Dragonborn coming tomorrow to Xbox LIVE. Coming to PS3 and PC early 2013.

We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE.  It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.

We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.

The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

And we’re still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!

Reader Comments

  1. phreatophile said:

    “It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for some of you to play it.”
    ~Fixed it~

    “It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for XBOX360 owners to play it.”
    ~corrected it~

    I am a PS3 owner, and I remember buying Skyrim FOR Skyrim, NOT for DLC that most of us suspected would never come our way. And I’m not looking to start a “x comsole is god” debate with anyone – but if Bethesda keeps bending over for Microsoft, 1/3rd of it’s fanbase might collectivly give them the finger…

    360 owners have the DLCs, PC owners have both DLCs AND mods, and PS3 owners get squat. Know what? I’m cool with that because I buy a game for the game, not for potential DLCs that may or may not ever arrive.

    @Bethesda – I’m one of a VERY SMALL group of old school gamers who buys a game for the game. Many today buy a game for DLC, multiplayer, etc – not FOR the game, but for the extras released at a later date.

    I, personally, don’t blame you for making business deals with Microsoft when it comes to timed exclusivity deals; but at the same time it’s not exactly good business. It’s RISKY business. PC owners don’t feel as shafted as PS3 owners(as they eventually get most of the DLCs), but to use your statement about Dragonborn as an example, they are shafted for the next 31 days because of it. If you guys really mean that you care about your fans, you might want to start doing some serious thinking about us instead of the dollar amounts. If PS3 isn’t getting the DLC, hey that’s all good – but don’t lead us on and on and on and not deliver. Many people agreed with me over on Gamefaqs – if we are not getting it, just say so and we can all move on…..but it should have happened back on Day 1, not this late. A little honesty can go a long way……..

  2. I doubt they’d scrap the dlc, but they could be biding time to release it into one big package at a discount for PS3 users or perhaps as part of a GOTY edition. Something along those lines anyway. No matter how much the PC dudes bitch about how they are annoyed at not being treated like the eldest child and given what they want when they want it, they’ll still buy it because if they’re as serious about being the first Elder Scrolls fans as they like to brag about then they won’t just throw away Skyrim in a huff. They’ll just sulk until it’s released

  3. I bought the collectors edition for ps3 on release day. Skyrim was easily my most anticipated title of this generation. I will never be able to understand how they can treat a large majority of their biggest fans like garbage. Thank you Bethesda, for showing your true colors.

      • It’s kind of odd how we get Dragonborn before Dawnguard and Hearthfire… But at least it’s something. I’d rather ride dragons and re-explore Solstheim than be a perked-up werewolf.

      • You’re not missing much on Hearthfire.

        Seriously, it’s not even worth it and I’m not only saying that as a PC user, it is legitimately not worth the price on any console.

        Arguably also Dawnguard. I’d ask that to be lowered to ten dollars for PS3 users, considering all the shit they’ve had to put up with and that’s about all it’s worth — I care not for arguments regarding inflation. You’d think Steam could work the Workshop for them too… but that’s a Valve and Sony thing.

  4. Gstaff

    Awesome news however does this mean ps3 users won’t get to see dawnguard or hearthfire this year if at all?

      • What about fixes for the base game?

        Need I remind everyone what the DLC did to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

        gstaff, it would really suck for PS3 users to wait this long for a shred of DLC just for it to make the game an unplayable slideshow. Bethesda has a terrible track record when it comes to releasing DLC on the PS3 console.

        Are we going to get our base game fixed?

      • So, we’re still going without dragon bone weapons that should have been in the VANILLA game? And we’re stuck with underpowered werewolves and vampires. Thanks. It only makes it that much harder to keep our high leveled characters going.

      • What I love is that Gstaff didn’t answer your question at all. All they said was, “More DLC coming in the future”. This means that no, PS3 users will not get Dawnguard or Hearthfire at all.

      • That looks like a “no”. I don’t want “more content in the works”, I want to catch up on what others already have. Will that happen? A yes or no would be great. Thanks.

      • “As we have new info on title updates to share, we’ll post an update.” Yeah right, just like you’ve been doing for the last 5 months? You guys have had OVER A YEAR to work on content for the PS3 and you have given us NOTHING. Actions speak louder than your false promises. Put up or shut up Gstaff.

        • lol first im a bigg ps3 user 2nd)its been 7 months 3rd)if you read between there lines there saying they are in along term deal with xbox thats why once again xbox are getting it first 4th)gstaff has been on hush for along time on skyrim ps3 content so i guess they cant put u…but in the mean time want to use my lube seems gstaff ran a train on us really hard

        • Too bad it’s broken because he uploaded DG to PS3 the same way Bethesda tried. 1.Build it on xbox, 2.tweak it on PC, 3.then load to PS3 to see how it fails.

