Dragonborn coming tomorrow to Xbox LIVE. Coming to PS3 and PC early 2013.

We’re less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE.  It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.

We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.

The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released – including free content updates, modding tools like the Creation Kit and the Skyrim Workshop, and our add-ons, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

And we’re still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda, your exclusivity deal is insulting and your customer service is horrible. Your reps dodge questions like a politician and it sickening.

    This is why I didn’t buy Dishonored didn’t want to have another game where I’m second class customer.

  2. I will not be buying any DLC, until it’s all available for the PS3. In fact, I’ll have a difficult time buying any Bethesda games in the future. No trust.

  3. Of course the one DLC I want will probably be the one I don’t get to play. I don’t care one bit about Dragonborn or Hearthfire, the one I want is Dawnguard since my player is a vampire. I would be okay if I got Dawnguard and no other DLC, I could entertain myself well enough with just that. I would be happy and satisfied. Dawnguard is the one I want but the way things go for me I probably won’t get the chance to play it. It’s rather saddening I think.

  4. Damn. Time to brush the dust off and start playing again…

    Nah. It’ll probably take another year to get to PS3

  5. I owned skyrim for ps3, then I got hyped for dawnguard, then I realized it was never gonna happen, so unlike all you people complaining I went and bought an Xbox the first game I bought for it was skyrim then the dlc, overall thoughts is Xbox can run Skyrim a million times better than ps3, I see why they say its not stable all my ps3 did was make the game choppy and freeze when game saves got about 8mb, no problems with frame rate or loading times on Xbox with all current dlc and in a couple hours ill be playing Dragonborn, unlike you whiners. Stop relying on your parents, get a job, buy an Xbox.

  6. I have been playing Bethesda’s games since the very 1st TES game. I’ve always been the proper fan and bored my friends to death with all bethesda this, TES that, but … despite my love for Skyrim, I am getting truly tired of this XBOX PR thing you onto. Are some fans better or more important just because Microsoft promises promote your games somehow ? 1st you do not need Microsoft, and so why link your name with something so unpopular or silly ?

    If you think that loyal fans will remain loyal always, no – more you go on with this XBOX nonsense, more of the players end up downloading the bootlegs.

    Get over the XBOX cult and start treating all fans equal. Simple as.

  7. I think what really just annoys and disappoints fans the most is how Bethesda has always been completely reluctant to just give a straight answer.

    Fans seem continually confused by the exclusivity thing. When it was first announced, it was for the first two DLC. Now no matter what you want to call it, fact is that PC users waited 30+ days after Dawnguard and Hearthfire, so that’s it. Done and done. Exclusivity deal over.

    If Dragonborn is being delayed on PC for a new exclusivity deal, or technical problems on PC (I can’t imagine this, but anyway), just say so.

    “If you can deliver a polished product to PC and PS3”

    LOL, if by “polished” you mean “riddled by literally thousands of actual mistakes as thoroughly documented, explained and fixed by a group of fans for PC gamers” then yes, I suppose we’re waiting for a polished product. Bethesda needs to hire those fans and release their work for all platforms.

    I appreciate the Xbox gamer who said (paraphrase) “Hey, I’m an Xbox gamer, I’m glad you like us but I’d rather you just released for everyone at the same time.” Maybe that gamer was just tired of the rest of us whining, but I like to think that their statement was sincere. Most of us are figuring that Bethesda just like the money Microsoft is paying them for the exclusivity, but what you need to understand, Bethesda, is that it feels a lot more personal to the fans than that, especially to PS3 gamers because of how much they feel screwed over (with your previous titles as well), and especially to PC gamers because Elder Scrolls started on the PC in the first place, and especially to everyone who had been hoping they might have had some new DLC to play over the Christmas holidays, but now won’t be.

    I bloody well hope your PR department is counting the comments. Money gained is not worth the value of upset fans. Don’t do this again.

  8. High texture pack ? That pack that should have been on release ? You did not think this trough now did you ? You do know fans gave done high-text mods since day one, and even now the fans released their patch 1st and Beth after.

    Do not get me wrong I am very thankful of all the work and games to do, but despite all the collectibles, and games I have bought I am not blindfolded and if company I like starts acting foolish, I am not afraid to state my opinion.

  9. from reading comments from pete hines and gstaff it would seem dawnguard/hearthfire would be sideline till lets say the goty version? i think they are just going to release more dlc from dragonbon till the last one. then probably will work on dawnguard/hearthfire last. after all its only the ps3 who didnt get the dlc. thats why i think.

