Dragonborn coming tomorrow to Xbox LIVE. Coming to PS3 and PC early 2013.

We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE.  It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.

We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.

The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

And we’re still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!

Reader Comments

  1. And no word about the exclusivity , was it active ?
    Didn’t Hearthfire count ?
    Well at least there’s more information than anything that was said for the past months.

        • Ahh why can’t I edit the comments , anyway.

          This is getting worse , now don’t get me wrong , this is the DLC I’ve been waiting for and I have a lot of patience , I don’t mind waiting for a month.
          But the fact itself , this boot licking is what makes me angry , don’t you even remember the platform that FOUNDED the TES franchise ( PC ) ?
          Why the hell do you act as if you don’t even care ?
          Of course , we get mods and all the customization , which basically makes Bethesda games on PC superior to Consoles but please , building your game on a console and acting as if Xbox is the main and the most important thing is to say the least idiotic.

    • xbox has exclusivity over the first two expansions. hearthfire didnt count because it wasnt expanding with missions or anything really substantial. all it did was give you 3 new houses but you had to build them then furnish them. for the amount of time it takes to do all of that you could have spent clearing out dungeons

  2. C’mon Bethesda… I love asserting the 360’s authority over the PS3 as much as the next guy… but it’s time they got some DLC too. It’s not fair.

    • Why are you not happy? At least you’ve got the previous DLC and mods to keep you going. The consoles don’t have your mod’s or anything, so really they should be more angry than you, especially PS3 owners.

  3. Excuse me Bethesda, but what are you talking about?! PS3 users still waiting for Dawnguard DLC and you keep releasing new DLC on 360!

    • We believe Dragonborn is our best add-on for Skyrim yet, and we didn’t want fans to wait long, so that’s our current focus. Each platform takes a lot of time and attention.

      For PC/PS3, we don’t have an announced release date to share uet. We’ll provide a head’s up as soon as we’re ready.

      • So, I take it that means we won’t get the Dragonborn DLC? You promised PS3 users that we would get Hearthfire and Dawnguard months ago, and you have nothing to show for it. You also promised us the most recent update for Skyrim, and we haven’t received that either.

        • “we didn’t want fans to wait long, so that’s our current focus. Each platform takes a lot of time and attention” So where the hell is Dawnguard? Where is Hearthfire? Where is patch 1.8 for crying out loud?!?! By ‘fans’ do you mean solely Xbox users because that’s what it’s been, over an entire year of nothing for the PS3 users. Why don’t you guys take a little break from catering to the Xbox and get us the content that came out 5 months ago!!!

      • when u said we didnt want our fan to wait long i just laugh. we ps3 users have waited for months now for dawnguard and hearthfire. now it seem we are goin a whole year without any dlc.

    • GSTAFF

      When are we going to see that big patch that was promised to us nearly a year ago that was supposed to concentrate on game quest fixes? Enough with the DLC already and fix the base game!

  4. If you can deliver a polished product to PC and PS3, I don’t mind, really. After all, PC gamers can enjoy the community’s ever-increasing (in quality and quantity) mods. It’s a bit sad that xbox players can’t enjoy all these wonderful mods out there, so I guess it’s only fair to hand them some DLC a bit earlier than us.

    • They don’t care. The lesson from Fallout on ps3 was that they don’t give a flying f**c. They cut support when FO3 and FNV was still an absolute mess. FO3 was so buggy on release, that a buddy of mine had to try nine times to make it through the birth in the beginning. After that, i thought beth had learnt their lesson, and i thought i would try FNV on ps3…. and my oh my…. the buggiest game i have ever played. Awful is the only word.

  5. Please give us a reason for the PC delay. Is it because of technical issues like the PS3 version? If not, then we deserve an explanation for giving XBox yet another timed exclusive.

