DOOM’s ‘classics’ arrive on PSN

Dust off your BFG and ready yourself for the definitive battle against the forces of Hell. Beginning this week, DOOM Classic Complete is available on PSN.

Available on PSN this week for $14.99/£11.99/€14.99, the collection includes DOOM (with the additional episode “Thy Flesh Consumed”), DOOM II (including the additional episodes “No Rest for the Living” and “The Master Levels”) and Final DOOM.

Reader Comments

  1. Will this be the same version that is found in the BFG edition? With the censor ship and poor response time in the menus, or is this a port of the 360 version?

    • The response time in the menus is definitely poor. The red cross is replaced by red and white nonsense that may look like a pill, if you really want it to. The person who decided this should be fired. Anyone knows that health is symbolized either by a (red) cross or a heart!

        • This may be a silly question. But does this require internet connection to a server? Or is it possible to setup a network game on a local network? And even more silly: Does it work cross-platform? I.e. can PS3 users frag PC and XBox users?

          • Online multiplayer requires a connection. Splitscreen multiplayer/co-op does not require that you be online.

            There’s no support for cross-platform play. It’s also worth noting that they’re not compatible with DOOM 1 & 2 included with the BFG Edition.

            Hope that answers everything.

      • Please consider rectifying this. I have no interest in this Classic Collection as I have the games on Steam, but being able to play DOOM on the go would be fantastic. As well, since the games are in 4:3, the extra space on the left and right could be used for touchable weapon icons, which would be quite convenient.

      • Well, thanks for offering this collection. I know a lot of people want to play Final Doom. I’d seen it mentioned a lot on forums.

          • I thought perhaps their problem was that Final Doom is considered a separate game and Sony doesn’t allow whole games in their “add-on” section. The Plutonia portion on PC can be played without the doom2.wad, whereas tnt.wad needs it as a base. But someone else here suggested the excellent idea of having released Doom 1 & 2 separately for $10 and FD and MS for $5. Too bad they didn’t do that.

  2. Guys, having everyone buy the BFG edition and then releasing the other games that should have been included in the as advertised “definitive DOOM collection” is RIDICULOUSLY unethical and alienates 20+ year ID fans sooooo bad. Total Activision / EA move. You should at least release Final Doom by itself for the thousands who bought BFG to buy only that since we paid for Doom 1 and 2 for the 3rd, 4th, 5th or whatever time only 1 month back on BFG. I may become a renter of your future products like I am for Activision / EA because of this these types of practices.

  3. Guys, I adore Doom, but you should have released it in two separate packs.

    One for Doom and Doom 2 ($10)
    And the other one for Final Doom and Master Levels ($5)

    Now it’s as if I have to choose between this and the BFG edition.

    • I I were you, I would habs down choose the Classic Doom Collection because Doom 3 is not a good game. It’s quite boring actually. Pretty game but it not really fun. Man just thinking about it makes me feel bleh. I thought the hell levels were cool but the rest was bland and boring and the sound engineering was a bit of a let down and didn’t sound as great as it should have. It sounded weak. Man just stick to classic Doom experience because those truly are classics and fun and awesome.

  4. Hello GStaff

    I contacted your technical support a few weeks ago regarding a few bugs on skyrim for the ps3 as well as DLC content.
    After a long half hour chat with the guy I felt bad about some hate mail I had sent and apologised for it and I fully understand why you guys are taking so long to release content on the ps3 for skyrim.
    Not that I will get into the reasons for why it took you so long but I have full confidence that you guys will get Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn onto the PS3 eventually but hopefully DG and HF before Christmas, if not oh well I can wait a little longer.
    Hopefully you guys release word on DLC content for the PS3 release date soon as you can expect everyone is anxious to know the DLC release date and like me check on here every day for any news related to that.
    Keep at it guys I will still keep buying your games my faith in you hasn’t been lost yet ^-^

  5. Just logging back into Bethblog after a few weeks, gotta be some PS3 DLC news by now surely. Nope, nothing yet, ah well, what’s this “Doom on PSN”. By Lazarus thrice-beshitten shroud you’ve got to be kidding me.

  6. Any change we’ll see controller-friendly versions on PC now? I’d love to play these in conjunction with Steam Big Picture Mode.

  7. Are the Doom & Doom II IWADs the same as in the BFG Edition, or are they the *classic*, complete with secret Wolfenstein 3D levels and a red cross on the medical supplies?

