t bethesdas fault is idiotic when given examples from develpors who car about there costumers

  6. We gstaff says he “cares about all platforms” he really means ALL PLATFORMS. That means he cares about Sega Gen, Wii, Gameboy, and last to least Playstation.

    That doesn’t mean ALL PLATFORMS will get the same special treatment as microsolf.

  7. thanks bethesda, for ruining the gaming experience of my son, who had much game crashes, considering the “the blood on the ice quests”, frame rate issues, corrupt save data’s all on that broken game, called: skyrim on ps3

    • John,

      I wanted to thank you for that too.

      Honestly, I think it’s great the the 360 is THE system to develop for and produce content on. PS3 owners are NOTORIOUSLY cheap with a low attach rate, bordering on the Wii numbers. So when developers/publishers see that, they realize that they should take care of their 360 owners first. PS3, hey, patience is a virtue.

      And you can thank Sony for their splitting the PS3 system memory between the CPU and GPU. Sheer genius. And to think that Sony once bragged about having dedicated GPU memory!

  8. gstaff I have a suggestion, I suggest that you speak to the higher ups i your company and invite some of these moaners to go into the bethesda offices for a tour so they can see what you are actuaIIy doing to fix the probIem that your company are having with the ps3 version of skyrim.

  9. This update reduced the draw distance to about twenty feet in front of my character which really messes up the emmetsion. Any suggestions on how I might fix this?

  10. You guys are shooting yourself in the foot by singling out PS3 users. You stated in past comments that you want to be “fair” to all consoles. If your words are true, then stop releasing one patch or one DLC that is designated to one console. Bethesda states that “we do not have answers..” but you’re constantly throwing out pictures and information for only Xbox. A tree is known by its fruit. You say that your not showing favoritism, but obviously Bethesda is doing so by advertising what they are going to release for the Xbox console. You guys are killing me. Stop the short answers that leads us continually guessing. Has Bethesda realized that not only this is hurting their reputation with PS3 users, but also other platforms. Other software developers have no problem in releasing DLC to all consoles. I would rather Bethesda come out and admit to the truth and say “yes, we do have a contract with Microsoft to not release any DLC to PS3 for a length of time.” Then, we could all at least have some sort of truth to this mystery that is constantly plaguing your company. Again, I will use my manners…will the DLC be out in time for Christmas or will it come out in 2013. I believe and speak for the fans that we are just wanting more answers and facts…not leading us down the primrose path.

    • But it is not fair to punish my superior 360 console due to the failings and inferiority of your lesser than PS3.

      Why should we suffer because your console manufacturer made arrogant and foolish design choices?

      You can all but guarantee that Sony won’t make the split memory decision again next generation.

      I the meantime, let’s just consider Skyrim an XBOX 360 Exclusive and call it day, eh?

      • I the meantime, let’s just consider Skyrim an XBOX 360 Exclusive and call it day, eh?

        Sure thing, just write me a check for $60 and then for good measure let’s just say minimum wage for the 300+ hours I have logged into a game I can’t finish.

        PS3 users paid the same amount as XBOX users and should not expect anything less than the same experience and DLC options.

  11. As a ps3 i am to the point where i dont care if i dont get the dlcs but at least give the platform users a patch to include the new weapons and armors. And to everyone else on here bethesda released a powerpoint pesentation and said the ps3 will have new content ( whatever that is) by the end of the year. Patince is growing thin but it is still there. Have hope!

      • We count on a update someday alright, we just don’t count on Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn to come to ps3. It’s not a matter on if we get bad news at this point, it’s a matter of when the ball is finally dropped.

  12. I can certainly understand everyone frustration with tje delays on the dlc, but the deason they may not be telling everyone what’s going on is because they are spearheading through many solutions on how to develope the dlc to be compatable with the ps3 including the possibility of them having to rebuild the dlc from the ground up, which is a long and grueling process of remaking everything from scratch. Depending on how the original dlc code and graphics engine was designed, I honestly don’t believe they are ignoring what’s going on, infact following everything aince dawnguard’s release gstaff seems to have provided as much informa

  13. Bethesda. First of all I am a humble PS3 user and I would like to know why you are playing favourites with the platforms. When your new DLC trailer came out it half restored my faith your company, but when I saw you gave Xbox a date and left PS3,PC in the dark my faith completely shattered. You say there is no info just for us, and yet you spew out all this information and pictures to Microsoft. Your representative Pete Hines said on Twitter after being asked about conspiracy contract between you and Microsoft: “There is no such thing.”
    But how do we have proof that you aren’t just sitting in your office with the owner of Microsoft and laughing at Sony. You toy with our minds to get our hopes up and then yank them down again. Your company is totally untrustworthy and I am not buying your games if this is the way we are treated. Do not think that this will simply die down. PS3 owners will remember this when the next installment of your ES franchise will come out.