          Bethesda build your DLC to work for each console separately!

      • Xbox and PC are always hungry for new content.

        PS3 has been bone-dry starving for months now, so kick us to make sure we still move.

        If your costumers were dogs, we would have never survived the first summer after dawnguard.

  5. Nice to see that this mod’ll be big, and its awesome news to know that it’s planned to be released for the PS3 early 2013! Shame all the complainers seem to forget Microsoft’s 1-month exclusivity deal with Bethesda for the first three expansion dlc (not add-on (examples include Hearthfire, or Oblivion’s horse-armor))

    But hey, what can we do?

    Keep it up Bethesda! (also wouldn’t mind to see a progress report on the other two dlc, I’d like vampires to more usable as well as werewolves!)

  6. I’m glad for a definite release timeline for any PS3 DLC, but is this one all you were referring last month when you released that PS3 DLC was close to happening? Will we see the other DLCs on PS3 or is this the only one that you can say for sure is coming?

    I for one won’t be buying any one DLC until I know I can get them all, because I’m not going to spend anything now just to see that the only way to get the other stuff is in an Ultimate Edition of some sort and end up having to double-dip on the one I did get. I’m sure that other players can see the logic there.

      • That’s definite, though. Everything up to this point has been a “you’ll have to wait at least 30 days” or a “planned release at a later date”… essentially, a “TBA”. On this one, we can say definitively “first half 2013”, meaning that they’ll actually be breaking their word if it arrives any later than June. So far, they haven’t broken their word, because they never gave any sort of time frame. This is different.

      • I would wager that that phrase is supposed to mean fourth quarter, so anywhere between beginning of January and end of March

  7. They’ll never release this for ps3. I been waiting for the first two DLCs but gave up. If game companies keep with this trend, consoles will die out a lot sooner than they think. I don’t mind add-ons that expand the game but I do mind that they make games with locked content that you have to pay more money to play it… And they wonder why sales are down…

  8. So Microsoft payola was a greater sum of money than christmas sales, huh?

    Taking Microsoft payola like this is only detrimental to you. You’ll become so used to it that suddenly Microsoft will exert themselves and force you to release stuff exclusively for them or else they’ll make you pay through the nose for a license to publish for it. That’s how Embrace-Extend-Exterminate works.

  9. Thank you for finally at least mentioning the PC release date. I’m still not happy about the wait, as I feel multi-platform titles (including DLC and expansions) should be released on all available platforms at the same time. That being said, I am looking very forward to this expansion as a return to Solstheim is something I was hoping to see ever since I first watched the teaser in 2010 and heard those “Morrowind heart beat” drums at the end.

  10. I’m so done with it. Again a xbox timed exclusive DLC. “And we’re still not done – with feeding the xbox!” No significant information about Dragonborn was given to PC and PS3 Skyrim gamers – alright, that’s one thing. But not even now PC and PS3 users get an exact release date for Dragonborn. “Early 2013” can mean anything from January to March. I am desperately disappointed with you guys at Bethesda because of the lack of constructive communication with your costumers and these timed exclusivity deals with M$ which are nothing more than unfair business practices.

  11. Bethesda has supported Skyrim (on all platforms) more than any previous Bethesda game, which is great.
    Sure, the PS3 version has had its problems, but to say that Bethesda has abandoned them and “treated fans like garbage” is absurd. Bethesda has done and is still doing what they can, it’s just not that easy. There’s a big difference between abandoning and trying really hard, but not (at first) succeeding because it’s difficult. I think most people forget that.

    In any case, I’m very happy for the extra free content you’ve given us (like mounted combat, better underwater visuals, etc), and I’m looking forward to Dragonborn. It seems like a much more interesting and robust DLC than Dawnguard (which, I think, didn’t seem that interesting unless you’re a vampire-fan). Bethesda, if you read this, know that most of your fans prefer DLC that expands the vanilla worldspace with whole new places to explore, like Dragonborn, and unlike Dawnguard (which only had very few new, small places to explore).

    Thanks Bethesda for being the best world developer out there. If I ever continue to play games when I’m older, it will be just your games 😉

    • sorry about that but it does show my level of frustration,love skyrim and fallout but please sort this mess out or dont be greedy

  12. GSTAFF, when are we going to see what big patch that was promised to us nearly a year ago that was supposed to concentrate on game quest fixes? Enough with the DLC already and fix the base game!