  10. I seriously am glad to see that Dragonborn is being released so soon… but why are you still giving the 360 exclusivity? That deal is over… yet you are intentionally extending it for reason unknown to gamers worldwide. PC players are starting to feel alienated. PS3 players have felt this way for nearly a year.

    With your next DLC release, stop the exclusivity nonsense.

  11. Honestly I feel Hearthfire is not a real expansion, it adds nothing to the story and adds no new quests, it just allows you to go find resources to make a house to your liking, so I feel Bethesda is right with Dragonborn still being a timed exclusive, dawnguard was pretty short in my opinion, the longest quest was when I got lost in the soul cairn for hours trying to find the reaper gems then I couldn’t find the building I was getting the gems for, and it didn’t add much armor, a light and heavy dawnguard set and only light vampire, I prefer the bow over the crossbow anyways (it feels like it delays when firing) but dragonborn looks like a massive add on that will take time to complete and for that I thank you Bethesda.

  12. Yeah you guys have already lied to us, why should I believe that you will have new content out for ps3 early next year?? You said back in early November that new content was almost ready for PC and PS3 but clearly that wasn’t true because a month later, we learn we won’t get any content for another month +. You also said that Microsoft will have a timed exclusive for the first two DLCs and now they are getting a timed exclusive for the third DLC. So tell me…..why should we believe you will have Dragonborn out early next year??? Now also tell me why we should have to pay full price for it. Skyrim was released in 2011 and we have to wait until 2013 to see any DLC? There’s no reason for us to pay full price.

  13. Bethesda you left ps3 high and dry to be exclusive to xbox. Sure at first xbox was the fun-senior-rich-gal who had great hips. Now further down the road after she’s had too many dlcs, she’s become the bloated sicky horse who youre committed too now. Then you happen to run into ps3, and she’s looking fine after all this time.

    All the dilemma lol

  14. So does PS3 not get the other DLCs?… Every thing I told has come to past.(pretty much) I just thought about If I were Microsoft and paying Bethesda off to increase Xbox sales I would have them wait for the other systems to get the dlcs later. Thanks for being greedy

  15. 30 day exclusive again eh? Just ensured I’m going to wait for it to be on sale at least 50% off on Steam rather than buying it the day it releases. Of course by the time that happens who knows if I’ll even still be playing Skyrim.

  16. To start im a ps3 owner, with that said, everybody calm the hell Down. We get it, you’re pissed. But for you ps3 owners complaining, we finally have a date for dlc, something they didn’t think was possible at the beginning. So shut up it could be far worse. As for exclusivity, though I don’t agree with it, I understand it pretty well. To have people wait a month and receive millions for it. It’s just good business. And for all your bitching you will still probably get it. Thank you and goodnight

    • But for you ps3 owners complaining, we finally have a date for dlc

      Do we really? Sometime early 2013 is no better than “soon” or “we’re working on it” in my book. I am cautiously optimistic about any DLC for the PS3, but we’ve been left at the altar before.

  17. Look I’m an xbox 360 player and I feel bad for ps3 oweners I do but pc users need to stop complaining you have mods and the creation engien ya know the engien they used to create the game you cam make you’re own dlc if you felt and to the ps3 owners I feel bad but not that bad I mean look you have online play for free us xbox users have to pay 60 dollars a month so let’s look at it this way pc has mods ps3 hase free online play to any game and xbox gets early dlc that that still have to pay for let xbox users have some perk like pc and ps3 without complaining and saying Bethesda is a bad company!!!!

  18. I think it’s very sad how they said Dragonborn is their current. So no word on Dawnguard and Hearthfire? Those should be your top priority, not more DLC. Fix what is broken.

    • They haven’t fixed the bugs in the base game, why should they focus on dlc? Seriously, how hard can it be to add a conditional to Vilkas’s script to prevent him offering his purification quest before Farkas to prevent this http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim_talk:Purity

      Or to fix the endlessly looping elevators out of Black Reach. That one is majestic.

  19. I stop playing Skyrim after they said there not releasing Dawnguard for the PS3 why bother getting Dragonborn its never coming out on PS3 either :/

  20. Good to see PS3 MIGHT be getting something now. But it is odd that all this time they’ve been “working” on getting Dawngaurd fixed has done nothing.
    Frankly I want to explore Dawngaurd more than Dragonborn.
    Can we get some dates on the other 2 DLC? And will Bethesda publicly apologize to the PS3 users?
    Thank you for your hard work GStaff. I know it sucks to be the bearer of bad news.