    • Hey Jack

      There isn’t a conspiracy. The BGS team is working hard to make new content playable for PS3. We understand that you and others want to know more, but the reality is we’re not going to announce what content we’re planning for PlayStation 3 until we’re ready to do so.

      In the meantime, if folks want to speak their minds about it, I’m okay with it… but the I’m having delete numerous posts that are not suitable for the blog.

      • yep you deleted one of mine which was completely civil and not attacking anyone. As a new person reading and joining in on this blog i can see things are very one sided so i’m going to leave you to it and not waste my time as obviously my opinion is not valid compared to others.
        So not only has your company lost many ps3 customers because of the whole skyrim bugs and packs fiasco , you are losing them here on your own site. So well done and you are awarded muppet of the year award plus a free copy of good business practices for dummies.

      • Hey. I’m a ps3 user and big fan of skyrim.
        I have absolutly not had any troubles with the game. (Thank the devines for that). I’m still having fun with it. But all of this made me curious. Is there any time set to reveal the secrets, or do we have to do it with “close”? For all we know it could be next week, month or even until next year. I know you all do whatever is possible to make things work.
        I hope you could provide us with that info.

        Ps: let them keep up the good work.

  14. I can certainly understand everyone frustration with the delays on the dlc, but the reason they may not be telling everyone what’s going on is because they are spearheading through many solutions on how to develop the dlc to be compatible with the ps3 including the possibility of them having to rebuild the dlc from the ground up, which is a long and grueling process of remaking everything from scratch. Depending on how the original dlc code and graphics engine was designed, I honestly don’t believe they are ignoring what’s going on, infact following everything since dawnguard’s release gstaff seems to have provided as much information as he can. There may be so much technically involved it would come out as gibberish to the rest of us. Just give them some time they have said they’re close and I think them working all the extra time and ours to get it out for every ps3 owner shows a devotion to their fans and players not a purposeful ignorance. I am gonna stay supportive of them as long as they keep their word, and I have no reason at this time to believe they won’t.

    Tiran Blade

  15. Well said Sean. I too am frustrated, since I paid 200 bucks for my Skyrim. So Bethesda, where has my money gone?… it should be equal rights for everyone.

    • Toby, I really do love Skyrim. I think it is cool that I got my son addicted to the game. Did I get my money’s worth? As much as I play the game some will say yes, but when “add-on content” is posted on my copy of Skyrim, I have confidence and anticipation that Bethesda will add-on to my gaming experience by releasing DLC. This is the direct opposite of what is happening. Ubisoft states that their will be add-on content and they are able to release this on all consoles…all at the same time. If one is not working right on one console, they know not to release it until all consoles can have a fair gaming experience. The same when Arkham City was released. Each console received the fair treatment when each DLC was released. The PS3 did not get one…then 8 months later, Xbox received the DLC. In their eyes…they knew this would cause a stir and simply, it is just bad business. Too many gamers out there have voiced their anger and yet, Bethesda refuses to give us any detail information but only providing the same answers with no proof. Because of this, they are losing loyal fans. In the end, when Bethesda comes out with Elder Scrolls 6, I imagine people will still buy the game because of the graphics, story line, and game play, however, there are others, such as my self, that will be cautious when purchasing it. Instead, we will most likely buy it used so that we do not provide Bethesda with any financial profit.

      • Although considering the fact that, if rumors are true, both Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles won’t play used games so that won’t be an option.
        And, PS3 owners haven’t “lost” there investment. The $60 for Skyrim is for the core game. Exactly what you got. Unless your the guy who paid $200 for Skyrim, which, is just plane unnessecary.
        Xbox 360 owners have had to purchase each DLC so far separately. Total of $25 as of date, increased to $45 as of Dec. 4. So to everyone who has said they have been ripped off when they bought the game. No you haven’t. You just saved having to pay an extra $45 dollars for extra content.
        There is always a silver lining.