  6. Didn’t Bethesda say that only the first 2 DLCs would be XBOX exclusive?
    And now THIS????
    Why do PS3 and PC players have to wait a month longer? Did we pay less for our game or are we somehow inferior?
    I spit on this decision of yours, Bethesda! Shame on you!

  7. Bethesda, as someone who is still playing Skyrim regularly on PS3, and has been let down a lot by the DLC situation for PS3, you’re really getting my hopes up. Really. Don’t let me down guys. Seriously. Un-break my heart.

    That said, you guys are the best. Keep up the great work.

  8. What a slap in the face to your PC base. I was holding out hope for a Dragonborn over the Christmas vacation. Eat shit Todd Howard, after years of praise I am withdrawing my support.

  9. “It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.”

    “It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for some of you to play it.”
    ~Fixed it~

  10. So after continuing to be incompetent in regards to releasing the previous two dlc for ps3.
    You put off releasing one which( you claim) will work on ps3?

    Nice work guys

  11. Here are some words of wisdom, BGS:

    Nobody likes (timed) exclusivity deals
    Nobody likes being kept in the dark
    Nobody likes developers that do these things

    You are walking on very, very thin ice, guys. You could only keep this up because you still make rather good games. But one day, that ice will break. And spring seems pretty close these days.

  12. The reason PS3 users don’t get it early is because they are all little whiners, just deal with it, also PS3 has such a bad Network

  13. Yeah, I know. I woke up early today because I thought it came out on today, on the 3rd, damn it. Oh well. Back into hibernation until tomorrow.

    Also, I’m a 360 player, but I’m beginning to become frustrated for PS3 owners.

    PC owners have mods, they can shut their mouths so far as I’m concerned. But with the PS3, it’s not right to alienate 1/3rd of your fanbase. I don’t understand what’s taking so long. ‘Not satisfied with the performance of Dawnguard on the PS3 yet’ is the excuse I heard. Well, Dawnguard was released almost half a year ago, there’s no reason the problems can’t be fixed in that time. Come on, guys.

  14. And once again, PS3 players get the shaft.

    Don’t tell me about a new and exciting DLC coming out when you haven’t resolved the issues with the last one. Or have you guys just given up?

    Not happy.

    • And just when I thought TES was the best franchise I’ve ever seen, this happens…

      What did we do to deserve this? Is the PS3 so hard to code they simply gave up?

      • From what I have been told, PS3 is awkward to code for, especially when trying to export games from PC to PS3. I could be wrong though.

    • It’s years since that was any kind of viable excuse. Everybody else got it by know. Just look at the huge Far Cry 3 running just as well on ps3 as on xbox. It huge, it’s open world and it works perfekt. And it looks ten times better than Skyrim.

  15. I feel so sorry for PS3 players, they don’t seem to be having a very good Skyrim Experience. I feel fortunate to be playing it on PC, even if I have to wait a little longer. Good Luck PS3 gamers!

    • i play it both on PC and Xbox, so i get the first dlc without having someone mod it, then i get to play with modded updated version with extras. its awesome. as far as ps3 players go. im sure everyone and their mama told you the ps3 sux and Xbox is better and this is just one of the many reasons lol.

  16. As a PC gamer I’m getting a little tired of getting the short shrift from Bethesda. My computer system runs on a Microsoft product so there is no reason to short me when it comes to releasing DLC. To be honest I’m going to be rethinking my game purchase strategy in 2013 and going forward. Bethesda may end up being knocked off of the table.

    If I have to wait, I may as well go whole hog and wait until the GOTY editions hit the resale wall at Gamestop.

    • You have mods, don’t you? And you can’t find something to entertain you until this comes out?

      Stop crying. Be angry for the PS3 players, who’ve gotten nothing but awful performance and are getting the shaft on the DLC without the mods to keep them playing something new.

      • I agree with Eric. I’ve been playing Skyrim on my PS3 for a year already (I didn’t buy it immediately after the release), and it became boring long ago. Please, is DLCs are harder to code on PS3, then focus MORE on the PS3!