    • It’s doubtful that they’ll have the Red Crosses as the Red Cross would throw a huge fit like they’ve done already. It’s probably also doubtful that they’ll be uncensored.

      I’m not sure I want to pay 15 bucks to find out…

        • Are there still guns in the game? And do the dead imps still face their ass towards the player? Or has that been sensored out too.

          Is it possible for sane people to toggle on the original, uncensored textures and play the game like it’s supposed to be?

          Why censor at all? How does censoring nazi symbols from an nazis-killing game work?


  8. What are the controls like? Can I assign the shoulder buttons to strafe like on the original Playstation? I hate all the controls new 1st person shooters are nowadays.

    • Well I purchased the game…disappointed with the controls…can’t reassign any of the buttons. Why complicate controls when it was so simple on the original Playstation. I hate using both joysticks to move and strafe when strafing with the shoulder buttons was so simple. Is it possible to download a patch to change controller button assignments?

      • Well I couldn’t agree more, I have had the PC version, the Xbox 360 version and the original PS1 version. The PS1 version is the best for one particular reason, the controls, using the shoulder buttons is perfect! Also the music is so much better, really makes you feel like you are in the depths of hell fighting off relentless enemies. They should have just re-released the PS1 Doom and Final Doom editions as PS one classics. Just seems like a rushed shameless cash grab from what I can see from the other comments. Would only consider buying this if they release a patch for the controls.

        • I thought the controls on the PS3 version were good (albeit slippery due to its origins in the mouse — Doom II’s level “The Chasm” is difficult if you have run set to auto). They also made it so that turning while running isn’t any faster than turning while walking. But I got pretty used to it. The d-pad shortcuts work well too (better than Doom 3’s).

          With the PS1 version, that was done by Midway and Williams. I’m not sure who owns the rights. But Midway is defunct. They also did the N64 version which also had ambient music and sounds by Audrey Hodges.

      • I took the chance and made the purchase yesterday. And I must say that I actually like the controls; it appears very intuitive and true to the PlayStation3 games I know.

        But I do understand the annoyance if you’re used to something else, and it is definitely stupid that Bethesda haven’t made the controls configurable; I though we all knew this is a must in any game!

  9. Will the sample rate bug be fixed? The XBLA port (and from there the BFG Edition which is based on the XBLA port) thinks that all Doom sounds are sampled at 11025 Hz, while this is not necessarily the case. (The sound data contains the sample rate in their header.) There are four sounds in Doom II that have a 22050 Hz sample rate and which are too slow and weird in BFG Edition.

    Oddly enough, these sounds have been downsampled to 11025 Hz in Final Doom, so they’ll sound correctly there at least.

    If the coders don’t want to change their sound code, this is the easy way to solve the issue: replace the concerned sounds in doom.wad and doom2.wad with their equivalent from tnt.wad or plutonia.wad.

    See for more precise technical information, including the list of affected sounds.

  10. Hey. I forgot two things to mention about the Doom Classic Edition.

    1: In Final Doom: TNT Evilution level 31 Pharaoh. This level has the missing yellow key bug that makes it impossible to finish the level. If it’s in there. Make a patch for it. Here’s more info on this bug:

    2: Does this include cheats like invincibility, all weapons, level warp, etc? I really miss the cheats in games back in the 1990’s. Now it’s very rare nowadays probably the popularity of achievements & trophys. Well at least you input the cheats in that’ll disable the achievements & trophies. If not will they be implemented in a future update?

    • 1. You can bypass that yellow card and half of the map by strafe running onto the throne and hitting the switch from on top of the chair in the original. So it can still be completed, just takes a trick jump and a trick switch to finish the level. (I don’t have the PS version of Doom classic so i don’t know if the bugs still in there or the exploit can still be used.)

  11. Why isn’t final doom and the master levels included in the bfg edition? I demand an answer for being a customer of your product.

  12. Why does the bfg edition run in 720 revolution, and the doom (classic complete) run at 1080 revolution? Can you tell me why the classic have better quality than the bfg edition?

    • And it would be even more classicer if it was in fact the original game re-released for a different platform, and not a censored edition with bad and non-configurable controls (see other posts). I don’t understand why the bother ruining a good classic.

  13. Hello beth and Id staff’s, i brought the game to play cooperative splitscreen with my friends. But, i have to say, the splitscreen mode is really laggy / low fps. I think you guys need to check.

