Dragonborn’s Release

Dragonborn is our favorite Skyrim add-on to date, and with reviews making their way online, it appears the gaming press shares that sentiment. In Eurogamer’s review from Dan Whitehead, he likens the content to a full-on expansion that was just what he needed to come back to Skyrim. Here’s an excerpt:

“This isn’t DLC. This is an expansion, like in the good old days. It’s an entirely new area, a blank map waiting to be filled in as you roam, packed with new quests, miscellaneous tasks, dungeons, barrows, ruins and crypts. It’s an absolute beast, with a main storyline that lasts a good few hours and enough supporting content to keep you playing for weeks more.”

Early reviews include:

  • Attack of the Fanboy (Loved It) – Dragonborn is the best Skyrim Expansion to date because it gets back to the roots of what made Skyrim fun in the first place.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements (9/10) – “… Bethesda have created here is exactly what Skyrim fans would have been crying out for… and that’s an experience that captures the brilliance of the main game but in a much more bitesize manner.”
  • Videogamer.com (8/10) — “After completing the main quest in 11-12 hours, I still have a lot of side quests to complete, a majority of the map lies undiscovered and I haven’t even begun gathering all the new loot.”
  • Kotaku – “Worth playing, worth exploring, worth leaping into like you’re starting Skyrim all over again.”
  • While OXM UK and CVG haven’t completed their reviews, they’re already sharing live impressions from their experience.

For those that are playing the content already, we hope you’re having a blast in Solstheim. And as noted in Monday’s blog post, we’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC. On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.

And we also have some more stuff planned for everyone next year as well.  We do everything we can to return the support you have given us, whether it’s The Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, game updates, or DLC. Thanks for your continued support and for sharing your adventures with us!

Reader Comments

    • Dragonborn is out for the Xbox. MS’s deal was for two DLC exclusives on 30 days. Until January 4th, the exclusive deal is still in effect, but at 0:00:01, January 5th it ends.

  1. @ sqirk. Gstaff said not to long ago that dragonborn is not done for ps3 or pc but tgey can see a light at the end of the tunnel. So going on what they said all this year I doubt it will be ready.

    • It will release early in the year. As soon as we have an official release date (we don’t right now), we’ll give new details so you don’t have to speculate. Until then, any dates thrown out there are simply speculation.

      • That’s right. They’re not done pandering and bowing down to the 360 yet.

        Not to mention, they still have to figure out how this weird PS3 thing works and how to program for it.

          • How would I help them? Go into their building and do the programming myself? I doubt they would let me. Other than that, I feel as a paying customer, that paid full price for the base game, I’ve given them enough help. Not to mention, if they indeed went to Sony for help there is nothing more anyone else could do for them.

          • Your opener would have been better as:
            “How ELSE would I help them?” as it seems your catch-all is to attack anything and everything.
            Not endlessly berating them would be a good start, don’t you think?
            Sure, they deserve harsh criticism for not spending enough time in the QA stage. But not abuse.
            I feel bad enough for the PS3 playes even though it’s not my platform.
            But I applaud everyone who still enjoys the vanilla game. And the people that didn’t just blast through it all in two months.

            I never said you should offer to do program it yourself, but I can see why you’d jump to that conclusion.

            Paying, what, $60 isn’t even the wages of one staff member. Slinging manure at them and just saying “You suck, stop making games, I’m not buyings another Beth game EVAR!” is not going to persuade them to do a better job, surely you realise this.

            Harsh criticism is due. But not pointless “boycotts” and slinging manure.
            I feel they deserve praise for knowing what they got RIGHT. And being informed as to what’s not working.
            The lag issue should have been sorted out long ago, and I still get it in a Dual-Core 3Ghz 1GB GTS450 ang 8GB DDR3-1600. So the lag is in the engine core, not the system. But it’s still terrible around Dawnstar, and unforgivable given their experience.

            So the next time you feel like hurling crap at them, think about this.

  2. gstaff, I was wondering if Bethesda ever plans to reales games for Mac. I know there are probably contracts that would prevent any of that for right now but to your knoglage is this anything Bethesda is intrested in in ever doing?

    • We are planning to release The Elder Scrolls Online for Mac, and earlier this year we released RAGE on Mac. Beyond that, we have no announced plans for Mac titles right now.u

      • thanks for your reply, Ill definitly get Elder Scrolls for mac but other than that and fallout titles not too crazy about rage and dishonred. Good games but not my style. Keep up the good work.

  3. I wish I could believe that but after all the lies told in these last months your company has lost loads of reputation. Lack of communication has(will) cost you loads of money. It makes sense that you dont have a release date cause your not done with dragonborn. If your company has shown anything it how biased you are x box. As you have constantly spit in your consumers face all we got is speculation because we cant trust a word that comes out.

