Dragonborn coming tomorrow to Xbox LIVE. Coming to PS3 and PC early 2013.

We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE.  It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.

We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.

The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

And we’re still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!

Reader Comments

  1. so when they said they were working on bringing dawnguard to ps3. u were lying? they have been no news on dawnguard or hearthfire for ps3. and some players really want the vampire poers and the crossbow. just admit that u lie so that i can move on and never boyher a bethesda game again.

    if u delet i will just write it agin.

    and pls dont say that dragonborn is ur current dlc right now because they had half a year to fix it on ps3. and it seems u are losing on ur pc fan as well to.

  2. Don`t play Skyrim in months by now. Didn`t bought Dishonored. Completly lost my faith in this company.
    And no, i wont buy an XBOX to play it or wait for a GOTY edition. This company wont see my money again soon.
    And yes, i`m a PS3 owner.

  3. I’m willing to bet Microsoft is not only paying for timed deals, but for PS3 to get no content. Bethesda, actions speak louder than words. Gstaff, I know you are only a Bethesda employee. I’m not hating you, I’m hating the company. Thank you for reading this comment, kindest regards, Blaine.

  4. I’m going to have time for a lot of gaming in the second half of December. After my previous DLC experiences, I’m not going to play Skyrim until the DLC is out; it was very frustrating to have hours of gameplay essentially nuked when I installed Dawnguard. So I’ll spend my holiday time playing games other than Skyrim, and I’ll probably be over it by the time the DLC finally comes out. Delaying the release until after the holidays seems like a self-defeating move.

    • And also, will you let Obsidian develop it? Please? They did a much better job with Fallout: New Vegas than you did with Fallout 3, bugs included.

      Just hire them to make all new Fallout games from here on out. And I’m not willing to argue with anyone regarding it, this is something that should be treated as fact. Because it is.

      • Better job? FO3 was probably the most buggy game in the history of the world, and FNV is defo in second place… really not much of an improvement. FNV was a much better game content-vise though…

        • Not sure what you’re saying, you agreed they did a better job… yet question it?

          “Bugs included” usually means it’s lumped in, not a separate matter of being much better. Or at the very least, I never meant it to. They may not have improved much upon it, as you said, but they certainly seemed to do what they could to fix it within the limits of the contract. Unlike Bethesda’s current attitude of “close enough”.

          Truly, though, I just wanted to rub that in Bethesda’s face. Obsidian has a more interesting history regarding such problems, you’d expect it to be worse, yet they managed to deliver a better experience on their first try — which it was, I certainly don’t recall as many problems with New Vegas that I had with Fallout 3. Or at least, that’s what I recall from launch.

          • Hmm. Don’t mean to make it sound like my experience is the definitive experience… what I mean to say is, I remember reading forums and such as well, the general consensus was that they were impressed considering it was Obsidian.

            That they also managed to do a better job on their first try than Bethesda as well. Though that too could just be the circles I was in at the time.

  5. @ gstaff

    As one of your company’s most loyal costumers, it’s been about 17 years now and more than 600 hours of playing Skyrim and Dawnguard I think I deserve some useful answers.

    I would like to know what is going on at Bethesda since yesterday. Is the Bethesda-staff recognizing that way more than 50% of your consumers are disappointed and angry like hell? If the answer to this question is “yes” –
    Does anyone even care about what is going on here on bethblog and in countless forums across the entire internet?

    Bethesda must have known that that the bulk of your PC and especially PS3 users would lose the small rest of their patience with Bethesda. Nothing was more obvious than that.

    Did Bethesda get such a huge amount of money from Microsoft, that it is not important to Bethesda anymore, if your costumers are satisfied or not with you and your products?

    Are you not caring about your PC and – above all – your PS3 users anymore, because it has become irrelevant – because of some inoficial deals with M$ concerning future “xbox720” exclusive Elder Scrolls titles?

    Ok – Behtesda mocks their Skyrim PC community, but what you are doing to the PS3 users is outrageously. As a PC user I demand free bonus add-on size content and price deduction on all DLCs for PS3 users.

