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  1. oops i didnt mean to reply to your post, but back to my issue well it aint lagging anymore for my very first character i made, very odd. but at least it stop lagging

  2. So, is 2013 the year that Bethesda finally makes it official that they are a Microsoft game publisher?

    It seems the company has pretty much gone that way anyway with all of the exclusivity crap and the fact that they could care less about the PS3 console.

    Please don’t give me the “we’re still working on it” crap anymore. That excuse got tired five months ago. Either give some real, concrete answers or shut the hell up. After all, shutting the hell up is what the “PR” folks at Bethesda are good at. PS3 users, you know, the people that paid the same price for the game as 360 players, are getting far beyond the point of angry with Bethesda. There is absolutely no excuse besides incompetence.

    Bethesda may go Microsoft exclusive in 2013 whether they want to or not. It’s what happens when a company pisses off an entire fanbase. The fanbase stops buying games from that company. Bethesda, you need to ask yourselves if you can survive after losing one third of your income? If you would not be able to, then you need to make some changes and make a serious apology to your PS3 customers.

    Bethesda should be praying to whatever gods they believe in and thanking them that software companies are not required to abide by the same consumer protection laws as every other industry. If they did, the lawsuits would be raining down upon them in great torrential floods. The first to come would be charging for a defective product, with known defects, and not fixing said product. Other lawsuits would follow as time goes on.

  3. Congratulations Bethesda on another fantastic DLC release 😀 Have fun X-Boxers! I’ll get mine when the time comes and i dont mean a beat down ha ha 😀

  4. Here’s a VERY good comment I found around the web today.

    Bethesdas current gen actions can have a negative effect on them next gen.

    Bethesda has been called many things over the course of this generation. Some have called them one of the best developers out there. Others have had much, much less jovial comments of them. Either way, they will have certainly left their mark this generation, for better or worse.

    Bethesda’s hatred mostly comes from the Playstation 3 and PC camps. Especially the Playstation 3. And with good reason. The PS3 and PC crowds have been treated like second class citizens by them. We can’t blame them for brokering timed exclusive deals with Microsoft. This is a business after all and if Microsoft is willing to constantly shell out the extra cash, so be it. However, the real problem comes from their lazy work in regard to the PS3 and PC.

    When you take a look at Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, one thing becomes clear. Bethesda only cares about their xbox audience. When you look at how poorly the PS3 versions of the same games were developed, you get a clearer picture of where Bethesda’s loyalty lies. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the PC, where they got their start gets treated with the same lack of care the PS3 does. But at least with the PC, the communities themselves can create mods to mitigate Bethesda’s shortcomings.

    And there is no excuse for this behavior. The excuse of “it’s too difficult to develop for” has long flew away. So by the time of say Skyrim’s development on the PS3, they should have known EXACTLY what they were dealing with. Yet the somehow still managed to mess up the PS3 version of the game. Instead of giving the PS3 owners the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, the PS3 fans were treated with various excuses as to why they can’t get the job done.

    Now, they’ve recently stated how their next DLC for the game, Dragonborn would be ready for both the PC and the PS3. They’ve gone on record to say how this next DLC pack is one of their most ambitious yet. Which begs the question, how is it they can do something like this for the game yet they still don’t have Dawnguard or Heartfire up and running on the system?

    One thing that is important for any company isn’t how you start the generation, it’s how you leave it. With the next set of home systems on the way soon, Playstation owners will have a very bad taste in their mouths when it comes to Bethesda. And in turn, that could really hurt at least a third of their revenue. As gamers become more and more aware of how company’s treat them (just look at the backlash Capcom has been getting), Bethesda better find some way to make amends to the PS3 and PC audiences respectively. Because if they don’t, with the way development costs keep rising, there is no guarantee they’ll be able to survive on Microsoft’s coin alone.

    • Now don’t get me wrong , I LOVE TES dearly and I LOVE the upcoming DLC , but all this selling out to Xbox is getting me very angry.

      • Well said, whoever the OP was.

