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  1. Gstaff
    Is dawngaurd and hearthfire being put on the back burner now focusing on dragonborn.
    Is there a chance us ps3 players could see DG&HF before the release of DB.
    Please give a direct answer to this questions. PS3 players have been patient. We deserve better than this. If dawngaurd works fine fot most but not all how close are you guys.

  2. So, I was super excited to be playing the Dragonborn DLC… then my game crashed (in Solstheim). Now, every time I load up a game, it crashes within 20 seconds (or less). Clearing the cache was my first move- didn’t help at all. Any suggestions, gstaff? Anyone?

  3. Failed again. Here I was thinking how could they possibly release 3 dlc and them not giving us ps3 users a decent update. One thing that really bugs me is what happens behind there curtain, im sure they notice but who cares if they’ve already snatched your cash. Broken game, no DLC… and you still have my 65 dollars. Clever trick Bethesda.

  4. Hey Bethesda, Reconsider in giving the PC Players the DLC since you know we have Mods and Unofficial Patches, the Mod Community has way more Beta Tester Experience then what the Xbox can offer.

    Please guys, be reasonable to your PC Microsoft Fans.

  5. It seems that my best buddy gstuff is on vacation, or aren´t you gstuff?

    Am I allowed to do you job? We would be on the same level as community manager: I haven´t background infos and you don´t share it with us 😉

  6. Gstaff, its Christmas, Release the PC of the DLC and Focus for the next 2 Months on the PS3 while giving them the next few Patches and the 3 DLC’s they deserve.

    The Nexus Forum is a Huge Modding Base and can Easily Fix the DLC with Mods and Patches.

    Seriously, ive seen Fixes through Mods Allone practically every Week then the tiny bits of Patch fixes you guys give every 4 Months.

    Stop Alienating your PC Fans that are Microsoft Customers and can give Way More then what the Xbox can bring out.

    We Upgrade our Machine with Graphics and other Tech Stuff, whats an Xbox, a Box with Buttons and the Game is Done.

    You work for a Company on Computers that Build TES Games, so think about Who the Better Dealers are, PC with Mods and Fixes and a Creation Kit that You Guys Freely give to your So Called Loyal Fans you so Dearly Alienate.

    Please Gstaff, the Xbox has their DLC and they are Done with the Game, give the PC guys the DLC for the Christmas Season and let us Hammer on the DLC with Mods.

    Give the PS3 the Attention and Love and Respect THEY Deserve.

    • That would have been some awesome-epic Christmas season…it’s too bad that Bethesda degraded the PS3- and PC users to second class costumers.

  7. @ gstaff and primary @ Bethesda

    Ignoring us won’t solve neither your nor our problems. This time we will not stop posting comments. We want answers, and I for my part, will write comments on bethblog until I get them. I have nothing else to do in my free time this month – there was no new Skyrim DLC released, you know. Well, not on PS3 and PC.


  8. I’m officially done, i don’t care anymore about DLC, you’ve had plenty of time to fix the issues on ps3, and now releasing another DLC for the Xbox, you know what keep my money, but don’t expect another cent from me.

  9. Ok my train of thoughts summarized:

    I spent on playing skyrim and its dlc dawnguard more than 600 hours BUT it doesn´t matter. More important are following facts:

    1. The ambition of a company should be to offer their customers (all of them) a for their needs tailored product. In this case it would mean that the main game and its dlc are programmed on every platform separately. -> Not done. PS3- and PC-users are afflicted with a xbox-console port. For sure it´s a reason why there are so many problems (bugs) on PS3. PC-users could be happier, because many (not all) bugs are removed by the mod-community. But there are still the compressed graphics.

    2. Furthermore the ambition of a company should be to offer every customer the same kind of service. In this case it would be that the product is avaiable on every platform at the same time (irrespective of the time it takes to release it), because the damage which results of a later release on other platforms is fatal and therefore disagreed the same price.

    3. At last normally the ambition of a company is to forge confidence between it and its customers by answering their questions (not ignoring) or better formulated by responding to the customer. In this case it would mean that Bethesda give a detailed statement about their problems with porting it on ps3 (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions), their decision why they released all their dlcs first for xbox (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions) and why they are mostly working for supporting the xbox (not only a standardized answer to differnt questions). BUT this did not happen.

    In fact Bethesda will tell us that it was only fortune that the xbox gets dragonborn first and it is only bad luck that the ps3 is without any dlcs today. If that infos are true, everything which was real before isn´t it any longer.
    But oh lovely fortune there is another theory, which implements some economic facts:
    The aim of the shareholders in zenimax and everywhere else is to put less money as possible in a project for the shortest time which is makeable with the biggest gains which are imaginable. This principe in combination with microsofts money create exclusives (I´m only waiting for the announcement that the “potential” “the elder scrolls VI” is a total microsoft exclusivity).

  10. Wow Bethesda/gstaff, you should really start talking soon. I am a ps3 owner and am very angry, but even I am getting tired of all these comments. Even if you do have a deal prohibiting you from saying much, you should really find some way to change that. Your future sales will reflect it if you don’t start changing things soon. Me and I know at least 10 other people who refuse to buy your products until this issue is worked out. That may not sound like much, but if everyone knew 10 people who wouldn’t buy anything from you then that really adds up quickly. If you’re getting tired of the harassing and uncivil comments, then you better start talking soon. Come on Beth, WHERE’S THE LOVE???

  11. dawnguard dawnhguard dawnguard dawmguard dawnguard dwnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawnguard dawngyard. where is it.

  12. I don’t even own a PS3 and i feel sorry for them. You must be kidding yourself if you think they are going to pay for any DLC at this point. I know i wouldn’t if i was treated the way they have been.

  13. Having major crashing and freezing issues ever since I downloaded the Dragonborn Dlc. Any time I open or close a container in my Lakeshore Manor from the Hearthfire DLC it freezes. I try and wait it out but I eventually must power down the xbox. I’ve cleared the cache, still freezes. I only have about 10 save files and I even reverted back to a previous save about 3 hours before I even downloaded the dlc. Please release a patch soon as I can’t play until it’s resolved.

  14. When I try to talk to deor woodcutter to activate the quest “a new source of stalhrim” fanari strong-voice keeps telling me to ask deor woodcutter about the missing blacksmith but when I do deor woodcutter won’t say nothing but “what do you need ” and “yes?” so can y’all please release a patch or something for this quest and I already completed the main story of the dlc so I really don’t want to start the dlc over because I did a lot of side quest already

  15. Hey you guys think that dragonborn will be coming out for ps3 by january?I can’t wait to play it…and how about dawnguard and hearthfire?when will you guys launch them for us?the ps3 users,the humilhated-by-bethesda-ps3-users…work hard for us…pls…):