    If you delete my comment, I will post it again – and again, and again and again and again – until I get anything more than standardized responses. It is nothing personal gstaff, but what the company you work for has been doing lately is not ok – and this whole affair has far exceeded a point where it has ceased to be funny.


    • Appreciate your feedback.

      The Xbox 360 got Dragonborn first, but as we’ve posted, it’s our intention to get it to everyone as soon as we can.

      Developing the content takes a significant amount of time and effort for each platform, but we think the wait will be worth it. And as I noted in the post, that’s not it. You’ll be hearing more next year.

      • I appreciate your quick answer – but you kind of avoided answering some of my questions.

        If it is your intention to get new content to everyone as soon as possible, I suppose it is important for you guys to make your costumers satisfied with your products. It is obvious that most of your costumers aren’t happy with the fact, that one special gaming system gets the long awaited content first, while everyone paid the same amount of money for Skyrim.

        “Developing the content takes a significant amount of time and effort for each platform, but we think the wait will be worth it.”
        That is not the point – Most users are willing to wait a certain time for good games. BUT – handing out Products to the above entioned “special gaming platform” before everyone else on other platforms are allowed to buy it, makes – in this case PC- and especially PS3 users – second class costumers. Which is bad. (I am not feeling well nor comfortable as a second class costumer.)

        AND if even then there is no significant information shared with those annoying “second class costumers” (eg. exact release date, information on exclusivity deals etc.) they start getting disappointed and angry with Bethesda – which damages your company’s reputation greatly.

        So, I just would like to know…how is the atmosphere at Bethesda Studios? Are discussions taking place about this serious situation Bethesda got itself into? Discussions about how you can make your costumers (especially PS3 users) satisfied with Bethesda again?

        • Pete Hines and gstaff

          public relations
          the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.
          the art, technique, or profession of promoting such goodwill.

          Alienating customers by providing vague information, or totally disregarding their questions is not a good example of public relations.

          Specific questions were asked, specific answers would be appreciated…

        • It’s clearly a money issue, and Bethesda are either unable to talk about it due to the contract with Microsoft or unwilling to talk about it because the deal was made after the release of the core game. It feels like the Fallout 3 debacle on PS3 again to me, where BethSoft wouldn’t come out and admit that Microsoft had paid them for one year, actively telling the PS3 user base that they weren’t getting DLC period until the exclusive period expired.

          Personally, I (and I’m sure a lot of other PS3 users) would be perfectly content and not as upset if Bethesda would just fess up to the sweet Microsoft money being the reason we haven’t got DLC yet, and not using the bullshit “coding issues” excuse they always use – which, as you’ll recall, they used during the Fallout 3 DLC at one point.

          Of course, it could be that the Elder Scrolls team is probably the single worst coding team in modern gaming.

      • As Joe mentioned, we won’t pay for the DLCs for Skyrim anymore. If I still feel I want them when (/if) they come to PC/PS3 I’ll pirate them for PC if they aren’t free. I hope many people are with me on this. Because we shouldn’t have to pay for it. If it isn’t coming, at least don’t say “Expect more info next week” and then the next week “We’re working on it but we can’t give any further information” Because that’s basically what you’ve been saying over and over again.

          • I can tell you that i will download from internet,since Bethesda doesn’t care about us…then i don’t care about “how hard they work”!Because i speak for myself,i’m not rich…and spending money in games nowadays is hard,but i did spend money on in this game for PC and for Dawnguard(Fallout 3,Oblivion and Morrowind,etc…)but no more!

            Great disappointment Bethesda!

      • I don’t see how it takes a significant amount of time.

        The modders do a better job patching the game than you guys ever do. You could release it right now, and they’d actually get it working within a few days. Whereas it’ll be just as broken then in the future as it is now.

        Unless, dear God… you mean to say Hearthfire was an even bigger mess before you released it on the PC?! Dawnguard too?!

      • You see Gstaff this is the biggest reason why we’ve grown to loathe your company. You know the PS3 users are upset over receiving no DLC and having all of our patches released months after the 360 and PC users get them but what do you do to show your support? Nothing, absolutely nothing. We’re coming up on the end of the year and yet we still don’t have patch 1.8, we still don’t have any DLC, and we certainly haven’t received an apology. You claim that you guys support us, prove it.