        And personally, what angers me most is the lack of communication coming from Bethesda. I can understand brokering exclusivity deals if Microsoft is willing to shell out chunks of cash, I really can. Beth needs to maximize fiscal success like any company. But the lack of discussion going on between 2/3 of its userbase–including not only my PC gaming comrades, Bethesda’s oldest fans, but also (and at this point, especially) its horribly-abused PS3 fanbase–is what’s especially infuriating to me. An explanation for Dragonborn’s timed release should at least be easy enough to produce, one would think…

      • From what I’ve seen this is the Greatest DLC that was made for Skyrim , except the trolls from Bethesda about Spears and unplayable Werebears ( Please tell me that this is wrong )

      • I Agree they just lost all my respect I had for them leaving out PC and PS3 gamer’s and now coming out for Xbox user’s first.

    • I’m a PC user and certainly don’t feel like a “second class citizen.” On the contrary, this is the only PC game I’ve played with tens of thousands of free mods available, many of them greatly enhance my enjoyment of the game, including dozens of quest mods.

      Of course it would be nice to be able to play Dragonborn sooner but there are a lot of us who still haven’t finished a lot of the base game.

      I’ve had Dawnguard and Hearthfire installed for a few months and haven’t even had time to do any of those quests yet. I probably wouldn’t even get around to starting the Dragonborn content for another month or two anyways, so the later PC date is fine with me.

      • Once you achieve level 81, get married, finish every single quest (yep, every dungeon quest and mysterious gem quest and master magic quest), and collect all dragon priest masks and every single book in the game (Imperial Library has the complete list of books), then you will be whining just like us…

        • I don’t think I will ever get to level 81. I’ve already played a few characters, each one lasts about 200 hours and then I start over around level 30 to try some new mods, or just to enjoy a different playing style.

          • I do the same on Xbox, I restart repeatedly. I have played I think about 2000 hours on this game. I am hoping to buy a nice computer get the game for PC and a lot of mods. I am getting tired of people complaining I understand it. It sucks, honestly I wish they could release the game on all platforms a month from now. The mod has a lot of bugs.

      • After I get bored about modding and making my own mods, I spent a week or so to read half of the books I collected … damn it!

          • Yep, there are 3 Falmer books and a couple of others. At least one book about the Aetherium Wars I remember (there is one stand-alone Dwemer quest besides the Vampire ones).

    • What a pity! Bethesda Game Studios created and creates great games and is loved by a large community. But now their empire could break down partially and if not, at least will be associated with such incidents.

      A suggestion to make peace with your community:

      A christmas present only for ps3 (they deserve it) and the pc,
      in order to say sry because of waiting for Dragonborn DLC (Dawnguard/Hearthfire)

      • I know this suggestion´s result would only be a little present BUT fact is they´ve a deal with microsoft and they won´t breach this contract. Therefore i´m only interested if bethesda show its heart with a little gesture in form of a unique christmas present especially for ps3 and maybe for pc too.

  5. Check the tags for the articles, look a see how many posts fall under ‘Xbox Live’, then check the to see how many post have been labeled with ‘Playstation 3’ in the past year.

  6. Gstaff

    I hope you read iZsoul’s comment above because he is 110% correct.
    You guys have had half a year to fix dawnguard and hearthfire for the PS3 and eventually you will have to stop making poor excuses, giving vauge answers, and overall just admit that you perfer to work for Microsoft.
    In reality there is really no “real” excuse DG and HF have taken this long to get to the PS3 if one man can make it work on his system (bugs or not) in a week then I imagine a big gaming company such as Beth would be able to do it in 6 months, but I’m obviously wrong there.
    Face it Beth and Gstaff you guys screwed up big time and now it’s about time you admit your mistake, apologise to PS3 users, get the content out there then work on other DLC.
    You guys have greatly disappointed me and other PS3 users in the last few months and now my faith in you has been nearly extinguished.
    I suggest you tell PS3 users the full truth about when we will get DG and HF if we get it ever at all.
    New systems are on the horizon lets hope you can own up to your mistakes by then, starting to highly doubt it though.
    Hopefully you read this and own up if not well…well see how long you guys last using just Microsoft’s money in the ever declining economy.