  16. Whether or not I have an Xbox isn’t my point, I want everyone to enjoy this game to its fullest extent, berating a developer or game company will they are trying to provide a quality product is beyond a bit illogical to me, they are spending all this time trying to get a product, which by the way makes them money post release, out to everyone. Not to mention all the extra money being spent to possibly redevelop the dlc multiple times should say rebuilding from the ground up multiple time should the first series of rebuild not work. They are probably in the hole which would explain why another team is releasing dlc for the xbox and pc so they can maintain a cash flow to pay for the fixes for the ps3, and probably won’t see a profit until the ps3 release. Some food for thought, especially considering I use my common sense to approach this.

    PS. If I had a PS3, I would feel the same way about it, because I look forward to an improved game amd extended game experience no matter how long it takes.

    Tiran Blade

    • The enjoyment to the truly FULL extent is possible ONLY on the PC , no matter how Bethesda will lick Microsoft’s boots.

      Now I do hope it will stay like that in the next TES game and the consoles won’t get the great features that the PC does.

      • @iZoul
        So consoles should miss out on features just so they can be exclusive to the PC version? Yeah…, seems totally fair. Not talking about mods obviously, but anything possible on consoles shouldn’t just be kept for the PC version.

  17. they’ll either amit it after dec4 or 2013 that there is no Dawnguard,Hearthfire,orDragonborne Dlc for ps3 or they have it .I will give them to end of Jan 2013 then Im done with them .

  18. where o where has skyrim gone from the ps3 store its not there. when you go looking to see if there any news its bin dumped by sony. it looks like someone somewhere well p—-ed them off.ive got fed fed of waiting ive gone to pc version instead ive allready done 10 quests that where screwed on ps3.sorry but skyrim missing from uk sony store.please can everybody look just in case i missed it.

  19. Got the patch today for 360, and now something weird is going on. Suddenly, half the enemies I kill start levitating as soon as they die. They die, and their bodies float up into the air and just . . . levitate just above my head.
    I’ve got all these dead bodies floating around like balloons.
    Some of the merchant NPCs were floating behind their stands, but came back down when I started talking to them.
    All of this only started after the patch.

  20. Are y’all going to fix the bug where I’m looking for
    a moth priest with that vampire chick and I use the “either blood or dragon” in that cave but the scroll won’t open?

  21. I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I hardly have any serious bugs effect me on PS3 anymore and for awhile. Sure there are always small glitchs there if I go looking for them. Nothing that ruins skyrim for me, so I question how serious this DLC issue is. Since some people can’t seem to play standard, and everyone else I know doesn’t have problems.

  22. Do some of you consider that maybe I don’t have the money to go out and buy a gaming PC? The same is true for many other people too. I prefer playing games on my ps3 and believe it or not, I enjoy Skyrim on it. It runs just fine for me, although I do have some lagging and frame rate issues. I enjoy the game without DLCs, but I still would like some as the game is starting to bore me. The same especially seems true for others. I still see no reason why we don’t have Dawnguard now, it has been a good 4-5 months.

  23. Here on a PC, modders can fix most anything, except “Blood on the Ice”. Any thoughts about fixing the quest that lets you purchase one of the houses?

  24. Ok, I have to set a few things straight:
    1. Oblivion was ported to the PS3 by a different company.

    2. Fallout 3 was Bethesda’s FIRST AND ONLY PS3 game they developed before Skyrim, and it used the old Gamebrio engine.

    4. Skyrim uses a game engine that Bethesda developed.

    6. Any patch that Bethesda releases has to be certified by Microsoft and Sony before it can be downloaded on the Xbox or PS3.

    3. Here’s 3! (If I recall correctly, the first 3 DLCs were supposed to be exclusive for the Xbox for 30 days.)

    I own an Xbox, PS3, and PC. I have my fair share of things I like and dislike on each console. I understand what the PS3 users are going through, and I would be extremely upset too. But I also have a basic understanding of the development process for making games. Bethesda probably had about 5 of each console for testing. Each console was probably from different generations. (for example: a few 1st gen PS3s and a few slim PS3s) With only a handful of each console, they could have had Skyrim running very well on them. No one system is the same though, so only a small amount of consoles could have Skyrim near, or at, the same quality.