        • What makes the wait worse is the fact that the DLC story and stuff in it gets spoiled by xbox users talking about it, or a review site or even Bethesda themselves spoiling it.

          This is why other developers release DLC’s on all Platforms at the same time to avoid this type of trouble. I had Dawnguard endings spoiled for me because of this horrible DLC release plan. And that made the experience of playing the DLC worse and i bet it will be the same with Dragonborn.

          Loved Bethesda but after all the silly stunts pulled, PC users having to point out the game wasn’t optimized correctly, surprise release of dawnguard as in out of no where. The fact we can’t get a straight answer from Bethesda. I am sure i could name more things but i won’t because it all leads to the same thing and that is i won’t be touching another game made by Bethesda.

      • I will not be purchasing Dragonborn unless Bethesda GUARANTEES that Dawnguard/Hearthfire will be released. There is no point in continuing the story when you’re missing out on weapons that should have been in the vanilla game or perks that compensate for the extremely underpowered werewolves.

      • How is it nobody wonders …Xbox gets dragonborn but not pc…. Im done with ps3 for skyrim…iv converted my save to pc… But anyway…doesn’t Microsoft own Xbox and the os on ur oc …. So if it’s the same stupid company why can’t pc have what Xbox gets?

    • As a ps3 user I am very disappointed yet again I’ve been waiting for this dlc since it had been announced and bethesda made it sound like we were for sure getting this one. I paid just as much for this game as much as the xbox 360 users and quite upset that I havent been able to download one dlc. I do enjoy the game but every time a dlc comes out and I am neglected again I get a second thought on ever investing in a game from this company again

  6. Do you guys plan on releasing Dawnguard and/or Hearthfire? That’s the minimum we’re asking for and a simple yes or no answer would suffice. It would be appreciated if you answer and just saying yes or no would work.

  7. I think some people need to learn a bit of patience from the comments I’m reading. I’m sure there are still plenty of caves to plunder in the meantime or just try doing something else for a change; you’ll appreciate the game a lot more when you start it up again.

    I’m on 600 hrs and there is still plenty of thing’s to experience in this game so waiting a couple more months isn’t going to hurt, it just means Bethesda is working hard to get the other platforms as stable as possible. That’s good for everyone, surely?!

    • That’s your opinion. But it’s about the principle. Many of us feel treated badly by Bethesda. It is also not about if there are still plenty of caves to plunder or starting a new game. Waiting a couple of months for a game does not hurt at all, we all want a good game which runs smoothly and are willing to wait for a finished polished game.

      So that everyone can enjoy this game on release day, no matter which gaming platform is prefered by each user. BUT the game was released yesterday(from my point of view – Europe) ONLY FOR XBOX USERS AGAIN. PS3 did not even get their hands on Dawnguard.

      That PC users get every DLC more than a month after the initial release sucks – getting spoilered every two days sucks too – and paying the same price while getting nothing more than the same product, which was released more than 30 days ago is also not awesome at all. What Beth has done to PS3 users – That beats everything! No Skyrim DLC was released on PS3 and it seems like PS3 users won’t even get Dawnguard and Hearthfire before Dragonborn. It is an insult.

      And then there’s nearly no significant information shared and a lack of constructive communication with those mistreated costumers. Sry mate, but if you ask me: That is not good for everyone at all.


      • Not to mention the fact that bethesda didn’t tell us there would be another xbox 30(+?) day deal here. They said it would be released for xbox on the fourth, but of course they didn’t say a thing about pc or ps3, they just got everyone hyped up and ready to spend their money, and then dropped in at the last minute and said “suprise: the joke’s on you, people,as pc and ps3 won’t be getting it until next year he he he he.”

      • While I do agree on the PS3 part, I dont see why PC customers are complaining. With all the mods available for PC, I am sure you should be able to keep yourself entertained. You seriously can’t wait a month or so for the PC release? Geez…

        As for PC users buying the game at the same price – Steam just had Skyrim, Dawnguard AND Hearthfire at 30-50% discount.