    • gstaff can’t do anything they’re not told. Instead, let us hope gstaff read izoul’s comment, and made it available to management.

  7. I really don’t think that PC users have anything to complain about, ok so you’re getting it a month late, you know that at least for sure you’re going to get it when the 30 days are up. Playstation users don’t have that same luxury, we keep or fingers crossed that maybe well eventually see one dlc come to the playstation.

    • Yes someone who knows and who doesn’t constantly flame Bethesda. That is nice. PC users have no reason to complain, to be honest I think MIcrosoft (Not Bethesda), EA and Activision are the bane of quality games. They force companies to rush everything.

  8. Hello Since you have stated that you are going to support Skyrim for long with new expansions and new free content … Could PLEASE you release a Direct X 11 Patch that implements local tessellation to be able to have this kind of snow or at least enable us modders to use that technology to add this snow for skyrim ? I personally volunteer for creating that if we are provided with the technological requirements from the engine …

  9. Gstaff

    The vauge answers really need to stop to as this is about where 50% of the hate comes from.
    DRBRN will arrive on PS3 & PC users early 2013, how early is that for us PS3 users hmmm, Early Spring, Early March, April, May, June, July, Sometime early summer of 2013. In all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened or just like DG and HF nothing happens at all except excuse after excuse. PC will probably get it in a months time from it’s initial release but PS3 HA! Wouldn’t be surprised if we get screwed again.
    My faith in you guys is barley the pin prick of a smoldering ember in a snowstorm right now lets hope you can restore it to the roaring flame it once was one day.

    • We’re going to provide new information to you guys as it becomes available to share. Right now the focus is releasing Dragonborn. When there’s new information to share on Skyrim, whether that be news for PS3, PC, or 360… we’ll post updates.

        • gstaff: Right now the focus is releasing Dragonborn.

          That´s right, but specify it: Right now the focus is releasing Dragonborn FOR XBOX 360 and fixing its bugs…

      • Gstaff–

        But…but…why can you not just tell us why the exclusivity is in effect for Dragonborn? Or at least tell us why you can’t tell us? I’ve mentioned this in a couple of my other posts, but I’ll say it again here–if you’d just let us know why Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard were all timed exclusives, I guarantee that it’d at least reduce the frustration that many of your customers are feeling at the moment. Just come clean with us? Please?

      • Since Dragonborn will be the first dlc we get to see, will PS3 players have to restart a new character at first to adjust or will any current save be fine????

      • Gstaff, have you been told not to use the terms Dawnguard or Hearthfire when talking about the PS3?

        Why has the method and mode of your discussion become so rigid and formal in the last few months?

        Why won’t you give a straight answer about DG and HF for the PS3? Tell us something SPECIFIC, or tell us you are legally prohibited from saying that, at the least!

        • I think he’s legally prohibited from saying he’s legally prohibited to talk about Dawnguard and Heartfire on the PS3.

      • Bethesda, I am so angry.. I bought my PS3 for one thing, one thing only – to play Skyrim. I keep updating this blog once in a while with my fingers crossed that TODAY is my lucky day, that I also will have a piece of the pie.. you disappoint me beyond an average level. I’ve had enough, this is last drop of bs, there is a limit. I am not going to buy any of your dlc’s whenever they come, IF they come. You as a company, and apparently also as people simply don’t deserve my money and time. Hope that you are aware of the course your GREAT company is taking. Failure…

      • Don’t try to patronize us. Your focus is getting Dragonborn working as well as possible for the Xbox 360 users. Once that’s settled you’ll start working on PC and after that you’ll consider the possibility of the rest of us. Your actions speak much louder than your words. You guys won’t even give us patch 1.8!

  10. I will not be purchasing dragonborn for ps3(if it even comes) unless there will be a definite release for other/missing dlcs. Bethesda, I have no idea how a company that provides such great games can fuck up time after time again

  11. I only played one hour, but I kept thinking, “It’s like going back to Morrowind!” I love seeing Redoran architecture and bonemold armors. I even was happy to see the scathercrow!