  14. I am very disappointed to see you release Doom AGAIN on the PS3 when you JUST released it last month with the BFG Edition.

    Tell me, what is the point of this other than milking the series?

    • It’s not milking, it’s just a re-release. Some people don’t want the full $40 version with BFG, so they released this version.

      Publishers reprint books, movies, music, and other media all the time. It’s only in the video game world do I hear fans complain about “milking.”

      Right now BFG Ed. is $20 on Amazon and will be $20 on Black Friday at Gamestop, by the way.

  15. I just bought the BFG Edition, why didn’t that include Final Doom + Master Levels? I feel this release is a bit of a kick in the teeth to long time loyal fans like myself.

    Bought it twice, for PC and PS3 to help id out to make sure they have enough cash for Doom 4, then we get this. Stinks.

  16. Wait wait wait… You censored out the swastikas? Because 1 country is afraid of its past, should we all just start forgetting history?
    Succumbing to “politically correct”…SHAME ON YOU1!

  17. Because they don’t want to bother having two different versions, one which is sold everywhere except Germany, and another just for Germany.

    Come on, the Wolfenstein levels aren’t, in any way, important. They’re secret levels. A little joke. A pop-culture self-reference. They don’t matter at all in the actual Doom II game itself (using the normal exit in MAP15).

    If the game was Wolfenstein, then yeah, it would make sense having a censored version for Germany and any other country where Nazi iconography is illegal; but it’s Doom II. A couple secret levels aren’t worth the bother of forking the game in multiple versions.

  18. Please make a vita version…I would gladly throw money at you to get this on my vita! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!

    4 player co-op with the vita just screams perfect! Please don’t deny a Doom fan more opportunities to buy more Doom. I already have the DOOM 3 BFG collection for my PS3.

  19. I really don’t know what to do now do I buy this or do I wait to see if Final Doom & the master level get released as DLC for Doom 3 BFG edition help me out please guys

  20. Would it have been possible to have an option for PS1 sound effects and/or ambient music for this?

    I’m not the only one that has been asking for this if you checked out any forums. Would it be possible to add in an update?

  21. Okay, this is what you should do…

    Release “DOOM” — no idiotic subtitles. Include all the original maps (including original textures and music, both pc-speaker version and GUS), extra maps, censor toggle optional for Americans and Germans, 100% configurable controller with a few sane preconfigured suggestions, split-screen/LAN/internet-server co-op/deathmatch play, cross-edition and cross-platform play (it would be fair to limited this to bethesda releases).

    Anyone who bought any of current releases should be able to upgrade to this release for a few extra bucks, so that all releases are the same.

    I think the players AND the game deserve this.

    I mean, DOOM was perfect in 1993! So why the hell release a crippled and downgraded version now for today’s a much, much more powerful platforms. Have the programmers really become that less skillful and bad at their work over the last couple of decades?

    Instead of releasing two half-baked version, get your act together and do the job, dammit!

  22. well thanks id and Bethesda for getting round to releasing final doom and master levels i guess, why wasn’t it on the bfg disc? this is just greedy on your part. an answer would be great thanks

  23. I think that those of us who bought the Doom 3: BFG Edition deserve an official answer to this question. Why weren’t all of these levels included in the BFG Edition? That was supposed to be the definitive collection. Now you guys just release these separately afterwards. We are expected to pay 15 bucks for a lot of duplicate content. It’s not fair.

    Can we at least know the reasons for this decision please?

  24. Did something happen to the PR team? I contacted them back when this was first announced to inquire about a review, and I still have not heard back from them. Also have not received the usual press release either. O_o

  25. Why is it XBLA has Doom 1 and Doom 2. You make us play for them again with the BFG version. And then still dont give use Final Doom and Master Levels.