        So lets compare:
        Bazillion mods that give
        Enhanced graphics
        Enhanced gameplay
        Quick bug fixes…the list goes on
        Late DLC releases

        Early DLC releases

        Argue for PS3 customers if you like, but every console company has deals with the game companies. Thats how they push their products. Ever seen God of War fans complaining how its not on XBox?

  8. Although it’s nice SOMETHING will finally come to PS3….

    How about you stop making new DLC and put the ENTIRE staff to work trying to figure out why you all at Bethesda are the ONLY IDIOTS IN THE BUISNESS that can’t get DLC to work right on PS3……………………. or games themselves for that matter, since for some people Skyrim was so buggy they couldnt’ even FINISH it.

    • We don’t know that for sure yet John. Pete Hines tweeted this morning that they DLC is in no way finished which means anything could happen between now and however many months “early 2013” is.

    • What i can’t figure out is, if Beths said that Dawnguard was so buggy and therefore couldn’t work on the PS3. Then why is it that the PS3 scene managed to get the PC version of Dawnguard working on there PS3’s, yes albeit they couldnt get everything working in it, but its opened it fully up to the possibility of having Dawnguard working on the PS3.. But guess what, Beths was told about this weeks after the PC release and even was told what wasn’t working and even how to fix it.. And the best of it is, that The modders admitted that they were releasing it, but told them what wasn’t working, and then spread it around the net. to show yes its buggy, but that’s because they don’t have all the patchs, but they did get it working..

      The worst of it all is, theirs modders out there that have worked out how to mod the ps3 skyrim game and include everything that’s been in most of the dlcs using mods.. which really shames Beth, as its the public having to do all the hard work just to be able to play the game with the new features. And yes due to Beth taking so long, the modders have even found out how to import 100’s of mods into a single game. which even Beth didn’t know about that..

      I had been a fan of all the Morrorwind games, and even bought games systems just to be able to play the games, for me its relaxation, however the more its happening the more I’m counting on the modders themselves as it seems, they are the one’s that’s going to be able to get all the DLC’s in the games before Beth can or even wants to..

  9. D’oh! Realized that it would only be natural for Zenimax to have forced a renewed exclusivity deal onto Bethesda – Zenimax is working on TESO. MMOs are expensive to make, especially when accounting for the technical aspect of the games (servers, supporting staff, etc). Cash coming in from MS effectively keeps the project going.

  10. we, ps3 users, have to stop crying, because God Of War is only for PS3 and like that, skyrim is MORE for XBOX.
    i really want DLCs but i cant wait anymore =( Bethesda should think in the future sales, i bet BETHESDA would sell more Dishonered and others NEW game in the next years.
    i am one, who didnt bought because of this many SKYRIM mess.
    XBOX = 3 DLCs and 1 update
    PS3 = Waiting and only reading ” we are close, we are working”
    and please “early 2013” is like saying, any day [first or the 364 day]

    im sad because this game is my favorite game in 23years (my age).
    Just keep working and try keep us more informed.
    [And please ready this and comment please, you never say something for me]

    • The difference between your examples is like this.

      Sony Published God of war, while a 3rd party published skyrim. Why would sony publish a game for a rival platform?

      As for whining, the PS3 fanbase did not whine (much) about the 1 month wait period. Microsoft throws it’s cash around a lot, and if it was just a month wait, or even a few months wait with a full accounting of what was going on, the errors, the results of those errors, etc.

      But instead we’ve had them blame sony, retract that statement, make other excuses, and not give any other information other than “maybe” or “we’re working on it, trust us *wink wink*”

      I’ll say it til I am blue in the face, This is Fallout 3 all over again. Ps3 won’t get anything till they are done milking the 360, then magically all the issues will be fixed.

      The word soon doesn’t mean 2 months, and unless you are on the last two weeks of december, it doesn’t mean the following calender year. Bethesda needs to stop jerking people around, and once and for all just be honest. ONE TIME, try it.