  4. I hate how people bash Mac because its costs too much or because theres not alot as far as gaming for it. I feel you get what you pay for with anything and in many ways Mac is far supirior than windows. Its better made, easyer to work with, much faster and just an all round far better computer however i will admit gaming sucks but then i just use bootcamp to run windows on one half my computer and i feel i have the best setup now with operating systems. I have the quality of Mac and compatability of windows.

  5. @ squirk
    Exclusivity has no meaning here if It did we would get dragonborn on jan 5th. What I was stating is that dragonborn is not even done for pc or ps3.
    As far as me being a dick well thats my right . And as far as helping them do you mean support them. I did support them 6+ monyhs ago. Instead of kissing there butts maybeyou should take another stance. I as a ps3 player bought this game on release day for the same amount as x box players. I understand the 30 day exclusives. BUT its beens six months. So if I choose to bash thats my choice.
    On the back of my box it states dlc.
    No dlc
    No support
    minor updates
    playing dlc outta order
    Sorry if im not more supportive.

    • truer words have never been spoken, every ps3 user stop being supportive after 6 months of “we are working on it” or”we have no new info” and then they say “we are close to dlc for ps3” in november but we still have to wait till next year even though they have been working on the dlc for 6 months

  6. So gstaff I get you want to save areas never done in the series for new games but since you already have red mountain and the land mass of vvardenfell and morrowind in the game of skyrim why not just remake the parts not totally destroyed as a new dlc you have the music from Morrowind in the game and multiple ways to get to morrowind from the path near riften to the silk strider near tel methrin plus if it is much bigger than solsthiem it would make hardcore TES fans like me pay for it no matter how expensive. I also know there is a 1 gig limit on DLC but releasing it in two parts could easily bypass that, Nice job with Dragonborn but taunting us with vvardenfell in the background is enough to make me cry!

  7. I swear if Dawnguard isn’t free or HEAVILY discounted for PS3, I and many others will be very angry. I think it should be free with the purchase of Dragonborn, unless they take an extra 6+ months to get that out to us too…

  8. Hi don’t you think you should have made sure dragonborn actually worked smoothly before releasing it on the xbox360 I’ve spent more time restarting and reloading my console than I have playing the actual game I’m lucky if I get ten minutes gameplay in before it freezes time and time again , it’s a joke really considering it cost almost £15 to ad onto a game that was already full of glitches , I hope you’re going to bring some sort of patch out or something because I’m not happy and feel that I have been ripped off . I thought you guys where supposed to be good at what you do obviously not , hope I get a reply but don’t think I will

  9. Releasing a new dlc is neat, but you could also fix the Morokei dragon priest mask in the original game too as a commemoration ot all the dragon priests out there 🙂 (it’s supposed to reduce the recharge time of the shouts according to the files in the game but the effect is never applied).

  10. When I try to talk to deor woodcutter to activate the quest “a new source of stalhrim” fanari strong-voice keeps telling me to ask deor woodcutter about the missing blacksmith but when I do deor woodcutter won’t say nothing but “what do you need ” and “yes?” so can y’all please release a patch or something for this quest and I already completed the main story of the dlc so I really don’t want to start the dlc over because I did a lot of side quest already

  11. I know that there working On it but it’s really annoying and frustrating that us ps3 players have had to wait so long and Xbox 360 and pc have been rubing it in and that we still haven gotten any of the dlc yet I know there working on it and they said around next year but come on its all ready been a long time some people might not want to play after so long

  12. Gstaff or anyone else from Bethesda, can you verify this information as correct:

    Elder Scrolls Online ‏@TESOnline (TESO twitter)

    Bethesda is hard at work on bringing Dragonborn to PS3 users in January (with other content to follow)

    January is it?

    • That’s the official channel for the Elder Scrolls Online, but we haven’t officially announced a release date for the content. When we have confirmation of when it will be ready, we’ll let everyone know — here on the blog, through @elderscrolls, and The Elder Council on Facebook.

      Happy Holidays

  13. Bethesda can y’all answer if y’all are working on a patch for the quest a “new source of stalhrim” because I can’t start the quest because I interrupted deor woodcutter and fanari strong-voice

  14. *Dragonborn Spoilers*
    Dear Bethesda,
    I’m sure you must be aware of this by now but there’s a glitch while fighting Miraak where you absorb the dragons’ soul instead of him, leaving him in the ethereal state permanently. There is nothing on the Bethsoft support page for this and a quick search online shows that there’s a lot of people experiencing this (this isn’t caused by removing too much of his health too quickly). Any upcoming patch for this as it is a game breaking bug?

  15. Any chance on any future DLC including a new race or two? I kinda like the idea of playing as a dremora *hint hint*, used mods on pc and hex edited on 360. I mean a great way to replay all the dlc and core game is to add a new selection of races

  16. I am looking forward to playing the Dragonborn DLC on the PS3.

    I hope that Hearthfire and Dawnguard finally gets released for the PS3 by the end next year.

