Now on Xbox LIVE: English 1.8 title update for Skyrim

The English version of the 1.8 title update for Skyrim is available. When we have more information on its release for other territories (and the PlayStation 3), we will provide an update.

Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. would like more specified information on skyrim dlc for the ps3 i understand if certain info cant be released but please give me as much as possible big fan of your games since i first played morrowind for my original xbox and oblivion,fallout 3,new vegas all with well over 2000+ hours and skyrim with almost 2000 haha big fan will always be a fan but feel a bit in the dark.

    thank you,
    Todd Wells

  2. Hi gstaff,

    If new consoles comes out next year, do you plan re-release Skyrim for them? If I recall correctly, older PS/XBOX games does not work on todays consoles.

    Kind regards,

  3. I’m sure at least one or all the previous DLCs will release on PS3 when they get over that “close” mountain in front of them and announce that they works enough to play.

    The reason I know they will release something already shown cause I know Bethesda would never take the extra time to make something exclusive for us (ps3 users). Even Pete Hines said a while back that they will focus on getting it (dawnguard at the time) to work and not worry about what to give if they couldn’t.

    I don’t care if PS3 DLC turns out to be something small and exclusive (if it did turn out to be just something like Horse Armor I would be angry). I just want Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn to release to PS3 someday. xbox can have them all first, just want to keep up someday. Please reassure us Bethesda.

  4. Oh well. As long as the ps3 gets Dawnguard and such in decent time that isn’t five months from now, I won’t complain too much. I enjoy the base Skyrim game, but we are more than overdue for some DLC.

  5. No news this week. If were lucky we will have PS3 news by christmas not dlc. Nice to see beth is mailing it in with three days til the holiday.

  6. Call of Duty, when it comes to DLC’s is Xbox exclusive but they keep there promise when they say that a ps3/pc will get the DLC’s on the date that they say there going to release it with no errors or bugs. How can Treyarch and Infanity ward release things to the ps3 on time with no bugs and errors but you can’t Bethesda ?

  7. Enough of this. I’m a really upset customer, its been 1 year that Skyrim has been out and PS3 STILL has no DLC and yet you have another on the way? what are you people doing over there? shouldnt you have stopped everything and said “hey lets fix this & get it done” then move on? i bet Dr.Dre’s DETOX album will drop before you guys get your shit together and take Microsofts dick out your mouths an start talking and get shit done. Bethesda you’ve stretched this long enough.

  8. Hearthfire just ruined skyrim for me. It would freeze my Xbox every time I would do something inside my house. The construction is glitchy and full of crashes. When are you guys patching hearthfire? I am tired of restarting my Xbox when this game freezes….

  9. Listen people. Until Bethesda proves us wrong and gstaff has something concrete. Speak your mind to the people that will listen. Head there and post a real complaint against them. I am done with Bethesda. As good as dishonored looks I will not but another one of their games. Ps3 is obviously not the system for Bethesda games. The least they could do is offer up a replacement game on another system to the ps3 users that want to play the dlc. I went to BBB and filed a complaint. Make it heard and heard loudly. Don’t just keep writing in the blogs. That will not accomplish anything.

  10. Maybe we’ll see patch 1.8 for PS3 this week from Sony .But then again I’ll be surpised to see anything realeased work mentioning Dawnguard .(cough),!

  11. So, I’ve been waiting forever for a new patch. I commented the other day on the other post on this patch before it was released for Xbox. This patch will NOT make my game playable again. This new Blood Scroll bug which is only bugged because I purchased every DLC, has locked me in this moth cave, and I have a child waiting for me at home, along with my wife. >.> When will their be a fix for the Blood Scroll issue?

    • alex said on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 9:09 am:

      lol i left a pretty good comment lastnight what happend to it? guess the words were too harsh to handle huh? lol.

      -Your just blind its 7 posts up. Just had to say it, I found it retarded. Why not get an xbox or PC! haha I’ve had no issues lol!