  12. is anyone there that could help me today? I downloaded Dragonborn…loaded my saved game that has all my stats and my achievements from beating the game and dawnguard, and well…nothing has come up for dragonborn at all. Its as if I didnt download it at all when I did. Anyone else having this problem to that can help because i REALLY wanna play some dragonborn today! XD Thanx 😀

  13. I’m willing to bet Microsoft is not only paying for timed deals, but for PS3 to get no content. Bethesda, actions speak louder than words. Gstaff, I know you are only a Bethesda employee. I’m not hating you, I’m hating the company. Thank you for reading this comment, kindest regards, Blaine.

  14. Bethesda, I am so angry.. I bought my PS3 for one thing, one thing only – to play Skyrim. I keep updating this blog once in a while with my fingers crossed that TODAY is my lucky day, that I also will have a piece of the pie.. you disappoint me beyond an average level. I’ve had enough, this is last drop of bs, there is a limit. I am not going to buy any of your dlc’s whenever they come, IF they come. You as a company, and apparently also as people simply don’t deserve my money and time. Hope that you are aware of the course your GREAT company is taking. Failure…

  15. Bethesda: “I all I do is give, give, and give. And not even a complement! I make awesome new perks and crossbows for xbox, allow xbox to build homes. Spent so much time and effort so xbox would have a Merry Christmas! But you PS3ers are never happy!!! What’s wrong with you people.”

  16. Unlike every dlc for this game and pretty much any other, if you are under the age of 17 on xbox or on the website for xbox you can’t download it at all. Unlike other dlc where if you had the microsoft points you would be able to purchase the dlc regardless. For the many who are not 17 and older this is beyond frustrating.

  17. Not to be a jerk. But haven’t ps3 owners waited long enough? And why have we not had any updates from SONY since they were “working with Bethesda” on the DLC?

  18. Okay i bought the dragonborn dlc, i love it and it takes me back to the old times when i first got to play morrowind after months of waiting (daggerfall was my first game on pc since it came with my first computer)

    The point of the arguments and discussions for the dlc on ps3 were kind of funny at first, but in recent terms it turned from a small sadistic laugh into pity, do not get me wrong, i own a ps3 and even though it’s not my platform of choice i do like it. PC is also one of my passions since i work in IT. I own skyrim for pc and xbox on both i have all dlc and soon also dragonborn.

    What confuses me the most is not the lack of news about ps3 or the timid reactions, but the fact that the company that i love, wich i have known for delivering great games and portals to other worlds, is leaving fans behind.

    I do not want to be smug of he fact that i have the dlc, point being is that playing on the first release platform, also gives you alot of bugs. Making us bug control.

    I hope for al ps3 players that you get the dlc soon, i hope that soon you can expirience those story’s and i hope that Bethesda, the company that i love for giving me those games, those stories that make me feel the hero, will amend to their fans and will fix this.

  19. Now that we know dragonborn is coming in 2013 for ps3 (which im hoping is January but most likely February), does this mean patch 1.8 is not coming to the PS3 till 2013? Will the PS3 patch have special fixes? Is Dawnguard and Hearthfire coming to PS3? If so would it be summer we can expect those? Just want some straight answers when it comes to Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Please respond Gstaff

  20. Exclusivity/delay for Dragonborn =a no purchase for me.

    I put up with with the 360 exclusivity crap for Dawnguard and again for Hearthfire. I won’t put up with it anymore. I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen just because I choose not to play the game on your pet platform. But oh well. If you don’t want my money there are plenty of other companies that do. I’ve already dropped Skyrim for Diablo 3 anyways. Dragonborn might have made me pick it back up again, but the continuation of this absurd Xbox exclusivity deal, which if memory serves was only supposed to cover the first two DLC’s, killed any chance of that happening. So you can continue to cater to your fellow Micro$oft fanboys, and I’ll go spend my money elsewhere.