    Bethesda could probably fix a ton of bugs and glitches for some/most PS3 users, while others get more bugs from the patch. This is the same for the Xbox as well. They probably have a larger number of PS3s for testing now, and found some that didn’t respond well to Skyrim. They are probably rebuilding the engine, game, and/or DLC so that it will work better with the PS3.

    I do wish that Bethesda was more transparent about what’s going on, but it could be a number of different things that are stopping them from doing so. I feel sorry for gstaff, how do you cope with all the negative comments? Is it ice cream?

    Anyway, I just hope everyone will be a little more understanding; not just the PS3 users, but PC and Xbox users too!

    • 2/4 – I don’t really know what point you’re trying to make, but Skyrim’s engine is the same Gamebryo engine from all along. What has happened is that with every new game, they’ve kept changing it and advancing their technology. With Skyrim, they rewrote so much of their previous code, that it is worth calling it a new “engine” for PR purposes. But underneath everything it still comes from the same Gamebryo lineage as the other games. This should be obvious if you’re familiar with the development tools.

      Bethesda have said that they do not external test. They internal test. This is part of their problem I believe… but even more of their problem is doing it right in the first place, instead of making mistakes. I can be understanding, but when a fan team has to be assembled for every Bethesda game, and this fan team finds and fixes literally thousands of actual bugs and mistakes, while over the life of a product Bethesda releases only a small handful of patches that fix only a pitiful few bugs, you know something is wrong. Many of the kinds of things that the fan team patches never should have been problems in the first place if the programmers, modellers, level designers, etc. were a bit more careful building and testing their work in the first place. At least that is my own work ethic / philosophy. If you know how something works, you should be able to build it to function correctly. Increase in size or complexity is not a factor if the base principles are sound. Just read some of the changelog entries from the Unofficial Patch and you will see what I’m talking about. They say “this was flagged incorrectly” or “this was missing an attribute or a script” or things like that. It’s not like Bethesda has built such a complicated thing that no one can understand it and that’s why all the bugs are occuring. Which is the common excuse everyone seems to use when they talk about bugs. “It’s so complicated, there’s bound to be thousands of bugs that couldn’t be addressed before the product was released.” Really? No, I don’t subscribe to that at all.

      At the end of the day, PC gamers will be able to have the best experience because of the fan patching (not to mention modding), and while we have Bethesda to thank for making a good game, the people we are really thanking are the fans for fixing all the bugs, a job they’ve decided to do but they shouldn’t have had to do in the first place. I’m grateful that the fans undertake this – Bethesda should hire and pay those fans, and release their work for Xbox and PS3. I’m glad to be an old school PC gamer… I don’t play a lot of games, but when I play a game I play it a lot. I love Bethesda’s games, and will continue to love them… but I wouldn’t want to play them on any system besides a PC.

      Now I admit I don’t know how the porting process works, and what the difficulties are in adding content on the PS3 specifically. I would be interested to know more about the porting done by another company for Oblivion to PS3, I hadn’t been aware of that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that done after all the DLC was finished? So in a sense, they did not have to deal with adding content. But I don’t understand what’s so hard about adding content. You’ve already got the game up and running to a level that was found satisfactory for release. It’s not like you’re adding significantly more data that has to co-exist with data that is already running. The majority of the new data is being executed when needed (new cells, etc). Then again, I’m not an expert on the engine, or on PS3 architecture, or all these things. And I know the common things said about PS3 architecture. So where do I weigh in on the whole debacle? I’m not a PS3 user – I’m not an Xbox gamer either – so I still have to wait for the DLC, but it’s not an indefinite, unknown, aggravating wait, so I can’t really put myself in the shoes of the PS3 gamers who feel upset. I definitely support the PS3 users in their feelings, and I think Bethesda needs to seriously sit down, get the top people to work on this and bring in some help if needed, and resolve the issues, not just for Skyrim but for their next games (as they should have been doing in advance of Skyrim).

      Just one gamer’s opinionated ramblings. Sorry I wrote so much.

  25. Are y’all going to fix the issue not being able to read the blood scroll in the moth cave ” I don’t know the name of the cave” when your with Serena the vampire chick? For the 360?