    • im not sure if the patch removed this but, if you go to the main city of the hold in which shadowmere died in say, dawnstar and shadowmere died at the nightcaller temple, wait in the city for 1 month ( 30 days) and go back to were he died so nightcaller temple and he should be respawned, worked a fair bit of times for me hope it helps =)

  12. Woohoo, the NPC duplication fix was much-needed and very appreciated! I no longer have three Letrushi standing outside Whiterun that can’t be killed (even though he should have been dead to begin with). Thank you!

  13. People who are still complaining about getting DLC on the PS3 need to sit down and check the do some fact checking instead of blaming Bethesda.

    The system can barely run Skyrim as it is, you really expect it to handle three more decently large DLCs? Blame Sony if you want to blame someone for investing too much of the system into having the ‘best graphics’, Bethesda is doing what they can.

    • Even though Bethesda is the one saying this is all their fault? Even though no other developer has had this much trouble getting DLC to the PS3?

      My PS3 runs Skyrim just fine, I never had any of the issues that plagued it from the beginning. But since the first couple of patches, those issues have all been resolves for a good majority of the people.

      Perhaps you’re the one who needs to do the fact checking…

  14. @ Blake Beth should have thought about that befote they took my money and put that little add on content on back of the box. Not Sonys fault.

  15. I notice all Bethesdas replies regarding PS3 state that they are continuing to work on the PS3 version but they are having problems so are working through them as quick as possible.
    But I wonder.. if they weren’t being paid by Microsoft to prioritise the Xbox releases, would the PS3 not have a higher priority on their to-do list? It would be neglected less and have more time and resources spent on bringing the PS3 version up to scratch, instead of spending (what seems like) most of their efforts on bringing out the updates for Xbox and creating new DLC. Any software company that releases a game across 3 platforms should obviously be working on improving the version that has the most problems.. yet this is not the case?
    And if Microsoft hadn’t been paying Bethesda do you think that the PS3 version might have initially been designed to be properly tailored to the PS3, rather than creating a version that works almost flawlessly on Xbox (when compared with PS3) and then has to be “converted” to work on the PS3 in a sense. Any human being with half a brain knows that logically that is going to cause nothing but problems.
    So for everyone telling PS3 users to go easy on Bethesda.. some food for thought. If they hadn’t been paid to make the Xbox version wonderful in the first place, the PS3 never would have been neglected. For all their apologies and statements saying they are having difficulties coding the PS3 version.. the PS3 version would not have bad code if they hadn’t gone with a well-paid-Microsoft-biased design, and then clumsily tried to slap it on the PS3 and hope it worked.
    BAD FORM, Bethesda.

  16. I’m just going to say if Bethesda are hiding somthing (not saying they are) they are a company why would they intentionally make it a bad thing it would only lose them customers what company would do that if they say they’re trying we’ve got to believe them ps3 and Xbox are completely different machines converting things to both has to be massively hard anyone having a go at Bethesda for being slow I’d liked to see you try

  17. I just downloaded this patch yesterday. At least, I think I did. I fired up Skyrim and it told me there was an update, so naturally, I gave it a few minutes to update. I assume this was what I got.

    Regardless, is anyone else having an issue with frequent freezes on XBox? Ever since I downloaded the update, it’s been freezing in Nightcaller Temple. It also does it whenever I try to save.

    Tell me there’s a solution for this.

  18. I’m really am,used at this point by the little PS3 trolls on the blog. They like to act like they were the only one who has glitches and bugs in their game. As if PC and Xbox users got some perfect specimen of a game.

    As for Ubisoft putting out better cross platform games, given their game is barely a third of what Skyrim offers before the DLC, I doubt they have near the amount of issues Bethesda has to deal with in putting out their game. That’s why there is bugs and glitches. It’s impossible to test for alot of these issues since there is an immense amount of variables that affect everything.

    Never mind that other developers have mentioned that the PS3 is a difficult platform to work with and never mind the hardware and software issues with the PS3, but even when Bethesda doesn’t have anything new to say, you all just keep clamoring for more more more and then complain when it is the same news. It’s the same news because they don’t have more to give.