  11. I would still love to hear an explanation of the price difference between the Australian version and the us versions, particularly considering the steam version is a download so there is no cost to import. That doesn’t make any sense at all Bethesda and is simply you taking advantage of us.

    Also, I reiterate that you owe PS3 gamers after selling them a product you knew wouldn’t work as well as the 360 version for the same price, and then stringing them along when it comes to dlc.

    I loved Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Those are two of my 5 favourite games this generation. I want to love skyrim but you make it so very hard. Between delaying patches to the water patch that broke my game (patch made it so every time my character went underwater the game froze) I’ve had enough. Just fix the base game and release the dlc and charge me a fair price consistent with the rest of the world. Does that seem unreasonable? Am I asking too much?

  12. I find it odd that you intend to even attempt to release DLC for the PS3 when the vanilla game is still nearly unplayable on PS3.
    If Bethaeda cares even the tiniest amount about their fans they will.
    1. Fix the game for PS3.
    2. At least release Dawnguard for a discount and free Hearthfire.
    3. Their Microsoft contract is over, so release all content equally, or reveal if there is a new Microsoft contract.

    However, what do I think Bethesda will do???
    Act like nothing happens and continue aggravating about 50% of their fanbase. (Which you should know will likely never again buy your products if this garbage continues)

    • People need to listen. Skyrim not working properly on PS3 is NOT Bethesda’s fault. It is the fault of Sony. PS3 simply can’t handle a game as large as Skyrim with as much going on at once. It doesn’t have the memory capacity that Xbox and PC gave. So here are your three questions.

      1. They have been working to try to figure it out, with little to no help from Sony, when it isn’t even Bethesda’s fault in the first place.
      2. Why? You complain that they released the vanilla game when it has so many problems, yet you want them to give PS3 users additional content that will just cause more problems because their system can’t handle it? For free? If anything, Bethesda is doing people a kindness by not forcing them to take content that will only bog down their game experience even more. It isn’t their fault that the content doesn’t work right with Sony’s console.
      3. Actually, I believe that Hearthfire didn’t qualify as one of the two DLCs, because it wasn’t big enough. So they still have to release Dragonborn early for the Xbox.

      Seriously, people. IT IS NOT BETHESDA’S FAULT. They are doing what they can to make their product available. They are having to work with a difficult console and an even more difficult developer (Sony). As far as release dates, it is only a month! Do you have such boring lives that you cannot bear to wait a month for a DLC?

      • @Jesse

        The “PS3 is hard to develop for” excuse stopped being valid after 2007/2008. It isn’t even “hard” to develop for either, just different from the 360/PC and not what developers like Bethesda are used to.

        Every other developer can make games that run well, or at the very least better than Bethesda’s PS3 games, so why can’t Bethesda do it?

        I could understand if this was their first game on the PS3, some other developers had some hiccups with their PS3 games in 2007, but this is their third game (if you count F:NV) on the PS3, surely they should have seen these issues coming and ironed them out by now? Or got 4J Studios to do it for them?

        1. Bethesda have previously said that they’re “working closely with Sony” to resolve the DLC issues, so saying that they’ve had little to no help isn’t entirely true.

        2. We don’t want Bethesda to release additional content that will only cause more problems. We want them to fix the vanilla game and release the DLC in a working lag-free state. Is that so much to ask for?

        3. I can’t speak for all PS3 users, but personally I’m not bothered about the 30 day exclusivity, as long as the DLC works and isn’t 9 months late then I’m happy.

      • that is a cop out, the ps3/xbox 360 are at the edge of their era, any self-respecting company would have learned enough to code it properly.

  13. So… PC player here, and this means I won’t be able to play while I’m off work for Christmas/New Year? Well, thanks to your exclusivity, you’ve lost a sale at release. I’ll pick it up in a few months during a steam sale and play it this summer when I have some more time off. No more Bethesda games for me as long as the exclusivity thing is in place with any of your products. I was interested in Dishonored, but can’t bring myself to buy it just on principal. Bad business practices guys, just bad business practices.

