Happy Thanksgiving!

As you get ready for a turkey feast, here’s some notable links worth reading…

  • Flickr user Midhras has an assortment of must-see stereographic screenshots for Skyrim, Fallout 3, and RAGE. Amazing stuff that you should experience in all their full-resolution gloryΒ here.
  • As the countdown to Dragonborn continues, IGN Rewind Theater examines every moment of the add-on’s announcement trailer.
  • OXM UK shares nine places they would like to visit in Dragonborn.
  • MMORPG.com examines how The Elder Scrolls Online will feel like the TES games you’ve come to love.

And if you’re looking to do some holiday shopping this weekend, don’t forget to check out Steam’s Autumn Holiday Sale – featuring savings on Bethesda and id titles. The sale runs between today and November 26th.

On behalf of everyone at Bethesda, we wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday.

Reader Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all and praise to Bethesda for being one of the reasons to enjoy the holidays alongside all the feasting with friends and family before indulging in gaming marathons and non-stop Godzilla movies πŸ˜€

  2. I will join your Thanksgiving Bethesda under 1 Condition that will make my $20 DLC Dragonborn worthwhile and that is for me to tell Delphine and Esbern to Back Off and let Paarthurnax Live.

    Dont make some Quest Update where i go to Sky Haven just for them to tell me i must First Murder Paarthurnax and then they will let me in to let the Quest advance.

    Im still playing Vanilla Skyrim with No Mod and are still Forced to Murder Paarthurnax before they let me in and hire the Blades to go Dragon Hunting.

    I still dont have that Special Dragon Potion Esbern wants to give me witch is still Bugged anyway.

    So Happy Thanksgiving and im looking Way More Forward to this DLC then Hearthfire witch could’ve been Free like the Horse Armor from Oblivion.

    • Um… the horse armor wasn’t free. When it was released, the price was $2.50. Considering what you got, the $5 for Hearthfire was a steal.

      I do agree about the Blades. Instead of killing Parthuurnax, I just left Esbern and Delphine to rot in their temple. An alternative would be nice.

      • when esbern asked me to kill paarthurnax i shouted him off of the cliff out the back of the courtyard into the river below silly old prick lol

  3. Too bad you guys don’t even bother to fix outstanding issues with the Fallout 3 games. Those titles are crash happy on modern Windows 7 machines. The various fixes suggested by editing the ini files may or may not work. They certainly did not work for me.

    As long as on the Steam Store page it says “Not optimized for Windows 7” I guess it’s all just peachy, ain’t it ?!

  4. Hey Bethesda, please Improve on the Blades more, so we can get More Recruits, make Karthspire clear of Foresworn, then the entire place becomes a Blade Outpost, even the Beds within the Cave is always Empty.

    Give us More Quests then Boring Dragon Hunting, since Dragon Appearance are scares in the Game, very scares and the Whole Blade Skyhaven Temple feels Very Empty.

    This could also be Helpful for the Next DLC when the Empire or Stormcloaks go against the Thalmor, there are very strong hints in the Game about the Thalmor going to War.

  5. I also need to ask to Level Up the Dragons by making them Tougher, im Level 80 and i can take down a Dragon with my Fists even though in Video Interviews before Skyrim got released, you guys said these Bad Boys will be Menacing Creatures, yet on Level 10 a Bear can take down a Dragon, even Idiot Citizens help to fight instead of them running and hiding, not to mention the Civil War.

    In the CK, Dragons are meant to have Special Powers like Alduin, make the Dragons rain Hell on us and have Us have those Shouts aswell please.

    Im about to Buy the Dragonborn DLC when it comes, but Dont make Enemies and Dragons look like Little Girls when i take them down with my Pinkie, i Want my Beating please, its the Reason i Bought Skyrim so Dragons can bite my head of instead of chomping at me while i just stand there and whack at them with 3 Hits of a Sword.

    The Higher my Level, the Tougher the Bad Boys with Meteor and Ice Showers from the Sky, make it Hurt, the Game and Dawnguard DLC are Too Easy, i dident even need the Auriel Bow to take Harkon down.