  21. I am saddened that the exclusivity is still in effect, all gamers no matter what the platform should have access at the same time. I feel sorry for the Ps3 gamers but if I had to make a guess as to why DLcs are slow to come to that platform I would say its more likely Sony having to approve first. Bioware had the same issues with Mass Effect 3. All that aside though PC is what TES has made itself on and its just plain sad to see things held up for a month just because Microsoft wants to rule the roost.

  22. I’m a die hard fan of TES series and Bethesda has lost a lot in my eyes for candyish-like Oblivion and consoliysh-like Skyrim (with annoying one month wait time for the DLCs!). Either you guys will get back to the Morrowind’s in depth lore and full PC feeling or many people will refuse to buy further games.

  23. i used to love bethsada and skyrim still do but seriously its been god knows how long and the best estimate is still next year the game has been out for over a year the systme is 6 years old and the silence thing is doing nothing for my faith it really just gives the wrong impression be honest about all of this an get so respect back cause you have lost most of what you had

  24. I suppose it would have been nice to get Dragonborn sooner, and I understand everyone wants to try the new content but many of us have not even completed most of the base game or even had time to start Dawnguard yet.

    In my case, I have had Dawnguard and Hearthfire installed for a while but haven’t started any of those quests. It will probably be another month or two anyways before I have time to try Dragonborn.

  25. “The support from Skyrim fans over the last year has been amazing, and it’s driven us to support Skyrim more than any game we’ve ever released”

    Don’t be so pessimistic, you did actually make some good games back in the days.

  26. Bethesda; i own more or less every single thing you’ve ever made (Yes, even Arena), but i made the mistake of thinking that maybe, just maybe, you had learned from the epic failure of FO3 on ps3, and since my pc was getting old, i bought New Vegas for my ps3 (yes i know Obsidian did that one, but with your ancient tech), and it was the most bug-riddled half-finished piece of junk i have ever seen (and i’ve been gaming since the casette days). There’s no excuses for having useless programmers! Bethesda, you’re a huge corp. hire som people who know what they’re doing. I’m playing Skyrim on my new pc, and it’s great, but seeing how you’re treating my buddies on the ps3 i decided to boycot all your dlc-efforts. I always thought you made some of the greatest games ever (i freaking love fallout!), but i’m sorely disappointed in everything you’ve done this gaming gen. The greatest games, but by far the worst execution. I always relied on the modding community to fix your errors, but how about you actually try to finish your games before releasing them? I know it’s not that difficult, unless your programmers are absolutely useless. Take it from your biggest fan; shit needs to change, if you don’t want to alienate the same people paying your salaries. And really, the only acceptable excuse for the ps3 dlc debacle would be to have your pc fans send you their copies and give them a new pc copy instead (and a letter of apology and a box of chokolate). ps. please disregard the grammatical errors, english it not my first language.

  27. Hello Since you have stated that you are going to support Skyrim for long with new expansions and new free content … Could PLEASE you release a Direct X 11 Patch that implements local tessellation to be able to have this kind of snow or at least enable us modders to use that technology to add this snow for skyrim ? I personally volunteer for creating that if we are provided with the technological requirements from the engine …


  28. Well, at least it´s something.
    I am, as many others, kinda dissapointed. I had money for Dawnguard ready long before it was supposed to come out, same thing for Heartfire. But one thing I dont get, why can´t they release at least Heartfire?
    They didn´t mention having problems with that, and I think that adding “just” 3 houses isn´t that hard.
    But well, what can we do, right? At least we are gonna play the “biggest” DLC, so by the time I will full explore the new locations and quets, Dawnguard & Heartfire will be available. 🙂
    PS: Bethesda, once you release Heartfire, put it for free, trust me, that should “calm” many, many and many angry PS3 players. 🙂

  29. I honestly don’t care if there is DLC finally coming to PS3 . I’m not paying Bethesda any money ever again. I bought my brother a copy of Skyrim on PC when it first came out as a present and had planned to buy more until the 1st DLC news came out. I’m a PS3 user and they way I have been treated means I’m not buying their new games and I’m not buying their DLC. If they want my ‘customer loyalty’ they should have treated me better. I could buy their Xbox versions but I’m not supporting them just like they didn’t support us. The exclusivity money would have nice up front but if the disgruntled customers leave your brand you could lose more than you’ve made.