  13. “[…] we’re excited for everyone to play it.” Really? Because it certainly doesn’t seem like that. Why have you once again sold out to Microsoft? Why wasn’t this announced earlier? It was reported that only the first two add-ons for Skyrim would be 360-exclusive. This is especially insulting for the loyal PC community, who have no place in these silly console wars. You’ve already let down the PS3 players with the utter absence of DLC; it seems like a very poor idea to leave the PC games in the dark as well. Very disappointed with Bethesda yet again. Hopefully this will be the final exclusivity deal, but I say that without the original zeal I had for Dragonborn. Appalling method of building consumer trust.

  14. So basically this is the situation:

    XBox is getting the dlc early again, because Hearthfire didn’t count (even though they got it early too).

    PC gamers aren’t allowed to complain because we have mods. Also, Xbox fanboys are apparently extremely jealous of this.

    Ps3 gets nothing again.

    As a PC gamer, I’ll say this: I’d be okay with waiting if PS3 got 30-day exclusivity. Xbox losers just whine and complain over nothing. At least PS3 gamers have a reason to be upset.

    When the next dlc comes, give the ps3 exclusivity for a month. I’d gladly wait if you did. They deserve it.

  15. listen to the call beth, where is dawnguard/ hearthfire on the ps3? dont think that your anouncement of dragonborn will make amends and pretend this whole mess never happened. let the people know! plus you dont even have a date, early next year is too vague.

  16. So over an entire year after the release of the original game and we are still months away from DLC content coming to the PS3. Saying that I am disappointed is a serious understatement. Where is Dawnguard? Where is Hearthfire? Where is patch 1.8 for crying out loud? I’m tired of putting up with this crap. Getting us Dragonborn is a start but it is far from actually earning any of our respect.

  17. Yay for Microsoft paying for exclusive DLC…too bad they renewed the deal. Looks like I won’t be picking up Dragonborn until late next year when I get the time to play games.

  18. Dragonborn will come out early 2013, at this rate Dawnguard might be released early 2014, and Hearthfire may come out early 2015.

  19. So Ps3 issue are fixed enough now? If they were so troublesome then, how come the larger of the DLC will come out instead of/before the smaller ones. Gstaff I’m confused again.

  20. Gstaff. While I appreciate the info for dragonborn. What is the status of dawngaurd and hearthfire.
    All we want is answers. You would be suprised how quiet us ps3 users would back off if you give us those 2 dlc while we WAIT yet again for dragonborn.

  21. “We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.”

    Right, maybe Bethesda should release Dawnguard for ps3 before making more empty promises.

    • Exactly. I love how they think any of us take their announcements seriously anymore. If they want to make more empty promises, be my guest. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  22. Well my goodness! You’ve actually surpassed expectations in a good way.for once Beth! That’s a very positive step. I’m not going to bemoan the lack of the first two for awhile. Although if it doesn’t release the same day as PC that’d be a bit of a twist of the knife. My guess is you guys are probably rewriting DG’s code from the ground up with Sony’s help. (yeah go on I’ll throw a little credit your way too-don’t let us down!) So this is going to be DB without bugs then?

  23. I find it extremely irritating that Gstaff would claim the reason they released this for the 360 first was because they “didn’t want fans to wait long.” By “fans” do they solely mean the 360 because the last time I checked they’ve made their PC fan base wait for every DLC and the PS3 users are still “waiting” to get Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and patch 1.8. It’s just unbelievable that he would have the nerve to say something like that.

  24. Yeah, it´s great that i can play Skyrim: Dragonborn sometime in 2013. It´s also total fair that guys with xbox get a christmas present from bethesda while the others without xbox (but in part supporters of bethesda for years) go away empty-handed.

    But that´s the way you chose. I know it´s silly to think loyality to the whole community has any value. Years ago i wrote arcitels with blood and roses about your games, nowadays i write it with excrements and toilet brush. The times are changing 😉

    Greets and merry christmas @ all xbox users and microsoft!

  25. It’s nice to know that Dragonborn is coming to the PS3 at some point in 2013, but what about Dawnguard? Is it coming to the PS3 this year?

    Dawnguard is the first story DLC for Skyrim and it’s annoying having to always have to dodge spoilers about the story on the internet, and not be able to discuss what happens in Dawnguard with other Skyrim fans.

    Is Dawnguard definitely coming to the PS3, either this year or in early 2013? Or is Bethesda planning to release Dragonborn first and Dawnguard and Hearthfire afterwards, like they did when they released Broken Steel first (for Fallout 3 on PS3) and the other DLCs afterwards?

      • Don’t forget severely underpowered werewolves and vampires. Also, still no dragon bone weapons which should have been in the base game.

