Dragonborn’s Release

Dragonborn is our favorite Skyrim add-on to date, and with reviews making their way online, it appears the gaming press shares that sentiment. In Eurogamer’s review from Dan Whitehead, he likens the content to a full-on expansion that was just what he needed to come back to Skyrim. Here’s an excerpt:

“This isn’t DLC. This is an expansion, like in the good old days. It’s an entirely new area, a blank map waiting to be filled in as you roam, packed with new quests, miscellaneous tasks, dungeons, barrows, ruins and crypts. It’s an absolute beast, with a main storyline that lasts a good few hours and enough supporting content to keep you playing for weeks more.”

Early reviews include:

  • Attack of the Fanboy (Loved It) – Dragonborn is the best Skyrim Expansion to date because it gets back to the roots of what made Skyrim fun in the first place.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements (9/10) – “… Bethesda have created here is exactly what Skyrim fans would have been crying out for… and that’s an experience that captures the brilliance of the main game but in a much more bitesize manner.”
  • Videogamer.com (8/10) — “After completing the main quest in 11-12 hours, I still have a lot of side quests to complete, a majority of the map lies undiscovered and I haven’t even begun gathering all the new loot.”
  • Kotaku – “Worth playing, worth exploring, worth leaping into like you’re starting Skyrim all over again.”
  • While OXM UK and CVG haven’t completed their reviews, they’re already sharing live impressions from their experience.

For those that are playing the content already, we hope you’re having a blast in Solstheim. And as noted in Monday’s blog post, we’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC. On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.

And we also have some more stuff planned for everyone next year as well.  We do everything we can to return the support you have given us, whether it’s The Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, game updates, or DLC. Thanks for your continued support and for sharing your adventures with us!

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you very much for this Bethesda. I and I’m sure many other people really appreciate this, this is what we have been asking for. Continue to keep us informed like this and you guys are looking good.

  2. Or I should say continue your hard work and keep us informed like this and you’re looking better. Just try your best to get all the DLC out on ps3 within a reasonable amount of time and start treating ps3 equally to other consoles and I’ll be happy.

  3. @GStaff
    “On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3”

    I would like to say thank you for an actual update. This has lightened my anger with the whole situation. It’s never been about whether the dlc got released, at least to me, it’s been about the lack of communication to us, the consumer. Again, I would like to say thank you for a concrete update on what is going on.

    • The anger will return, the exact moment they find a reason not to release it. Remember they used to say Dawnguard was going to be out shortley for the PS3 soon. Then magically it wasn’t.

      Until it’s out Bethesda word = mud

  4. oh bethesda when we asked ya to throw us bone we didnt want ya to give us the bone too!! i swear man if you guys charge full price for that…well god damnit im gonna pay it and so will alot of others…but just remember there is a such thing as karma…and that money (ya know the money your gonna get when ya charge us full price) that money will be FILTHY!! and you will have to make restitution for it in one way or another.

    good day bethesda enjoy your millions that ya made on selling us an unfinished product…that if it wasnt for a little tiny strip on the back of the packaging that says add on content ya would never intend on finishing. im already never buying a bethesda game again because of this debacle and that is a horrible thing because i have loved bethesda games for a long long long time. skyrim is a great game but until ya make good on your lets just go ahead and say 3 dlcs that havent made it to ps3 yet its an unfinished product! if i sold someone something at my job that wasnt finished i would lose that job, and the respect of the people who bought what i sold unless i could correct it by giving the people a DISCOUNT and answering any questions they may have about why it happened..its just good business ethics LEARN EM.

  5. @Gstaff, Are you guys linking the PC and PS3 release? Please, tell us PC gamers aren’t going to sit around waiting for a working PS3 version so you can release it at the same time.

    I honestly don’t know who I hate more Bethesda or Microsoft you both are punishing your own customers for not buying the same product on a device with 10 year old hardware. Something, I expect from the pigs at Microsoft but honestly wasn’t expecting it from Bethesda which makes me feel betrayed. Pc Gamers been with you guys since Arena and you push us to the back of the bus.

    • I wouldn’t really say that PC has been pushed to the back of the bus. I’d say just be patient and enjoy what you have.
      PC has Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Creation Kit and of course, plenty of mods to play around with. I wouldn’t say that’s too hard done by. Plus they said it isn’t released because it’s not done. It seems like your anger just comes from the fact that PC isn’t put before PS3, for the third time in a row. It’s probably going to come out before the PS3 version anyway, so just… relax.

      • Xbox and PC both run on a Microsoft os. The PC version was most likely in ready to ship mode the day the Xbox version released. My anger isn’t that the PC isn’t being put in front of the PS3 its that its being held back so the PS3 folks feel better and they don’t have to deal with a week or month of PS3 players complaining about it.

        • Well, do remember that not all PCs run on Windows, so they actually may not have working on other operating systems, or you could be right, I can’t make that speculation. Either way, there is a lot to work with on PC and I very, very highly doubt they will ‘delay’ the PC version too long. Just enjoy the game you have, man. Remember, the reason they want to work on PS3 is because it has none of the add-on content that you can enjoy while you wait a couple weeks for Dragonborn. So, just enjoy the content and enjoy the other aspects of the game that PC has to offer.