  14. Does anyone realize the frustration and annoyance is PS3 owners are getting on skyrim . No updates No DLCs yet everytime we open a gaming news site new DLC coming early to 360. WTF I’ve been a loyal customer of Bethesda it’s just doesn’t seen like they even care at all or catering to the 360 . I’ve never been so extremely unhappy with a gaming company. Stop feeding us bullshit as someone wrote earlier a few of us bought the game just for the game we don’t care about DLC but hyping us up and not delivering is trash.

  15. I remember you saying the problem was not with Dawnguard or hearthfire, but with the dlcs in general. Now that you say you can run dragonborn on the ps3, can you release the previous dlcs, since the ‘DLC problem” was solved?

  16. And here we are…A good example of creativity being opressed by business. Come on guys i do trully believe that game designers, writers, programmers, artists etc would like it very much to deliver THE great game, and there is one and only platform for it- PC. Yeah it really comes to xbox and ps having crappy hardware. I remember Morrowind 10.5 years ago and it was WOW, that was THE game at that time. The gameplay, the experience and hell ye- the graphics were outstanding. And truth be told- if u patch morrowind with graphics&sound overhaul 3.0 it looks really good even today! I would say that it looks much better than oblivion and skyrim (not modded). I was happy with every single penny i paid for Morrowind and its expansions. What about Skyrim? It was released for PC, PS3 and Xbox so… yeah i must say the game doesn’t deliver best possible experience for PC users. If you want that experience- you MUST get a lot of mods people made for the game. So yeah – instead of a masterpiece we have this game for the three platforms. I pity people who made skyrim, because they for sure got money for their work but we all know that some things cannot be bought with money like satisfaction with what you make and achieve, the feeling of being proud with yourself, what you do etc… “We don’t need masterpiece, we don’t need something great- we need something to sell to make money” say business people. So we get what we get and it is frustrating as hell.
    But i see it is getting even worse with Bethesda discrimination between platforms. And it makes me sick. I will not buy anything from Bethesda from now on to make a point. You wanted a bunch of angry people? – You’ve got more than you could even imagine. And- I will repeat it- I do pity people working on the game because of the situation the management got them into.
    English is not native to me so i’m sorry for any mistakes in this text.
    “Fare thee well, and if for ever,Still for ever, fare thee well”

  17. i feel like bethesda should return every award they won for skyrim until they can fix the ps3 version and if they cant fix it then whoever was the runner-up shout get those awards. the truth is that the game wasnt finished and no single console should get better treatment over the other unless you specify that on the game’s box at the time of purchace.

  18. Hey gstaff, I’m extremely grateful for letting us know that PS3 gamers will be getting the Dragonborn DLC. It is a weight lifted off of our shoulders. However, many PS3 players are more interested in Dawnguard. Personally, I am as well. I’m not asking for you to give us a release date, but could you just give us another status update on Dawnguard please? Like if you are still working on it, have put it on pause, or if is no longer a goal of Bethesda. Just some information on it would be amazing.

  19. As a 360 user, It may come as a suprise to some that i am appalled at the clearly atrocious level of so-called customer service bethesda fans are obviously bereft of. My sympathies go out to PS3 users earnestly. Microsoft in general seem to consistently overshadow issues like this which exclude dedicated fans on other platforms….no wonder Sony is having a hard time. They have every right to be indignant about this travesty. Unfortunately i haven’t kept abreast of general news on bethesda….and only discovered this controvesy tucked away on the internet in a rather misleading way. It’s things like this which make me more convinced to purchase a ps4 next year and aid in the effort to let Microsofts voracious appetite for cornering the market dry out along with thier consumer base. That beside, i will no longer be purchasing any products from bethesda whatsoever until they realise that this debacle is much more than a simple issue of failed updates….you are denying consumers acess to content they should have a right to after investing time and money in your products. Good Day.

  20. I’m happy that Dragonborn is coming to PS3 even though it will be in 2013.

    However I (and many other PS3 Skyrim players) still want Dawnguard and Hearthfire to released as DLC for the PS3 too.

