Dishonored Roundup

While visiting IGN, I spotted this fantastic homage to Dishonored created by Minecraft user Swuu. Watch the video above and learn more in the boards.

There’s plenty of other great community creations out there. Recent fan art contributions, including @MandaBush’s Outsider watercolor and Kasimova’s Boyle Party drawing at deviantArt, are among our favorites.

Speaking of art, The London Games Festival is giving you a chance to bid on art from Dishonored and other games. See the current (and future) pieces being auctioned on their official site.

For more Dishonored news, check out these links:

  • VG Cats has a fun comic starring two of the industry’s best known assassins.
  • Eurogamer peels back of the metaphorical layers of Dishonored’s onion in a new post-release interview with Harvey and Raph.
  • G4TV has kicked off their “Game of 2012” Videogame Deathmatch voting. Track and vote for Dishonored here.
  • Gaming Gourmet wants you to know how to make the game’s most appetizing treat, the Apricot Tartlet.

Finally, a week after Dishonored was nominated for six VGAs, the game is nominated for Machinima’s Gamers’ Choice Award. To vote, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. From today. Dishonored is at 51 on the top 100 games played on Steam with about 1800 playing.

    This is pitiful you understand. Skyrim still rocking at #6 with just short of 30,000 people playing it. With Portal 2 kicking it’s ass and GTA IV well ahead I think we can declare Dishonored ‘flash in the pan’. Driven by powerful advertizing a lot of people bought it but are not playing it.

  2. Hey Bethesda! I’d like to thank you very much for giving us Dishonored. I think it’s an instant classic that I probably will love more than Fallout or Elder Scrolls. It was a beautiful game that made me feel accomplished as I beat it. Its a very great game & please send my thanks to Arcane Studios too. Keep up the good work & I hope more games like this are to follow!