  21. so i cant even start the quest as in my friends on line are like i just got attacked by cultist and i don’t even seem to trigger the event. so i go over to solstheim the other way as in i buy passage. i end up getting the dragon shout bend will and now the main quest for dragonborn will not even trigger. i don’t have a save prior to this. so any one who reads this DO NOT GO TO solstheim unless you have the quest and DO NOT GET THE SHOUT early on. it there is a way to fix this g-staff please let me know.

  22. I personaly would not have made a big deal if they would have given us HF&DG now while we wait for DB. Its other platforms get them while we are still in the dark with these sorry ass vague responses.
    I swear I have never seen anything this shady. I hope at the video game awards they get booed off the stage when they receive dlc of the year.

  23. we, ps3 users, have to stop crying, because God Of War is only for PS3 and like that, skyrim is MORE for XBOX.
    i really want DLCs but i cant wait anymore =( Bethesda should think in the future sales, i bet BETHESDA would sell more Dishonered and others NEW game in the next years.
    i am one, who didnt bought because of this many SKYRIM mess.
    XBOX = 3 DLCs and 1 update
    PS3 = Waiting and only reading ” we are close, we are working”
    im sad because this game is my favorite game in 23years (my age).
    Just keep working and try keep us more informed.
    [And please ready this and comment please, you never say something for me]

    • Your wrong
      Skyrim is not God of War
      Sony makes God of War
      Microsoft makes Halo
      Bethesda does not make God of War or Halo
      Bethesda is third party
      Skyrim is NOT MORE FOR xbox in anyway
      more sleazy deals maybe

  24. I think the only company out there that truly knows when ps3 will get dlc is Microsoft at this point. I think we should start demanding some answers from them.

  25. extremly dissappoinment with your programming staff at Bethesda and I dont know if you are doing it to gain more cash for your new office that open in MD or what the deal is , it is sad to know that u are giving no info not even on progress of DLC or progress on patch to fix a broken game that I the “consumer” brought from you. There so many other things to worry about in life then a video game , but i been playing them since 9 years old and the least a video game company could do for me the “consumer” is not let me buy a broken product is that too much to ask ??? If you cant do it , just dont put it out or work on it until is ready . The worst thing about this is today dec 4 I was expecting at least an update on skyrim PS3 ( patch 1.8) ,since i just gave all money to fix my house and mother inlaws house do to huricane Sandy , i got everything ready to sitdown and play Skyrim and nothing. Well hope at least I have some news soon or I might as well just trade it in at gamestop for in-stored credit. thanks

  26. microsoft and sony make sense in the dlc around. bethesda just sux, glitches and the constant necessity of mods, this sux, because the game still with the old and new glitches… i lost my taste for bethesda.

    sorry my english. infinity guests todd? next time say repetitive, because the necessity of play two, three, with so many bugs.

  27. I have never, ever seen a company behave with such disregard towards their paying customers. It’s bad enough that you piss off and alienate your PS3 fanbase, but now the PC crowd too?

    Really stupid Bethesda. Let’s see how the company does when the sales from it’s next release are down by at least one third.

    gstaff, I used to defend you as just the messenger, but now I’m tired of your lines. The same things over and over again. It’s really become sad and pathetic. Grow a backbone and tell us some information we can actually use.

    Bethesda has taken it’s paying customers for granted and it ends now. The current “buzz words” for business is something called the NPS. National Promoter Score. Basically, it’s when a customer is asked if they would recommend a company on a scale of 1-10. Bethesda’s score is a 1 at best. Instead of promoting, most of your customers are now detracting and telling people to avoid Bethesda titles at all costs. I know the building I work in has a healthy hatred for everything with the Bethesda name on it. Of course, it doesn’t help the company that most everyone there has a PS3 console.

    Does anyone know what happens when a company gets more detractors than promoters? Or when a company takes it’s paying customers for granted? They go the hell out of business. I hope the board members at Bethesda and Zenimax lose their jobs. Not asked to resign, no, I mean flat out fired. It has become clear that whomever is in charge there is too stupid to run anything.