    I just want to say thank you Bethesda for still working on the game on all versions and rightfully ignoring the entitled people who won’t be happy anyways with what you can give them.

    BTW, there is no law that says all customers must be treated equally when it’s nearly impossible to. Game consoles are not a protected class and neither are gamers.

  19. Xbox 360
    Patch 1.6 = Skyrim workd flawless

    Patch 1.7 = Skyrim startet getting extreme amount of console Crashs/Freezing and graphical glitches and artifacting. Textures dosent load correctly.

    Patch 1.8 = Still as bad as 1.7 patch, its unplayable.

  20. while i understand the problems Bethesda is having for the PS3, the small glitches need to be addressed just as much as the big glitches do…

    ~ like in Hearthfire, when i enter my house, the game sometimes randomly freezes for no apparent reason
    ~ or, again in Hearthfire, i exit my house through the door, and my steward exits the house through the wall
    ~ or, during gameplay, the game will freeze at random times when a shout is being used

    i do feel greatly for the PS3 owner, but as an owner of the 360, i also feel cheated out when I see a PC game community that offers user-created content for the game, such as HD graphics, new skin textures, more character customization, and new weapons… i want these kinds of options available to me just as mch as a PS3 owner wants the official released DLCs available to them.

    I’m not a rich individual. I’m not going to go out and buy an entirely brand new PC just to play your game… I love this game, but the developers should of thought this out more carefully when they decided to release the creation kit to the public.

    Xbox users may get more right now than PS3 owners objectively, however, subjectively speaking, both console users are being taken advantage of, while a PC user gets the full advantage…

    I suggest, after Dragonborn, the developers work on bringing Xbox/PS3 users up to the same level of game content that PC users have right now, that way all versions of the game are equal to one another

    • The XBox and PS3’s are closed systems, that means getting user content on there is pretty much impossible. So far the only ones able to pull something close to that off was Rockband with the RBN (which I think is still XBox only, MS had the infrastructure to pull that off for Harmonix since they were investing in the indie dev scene and piggybacked off that, Sony did not).

      You want to be able to do content creation or use user mods? It’s always had to be on an open system.

  21. This is just ridiculas. Dawngaurd should of been ready to launch after the 30 day xbox exclusive period was over for PC/ and ps3. Running into problems after the fact is bad business. What it seems like is that they did the same thing with skyrim, ported the dlc from xbox to ps3 probably a few weeks prior to the end of the 30th day exclusive, and were like uh oh. As for the people who are blaming the Ps3 console, Bethesda has publicly acknowledged that the fault lies with them, and not with Sony.

  22. Moving on to a PC cant wait 14 months for Beth to make there minds up .Love my PS3 but Beth are jerks to PS3 owners.They claim something but produce nothing .

  23. Yeah, everyone is complaining about Xbox owners and how they have an unfair number of things over ps3 owners but they forget about the PC. PC owners can do all kinds of different things with mods and have a lot of customization in their game. I would be thrilled to be able to do half the things they can do. One large thing I want to do on the ps3 is adjust the time scale. I think a day in Skyrim right now is WAY too short. All Xbox owners have over others is access to DLC first, which PC has all of now. Plus I doubt the Xbox version runs much better than the ps3 version does. Besides for the occasional freeze and drop in frame rate, my game runs flawlessly on my ps3. It is starting to get ridiculous that ps3 STILL has no DLC, but if it gets all of them, then the Xbox and ps3 are on par I think.

  24. Sorry gstaff but the ps3 has a lot of glitches still my brother did some stupid thing by getting through the wall of the old wooden door to get the ebony blade and now mine glitches out we need some real answers on the dlc as well it rediculous for us to have to wait we should at least get it free on playstation store for the wait it is unfair to all of us the secrets we have been hidden from

  25. Will the nightingale sword get patched >? i got it when i was passed level 50 and i cant smith it i was just wondering if it will ever get patched, because thats literally my favorite sword because of its enchanted ability and its over all looks are just sick ……….PLEASE PATCH! <3 lol