      • You know, I for one am getting tired of hearing (reading) this. You do know that mods are user created, right? Bethesda doesn’t give us mods, modders do. I don’t get why that is so hard for you guys to understand. And don’t start with the whole “they gave you modding tools” bs, because modders were creating mods for this game before the modding tools were available, and would have continued making them even if the tools never became available. That’s the community, not Bethesda.

        • I think the point being made is that new content is new content, regardless of source. It may not necessarily be the quality you would expect from Bethesda, but PC players have the opportunity to expand their game, whether in quests, items, locations or any other content. You are absolutely right that modders have been changing the game before the tools were available, but they have only been able to make PC mods available to the general public. The issue being raised is that Xbox and PS3 players don’t have the luxury of mods, and to date the PS3 player’s haven’t had any options for new content at all.

          • I sympathize with PS3 users, I really do. But as to the exclusivity of this expansion, and previous DLC, to xbox whether timed or otherwise… Rewarding gamers for choosing a highly restrictive platform by giving them DLC first is unacceptable. It’s Microsoft that doesn’t allow xbox gamers to have access to mods. Bethesda would love for console gamers to have mods, because it greatly extends the life of the game, but Microsoft blocks it. If you choose to play on a restrictive platform that will not allow you to have access to all available options, that’s no one’s fault but your own.

            As for mods on the PS3, I’ve read that certain mods do indeed work with the PS3 version of the game, just like they did in Fallout NV. I don’t own a PS3, so I can’t confirm that, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like Microsoft is the only one who has problems with mods. I’m sure they’d block them on the PC too if they were able to, because if you’re not buying it from them, they don’t want you to have it.

  17. I didn’t know that this was another Xbox exclusive. I was really disappointed by the news. Nothing we can do to rush the launch for PC. 🙁

  18. Khajiit welcomes you friend.
    Amaki’dar is hoping this next expansion is free. Not easy to pay when one is out of work. Amaki’dar thinks that if she must pay for this one, then she’ll simply wait till the price goes down, or until it is on sale. Amaki’dar almost didn’t buy Hearthfire. Then it went on sale for half off. Amaki’dar was happy with that.
    She also hopes that this next expansion will be awesome.
    May your road lead you to warm sands. =^.^=

  19. Dear Bethesda,

    It appears that once again you have fueled mine and other’s anger toward releasing DLCs at different times. I do believe you owe us all an explanation of why you would do this.

    You obviously have no idea about the grief and anxiety you are causing out here. Some say you are treading on very (VERY!) thin ice and I for one agree. I would go so far as to say the ice itself is gone and you’re walking on water – no wait, that won’t do as a metaphor.

    Despite what some may say (you don’t owe us anything; you could have left Skyrim after one year and moved on to the NBT; this after is just a game and we’re in this for the bu$ine$$), it is clear to me that you owe us everything. And you owe it to us now. AND! I would say it should be given to us at half price… or, OR! free!. No, you should pay US! Yes, that’s right. Otherwise… oooo, I’ll be SO pissed off, and then you’ll see!

    P.S. Almost forgot:

  20. Can no one be a little grateful?? Ok I understand where the irritation comes from but let’s look over the positives. PS3 users are now guaranteed to be able to get this download. It might not be as early as us Xbox users but it’s better than a third failure to deliver DLC. Second of all, PC gamers need to stop demanding everything go their way. If Xbox gets it first then so what. PC users get Steam and Workshop given to them to re-design much of the game and do almost whatever they want anyway. I’m sure they can wait just a little bit longer. I think it’s sad that some, if not most, PC gamers believe they’re above console players because everything just happens to be better on PC. Well not all of us have access to one or can buy one. Consoles are easy access to games, and in my opinion consoles should have first dibs on dlc. Because if we’re so inferior then we should get extra content that the PC doesn’t have so it’s fair. We may be console users but that shouldn’t exclude is from getting game content at the same time as everyone else. The exclusivity for Dragonborn puzzles me too, and I hope PS3 users don’t have to wait for long as dlc has been long overdue. But Hearthfire wasn’t really a proper dlc, it was a miniature add on. I think PC gamers need to stop thinking they have to get everything first, simply because their God like computers are supposedly better than consoles. They obviously don’t need dlc if they can create whatever they want on Skyrim anyway, something we can’t do and yet don’t cry about

