Source Code and Title Update for BFG Edition

Good news for our DOOM modding community. Beginning today on GitHub, the GPL source code for DOOM 3 BFG Edition is available on the site’s id Software page.

Additionally, the next time you boot up the game on Steam, you’ll receive the new PC title update for the game. For more, read the release notes below.


  • All projectiles cast shadows
  • Texture LOD bias added to menu options
  • Added option to force v-sync (instead of “smart v-sync”)
  • Adjusted default brightness value
  • Shadow casting projectiles added to menu options
  • Allow setting anti-aliasing up to 16x on Nvidia hardware. AMD/Intel cap is at 8x
  • Adjusted range of vertical sensitivity (allows you to lower sensitivity further than original implementation)
  • Added option to disable checkpoints
  • Allow left/right to enter resolution menu
  • Variable FOV settings options were added into the main menu
  • Added controller bind options
  • Added additional anti-cheat measures


  • Fixed blood splatter effects break after reloading save game
  • Fixed broken view nodal code that allowed players to see through the world by backing into a wall and looking up
  • Fixed weapon impact effects break after using the artifact (heart)
  • Fixed leaderboards to work across languages

Reader Comments

  1. Who provides the Game so to speak and what does it have to do with Bethesda and howcome Skyrim doesent have Graphics like that.

    • UMM Zenimax owns both ID (Doom 3 creaters) and Bethesda Softworks (the distributor of all ID and Bethesda Game Studios Arkane Studios and Zenimax Online Games) and Bethesda Game Studios (The Developers of The Elder scrolls games not including Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 3) and Zenimax Online (The Developers of Elder Scrolls Online) and Arkane Studios (Developers of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Dishonored.)

      Please become educated before making a commment and Skyrim is a RPG and Doom 3 is an old FPS that they have upped a bit. Please GET A CLUE.

  2. Ammmm… Why not inlude DirectX renderer and You write in “README.txt” that we need DirectX SDK installed? you use just OpenGL.

  3. Hello Gstaff
    Is there any chance well get any skyrim ps3 dlc news before christmas or better yet get skyrim ps3 dlc by christmas?

  4. Hi, nice to see the patch becoming true. 🙂

    That said, the secret switch in the Underhalls (Doom 2, MAP02) still restarts the level, instead of leading us to the new secret map from the xbox version of Doom (MAP33 – Betray). I know the map exists in the BFG version of Doom 2 because I checked the wad through ZDoom.

  5. Unlikely that there will be any news of release prior to chrismas, just more of the same ” we’re working on it” or ”no news to release”. I wish there would be, as I am a ps3 user as well, but from the track record of Bethesda. This is the foreseeable outcome.

    • I don’t know I’m still a little optimistic about it since dragonborn is coming out next week for the 360 maybe we’ll get some news by then. News on ps3 dlc would make a good birthday present since it’s a day before dragonborn, but that may be just wishful thinking on my part I don’t know well see.

  6. GStaff, I still wish to know, and asked it a few posts back, does the game still require an EAX 4.0HD capable card or will the environmental sound effects be done by the CPU? (Software EAX)

  7. nice to see they didnt even bother to work on the multiplayer on pc guess the doors takeing forever to load and the hit markers not registering properly is part of the game and the best is the high ping players 400-800 ping with increased damage to lower pinged players !!!

    • They should’ve included the original deathmatch manaager so you can use your modem to dial your friend, or dial into a bbs and use IPX networking. I’m sure the developers didn’t want to write new netcode from the ground up for a 20 year old game.

      Just load the wad files into another client and play through there. (zdoom)

      • Yeah, but who still has a dial-up modem anymore, other than a few people who live out in the back end of nowhere for whom DSL, Cellular, or Satellite Internet isn’t an option? I haven’t had dial-up in ten years.

  8. Wonderful. Now you have rehashed Doom3 for … and profit could you perhaps give us out Rage tools and 64 bit executable.

    I don’t know why I bother. You can take Doom4 and ……

      • I’m going to assume he was going to say “shove it”.

        As for the Rage tools, we will (I hope) see those after the release of Doom 4, since the same graphics engine powers both. (Rage was the testbed for idTech 5, and despite its mixed reception, id apparently feels Rage was successful enough to work on a sequel.)

        Don’t know why PenGun is so hung up on a 64-bit executable, though. Yes, it would allow the game to advantage of system memory over 4 GB, and more importantly, high amounts of video memory, as 2 GB and 3 GB become standard with performance-segment graphics cards (for those who can afford to dump $500 on a video card… I sure can’t!).

        Yes, almost all modern computers come with a 64-bit processor (except for those with the VIA C7 processor, which is not aimed at gaming computers anyway), and any computer that doesn’t, probably doesn’t meet the requirements to play the game.