  26. G Staff, I have a question for you. SInce PS3 is so low on your list, no DLC, no real updates. No updates at this time is not an update. However, I am a level 78, and I have complete 97% of the game and am waiting to see if the new patch will fix my glitch in the companions quest so that I can finish it, why is it that Bethesda does not at least release the patch. The comment was made that this will be coming to all platforms (1.8). In order to make that comment, one would have to think that you would have tested it before you made the comment. In such a logical thought, why the delay? Is it that you really do not care at all about the PS3 users? I can say this, I bought Oblivian, my first PS3 game, and played it for a year. When Skyrim came out, I played that for almost10 months. However, because of the serious flaws, I had to restart after I was a level 52, because of a different glitch, and then I did some research and found out you did this with Oblivian, didnt release all the DLC for the PS3. Why does a company that can make such a fantastic title, actually go on continually betraying a loyal fan base of PS3 users? Is Microsoft paying you that much extra? Why cant I just get the patch? Why wont you all be up front and just tell PS3 users we are not going to get any of this? I am ready to sell the game and just be done with your company all together. I have not been able to go any further in the last couple of months. At this point, LEGO LOTR is ten times the game Skyrim is, no bugs, no issues and I can complete the game 100%, just like all the others. And you will most likely ignore this post just like all the others. I asked some pointed questions. If you answer, it will most likely just be BS, like most the others. And you wonder why PS3 users are so pissed at your company??????

  27. i think bethesda is just going to bundle it all up on the goty release of skyrim.just like what they did on fallout 3 or knights of the nine and goty of oblivion.until then all we can do is to watch videos of it being played by other people.

  28. As Xbox 360 user I have had very minor issues with Skyrim. I have both DLC’s and enjoy them both and look forward to Dragonborns release. With this said as a true gamer I have paid for my dlc. That’s fine. PS3 gamers should recieve all delayed dlc and Dragonborn at no cost. At the end of the day we are all gamers and play the games we love. True gamers, weather pc Xbox or ps3, should stand united on the same front. Cause at the end of the day, you wouldn’t like it if it was our platform that had the issues. Pc will always be superior to consoles I accept that but being the format game system I had was an Atari I am technologically retarded so that why I chose the plug and play style of Xbox. Please gstaff and all other posters and gamers lets get behind this and when the dlc does come out charge us Xbox users but cut everyone else a break and release it to them for free. Sincerely, Will

  29. Gstaff you say your working on updates but we all know wen you say making updates you mean “making updates for all but ps3”

  30. Alright, I am not quite sure where to take this issue but if you could reply to my email. (I am sure it shows you) I put skyrim in my xbox, (literally 10 minutes ago) and started it up. Everything is fine. An update window comes up and I am pumped. “Yes! New update!” Well something happened when I clicked the A button. I don’t know what, but the window went away and it was just a black screen. I decided to just go back to the dashboard after waiting a while and start it back up and try again. Nothing came up this time so I just decided to play the game anyhow. I started up one of my characters (who was having trouble with a mages guild glitch) and while loading the text at the bottom started flickering erraticly. A window popped up saying disk is unreadable and I took it out. There were all kinds if laser burns on my disk for some reason. I don’t know why it happened as the xbox was never nudged and never made any loud “your disc is breaking” noises. Any help or a point in the right direction would be immensly helpful. Once again just send it to my email. Thank you.

  31. Yeah I believe it’s supposed to be out on all platforms and yeah I’ll pay for it and yes everyone that’s had to wait should get it for free. Thanks gstaff for your patience with all of us weather ranting or raving or just trying to mediate.

  32. 2 weeks later and no updater for PS3, nice!
    and 1 month ago you guys said that we would have news from the DLCs and stll nothing.

  33. Oh my god!!! @gataff why the hell can’t you report to the ps3 community? You slacked off a whole week!!! Was that not enough, you all stated weeks ago you was close to content for the ps3!!! Every week you lie. Can you for once give us a straight honest answer? Where is the dlc? What is the dlc? When can we expect it? It’s not hard, just answer one of the following questions! They are simple and can be answered in 6 words or less. Come on!!!!