  21. I have a ps3 and I was excited when Bethesda said they were bring out dlc for skyrim. I was going to get them but now I have no interest at all. Only reason you have finally decided to bring a dlc onto ps is to earn more money.
    thank you….

  22. Huh, two of the comments that I made last night don’t appear to be there anymore……I wonder how that happened. Not.

    Bethesda, ignoring and removing people’s feedback isn’t going to win you any friends. As stated by others here who have commmented, you’re on thin ice, and that ice grows thinner with everything you do and say in response to my comments and those of my compatriots.

    And I also join my compatriots in saying that I won’t be buying Dragonborn. Your company, and Zenimax as well, probably won’t be seeing a cent of my money for a long time, if ever.

  23. seems gstaff isnt responding. probaly tryin to make up an excuses to us pc and ps3 players again. everyone know u wont make dawnguard and heathfire for ps3 just like wat u did to oblivion. only giving ps3 players shivering ilse and knight of nine. i personally wont be buyin any more berthesda game again.

  24. Can the GStaff come out and say if PS3 will get Dawnguard or Hearthfire at all? Bethesda states that PS3 will get Dragonborn, but what about the other DLCs. More information would be appreciated.

    • After they’re done with publishing Dragonborn for the PS3 they said they’ll have a look back on their previous work. Makes one wonder though…

      Have you seen the Dawnguard release date topic for PS3 on the forum? It’s about number 44(×220=amount of posts) now. Were they really having a department working specially on Dawnguard or where they fully focused on Dragonborn?

      They did get Sony’s help and for what, likely to code Dragonborn properly so it’ll work with the PS3. Now that they have the general idea ‘how-to-code-a-game-for-PS3 101©’ we can expect Dawnguard to roll in with the money they earn from PS3 players when buying Dragonborn.

      Thumbs up for the genius who stood up at Bethesda’s Round Table and said “We need to ask Sony for help!”. I hope now we can all enjoy the fruits of their labor in exchange of ours, would only be fair now wouldn’t it.

  25. Ah, good old Morrowind music… Brings me back to my PC gaming days. I know Skyrim originally had like one or two tracks from it, but I’d almost completely forgotten about some of the others. Dragonborn…

  26. HOLD UP. evreyone petet hines wrote on his twitter that the dragonborn dlc is not even completed for the ps3 yet. so that got me thinking that the release date wont be as early as we expected . we will probaly get another excuses from bethesda sayin “were still working on it”

  27. Ok my train of thoughts summarized:

    I spent on playing skyrim and its dlc dawnguard more than 600 hours BUT it doesn´t matter. More important are following facts:

    1. The ambition of a company should be to offer their customers (all of them) a for their needs tailored product. In this case it would mean that the main game and its dlc are programmed on every platform separately. -> Not done. PS3- and PC-users are afflicted with a xbox-console port. For sure it´s a reason why there are so many problems (bugs) on PS3. PC-users could be happier, because many (not all) bugs are removed by the mod-community. But there are still the compressed graphics.

    2. Furthermore the ambition of a company should be to offer every customer the same kind of service. In this case it would be that the product is avaiable on every platform at the same time (irrespective of the time it takes to release it), because the damage which results of a later release on other platforms is fatal and therefore disagreed the same price.

    3. At last normally the ambition of a company is to forge confidence between it and its customers by answering their questions (not ignoring) or better formulated by responding to the customer. In this case it would mean that Bethesda give a detailed statement about their problems with porting it on ps3 (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions), their decision why they released all their dlcs first for xbox (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions) and why they are mostly working for supporting the xbox (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions). BUT this did not happen.

    In fact Bethesda will tell us that it was only fortune that the xbox gets dragonborn first and it is only bad luck that the ps3 is without any dlcs today. If that infos are true, everything which was real before isn´t it any longer.
    But oh lovely fortune there is another theory, which implements some economic facts:
    The aim of the shareholders in zenimax and everywhere else is to put less money as possible in a project for the shortest time which is makeable with the biggest gains which are imaginable. This principe in combination with microsofts money create exclusives (I´m only waiting for the announcement that the “potential” “the elder scrolls VI” is a total microsoft exclusivity).