    And I swear if you release this classic pack on XBLA i will never buy another ID product

  26. If any staff are reading this you have just lost two sales. Why? (1) I assume work on the Classic Complete Collection was underway before Doom 3 BFG edition was released and you didn’t announce it (knowing many people who may not have purchased the BFG addition alone would be enticed with the addition of Doom 1 and 2). (2) If work on the Classic Complete Collection wasn’t underway before the BFG edition was released it means you just rushed a shoddy port out the door with performance issues and minimal control customisation. (3) You never respond to comments that request information about why you have made such decisions. You only speak up when you are listing features you have rather than explain why you have omitted features that people would obviously want. (4) With the Doom 3 BFG edition you wasted an opportunity to make a worthy tribute to one of the most important videogame franchises in history. Instead you cynically released a lazy update of Doom 3 with an additional chapter (which was probably left on the cutting room floor for a good reason) to make fans feel they must buy it for the sake of closure. Also the included Doom 1 and 2 ports allegedly have bugs, this coupled with the fact final doom was not included in this edition nor Doom 64 or the ability to switch the soundtrack between the original and the Aubrey Hodges score (if you bothered to collect any consumer feedback I can almost guarantee these would have been requested). (5) Like so many other companies you have short changed the pc fanbase that made you what you are today (seemingly porting an already lazy update to pc with minimal graphics options, debatably worse graphics than the original (shadows in particular and narrow field of view) and certainly worse than fan made mods) (6) It would not surprise me if in less than a year another “Doom something edition” comes along with a minor addition you can only get as part of the bundle, making fans feel they are missing out and squeezing yet more money out of them. This hypothetical new version will probably have bugs and minimal requested improvements because you just can’t be bothered. (Summary) With all of these points made (some fact others just plain ranting) I just don’t trust you anymore. I for one shall not be purchasing Doom 4 day one as I have lost faith in your ability to produce a decent product and I think the way you have treated your customers is despicable. I am glad I held off buying the Doom 3 BFG edition and I will not be purchasing the Classic Complete Collection.
    Ps: You should be ashamed of yourselves for dragging a classic series along with its fanbase through the mud.

    • There’s nothing wrong with multiple editions of something… fans should be happy a game they like isn’t out of print or unavailable. There’s dozens of games I like that are long out of print and only playable on the original consoles they came out for.

      No fans have been dragged through the mud. Nobody was “milked” or “suckered.” Anything that was listed for sale was clear in the description, either on PSN or on the box, on the Amazon page, wherever you bought it from. There was no deception. The Doom 3: BFG Edition, for instance, is called “Doom 3: BFG Edition.” Okay? That’s not “Doom Collection, All” or “ID Anthology,” it’s “doom 3 bfg edition.” See the “3” in the title? That means it’s mainly about Doom 3. That’s why it has a three in the title. That’s what the number means. The fan-made wads of Master Levels and TNT: Evililution wasn’t the main thing on their mind.

      Then they released “Doom Classic Complete” because so many people whined that they didn’t get the sometimes mediocre fan-made levels that were already available for next-to-nothing on Steam. For like $4 on Steam or included with the $5 purchase of Doom II. Now you’re complaining you have more options and that somebody’s ripped you off. You don’t know what that word means and neither does “takemymoney” and “serious” below.

      • I never used the terms “milked” or “suckered” as you have quoted but obviously I think that is exactly what they have done. Your second paragraph just shows you have difficulty comprehending what I said. I never said anything about the retail description being misleading (although on the back of the case it says “making it the definitive collection of the revolutionary games developed by Id software” which as you stated yourself is on steam), you made that up all by yourself. Also I never complained about the fact it was re-released (I welcome older games re-releases and would like to see more) but as I stated in points 1 and 2 the Classic Complete edition was either in development before Doom 3 BFG released. They realised people who may not have bought the game on the strength of Doom 3 BFG edition alone would be more inclined to buy with Doom 1 and 2. I have seen people say “I bought this mostly to play Doom 1 and 2 on my PS3” and it is these people who got screwed when shortly after a more complete collection comes along with no announcement of its release. Alternatively it wasn’t in development which means they just rushed a poor port out (look at some of the other comments here about bugs/performance issues) which either way is lazy and all too common in the modern games market. I didn’t get ripped off as I didn’t buy them (I am doubting you read my post carefully). My concern here is for others who did. And since you appear to have not taken in my first post, the other main point I was making (this being opinion not fact) was Doom 3 BFG edition was a lazy update. I have watched videos, read reviews and looked at comments by alot of people who agree. (summary) I feel the Doom name has been dragged through the mud because of a lazy Doom 3 update and poor ports of the earlier games. And as for the customers.Pc owners having what appears to be a lazy console port in a franchise that has always been primarily pc based. PS3 owners who bought Doom 3 BFG on the strength of the inclusion of Doom 1 and 2 having that purchase made pointless by the release of Doom Classic Complete because it wasn’t announced. And (repeating myself but this being about the customers) being sold iterations of these games that had no love or care put into them which in my opinion is a cynical re-release and a rip-off.
        Ps: If you are going to argue with me address points I actually made and not ones you have made up.