    Here is hoping a competent company that thinks of it’s customers first before becoming another company’s lapdog takes over TES series and the Fallout series and turns them into what they are supposed to be.

  28. I’m still waiting to here why you charge so much more for the game here in Australia compared to the US price, and if you say it’s because of importing then we all know you are lying. The steam version is a simple download it should be much closer in price to other countries.

    I’m also waiting to here how you are going to make it up to us ps3 gamers for how terribly you have treated us

    • im aIso from austraIa justin and its not bethesda charging us those prices its the stores such as HN target etc. that is why there is a backIash here against retaiI stores.

    • I meant we together could sue Bethesda.We live in a democracy,i will not remain in silence i will speak until i die against injustices!

  29. Gstaff

    See what did I tell you, people are starting to abandon and reject your company because of your poor customer service.
    If this doesn’t get to you guys then lets see what happens when we get near or go off the fiscal cliff.

    • It’s very true. I am a disgruntled PS3 player and I think Dishonored looks like a great game, but I will not buy it (until it hits the bargain bin, if then) because it has the Beth name on it. I know Beth had NOTHING to do with it, but there name is still on the package – I feel like if I buy it I am only condoning their lack of customer service towards my current problem(s). Although I do think “Dishonored” sums up the company quite nicely.

  30. Gotta say.. as both a PC and PS3 gamer i can relate. Bethesda, get off your asses, release the dlc, apoligize for the next few years and maybe your fans will eventually forgive you for being such massive twats about the whole Skyrim Debacle. I’m boycotting your asses… after 12 years. Damn, i didn’t think it would come to this!

    • To be honest – I don’t want an apology or excuses anymore. It’s simply too late for that. I want an official message from Bethesda in which they admit that they screwd things up on a full scale.
      I want to know if the Bethesda staff, the board members, anyone – just the people in charge – recognize that more than 50% of their costumers are disappointed and angry as hell. AND further I want to know if the responsible guys at Beth even care about this whole situation.
      Also I’d appriciate to know, what the Bethesda Staff have in mind to make their costumers satisfied with them again.

      I am tired of being treated as a second class costumer after 17 years of buying Bethesda products.

      >>> PC user still demanding free bonus add-on size content and price discounts on all DLCs for PS3 users.


    Bethesda, I would like to ask to please make us into those kick ass werebears from the game jams, I hate being a werewolf, when there might be the option to be a werebear. Also I was wondering why the one imperial commander’s armor cant be obtained (just fyi though i ****ing LOVE THAT HAMMER!). Also could you please patch it later so the spears will be throwable or atleast make a cool matching bow that seems just as outrageous (for example: an extremely huge bow that is somewhat primative that can pass for actually using spears as arrows, maybe the only bow that can shoot those spears without the giant drop?). Also, it seems kinda wierd that the werewolf is bigger than the werebear is (height wise, not bulk) it just seems like a big middle finger to the people who really want werebears (quite a few actually) and then not have them be playable.


  32. Haters gonna hate lovers gonna love, all the trouble with the bugs in the main game and the problems they have with the bugs in the 2 dlc’s are forgivable as long as they work to fix it.

    But the only 2 things thing that really hurt are: 1. the P.R. policy from Bethesda (you know that you gotta improve it or this will echo back to you in a bad way and hurt your reputation you build)

    2. The Time exclusive dlc content and this has more to do with the dlc policy from MS and Sony because both company’s use it (latest time exclusive dlc content comes from far cry 3 for ps3 users) in the end if it’s only for one dlc it doesn’t hurt much if your on a different platform but if you have a time exclusive deal for 2 ore more dlcs and if your company is know for making some of the best add-ons in game industry (Shivering Isles…) it does feel unjust, in this case if you play skyrim on the ps3 and while it adds some money (well probably alot money) it also can hurt your fanbase (in this case the ps3 users especially because the PC users have tons of mods to play with) Is it worth the money to lose disappointed loyalists ???