  21. So what I read in that statement is that either you’ve made one DLC work on PS3 or finally made all 3 work on PS3. I honestly think all of them are broken on PS3 still.

  22. I have an xbox so i will be getting the DLC sometime this weekend. But keeping PC and PS3 players waiting for next year, after the month of December is over, the month with a Christmas/Holiday/whatever-you-wanna-call-it break, for a new DLC to come out is a bit unfair. I can handle a week or so but when repeatedly doing so with all the DLC, it becomes very annoying. For people anticipating a release and wanting to play it and then having to wait another month will piss a lot of people off.

  23. Seriously, Bethesda. What’s with the timed exclusivity? Is it because you need time to knock out the kinks on the platforms that you know will be buggy?

  24. @gstaff i dont know if im going to be thrilled or meh about this? bethesda, DROP THE ‘EXCLUSIVITY’!!! this has been going on since oblivion. btw, the question still remains is there dawnguard/hearthfire on the ps3? that’s what this drama is all about in the first place, right? congrats btw.

  25. Also this is the second big DLC release this/early-next year just one year after game release. In the between time there were so many additions and free content, even a High-Res Texture Pack for the PC. Geezuz are you forgetting the big support for PC here or did you all just wake up and step into a LEGO before writing your comments on here?

        • I agree. Frankly, after spending almost 700 hours (Yes, you read that right) over the past 13 months playing your game, designing mods for it, and testing those mods, I feel entitled to know if there is going to be a delay for a piece of content I would very much have liked to play, or even if it is coming out at all.

          I’m done. Not another dime, not another cent spent on your products when I’m a second-class consumer in your eyes, not another hour put into the communities of those games.

          And speaking directly to you, Gstaff, do you even understand why we on the PC,and far more than us, the poor players on the PS3, are upset? I would really love to hear what you think about this. I refuse to believe that you had no idea whatsoever when this content was likely to be released.

          If this isn’t read by anyone else at all, which I’m guessing it won’t as you appear to really hate those pesky people who won’t just sit there like good boys and girls and buy your corporate doublespeak, then just know that every person you silence by comment deletion feels more alienated, less valued by your company, and is far more likely to stop buying.

          Because that is all you understand.

  26. Most likely, big bags of cash or a well worded letter from the Lawyers from Micro$oft resulted in the timed exclusive deal being extended. The argument could be made that if Hearthfire was to count towards the 2 timed exclusive deal that Micro$oft didn’t get their money’s worth.

    Also, they know that the hardcore PC users will buy even if they have to wait.
    I don’t like this, but that’s the camp I’m in.

  27. So, is Dragonborn really confirmed for PS3? And what about Dawnguard and Heartfire? Please, I don’t mind waiting, but, as said above, NOBODY likes to kept in the dark.

  28. I find it a little disconcerting that yet another DLC is being released for XBox360, when PS3 have yet to receive any of the DLC and recent updates.

    We were told that the first two DLC for Skyrim would be XBox360 exclusive for the first month, but now this?? Why should PS3 and PC users wait an extra month while XBox360 users get to enjoy yet another DLC? I call total BS on that. PS3 users have been waiting for /months/ to have our game fixed, and for DLC to be open to us. Bethesda kept giving us dates on when DLC would be ready, and time and time again that date was pushed back. And now there is no date at all, and it definitely seems like we’re being forgotten.

    I’m definitely not happy with this decision. gg Bethesda.