  6. I was almost expecting this to say something like “Happy Thanksgiving to XBox 360 owners. At this time, we have no holiday wishes to extend to PC or PS3 owners. We’ll let you know when that changes.”

  7. What I think skyrim needs is less Dragons approaching when fast travelling to Cities, more encountering them in the wilderness or Maybe in some village After travelling by foot. And there is need for more epicness. I. E. Make the Dragons affect the battleground temporarily, like Burning trees and bushes Down, let it rain glooming Rocks like alduin did, Make them freeze Anything around you, make them Affect the weather, like darkening the sun, or calling Hurricanes or Blizzards. And make Some specuial powers, Maybe melting Rocks so you’ve got Lava around you or let two Dragons attack you at once and in Cooperation.
    Furthermore I think at some Point there is need for some more Models, think wider, Maybe non-flying Earth-Dragons, very powerfull in Close Combat, legless winddragons, unable to land, but weak to archery, Water Dragons only to Encounter at the water, smaller ones like in lakes and rivers, and the more Epic huge examples living in the sea of the ghosts, pulling Ships into abbyss, and Maybe surprisingly attacking you from beyond without any warnings. Moreover some other special and friendly Dragons, Wise and Old, teaching you incredibly powerfull shouts, but only After doing really good questlines for them.

    Needed to Share some creativity. Let ne know what you think.

  8. Now that was a Brilliant read Kisum, i actually Drooled at those Fantastic Ideas, come on Bethesda, You make a Great Game, but it lacks that.

    Dont just give us Goat Piss and call it Milk (Ulfric), give us something we can sink our teeth in, i mean this Dragonborn DLC already feels like you guys are giving us what we want.

    • haha thanks man, yeah I think skyrim has great potential in addon-content, espacially in making it even more epic πŸ™‚

      just imagine, maybe something story-based after the alduin crisis, the people of skyrim are starting to rebuild skyrims cities, and even expanding it! I think there’s a need of some “real” harbour city, not that poor little boat dock in solitude, something with many moving ships, some dark and lurky dive bars, drunken sailors at night…

      maybe GStaff hears us (obviously he does as he said) and maybe he picks up some of these Ideas… for this epic stuff I think the people are willing to pay a good price. And what about some awesome things like buying your own ship to live in, not these skyrim-typical flat boats, I mean some pirates-of-the-caribbean-sized ships, those we know from oblivion. but better, with upgrades and stuff. I would just constantly feed my money to my platform until I’m burned.

  9. Agreed and yes Gstaff, see these Ideas, Love them, Taste them, Use them and we might be in Business.

    I like the Idea about Rebuilding Cities after Alduin, since after the MQ, Nobody cared anymore about who i was or what i did.

    Helgen should be Rebuild and PLEASE Rebuild Winterhold or put a Quest to Prove the Collage did nothing to sink half the City into the sea.

    Expand on the Collage of Winterhold Quest, man that was the Quickest and Shortest way of becoming Archmage, it was Way Shorter then the other Quests like chunks of the Quests were cut and what about that Crazy Wizard guy in the Dwarven Ruin that helped me find the Staff of Magnus who said there will be an Investigation or the Sijic Order we know so little of.

    There seems to be allot of burned down Homes or burned down Carriages with dead Horses, witch is basically part of the Alduin Attack. Please Rebuild them after the MQ.

    The two wandering Farmers are still walking Skyrim complaining about a Dragon that destroyed their Home, please give them a Farm after the MQ. Theres a ruined building near the Tower from your First Dragon Encounter in Whiterun.

    Some Quest Related NPC’s like Nepos in Markath dies, but i keep robbing an Empty House for the Radiant Thieves Guild Quest. Please make New People move in there.

    After you kill Mercer, Nobody claims his Home, it would be a great place for me with my Personal Guards.

    After the MQ of Dawnguard, the Building for the Vigilant of Stendarr near Dawnstar are still in ruin, please Rebuild their Home so they can live there again.

    After you do the Book of Love Quest and you let Fastred Marry the Bald guy, Bassianus Axius (Fastred aswell if you got them married) is Constantly roaming the Market place 24/7 in Riften, please make a Small Farm outside the City so that he (they) will live there where he works (and she cleans).