        • “And what of Tiny Tim? I see an empty place at his table. I see a crutch without an owner, carefully preserved. If these shadows remain unaltered by the future, the child will play no dawnguard before he dies on Christmas.”

    • Crossbows are terrible and you can only get the bolts for them at the Dawnguard fortress or by smithing. You’re better off with regular bows.

  26. I really enjoy skyrim. Paid good money for this on PC. I could afford the dlcs but as in this matter all that matters beth is money, im getting the pirated torrent on this dlc too. I will throw some money when I see my money is welcome not just micro$oft money.

  27. I’m having deja-vu of Oblivion, when ps3 only got Shivering Isles and nothing else. (yeah I aware that I’m not counting Knights of Nine)

  28. Guess they have to change the nickname of “vanilla skyrim” to “ps3’s skyrim”. That’s just a joke to keep anger down.

    I’m glad to hear this over nothing. If Dawnguard and Hearthfire (and anything else) go to ps3, then Beth may earn another chance. Just hope they took the time to really iron out bugs.

  29. Are we seriously not going to get an update on DG, HF, or patch 1.8 for PS3? This is ridiculous! We get that you guys don’t like our console but at least try to pretend that you guys actually care about us!

  30. How nice , my comment was deleted , most probably because of mentioning the leaks.
    Well , expect many complains after the release , I hope the leaks are wrong and Bethesda didn’t troll the community and instead we will get a great DLC.

    • what better way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Dawnguard. By still not being able to play Dawnguard then.

      Dragonborn may even be worn out by the time we get caught up with xbox/PC

  31. Okay so when is that going to be, before christmas, january, a year from now? You guys seriously need to think stuff through next time you release a game like skyrim on consoles because I know for a fact that your sales will plummit if you screw ps3 users again, making us wait for about 6 months with no “real” news on already released content then still not telling us if we will get it within like a week, month, or god forbid a year on the last month of said year.
    Gstaff & Beth you still sort of have my support but I suggest you heed my words.
    Next time you release a game like skyrim make sure before releasing it that everyone NOT just 360 and PC users will be able to play it within a month timeframe as it usually is when one system gets DLC before the other. You guys so far have more or less royally screwed up and have lost many customers as well as potential customers on the ps3 I hope you guys don’t make that mistake again.

  32. Gstaff

    Reading everything posted on here lets hope you have a good explanation on DG and HF and Patch 1.8 for the PS3 tomorrow when dragonborn is released otherwise…well I think you can guess.

  33. [quote]Also this is the second big DLC release this/early-next year just one year after game release. In the between time there were so many additions and free content, even a High-Res Texture Pack for the PC. Geezuz are you forgetting the big support for PC here or did you all just wake up and step into a LEGO before writing your comments on here?[/quote]

    The big support? Maybe the buggy support. HD-Texture pack needs to be fixed by a mod. The Creation Cit needs an update for some errors (where is the support? sry the good support?). Horse Combat is ok, but third person only?!…

    On the other side there is the xbox support: kinect (a support which waste enough time to get it work), horse combat, also fixing patches…AND: if the xbox would be a better instrument it would also enable hd textures.

    ergo: only the mod community is the big advantage compared with the xbox, which is not the benefit of bethesda. it´s nice from them to enable it but they didnt make the mods…
    for you Acens: bethesda doesnt work harder to support the pc, they support each plattform in equal measure (except the ps3).

    Things what are not done by bethesda on the basis of xbox:
    1. blocking with 2 one-handed weapons because of the key deficit of a joy-stick
    2. compressed graphics because to make it possible to play skyrim on consoles (the pc-gamers also be affected -> skyrim is an console port…)

    Short and sweet:
    Skyrim could be a greater game if bethesda program the game for each plattform seperatly OR the xbox would be more powerfull.

    However in fact we have to thank bethesda for a great game BUT we also have to say: “It´s not okay what you are doing. You program for microsoft and not longer for your community…!”

    • Edit: so much for pc support:

      And there are still graphic issues when playin´ skyrim with two graphic cards in sli-mode and a ton of many more other pc compatibilty bugs.

  34. I’m so excited for this DLC, thank you Bethesda.

    In other things, I have to agree with some of the posts, Vanilla game needs some tweaks.
    One of the things that bugs me the most is the Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Cowl for males. They don’t have the mouth cover, but only females get it. Now, there is a maskless cowl already, shouldn’t the normal one show the mask, whereas my character is male or female?

    That must be my OCD, but it would be neat for males to have the mask showing. Thank you again Bethesda, tomorrow is going to be an excellent day.

  35. If your so mad about the PS3 version being buggy and not getting the DLC, GO BUY AN XBOX 360. Seriously thats what you get for buying an inferior system.