        • I just don’t see the cynicism in these releases as you and others do. Various reasons 1) I enjoyed Doom3 BFG – thought it played well, encountered few errors and prefer the new brightness/lightning changes. It also has faster, more fluid framerate, and some adjustments to level design (not just more ammo). 2) Lost Mission was fun even though it does appear to use bits and pieces of unfinished sections that later appeared in Doom 3. 3) Master Levels and Final Doom were made by people from mailing lists/Usenet/internet back in the day like Team TNT, not Id, but were published by Id… so when they put “their” Doom games together they just included 1-3. Then they released another collection of just classic Dooms because PS fans seemed to have wanted that for some time like Xbox Live had. I agree the release is messy, but Doom Classic Complete is only $15 and the levels have been available in other forms for years, like $5-$10 on Steam, or on old CDs on eBay for next to nothing. And then there’s thousands of homemade levels on the net still being made. So when a Doom fan thinks of “Doom” i’d think they’d think of the core series, the main id products, not the officially-licensed WADs, or random Internet wads that are downloaded for free (though it would be cool if you could us the PS browser to add wads to Doom Classic Complete, heh).

          I just don’t see how anyone’s been ripped off or “screwed.” The term “milking” in the internet community is really ridiculous. Stop comparing yourself to cows and thinking that you are a slave to your favorite game companies and have to buy something you don’t want. If you don’t want either BFG Ed. or DCC, then don’t buy it! How hard is that?

          But they’re pretty good versions of Doom 1, 2, 3. Maybe questionable soundcard emulation (does not sound like AdLib, Roland or Gravis), but it’s still pretty much there and I’ve found these collections a lot of fun. (I shouldn’t have said what I said about Final Doom and Master Levels either — those are great, fan-made or not).

          Also it’s pretty much the first time Master Levels were put into consecutive, playable order (Xbox1 release was missing a few levels). It’s still kind of alphabetical, but yeah.

          When people talk about “being milked”, above, on these forums, on Gamefaqs, on Doomworld — I’ve been reading a lot — they refer to both this double release and just id re-releasing Doom in general. For instance, they now demand that the Iwads be released for free. They feel they have a “right” to them.

        • If Bethesda/Id/Zenimax/whoever (I don’t know exactly who to address this to) wants to rectify this situation then release FD and ML as add-on packs for BFG edition. There might legally be a problem with that in the case of Final Doom because it has its own .exe file and was sometimes advertised as a sequel (?) to Doom II, but I think it’s an add-on, so it could be on Sony’s store, but if they charge ANYTHING for it, even one dollar a piece, people will still complain of being milked. But I thought that was already their plan because someone said they found icon files on the CD version of ML and FD. I don’t know why I care so much and it is up to the companies to do whatever they want to do. But I get a little sick of seeing the way some fans behave, not just of Doom games, but for a lot of other games, for geek-stuff in general out there… it’s just obnoxious. I never get their complaints really.

          Like, some fans want everything just as it once was, identical to the originals, right? But they also want widescreen support and are unhappy that mods like Brutal Doom exist or Sikkmod and that the re-releases don’t look like that. Then someone else complains that it has Bobby Prince’s music rather than Aubrey Hodges’. It doesn’t concern them that maybe Williams or Nintendo has partial rights to those works (who knows).

          But you (not you specifically, Nathan, I mean some others I’ve seen in the comments and elsewhere) wouldn’t want the PS1 versions of Doom now. They’re low-res, the textures were further compressed, they were low framerate. Some people have complained that these Doom re-releases are locked at 35fps basically like the original but the Playstation Dooms by Williams were often 15fps or less. You want THAT version? really? And you DON’T want analog support?

          Fans don’t know what they want.

        • Doom Classic Complete is just a slightly modified version of the classic Dooms on BFG collection. They did update/change a couple of things: 1) there’s less sliding in the controls when you move, as that’s based on the mouse controls I think, and 2) the map doesn’t flicker/blink as much as before so it’s easier to read (works now). They may have made a few other fixes. Oh yeah, the menus don’t fade in and out as you change options. I haven’t noticed what other differences there are. It’s just an alternative release for those who just wanted the classic 32-bit DOOMs. It’s a good release as far as I’m concerned. Doom 3 BFG Ed was mainly about Doom 3. Probably a bit overpriced. but I saw it selling for $18 on Newegg on Cyber Monday.