    After you kill the Two Vampires living at Mixwater Mill as a Target for Nazir, Nobody moves in there, lets make New Folk move in there.

    When you kill the Crazy Beggar who is looking for his Sister, its just a ruined little building, it would be nice to have it Rebuild afterwards and have someone New move there.

    If you do Kill Silus for the Deadric Blade, the House becomes Empty, why not Script it after his Death the Place become Yours.

    Theres Allot of Boring Emopty Spaces in the Game, make Skyrim feel Alive with More Intercations.

  10. Its like that Dog Meeko, you take it Home with you and when you tell it to go home, he returns to its Dead Master instead of staying at my House or City Homes.

    The Imperial City in Oblivion had an Office for the Couriers, so who in Skyrim tells them to deliver the Messages to the People or me, wheres the Office or Papers or Wanted Posters. Build a place for them in Solitude near the East Empire Building as the Main Office of News with a Bedroom and Couriers walking in and out. I mean, where do they sleep or eat.

  11. For the Dragonborn DLC, please add More Backround Music and Sound in the Game, the Skyrim Music and Sounds are getting Boring.

    Ever heard of the Mod called Sounds of Skyrim, that guy put Life into the Wilderness and Caves and Dwemer Ruins, try and do something like that please.

  12. I like you pete! you think exactly the way I’m doing! and pleaase GStaff, hear our yelling for this awesomenessess!!

    may you tell us whether you (the concept team) gets isnpired by these fan-made Ideas or you’ve got a clear concept of what you are doing?

    I would really appreciate these enhancements, it’s these things that make the game a whole lot more interesting.

    I also thought for a bigger expansion of some isles archipel in the sea of the ghosts, with different big cities on the larger ones, and little settlements on the smaller ones. continouning the quest lines of e.g. the companions, dark brotherhood or thieves guild. Maybe dark brotherhood gets its own small misty island, with a partly under-surfarce assassins village with many assassins living there, somehow hidden between the rocks, and a bigger shrine of sithis. The companions for example are having some small HQ-fortresses in the bigger cities. And maybe some kind of a big supernatural hovering airship for the college of winterhold, held up in the sky by a splinter of the eye of magnus inside…

    • While we don’t solicit ideas from outside of the company “you should make a quest like x! “, we do listen to collective feedback.

      Sorry for the delayed response… lot happening this holiday weekend.

  13. Are you perhaps a Member on the Nexus Forum

    I agree with your Ideas, since the Guild Quests Ends, but you feel there needs to be more to it, thats why Skyrim is so stale, you begin a Quest and Finish it in a matter of minutes for example and wonder, What the Hell just happend, im done and im Leader already.

  14. Nope, I’m not, why?
    I’m just some very Creative elder scrolls Fan, willingly to improve skyrim a Little Bit πŸ™‚ or Even better, improving it a lot

    By the way, isn’t nexus something with the modder Community?

    And GStaff, don’t See this as criticism, your folks did a Good Job! But thats the process of Development, Having a Good Idea, and then Listen to your Fan base, what they want that would make it Even better πŸ™‚

  15. Yea the Nexus is more of a Modder Community, are you not a Modder πŸ™‚

    Hey Gstaff, could you please expand on the Alchemy for Dragonborn, i mean whats with the Bugs in a Jar that has these weird symbols under the lid and gives No Quest about them whatsoever.

  16. No, I’m Not, but I think it would be Quite Interesting to be. But it’s really complicated to do Good ones as gar as I know…

    And Sadly My PC just Can’t handle skyrim (really awful One)

    But if I would have a High-end Gaming-PC and have modding skills this would definetely be Awesome. But from now I can only share My creativity to GStaff and hoping they will Influence someday on another DLC…

    By the Way Where do you Play skyrim on? And I honestly, I think this Console war is stupid. I myself am a PlayStation gamer, but I have nothing to complain about. A few posts ago, GStaff Said there will be DLC. I don’t mind if it Takes longer, Even more I’m Glad they Take their Time, instead of just throwing an unfinished poor DLC at us.