  6. so patch 1.8 for the PS3 is next year I can assume? does the patch for the PS3 resolve the last of the frame-rate issue’s? I only get it to drop whenever there are alot of partical effects or im in the area around riften. None the less thank you for giving a straight answer to the PlayStation community 😀

  7. Please Bethesda, dont Milk the Xbox so much that you would Seriously hold the PC with the PS3 until you decide to release the PS3 so the PC can get the Game.

    The PC has NOTHING to do with the PS3 and i thought we would get Content during the wait for the PC/PS3 and now you say we will get Content After the Release of the PC/PS3. Im confused here.

    Please Release the PC and have Mods Fix your Beta DLC, then put Complete Focus on the PS3 with Bug Fixes and Patches and let them have their 2 DLC’s.

    It completely Rediculas to withdraw the PC without a Solid Reason and you are Punishing the PC while you Struggling with the PS3

    The Reviews i see where they talk about Everybody is having Fun with the DLC, Well the PC isent having any fun.

    This is Bad Company Bussiness and you know it, Release the PC DLC Now and have Modders Fix whats Broken and give Full Attention to the PS3.

    The PC/OPS3 are Not the same Platform.

    • Microsoft bought 30 day exclusives on DLC 1-3. The PC will still likely get it before PS3 unless they finish PC like a day or two before the PStore update day. I don’t think Beth will tie up PC. Bethesda can’t legally give you the DB DLC now if they wanted to anyways.

      • If Microsoft has a thirty day exclusive deal, wouldn’t it release on Windows as well, regardless if it was through a digital distribution service like Steam or on a physical disk???

  8. Thanks for the update – it’s a wonderful feeling, having some solid information and news on your progress. I only wish you’d been doing this since the beginning.

    Really looking forward to playing Dragonborn on PS3! It looks wonderful, and in true Bethesda style, seems to be filled to the brim with content, lore, atmosphere and detail. Well done! 🙂

  9. “Thanks for your continued support…” You guys still think the PS3 users support you? After all of this crap?!?!? Not a chance. We’ll start supporting you after you start supporting our system again.

  10. we’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC”

    Are you really going to pretend that you can’t release Dragonborn for PC and PS3 yet because it requires more work, and there is no exclusivity deal with Microsoft involved whatsoever?
    How naive do you think your customers are?

  11. I’m still busy playing the excellent skyrim on ps3 (have only just been turned into a werewolf) I’ve still got lots to do so am not bothered too much by the dlc delay. All good things come to he who waits. I do think a heavily discounted price and some exclusives would be nice though.

    • Most of us PS3ers have had Skyrim for a fairly long time, for example I myself got it 11/11/11 (release day) so I need a DLC to add more to the game, since all 134 characters of mine are end game build and I am just rerolling every few weeks doing it all over again at this point with a new build.

  12. Looking forward to visit Morrowind! What I’ve seen so far looks amazing 🙂
    You really listen to your fans; Spears, riding dragons, Morrowind and more. Love you guys, keep it up!

  13. Honestly I’d rather get what you promised in order. Ya woooh just more things to do in skyrim with dragon born expansion but I’d like to play dragon born with a vampire lord… Not buying Dragon born until I get what was promised first.

  14. Thing is Bethesda, abandoning the work on Dawnguard PS3 and moving to Dragonborn isn’t the favour you claim it to be. Once you’ve got Dragonborn out and you continue with the other MIA packs (assuming this isn’t another bold faced lie to the community) you will eventually reach a point where you have to decide between Dawnguard and DLC #4, and whichever you don’t choose we will receive late, and the same goes for Hearthfire. We will always be behind until you do what needs to be done and put everything on hold until you deliver on the original promise of DLC for all platforms. Something that quite frankly should have been done in August when Dawnguard failed to arrive a full month after the month’s exclusivity.

    I also love the way you explain Dragonborn coming out first as “we didn’t want people to have to wait” yet Dragonborn was sold into exclusivity without prior announcement. I take it you believe the PS3 and PC communities to be stupid? It’s the only logical explanation for such a claim.

    The PS3 community is also still waiting on that explanation/apology for this train wreck of a situation you have created. Any progress to report on that?

    • Well well… at least they’re actually working on getting dawnguard and heartfire to the PS3. Still not really an excuse, but better than nothing for all the ps3-gamers i suppose. Must admit that i’m still disappointed for the long wait for pc gamers (such as myself). But well… they’re other great games to capture my attention.

      • I’m glad to get any communication, but if you read carefully, it’s not a lot better than what we’ve got in the past. “Sometime in early 201” is about as vague as “soon” or “we’re working on it” in my book.

        I agree with others that dropping DG / HF work to focus on DB sounds weak. You have supposedly been working on fixing DG since August, but you have almost all the kinks worked out of DB?? And DB is the largest DLC yet? That just doesn’t have the ring of truth to it. IF DB gets released (anytime soon) I predict it will be released full price because it was “on-time”. Then the team will move on to DLC#4 and not backwards to DG/HF. I really do hope I’m proven wrong as I would really like to enjoy all the DLC everyone else has enjoyed.