          Sorry for responding to you & others all at once. I do read your comments and I’m sorry youre disappointed in these releases.

          I guess they’re mainly for people’s “nostalgia fix” anyway. But I’ve seen worse in re-releases of old games. And I prefer the higher-res look of the PS version of Doom1/2 with analog controls and rumble over playing it in Dosbox.

          • Thank you for your very reasonable and well thought out reply. I now have much more respect for your opinion. There are a couple of points I would like to go over with you but right now I have to go out. To be continued…

          • Ok I am back. My schedule has kept me from replying (plus I almost forgot about this debate).

            I understand my opinion and others similar to mine will not be felt unanimously. However for people who did spend their money thinking Doom 1 and 2 was the best they would get (for PS3 in particular), I think they are justified in thinking they’ve been “screwed” or “milked” (as in the expression cash cow). After all as people have said Final Doom and the master levels could have been released as dlc, instead of having to purchase a bundle that costs $15 (Europeans pay more for some reason at €15. Not everybody has money to just throw away) Another point to be raised is the fact that The BFG editions are not compatible online with the CCC editions I believe I am correct in saying. Why? I’m guessing to encourage another sale, if you have the BFG edition and your friend has the CCC edition.

            People are obviously not FORCED to buy a product. If they are a fan of the series they will want to purchase it. But as is the core of my entire reason for posting in the first place, they cannot purchase just the content they want. It is only made available in these bundles and people who want that content are FORCED to buy content they don’t need to complete their collection.

            It is my understanding (I could be wrong on this) that Id commissioned the creators to work on Final Doom after seeing their work as amateurs. My knowledge is sketchy on master levels but one thing I do know is the majority of people view Final Doom and the master levels as part of the series (I liked your idea about the ability to download wads. I’m sure it would be possible with a bit of support from the developers and the right mod tools released to the community.)

            I think the reason people were upset with the BFG edition is it had the potential to be something great. Instead of marketing it at a budget price and doing a half baked re-release they could have gone the whole hog and released a full blown masterpiece. If Id/Bethesda or whoever said “we are making a Doom 3 re-release/compilation/anniversary edition, how would you want it to be?” My list of suggestions would be thus. 1)If legally feasible include all the officially endorsed titles. Doom, Doom 2 with master levels, Final Doom, Doom 64, Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil even if it costs more than a AAA title. 2) The classic Doom titles should have analogue support, upscaled graphics to suit hd displays, online and LAN multiplayer (I wouldn’t have asked for split screen myself but this is my list), the most complete collection of levels to date including previously port specific exclusive levels and the ability to select which campaign to play. Example: Doom classic (PC levels), PS Doom, Complete Doom (all levels from all versions. This campaign I would call Completely Doomed, Catchy huh?), the ability to select which music score (dos version, Doom 95 or PS, maybe even add a new version) also for customers not interested in the full compilation have each title available via Playstation store/XBLA/Steam individually and a classic Doom bundle available. 3) Doom 3 and resurrection of evil to be updated to Id tech 5 engine or at least reworked to be comparable to modern titles, possibility of new game mechanics and altered gameplay through campaign, example: regenerative health, limited amount of firearms to be carried at once with gameplay adapted to suit (just suggestions, would be a good topic for brainstorming), ability to play with no alterations to gameplay from original (what people know and love), Possibly update the multiplayer (never played Doom 3’s multiplayer but I assume it didn’t set the world alight otherwise I would have heard something about it). 4) Lead platform PC (I actually play my PS3 more than my PC but feel the plight of PC gamers as all their titles are being taken away. Also console to PC ports seems a poor way to do things as there is always evidence. Testament to the fact that PC to console ports can work well is BF3, great on all platforms whereas I bought Black Ops 1 which obviously was designed for the 360 and it runs like a bag of turd.)

            I am sure most people would agree that sounds pretty good. I believe they could do this (I can’t think of anything in that list which sounds ridiculously unrealistic) but instead we got what we did. That is why I see it as a cynical re-release because it could have been so much more. I just think one of the most important series in the history of computer games deserved a better tribute than the one it got. I don’t moan for the sake of moaning (although I’m British and that’s what we do best) I’m just disappointed.