  30. Like others have said above, it’s not the wait that is the biggest annoyance, it’s the lack of explanation. Why do you guys have to be so vague? Can’t you just lay it out on the table, so we all know what’s going on? People appreciate openness and honesty. I really despise the secrecy surrounding everything. I’d also like to know what is happening with Fallout 4. Why the mystery? Why not just give it to us straight? Is there a good reason for not telling us? I’d like to know the reason.

    • well they probably want Fallout 4 to be this big new surprise to everyone (aka build suspense) so i can see why they would be keeping down low about it

  31. What´s your problem Bethesda? I won´t stop aksing these questions!!!!! Why another xbox-exclusivity? You call dawnguard and hearthfire dlcs, so for me these games are two different dlcs and therefore the deal with microsoft is done, isn´t it? I only want to hear from you: “No, Because we are money sucking opportunists!”

    Come on delete, i´ll write again…

    You are worse than hitler!

    • As noted previously, our focus is on making Dragonborn ready for everyone. These things take time and effort.

      As we have new details, we’ll share them with everyone.

      In the meantime, the conversation here on the blog needs to be civil. I’m all for folks sharing their opinion, but starting console fanboy flame wars, using profanity, and not treating other posters with respect is not acceptable.

      Keep it clean or we’ll be disabling comments entirely.

      Thank you

      • “As noted previously, our focus is on making Dragonborn ready for everyone. These things take time and effort.”

        So are we to take this to mean that getting Dawnguard and Hearthfire ready for everyone has never been something that you guys focused on, despite one of those DLCs being released almost half a year ago?

      • Thalmor representative:

        As noted previously, our existence is on making Tamerial ready for everyone. These things take time and effort.

        In the meantime, praying Gods here needs to be civil. We are all for folks sharing their opinion, but worshiping Talos is profanity and thus exclusively forbidden.

        Le hannon

      • You’re right Gstaff these things do take time and effort, two things that you’ve never given to the PS3 users. Disable the comments if you want, we’ll just take this conversation to the forums. Until you start treating us fairly and equally to the other systems, you won’t stop hearing from us.

    • Which profanity? I only use following “hard” words in my posts:
      prostitutes, excrements and hitler (i´m not endorsing his actions, i only mean that in the bethblog exists states as in a dictatorship…)

      And plz come one gstaff, you made it possible to release it for xbox because of a money based deal not because of problems with porting it on other plattforms – we are not stupid 😉

      so why dont you sayin´the truth? If you do so, i´m sure the people would stop asking and annonying you!

      In my opinion the truth is:
      there are deals with microsoft which affects the ps3 (main plan) and the pc is in the line of fire …

        • And randomly it´s available to everyone after the end of the 30 day period of exclusivity – who would have thought 😉

          I hope you do not take my entries personally, you are only a employee of bethesda and my anger depends on the company bethesda and its company policy.

          So far, so bad.


        • Stop beating around the bush and admit that there is another exclusivity period. If Dragonborn was what Bethesda was focusing on from the start for PS3, we wouldn’t have to wait until sometime NEXT YEAR to play it.

          • u should ban the post u stupid ass motrherfuckers. ur company willn always be in microsoft ass. leaving pc and ps3 players without the dlc. sayin that we are tryin to make it so that everyone can play. seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • how bought you foucus on giving everyone the same damn content cause when you dont it pisses everyone off or are you navie enough to think other wise

        • If that was really the focus Bethesda would actually be communicating with the customers and letting them know exactly what’s going on. If that was the focus the PS3 would already have Dawnguard and Hearthfire. If that was the focus there wouldn’t be any XBox exclusivity deals at all. Spin it however you want, but in the end it’s just Bethesda continuing to pander to the 360 players wail leaving PC and PS3 players in the dust.

        • You say “you’re entitled to your opinion” in such an annoyingly condescending way as if there is no validity to it. If you don’t want people lashing out at you and your company then start treating us as fairly and equally as you do the other systems. Until then, you’ll be hearing a lot more of our “opinions” about you and your company. Also, if you don’t want speculation then start communicating with us and delivering on your so far hollow promises.

      • The Dodging by Gstaff and Peter Hines is as brazen and unprofessional as a lifetime politician. Stop dodging every question with vague responses that never answer the question.

    • Of course they are, having us speak poorly of them is bad PR for their release of DB on Xbox 360. Our opinions don’t matter to them. They’ll let us talk for a while but as soon as it becomes an inconvenience to them they always start trying to shut us down.