    But, I would appreciate some small Teaser pic. Just something to speculate about. Hey GStaff how does that Sound to you? No Real Info, just some cool artwork with some hidden clues πŸ™‚

  17. Im a PC Player. πŸ™‚

    Hey Gstaff, whats the point of the Lunar Forge. Although four leveled Lunar weapons are found in the area, the Lunar Forge cannot actually be used to make such weapons. Theres No Quest or reason for these Weapons, instead they just Glow at night. Is it some kind of Weapons and Armor Bethesda forgot to Expand upon.

    I remember a Sword you find in the Shivering Ilse (Oblivion DLC) that Changed Shape during day and night, yet i played Skyrim so long and never really noticed the Barrow at the top of the stairs until i found the Weapon and went, meh whatever.

    Please guys, expand on the things you let lying around, there are these Guilded Wristbands you find on the Emperor’s Ship that has no Armor or value with it.

    You guys do wonderful things and i like the little things lying around, but expand on them please. The Bugs in a Jar are great, but wheres the sense of Quest in it.

    I even freed a Tree Imp from a Cave filled with Hags, then it just took off out of the Cave Entrance never to be seen again, wheres the Quest or Gift.

  18. Totally agree with you.

    And Maybe some more of These substances making you High, like sleeping tree potion does. Can’t understand why Skooma or Moon Sugar does nothing in this direction. E.g you get drunk After several Beers, you get different cool hallucinations from different nightshade plants. For Exempel One gives you unclear whispering noises, and random fast bur slightly Visible movings at the screen’s edge. With another One the Shadows at night seem to move around you, and e.g trees might Look like hands, or Rocks Having faces, standalone Rocks Look like creatures…
    Maybe the strongest ones Make your character fall asleep, you get drawn Into a crazy and bizare Dream World, with many Rare Ingredients and items around, wich you’ll obtain After the Dream…

  19. sorry for spoiling you with what so ever :/

    But honestly, we’ve been commenting some really cool Ideas since 2 days or so.
    Come on GStaff, give us a word whether you like these Ideas or not, andd whether they might be realizable. There you have two fans not complaining about bugs and stuff, but giving constructive feedback and a really awesome bunch of Ideas.
    I mean if you even realize half of them, you would have won my money from the day of announcement.

  20. Yea sorry for the Spoilers and i must say, so far with No Insults onto Bethesda and Rude Behavior, they can see there are Fans that Cares. πŸ˜€

    You can have my $20 Bethesda for Dragonborn, but please release a Beta Test so we can learn how to fly a Dragon in Reverse Mode :p

    Aka the Beta Update we got for Horse Combat πŸ™‚

  21. i agree with you guys,beth should have a suggestion box or something.the thing i wanna see is sheath your weapons. i wanna see my staff behind my back.i dunno why they took that out. also sheath atleast 3 or 4 fave weapons.i also wanna see some capes.not too many capes.man, you guys are contagious! hahaha!

  22. i for one, a ps3 user am trying to keep my cool about these issues bethesda is having but sometimes it’s difficult when you get these updates with no real basis or evidence to show for.i can empathize with the other ps owners but i try keep the emotions on the low. i know it’s gonna come eventually.it’s the waiting thats the killer.

  23. I find the choice of image for this blog post to be humorous. “Happy thanksgiving from the courts of several ruling nobles whom you have deposed and are now glaring at you!”

  24. Happy late Thanksgiving to all of the folks at Bethesda as well. I hope you and your families were able to enjoy a wonderful feast without any arrows finding their way into your knees.

  25. Interesting goings on with the Bethesda community this thanksgiving.

    360 owners – looking forward to new exclusive DLC
    PC owners – Bethesda games in the Thanksgiving sale on Steam
    PS3 owners – a wave of thread lockdowns and forum account bans

    Read into that what you will.

  26. No Oblivion trophies, no Skyrim dlc?? Is there something going on here? I have yet to see a reason why Oblivion does not have trophies and the dlc is starting to be a little over the top. After playing the game, I seriously don’t believe that there are bug issues at this point.