          • Well, at that rate they might as well do another Id Anthology (… which sounds like a great idea after Doom 4 is released!). It would have Keen and Wolf in it too, maybe even Catacombs 3-D and Hovertank 🙂

            I agree that a lot of those ideas are good about collecting as much together into one package, and given that some users found icons of Master Levels and Final on the disc it suggests they initially planned to release that as DLC but something must have come up — perhaps Sony has a policy against “sequels” (games that were sold as stand-alone packages, as Final Doom was, not as an actual expansion) being included in their “add-on” section. The same also of not allowing cross-multiplayer support between different games (I’m not sure if there are other examples of this, but I can’t think of any on PSN that have this feature). You are much too cynical though in just seeing it as money-grabbing. If it was this then it backfired bigtime and they lost money & fans because of it.

            Another thing is that I just didn’t see the BFG Edition as really that lazy, at all. I mean, it rode of the wave of recent HD re-releases, like the Shadow and Ico Collection, Silent Hill, etc., but had adjusted gameplay, lighting, a new mission (Lost Chapter), re-written network code based on Idtech5 (or something), faster framerate, 3D support as well as promised support for upcoming headsets on the PC, widescreen mode with adjusted FOV (though people have complained about this), plus it was a new port entirely (at least in the case of the PS3, but also true for 360, I think). I’m not saying that was some programming achievement of epic proportions, but it’s not something done at the push of a button either..

            Plus they’re working on Rage DLC and Doom 4 at the moment.

            The trouble now is that if they release another edition it’ll just be seen as further “milking” (since Doom gamers do not have free will and must buy anything that’s released to complete their collection), or it’ll be seen by the press and bystanders as “boring” and “who cares.” Parker Bros doesn’t face this kind of backbiting attitude from fans of Monopoly with every release that board game gets, but in the video game world things are different and complainers rampant.

            (By the way, Monopoly is now being sold for the totally rip-off, human teat-squeezing price of $15 on Amazon!
            Why, at that price I could have five Doom games on Steam or PSN! What a joke!)

            (Also this version of Monopoly apparently has several top-rated negative reviews about changes made to it. LOL. The parallels are funny… 🙂

            “First, the most practical annoyance. The board folds up into quarters, which allows the manufacturer to fit the set into a smaller box, presumably to reduce production costs.”

            See, look at that money-grubbing Hasbro! Just like Bethesda! 🙂

            I’m probably going to regret this post…

          • Anyway, we probably don’t want to keep checking back here to try to have a conversation with no guarantee that the posts will stay & all that, plus I have a bad habit of not really responding to exactly what the other person said, but I’m sorry you and other fans were disappointed with this release. I give it a 9/10 or maybe 5/5 in the case of DCC, though I noticed the errors/changes that were made which irked me (no fast monsters in Nightmare, poor MIDI sound and too much ammo in D3)… it has a few issues like that… but I had fun with it and now I’m completely tired of thinking about it and need to get a life! Will await Doom 4 with the hope that it’s a crowd-pleaser…

          • I think we’ve both spent far too much time thinking about this game. You are correct in saying I’m a little bit cynical, but I am also a bit of an idealist too so disappointment is common for me. Its been fun exchanging viewpoints with you and I’m glad you enjoyed the game, even though I’m sure you would have enjoyed my version better :p

            Have a nice Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy your next religion specific celebration)

  27. Can’t say I’m not dissapointed.

    Just bought BFG edition for PS3 on Friday and now find out DOOM Classic will be available on PSN with all the material that SHOULD of been in the “definitive collection” of DOOM in BFG edition.

    I doubt a $5 DLC for BFG to add Final DOOM, Master Levels, and NRFTL to BFG Edition.

    But from what it’s going I do expect a $50 to $60 re-release of DOOM 3 BFG Edition with all the included material because of the quick price drop. The “Got you the first 2 o=) times now here is the real, yet still censored, version you’ve been waiting for of DOOM.” —definitive maybe subject to change as we don’t know what the meaning means.

    “Thanks” Bethesda … you suck

    • “ROFL” “LMFAO”

      just logged in to PSN….

      DOOM Classic reads

      “Dust of your BFG and ready yourself for the definitive battle against the forces of Hell”


      your a rip Bethesda

  28. You have to be joking right?
    After a load of us ps3 users forked out for the bfg, you then throw this at us 3 weeks later?
    Where’s final doom and master levels for us who bought the bfg?
    You knew exactly what you was doing not announcing this before the bfg edition was out for a few weeks didn’t you.

