Ask Us Anything – Ebonhart Pact, Part 2

ZeniMax Online has come back with more answers to your questions about the Ebonhart Pact. Visit the official site for answers. Here’s a snippet…

I’ve read that anyone can use any type of weapon or armor. Have you thought about having alliance-only weapon/armor styles? (For example, chitin armor available only to the Ebonhart Pact, since they have exclusive access to chitin in Morrowind.) – By Jeremy Eddy

Armor in The Elder Scrolls Online is regionally appropriate, whether it’s a loot drop, merchant stock, or quest reward; however, with the right skills and materials, you’ll be able to craft items in any racial style.

Reader Comments

  1. I have a few Questions on Future TES Games and Skyrim.

    Will the MMO somewhat Spoil the Next Few TES Games yet to come and will there be more TES Games.
    Summerset Isle
    Black Marsh

    Seeing how Skyrim Dragonborn DLC will take us somewhat back to Morrowind, will the Next TES Game (Land) also be Cramped into a DLC or will there be a Next TES Game.

    Nimalten in the Rift, why is there no mention of it in Skyrim, wheres some Rubble or Book about the place.

    Knowing how you can go around Tamriel, will the Player meet the Greybeards and Paarthurnax or go to High Hrothgar.

    In Previous TES Games, Argonians and Kahjiits had Reptile and Cat like Legs, but since Oblivion, they have Human like Legs and Feet, why the change and will they have their Original Legs in the MMO and maybe the Next TES Game.

    • Firstly, the DLC doesn’t really take us back to Morrowind – it takes us back to Solstheim, an island outside of Morrowind. Most likely, provinces we have never seen before will be a game of their own.

      Nimalten is most likely the same town as Ivarstead.

    • The TESO can’t spoil thing for future TES as TESO takes place in the past. The Second Era, way before the events of any of the TES games that have been released to date. All Arena-Oblivion have taken place during the 3rd Era with Skyrim taking place during the 4th.

      Also what people seem to forget is that Bethesda is not working on TESO, its ZeniMax Online who’s working on the MMO.

      Bethesda, id Software, ZeniMax Online, Arkane Studios, all fall under the umbrella that is ZeniMax Media Inc.

  2. More Questions.

    Seeing the Tamriel Map on the TES Wiki, it shows Locations of Tamriel when i noticed a small Land called Orciniam, will that also be a Full TES Game or a DLC.

    Will the MMO have Updated Graphics and have Bloom Settings and Fixed Shadows, when can we have Fixed Shadows and Settings like Oblivion for Skyrim again, it seems this Game has been Downgraded to what Oblivion had in Menu Tweaking and turning Off Self Shadows, can we please have that for Skyrim in a Patch.

    • The area you are referencing is called Orsinium, its the “home” of the Orsimer (aka Orcs) {}

      It’s location has moved around a bit, ( It was located on a mountain between the regions of Menevia and Wayrest in High Rock, and has reemerged between Hammerfell and Skyrim.) given that time and time again Orsinium has been destroyed and rebuilt.

      Personally I feel that Orsinium would be a DLC packet for say High Rock or Hammerfell. Just not enough land mass for the Orsimer city to warrant a whole game. Unless our Orc friends go on a conquering rampage and take land from the weaken Empire.

  3. Why does the Blog always scramble Posts around after the Last Post, im seeing 2 People replying after Fulgore, but their Posts are in the Middle of the Blog way above.

  4. @gstaff I know this is a pretty stupid question to ask but will TESO also be available for consoles as well or is it only available to people with a computer?

  5. Gotta make damn sure to break your neck to answer them happy Xbox coustamers, don’t you? How about you give ps3 owners something, anything! Give us some info for the love of god, we don’t know shit or see any sign of dlc being close…like you so boldly claimed weeks ago! Proof give us proof!

  6. See what I mean? A happy Xbox consumer gets a little pick me up 2mins after he writes. A ps3 owner just gets ignored. Why should we even buy your games? You obviously couldn’t give a shit less!

  7. can we please have info on ps3 dlc’s rather than just ignorning us? with dragonborn coming up on tuesday, it’s not going to be good news for the ps3 community. i think you owe us atleast that.bethesda is so badly recieved since these issues, it’s everywhere. cant you give us a straight answer? we dont even have a date or any idea on what this ‘content’ is? we want confirmation. do the right thing bethesda. thank you!

  8. gstaffman seems to be quiet the past few days,even mr. hines is not reacting to comments from ps3 players on twitter. there maybe some news heading our way right about the release of’re gonna have to face us, bethesda. there’s no way around it. i do hope it’s goodnews. this waiting has been shelling out animosity on everybody.

  9. In EEO do you know how the sneak will work in PvP, and even though there would be no dragons or dragonborns could we go to the throat of the world where the graybeards are?