        A 64-bit executable would REQUIRE a 64-bit operating system. And unfortunately, not all new hardware ships with a 64-bit version of Windows. It should, but it doesn’t. So people who are still using a 32-bit OS are gonna miss out, unless they include both 32-bit and 64-bit executables.

        Having said all that… it’s nice to see some game devs are starting to push for 64-bit games now. It’s only taken about 7 years (Windows XP Professional x64 Edition was released in 2005) for it to catch on. I hate to mention a competitor here, but I need something to use as an example. EA-DICE’s “Frostbite 2” graphics engine will be 64-bit, and you’ll start seeing the first games using the Frostbite 2 engine next year.

  9. Built from source with VS2012 Premium; compiles fine and EXE launches OK, Doom 3 plays fine but Doom Classic (both 1 and 2) crashes with an Access Violation.

    Can anyone else reproduce this?

    I’m using cmdline `+set fs_basepath “E:\Steam\…”` to point to the BFG edition files directly from my Steam install. I’ll try copying the data files to the build output directory instead.

  10. way to fix the multiplayer all these could mostly been changed useing console but what really needed fixed never even got touched thanks for nothing p.s. are you gonna approve this message or delete like my last one

    • Ummm. just to clarify, this post is for Doom 3 BFG – why are people asking about Skyrim DLC here? some of these comments people have put here are ridiculous.

  11. Seriously: I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Classic DOOM BFG-EDITION for PC is missing features, that already were there with Doom95 / Collectors Edition many years ago, but it is much more expensive. Shame on you!
    Will there be an update for
    – Setup controls
    – Multiplayer
    – Use od PWADs
    – Cheats?

    If not, I’ll give it back!

    • OF COURSE it’s more expensive. You’re getting three games and all the official expansions; what did you expect?

      If by “Setup controls”, you mean “change my keys/button config”, well, I agree with you. The default controls work just fine for me, but I can see why they wouldn’t work as well for some people (e.g. left-handed people), and I don’t think it would be very hard to add a “Customize Controls” menu to the game.

      I don’t play Multiplayer, so that’s not a problem for me. Taking MP out of 1 & 2 was probably done for one important reason: The IPX protocol used by 1 & 2 is not compatible with TCP/IP. Though I’m not sure why they couldn’t have incorporated code from ZDoom (a source port of the original Doom engine), which *does* support TCP/IP.

      As for cheats, they DO work. You have to activate the console by adding “+seta com_allowconsole 1” to the end of the “Target” line in the shortcut properties. So, if you right-clicked on the Doom 3 BFG icon, and clicked on “Properties”, the Target line would say something like:

      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Doom 3 BFG Edition\Doom3BFG.exe” +seta com_allowconsole 1

      While playing the game, you have to hit the tilde (~) key to open the console, type IDKFA (or whatever cheat you want to use) and press ENTER, then press the tilde key again to close the console. Point is, the cheat codes DO WORK.

      PWADs would be nice, but it’s problematic. You’d have to convert them to the new file format… and id’s got “all hands onboard” working on Doom 4. They’re certainly not about to take time out to write a PWAD converter (at least not until Doom 4 has been released), which means waiting for a fan to write one.

  12. Hello. I find new feature in Doom3’s Update. But i don’t understand – what does it mean “Merged Threshold”.
    I turn on and turn of it, but i don’t understand, what changes when you change this setting?
    Can anyone say?

    • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, Pavel. I *think* it has something to do with the point at which the edges of some vertices are merged into a single object.

      Or, in simpler terms… let’s say you have a door in the middle of a wall. If it’s a certain distance away from you, the door and the wall will be rendered as one object instead of three. I’m betting that you lose a little detail on distant objects, but it cuts down on some of the calculations that the graphics engine would have to do, so you would have a slight improvement on frame rate.

      Anyone from iD or Bethesda care to respond? I’d love to know if I’m right… I’m just making an educated guess.

  13. Cant seem to be able to get Doom BFG Edition to work on PC. When I try to open the game it just goes straight to a page that says the following:
    X..GL_EXT_timer_query not found
    X..GL_ARB_debug_output not found
    ——— Game Map Shutdown ———-
    0: Speakers (Conexant High Definition Audio)
    2 channels, 44100 Hz
    Front Left and Front Right
    Default Console Device, Multimedia Device, Communications Device, and Game Device
    1: SPDIF Interface (Conexant High Definition Audio)
    2 channels, 44100 Hz
    Front Left and Front Right
    Using device 0
    ERROR: GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex not available
    Error during initialization
    Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
    …wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
    …deleting GL context: success
    …releasing DC: success
    …destroying window
    …shutting down QGL
    …unloading OpenGL DLL

    I have looked through some forums on steam as it seems that other users of the game have had the same problem. Some solutions have been given but i cant seem to get them to work