  17. Just be honest and say no to ps3 players
    ive sold my skyrim game and i will never buy any game from such a lacky incompetent company ever
    i hope you nerds invest tons of hours in it cuz ivwouldnt get it even if it was free whahahahaaha

    greetz your former customer

    • Read that post was by far the biggest waste of my time since I started playing Skyrim.
      It took longer than it should because of how stupid it sounds and the total lack of grammar and punctuation.

  18. I’m really hoping all the DLC will come out this coming year for Skyrim. I mean, how hard can it really be to program this stuff and work out kinks? I know quite a bit of C++, and I know something isn’t right here. I got like 6 other games and all those games have dlc out already plus no lag or constant glitching (besides 2 games which a few months after release all bugs were fixed). Either Bethesda isn’t working hard enough, need better programmers, selling out to Microsoft, or just aren’t putting in enough effort not giving a care in the world about the PS3 fans… Something! This is just ridiculous.

    Like I said, I hope they keep to their word and give us PS3 fans what they’ve given to XBox 360 fans, because Skyrim is a great game minus the lag, glitches, and a year’s wait (and maybe never) release of DLC. As a fan, Bethesda, please step up your game. Thanks.

  19. So the game play is good but when you fight miraak the game glitches so you can’t defeat him that is where it takes away from the gameplay in the game it would be greatly apprieciated if it would be fixed

  20. @gstaff I hate to ask again but any chances(if its even possible to add it) on getting some new playable races? *cough Dremora, Akavir races like ya know the monkey, tiger and snake humanoids, don’t feel like typing their proper names cough*… might have a problem with the snake guys riding a horse or dragon though..

    • New races would be nice. But imagine the amount of bugs they’d develop.

      I for one am still having a bizarre problem with shouts.
      Y’know, the one wherein you activate a shout, but nothing happens besides the shout panel being deactivated while the shout is going on? No shouts, can’t shout.
      This has happened with Unrelenting Force and Marked For Death. Yes, I have spent souls on these shouts and have all three words for both.

      On another shout note, Beth, the shout tables are still skew-ways.
      MFD in particular. When you get the first word, “Krii”, that works fine. You get Lun, it stops working properly. The player character starts saying “Lun Yun”, which is nowhere near right. The third particle, “Aus” results in the Dragonborn uttering “Lun Yun Aus”… Only one of these is in the right place, and only two are the right words… It occurs with all races.
      “Retrieve the Argonian Ale for Brenuin” is still broken.
      That miscellanious in Dragon Bridge regarding some guy’s secret stash under a rock is also still broken. It’s not there in both cases although the quest marker is. WTF?

      For people who say “Blood On The Ice” is broken if you start it after the civil war (in favour of the Imperials), it doesn’t start the same way. Go talk to Jorlief and buy Hjerim. Now, when you go in, the quest starts. This is true in my case.

      Oh, anyone else: What is the bloody point of “Throw Voice”?

      • Throw Voice is just meant as a little stealth trick. I personally like to use it to get enemies to go to a corner of the room while I sneak by. Once I get to the boss of the area I assassinate him and then work my way to the entrance

  21. I’ve looked into Dragonborn dlc for the PC ALOT all they would have to do is convert the textures from a .ddx format to a .dds format and I’ve learned that the .ddx format is just 2 .dds images merged into one file so it wouldn’t be hard for them to get the pc release because the dlc for xbox is just a .esm and .bsa file compressed into a file usable by xbox and is very easy to extract into pc usable files the only problem is because the textures are in .ddx format which only pc and xbox support it crashes the pc version to desktop or ctds skyrim but if they just convert those files to .dds the dlc would be ready for pc

  22. i give up on you guys. sure we MIGHT get dragonborn but i bet we will never get dawngaurd or hearthfire. SKYRIM last Bethesda product il ever buy

  23. I feel it is very unfair to us proud playstation system owners to be keeping this content from us. I feel that Bethesda is favoring our rivals, microsoft, and pampering them. i am getting very annoyed with all these new addons when the ps3 system hasnt gotten but a few patches and updates. i feel bethesda should massivle lower our prices for all 3 addons for this stupid behavior. i am very disappointed in my favorite gamemakers of bethesda. unless this crap and lies stop soon, many sony bethesda players as well as myself eill stop playing bethesda’s games.

  24. @gstaff
    Are there any plans to release a set of unenchanted Nightingale Armor? Maybe find a worn set around like the DB Armor. Lets face it, no one likes the Illusion enchant on the Nightingale hood.

  25. @gstaff

    After installing patch 1.8 I’m having a tremendous amount of stuttering on the Xbox 360. I have the game installed to the hard drive and I have cleared the console’s cache but nothing seems to be working.

    Do you have any suggestions?