Dishonored on Display

Just as Dishonored presents a variety of gameplay options, we’re seeing an eclectic mix of community creations. Spotted at deviantART, juhoham’s Shadow Over Dunwall tribute to Corvo (above) and Ormeli’s spot on cosplay of Empress Jessamine have become favorites at the office.

If Dishonored has inspired you to create fan art, a video, or even bake an apricot tartlet, we want to see it. Email us at [email protected], post it on the Dishonored Facebook page, or tweet us @Dishonored.

Reader Comments

  1. I had my doubts about Dishonored at first, but it ended being one of the greatest experiences I had on PC gaming…

    It it a good thing it sold well and became a franchise, despite what conservative people may think about sequels, some of us really want to see a Dishonored 2 and 3.

    Congratulations Arkane and Congratulations Zenimax…

    On topic: cool art, cool cosplay and the tartlet looks tasty.

  2. Must b nice but it’s still bs how Bethesda still can’t get any sorry ANY DLC on the PS3 if any thing they should fire Pete Hines ass from his job because he don’t give 2 shots just like Bethesda not to care about ifs fan base and also stop sucking microsoft s dick Bethesda