ESO Developer Question of the Week

We’re pleased to share the first-ever Developer of Question of the Week for The Elder Scrolls Online. Each week a member of the ZeniMax Online team will pick your brain by asking you a question related to next year’s game.

The first question comes from Senior Content Designer Greg Roth. After watching the video, share your answer the ESO Facebook and Twitter (#ESO) pages.

Reader Comments

  1. How about you answer the question of the year? Where is the ps3 skyrim dlc? How about the patch or even what the dlc is? Answer the real questions, this is pathetic!

        • Here’s the answer:

          What, we have to care about the PS3? We thought it was just a money grab. Crap, people care about the quality now? We didn’t. Now what are we going to do?

          • Sad but true…

            In the past, PC players had to deal with “first days bugs” but the modding community was a BIG helping hand back in the day for Bethesda(when nobody gave a sh** about console versions). But bad news for Beth: Skyrim was the embodiment of “hype” (for consoles)…

            So now people realizes the errors in Bethesda’s ways: You can’t rely on the fanbase to fix your games forever.

            The Xbox360 is ok with the DLC, so to speak, but they don’t have a modding community to fix bugs and this and that, so I suppose they aren’t in heaven either.

    • ESO is developed by a DIFFERENT divison of Bethesda than Skyrim, how many times must people say this? Falling on deaf ears? Spamming unrelated posts is not going to make any PS3 fix or DLC appear any sooner.

  2. My favorite villain is the random mythic dawn cultist who killed Uriel Septim VII at the beginning of Oblivion…

    That as**ole put the Empire against the wall, and 200 years later people are still paying the price.

    Well, yes, Mehrunes Dagon was behind everything, I know, but the one who put a sword on Uriel’s back was the nameless cultist.

  3. Yay, Mannimarco looks cool again. Maybe even cooler, since his Daggerfall appearance was all shroudy and a little on the generic side of the high fantasy scale.

  4. As a Bethesda game fan, I have nothing to complain about what so ever. Ive played Bethesdas games since Morrowind(inc Fallout3 and Obsidians NV) and they all have ran almost perfectly with minimal glitches, certainly none that come anywhere near game affecting.

    All you PS3 guys who got all worked up online over this past year have yourselves to blame for not having any dlc. Of course Bethesda werent going to release it unless it ran perfectly, for fear of more complaints. Id wager that, just like the original game, the dlc would run perfectly well for the vast majority of people.

  5. Is Elder Scrolls Online going to require steam? I pre-ordered Skyrim and was forced to install steam, as such I have played very little Skyrim and felt that I wasted money for software that forced third party software that I loathe.

    Tell me in advance this time. If you use steam again then I am part of the alienated fan base, if you don’t know how it’s alienating do some research. You are a company and market research is something you are supposed to do.

    Steam = bad
    is really the message I am trying to get across here.