  26. I like the point made by the guy who mentioned the money spent by PS3 owners on the original game being spent on DLC for other platforms. I am so disappointed with Bethesda over Skyrim and can safely say my faith in their releases in the future has all but gone. Skyrim is my fave game on Ps3 but i feel cheated out of enjoying it as much as others. Where has the money made from Playstation owners gone?

  27. i understand why everyone is pissed but this isn’t anything new from beth didn’t this dlc thing also happen with FO3? we got them eventually so here’s hoping the same happens here.

  28. I’m a PS3 user and I think that the reason Bethesda haven’t released 1.8 on PS3 is because it does something big or important. It could be introducing the DLC menu or just getting it ready for future DLC!

  29. I really believe now that there is some sort of back door deal going on between Bethesda and Microsoft. I believe that the people at Bethesda are better than to have this much trouble getting DLC out for the ps3 and treat their fan base on the consol this poorly. I believe that they have some intelligent and skilled people working over there at Bethesda, I mean just look at the Elder Scrolls games made by Bethesda. You can sit there and criticize the games for their bugs and issues all you want, but when you get down to it those are some great diverse games that aren’t like many other games you find today. Of course, no one can really know what is going on over there, maybe they are having some serious legitimate problems with the DLC and just choose to remain quiet about it. I just think the people over there are better than that. I believe that Microsoft slipped them a good hunk of cash to continue to not release DLC for the ps3, give Xbox new content first, and remain silent about all of this. I will continue to believe this until Bethesda does something to prove me wrong. So please Bethesda, prove my belief wrong.

  30. 1. Bethesda… why didn’t you develope Skyrim on Playstation 3 first given how complicated porting can be from Xbox 360 to Playstation 3?

    2. Any viable entity projects a rate of successes and a rate of failures with their business plan. By assuming you adhere to the law and pretest your products for the lawful required amount of time, why weren’t Playstation 3 users given a fair notice or a delayed release of Skyrim to maximize quality and fair usage for current and forthcoming content of Skyrim?

    3. Given the amount of complaints and faulty replicas of your design why hasn’t your company requested a recall of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim? Are you unaware that you can be held liable in the court of law for false advertising, mental anguish, and bad faith business dealings?

    4. Bethesda, Playstation 3 users have proof that:

    a. Skyrim was defective before they purchased it.

    b. The un-obvious defects of Skyrim on Playstation 3 could not have been seen before purchasing.

    c. You did not for-warn or notify them about Skyrim’s defects before the sale or that you actually lied about it.

    d. Playstation 3 users relied on your lies or non-disclosures of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim.

    e. Playstation 3 users have suffered monetary damage due to your negligent misrepresentation of Skyrim on Playstation 3.

    Read more:

    • Hallelujah Hunter!

      Finally, someone who thinks the same way I do… Yes I have been investigating my options and have been speaking with a friend that works for the ACCC here in Australia.

      Honestly, I am so frustrated with this nonsense that I have become extremely P!#$3d off and want to see heads roll. The fact of the matter is the PS3 version should have never been released period. It was defective from the start, still is now (obviously) and if anything will become more and more defective with each update release (Well, that has been the trend so far for me at least).

      Most of the time I spend playing Skyrim on PS3, I try to find glitches as a work around for bugs in the game (Thank Talos for my trusty wall breaching platter and Shadowmere’s ability to climb walls, trees and fall from great heights)… Quite simply, that is really [email protected]#$d, I’ve never had to do that in other game… It’s a shoddy product and should not have been released for the PS3 platform period. Bethesda, you should have just released it as Game for Windows/Xbox 360 only exclusive (Which is basically what it is now anyway)… You certainly wouldn’t have lost any fans doing that way.

    • That link is full of fail? I see where it is on the comments,.. but that doesn’t mean anything,… how about starting something more concrete instead of throwing around meaningless threats and only half valid points?

      I’ll grant you that your logic and points are much better than the last guy that I spoke with about it. But theres still holes, im sure you’ll figure it out tho 🙂

      Btw,… how about you wait until we see how this “Add-on content for PS3 and PC” news turns out first?

  31. Gstaff please answer this, not asking “what” “which” or “when” about DLC. But I have to ask if the patch 1.8 has improvements as a step towards PS3 DLC? Not asking if it fixes the the issue, just if it has any progress even if it’s only one small step.

