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  1. Wait, does this mean that Arkane knows how to release patches AND DLC for ALL THREE platforms at the same time?

    Wow. I don’t think I am used to seeing this.

    Why is it the companies under Bethesda seem to know what they are doing, yet the publisher still has no idea.

    Maybe Bethesda should just go into publishing and give/sell the rights to the Fallout and TES series to a company that knows what they are doing.

    • Skyrim is made by Bethesda Game Studios, which is an in-house developer of Bethesda Softworks. Arkane Studios is an in-house developer as well. Bethesda Softworks works as the Publisher. As soon as I saw this, I knew consoles and PS3 would be mentioned.

      Anyways, Dishonored works in a whole different way than Skyrim does and the way it is allows for the DLC to work well. The DLC and some of the performance tweaks for Skyrim uses a technique that works well for the 360 only console wise.

      This whole Bethesda makes the ES and Fallout thing isn’t true as I said, and too many people believe it.

      Anyways, developers still have problems with the PS3, it’s a great system, I own all the consoles and a PC, but there are limits to everything, yes, even the PC in a sense, of what can be done. Go look up the problems of the PS3 and almost every developer has complained about the system.

      • And yet, other developers seem to handle PS3 very well, even with the problems.

        I suppose that’s what makes them professionals.

        Tan-Tan 0_0

        • Sony is working with BGS to get the PS3 content working. If it doesn’t work then that means that Sony is having trouble too, even if it is their system. And it’s taken this much time so I am sure even Sony is having problems. Anyways, the way Skyrim runs with its resources doesn’t work so well the PS3. There’s really no point of comparing Skyrim with other games because it runs totally different from AI, the scripts and a lot more.

          I am sure that the developers are bummed about this too. It costs a lot of money to fix these kinds of problems. All Bethesda is doing is losing money fixing it, which shows they are trying. And if some think they are making them mad on purpose, there is no marketing strategy on that.

      • Actually, when content is released has nothing to do with how easy or hard it is to port the content. In reality, porting content between 360 and PC couldn’t be easier, and it’s not that much more difficult to port to PS3. Skyrim is developed on the PC, the DLC is probably tested on the PC indev though QC probably playtests on xbox since that is the target platform.

        Content comes out on Xbox first because Bethesda has a deal with Microsoft to put DLC on 360 first just like a lot of developers do.

        • Yeah, Sony already said they would create better hardware for their next generation, these sort of problems are two-fold: Microsoft pays money to basically make sure they get their dlc(Sony only buys entire game franchises apparently), and the size of the PC audience, which can handle whatever developers throw down the pipe, means that software is going to be developed with these audiences in mind over others. It’s just how things are right now and I really wish they would release new consoles, both providers have been terribly lax in this matter & this seems to be the real problem. Look at the XBL menu now, it’s insane. They aren’t getting anything right at this point, which worries me about the next console cycle, but the most important thing is that by not getting real about launching a new console developers across the board have been left in the dust to try to continue innovating while the hardware hasn’t changed. Thus the solutions are now one-sided. As well its likely the next generation of consoles won’t look as well as the current era of PC gaming, bigger TVs don’t mean better graphics.

          I’m just glad Bethesda decided to launch real DLC, it only took them 13 months. And it’s still overpriced. I mean, if I hadn’t bought Dawnguard, maybe, but this giant DLC is the same price as building arrows? This company is hiring too many people who make mods…While that’s all well and good if you want to sit down for a day or two and roleplay that you’re a hunter or something then they should get serious about creating that sort of content, but most people would be much better served by content that creates a mix of adventure as well as quite moments to fill in on your own.

  2. Exactly as mentioned above. Too bad i boycotted this game due to the ps3 dlc skyrim. Seems alot of other people did in regards to sales on the ps3

  3. You guys do understand that Bethesda is doing it for money. Microsoft is paying them to release it to Xbox early and so if you should be pissed go to Microsoft and stops annoying us.

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  5. I’m excited-VERY EXCITED-actually,and it’s high time Arkane get all the positive vibes and sales they need.They are very talented and worthy developers and deserve the best.And I’m one hundred percent positive Bethesda is doing their absolute best to promote their talent.Go Arkane Studios!

  6. actually Bethesda is just waiting until Dec. 10 to tell everyone thet the Ps3 DCT has encountered a problem and will to wait 6 years for an update

  7. and because at some time the truth must be restored,not only Dishonored is an exquisite game,but thanks to weekend sales and over sales numbers,Bethesda actually considers ita new franchise.Yay!

    Thank you my Bethesda!

  8. This DLC looks pretty insignificant, but my question is: Why is Bethesda competeing with themselves on the 4th? Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim comes out on the 4th as well.

    • Hi Jonesy. Where are you seeing December 4th? The blog post only says that it’s releases one week later on December 11th.

      Seeing that you said the 4th has me paranoid the date is listed inaccurately somewhere.