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  1. I’m enough of a game geek to read and post here frequently, and I think this is about the most useless “accomplishment” ever. I can’t believe the Guinness people recognize this sort of thing.

  2. Maybe it’s like the Gunness advert the best things come to those who…

    No what could anybody be waiting for Beth to announce..?

  3. If this ‘content’ (whatever that vague term means to Beth) is anything less than ALL DLC (present and future) they can all go whistle for my hard earned cash!

  4. Beth is setting a new world records for the most patched game in world history ,one sided Dlc content and the best (WE’RE CLOSE) comment .Nobodys ever beating this record.

  5. Hello Gstaff

    Is there any chance well get news on skyrim ps3 dlc before christmas or even better get skyrim ps3 dlc before or by christmas?