    Thanks a lot. Suckered again by bethesda

  29. Matt. You are wrong. Doom 3 bfg edition was advertised as “the definitive doom collection” by Bethesda themselves 3 weeks prior to releasing doomclassic which contains legacy Doom software that wasn’t included on bfg. There are enough people that defend modern gaming companies outrageously unethical behavior. If you are going to call people out in public use Google first so you know what is going on or do you think bfg customers should have to buy doom 1 and 2 twice in 1 month to get the”definitive collection”. People like you are why companies get away with this.

  30. Thank you for releasing this collection Bethesda. I am glad I can enjoy these games on the PlayStation 3. I would also love to see a Heretic/Hexen collection if you are up for it.

  31. The analog support was a nice touch. I agree with others though. I want the more “erie” sound from the PSX version. I can’t believe how corny the sound and music is from the origional. I know some people may like to have their nostalgia moment, but I don’t think that is a good reason to downgrade a game. Time and again, developers are making money off of what should be simple ports, and not delivering on the quality. Hopefully you will make a patch for this, but I won’t cross my fingers. I guess I’ll just have to stomach a game with horrible sound.

  32. I’ve recently purchased DOOM Classic Complete from the Playstation Network (PS3). I was wondering, is there any way to change the soundtrack from the original DOOM soundtrack (midi-style heavy metal) to that of the more ambient soundtrack offerred in the PSX/N64 versions of the games (DOOM & DOOM II)? Currently, I have not seen this option.

    Will this option be provided via a future patch? If not, could you provide reasoning? Are there any legal or copyright barriers to this? Or is it simply the intention of Bethesda and iD to stay true to the original design?

    Great game; still relevent and exciting to this day; but the more ambient soundtrack is far more entertaining (for myself) and allowing for that option will exponentially increase my satisfaction with my purchase.

    • If there was a custom soundtrack option you could buy the Hodges soundtrack from his site here,

      And put it on your PS3. Not many PS3 games have custom soundtrack options though because it would satisfy customers and bring the companies more money.

      I like Bobby Prince’s music more than Hodges’, but for those who like the latter keep in mind that the PSX games were darkened in their lighting, had lower resolution, less enemies and simplified stage design and cut levels.

      For a reminder of the Soundblaster sound, here is someone’s recording from a SB16:

      Someone on the Doomworld forums looked at the GPL’d code of BFG and said TiMidity was used for the classic Doom re-releases (and presumably “General Midi” is still the default in the Steam versions, even for Doom Classic Complete). I tried downloading TiMidity to my PC and playing a few Doom MIDIs and noticed they sounded a bit different — I guess there are different default settings for whatever open source MIDI synth is used (Fluidsynth?) — but for instance the bass sounds in “Human BBQ” (level 2 of TNT: Evilution) are really quiet in Doom Classic Complete but sounded OK in Timw32g on my PC, as well as from the General MIDI output (Microsoft) of the same file.

      Another popular implementation for Doom music was the Roland sound canvas. I don’t believe many people had those devices back then, or ever, but many times when people have heard Doom music recorded and played in MP3s and on YouTube and elsewhere they’ve heard that version or similar (perhaps with extra reverb and studio effects). So here is an example of that:

      It had pretty good guitar effects. I’m sure Bobby Prince prefers this version or composed it to this. Maybe I could ask him on his blog just to be sure. But I thought the “Adlib” (Sound Blaster OPL copy) sound was the mass market version, which is a variant of Yamaha FM sound (OPL2) and beloved by some computer music fans.

      Anyway, maybe Bethesda or Warner Bros will re-release N64 and PSX Dooms sometime on virtual services, like PSN’s PS1 classics or Virtual Console on Wii and 3DS.

      There is money to be made… so why not make it!

  33. Let’s get this on the Vita, when I stop playing BFG Edition at home I want to do some old school demon killing on the go!

  34. I’ve bought damn near every Doom game that ever came out, and as much as i like seeing Doom games on a ps console, I’m not paying 15$ for this if it’s not going to be available on the PS Vita. I already bought BFG edition with the disappointment of no Doom 3 campaign co-op, but still enjoy playing the old Dooms.
    The only thing that will make me want to buy Doom I and II again is if it is available for the PS Vita so i can play a classic shooter on the go.
    And if it does come to Vita, don’t biff it and not include ad-hoc/online support for co-op or deathmatch.