  28. I am very disappointed Bathesda. I bought Dragonborn 2 days a ago and I finished all the quests (witch were nothing special) in about 5 hours. Thats not much considering the DLC cost me 20 dollars (1/3 of the total price of Skyrim). But I would not mind that If the dragon riding was worth it… Its not !!! You cant even control the dragon. It just flys in circle (basically its more or less a cutscene). It is pointless, stupid and boring. Since the hole point of buying the DLC was to ride dragons around Skyrim, I believe that you should (at the very least) patch the dragon riding so that players have full control of the dragon for free (technically, since that was the main attraction of the DLC, players have already paid for this feature not to mention that PC modders have invented dragon flying mods months ago).

    • I agree with you there I was so excited for this DLC, especially after hearing it was going to be big compared to Dawnguard, which strangely enough i still have yet to finish. I finished Dragonborn in two days, the glitches were horrifying and the dragon riding was the greatest letdown that skyrim has ever given me; why advertise a cutscene like this? The trailer should have explained it was merely a cutscene where you could not actually control the dragon. I still enjoyed the quests don’t get me wrong and I love the new weapons, but the quest lines were rushed, cut short and the most exciting feature was the dullest feautre of the entire game, equaling pretty much to cooking: it’s a nice addition, but utterly useless

  29. I have read through the comments and I have to agree that Beths are yet again upsetting a large percentage of the customer base. Why not sit on the 360 DLC until the PC and PS3 versions are ready to be released.

    One thing that Gstaff didn’t explain, and I feel this is a very important point, is how can you not have the PC version of the DLC ready to ship when logically you must be programming it on a PC in the first place? The Xbox doesn’t run 3d Studio Max!

  30. Too little, too late.

    You lost me as a customer when you pulled the asinine excuse of being unable to code DLC for the PS3, when no other game developer seems to have that issue.

    Your continued excuses as to why you won’t give PS3 users DawnGuard or Hearthfire has only cemented that for me.

    I will not buy another Bethesda game, nor will I pay for any DLC for any of your games.

  31. Dear Bethesda.

    I am a PS3 user, and I have always loved your open world games. When dawnguard was announced I was so excited and happy, and when it was postponed for the PS3 I was patient, I waited, with next to no feedback from you. and then the same thing happened with Hearthfire I were still patient. but slowly i gave up on getting any DLC. When Dragonborn was announced I just thought “YAY another piece of cool stuff I will not be getting”. But when I saw that Dragonborn will be released for PS3 in 2013, I was extremely happy. But I still feel disapointed because of the lack of feedback. Now I want to know: WILL DAWNGUARD AND HEARTHFIRE BE RELEASED FOR PS3??? I know guys have had a hard time, but please just tell us. Please.

    A plead from a loyal fan of your games.

  32. I think all PS3 Players should just boycott all the DLCs Because of lack of attention or should I say lack of content!! we have been waiting long enough it been 6 months and still no head way on Dawnguard

  33. Can Bethesda clarify whether or not that ps3 will get dragonborn, or any dlc for that matter, before dlc #4 is released for xbox? And if you actually realise the effect releasing more “unofficially exclusive” content on Xbox would have on the rest of your fan base?

    If I find that the next dlc has a release date on xbox with absolutely nothing for ps3 still, and the only comment on the matter is “we’re still working on it” will be the final straw for me; the copy of skyrim that’s gathering dust on my shelf will be sold and I’ll never part with my hard earned money for anything with a Bethesda logo on again

  34. All I want for Christmas is for somebody to sue Bethesda and win. Apparently that is the only way to get to them since they don’t listen to their fanbase.

  35. beth just stop making games for ps3 look at halo,gears of war,mass effect,ect. all the these series for the xbox all the way why make your lifes even harder than it is cant even make simple patches and dlc’s for the poor ps3 players…turn a new leaf guys.

  36. Hey guys, I got Dragonborn and I am a few hours into it. But everytime I’ve faced Miraak, He stops fighting, stands in middle of the area, and is stuck in some kind of phase thing where I can’t hit him. Am I the only one that’s having this problem?