    Again, not asking for any details about PS3 DLC itself. Just asking if 1.8 is at all within a series of steps to get ps3 to have dlc stability. Would be very grateful if you can please answer this very small question. Thank you.

  32. Ill be shocked if DAWNGUARD,HEARTHFIRE,or DRAGONBORNE these actualy make it to the PS3 .They can tell us all somethings coming but not these 3 .Bet you DRAGONBORNE makes it to pc before Christmas .Why so much secrets Beth you know Im right just break the truth out people can handle it .You are not releasing anything of the above are you cant wit to see if im either proved wrong or right .Only time will tell wont it Beth.

  33. They refuse to make their complaints in the proper places.
    They refuse to take the appropriate steps towards fighting a company that has taken advantage of them.
    Refuse to listen to any amount of advice of any kind or follow the nessessary steps when its placed right in front of them.
    Are quite satisfied with starting flame wars and trolling.(or not satisfied, as they keep doing it…)
    Think that they are entitled to company information.
    Try to dictate how a company should run their business.
    …the list goes on.
    “Crazy”, as you put it, is apt. Although, not without reason. I understand them, even if I don’t agree with them.

    Gstaff actually for the most part DOES ignore them,.. I feel sorry for Gstaff, because I suspect who’ever is working behind that keyboard, has little to no say in Bethesda, and is getting these attacks unfairly.
    S/He may also be entirely unable to pass on any complaints, or words of any kind to the ears that should be hearing all this…

    • I sent a message to gstaff about an issue, and they said they were passing it on for me… so I’m sure they do have the ability to pass on comments. Why would Bethesda hire a PR person and then give that person “little to no say in Bethesda” or prevent them from passing on complaints? That doesn’t make any sense. I participate less on the forums than the blog, since the forums are very busy to keep up with, but Bethesda is (in my limited experience) much more open than other game publishers in terms of having a blog where people can comment and interact with staff. The fact that the blog has stayed open after all the abuse whenever there’s a post about a Skyrim update or DLC is a tribute to Bethesda’s commitment to their fans. That said, they could certainly be doing a few things differently in my opinion in terms of PR, but you could say the same of every game company when their product experiences problems – nothing short of being able to fix those problems in a timely fashion will make things better for those fans.

      • I agree. Its really cool to see Bethesda keeping their house open to us all especially with some of the abusive comments. Its things like this that always keep the volcano fire of respect burning that i have for Bethesda as well as for the Official Forums 😀

  34. btw… when Gstaff deletes someones comment, and another person had a reply to it, that reply gets stuck as a non-reply regular message at the bottom of all the comments.

    Does this make sense? basically, any replies that got unattached to a deleted comment, just pernamently hangs at the bottom. So the more recent comments end up higher than they should. If I post it ends up in the middle of the comments page instead of at the ends.

    It’s really confusing and I was wondering if Gstaff could provide an answer on if this will be fixed? I don’t mind the comment deleting and whatnot, as I saw ya defending me and some others from flaming. I just want to know if the reply comments will ever get properly organized.

    • No, there’s nothing that can be done on the back end to reorganize the posts. Sorry.

      There’s a lot of comments coming in, but posts that get deleted generally are ones that 1) flame/troll other commenters 2) contain profanity or censored profanity or 3) Console/PC bashing and flaming… take that somewhere else.

  35. Dear Bethesda and Skyrim studios.
    I bought my PS3 for one single reason, to play Skyrim.
    I was happy, I enjoyed my game, until I realized that everyone else around me was talking about updates, DLC’s ect ect.
    Now, I know that you are a big cooperation and are relying on politics and money, which in the end of the day, controls your actions. You don’t bless ONE of your kids with a peace of candy, while the other one is left out to freeze, if so, what happens? I think you can answer that question yourself.
    Please.. take responsibility, and show us that you a mature company, to gain our trust.. beacause its running out.
    I’m looking forward to your next move on your PS3 customers

  36. @David do you realise how stupid you sound ? If anyone who owns a ps3 would have actually known all the problems that came with their version of skyrim before buying it do you really think they would have ? And even if they did and still decided to than that’s a decision they chose to make. Jesus Christ some of you need to think before you post