        • My personal knowledge of programming and experience says that chances are they understand the issue now and decided to release DB which is a much bigger DLC first with the fix as part of the initial programming, then go back to DG/HF and go through a much more difficult process of changing the older DLCs to contain the same fix to them as well. When programming it is always easier to add something as you are programming it then modifying a finished project. Since they got to go through a FINISHED, yet unworking, DG/HF and change it versus adding a fix as they go through with DB I can understand why we are getting DB before the older DLC.

          • I’m a programmer too (nothing as glamorous as video games) and I agree that it’s easier to code it properly (or knowing all the details) the first time. But we have been TOLD since August that the team was working on getting DG working on PS3. As a programmer it would peeve me to no end to work on a project for 4 months only to be pulled for a completely different project, especially when I know I have go right back to it once project #2 is done. I’m merely stating that the scant few details we have been given don’t exactly line up.

  15. How about u stop releasing games untill u can be far to all. Im disgusted that i have to wait afain while xbox dont…. if it doent work for one make everyone wait… the storya on all them have been ruined by xboxers for the ps3 people..like been told the ending of a book whats the point in reading it if u no whats gona happen

  16. Thank you Bethesda, I am looking forward to playing this soon for I am a PS3 user. I just hope that we get the other DLCs very soon. It’s been too long now…..

  17. Please give a Solid Answer and Reason as to Why you are withdrawing the PC With the PS3

    Is the PC and PS3 the Same Platform, do they Suffer the Same Bugs.

    Is there something on the PC Version that isent Fixed yet that Modders can Fix.

    Must we really wait for the PS3 sometime in April just to get the PC Version with no excuse as to why the delay.

    Please Bethesda, you have No Reason to withdraw the PC DLC from us, just tell us what is going on.

  18. You are doing a great job Bethesda and as a XBOX owner i can say that your support and hard work for us Skyrim fans will always be rewarded in many ways, either good reviews or great sales of this contents.

  19. In all honesty – this DLC is but a joke compared to The Shivering Isles. The main quest was surprisingly short. If someone manage to spend 10 hours (as stated above), then I don´t know what the hell they are doing. Main quest was completed in about three hours (included a couple of side quests). After about 8-10 hours of gameplay, there are no new places to find, nor any new quests. I have two dwemer ruins left, that are unexplored (because I think they are boring). The introduction of the Reakers was funny to begin with. But as usual with Elder Scrolls villains (like goblins in Oblivion and Draugr in Skyrim) they are over-exposed, and you will soon tire of killing them off. They are more a nuisance than anything. With the current content, I think this DLC feels unfinished, unpolished and rushed.

  20. Gstaff: what do mean when it’s done you’ll return to work on dg and hf?
    Do you mean when DB’s released and patched you’ll return to DG and HF?
    Or are the first two dlc’s for ps3 just something you guys work on between dlc’s for MS?

      • Are you serious, what are the PC Players waiting for, the PS3 has NOTHING to do with the PC at all, please Release the PC Version already and let Modders Fix the Bugs

        • For the sake of Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind days when PC was making the only profit and set Beth into CRPGS, will PC gamers EVER see some exclusive content??
          Even for a day?
          Even a tiny “Ring of Old School” ?

          Checking Steam sales i’m pretty sure PC is still making good bucks 😉

      • No, a more efficient process would have been to finished what you started unless you are prepared to admit that you guys either a.) will never be able to finish the first two dlc’s or b.) haven’t really been working on them to begin with. Care to explain? (Don’t worry, you don’t have to respond to that. We know you won’t)

  21. My question is, will the ps3 players get this dlc for free? Because in my opinion it should (or with a large discount)


    PS3 user 🙂

    • That would imply that they actually care about us as people. They don’t. They want your money and nothing else. It’ll be full price.

  22. Thanks for the solid PS3 update, Bethesda.

    Also, the fact that Gstaff even mentioned pricing indicates to me that Bethesda is seriously considering discounting the PS3 content. Xbox/PC DLC has previously been priced, after all. That would be a nice treat for the delay. Can you affirm or deny yet Gstaff?

  23. Microsoft was only supposed to get 2 dlc with exclusive timing. Dragonborn is number 3. They stopped working on the first two PS3 dlc in order to push through the third for Microsoft. Also, if the exclusive deal is supposed to be for 30 days, why isn’t there a specific release date for Dragonborn for PC/PS3. Early 2013 is vague and could be drawn out until May or June.

  24. Dragonborn over all was an amazing dlc the main problem I had with it was that I was disappointed with the way riding dragons turned out while it looks cool there were a lot of problems caused by not being able to control the dragon at all for example since the dragon can only circle one single place on the map you couldn’t chase enemies down and it was hard to control attacks as well and this is strange considering Bethesda always tried its hardest to give the player full control of their gaming experience my only solution would be give control of the dragon completely to the player from walking on the ground to grabbing someone with the claws to dragon dogfights and I’d imagine you should put a “you can’t go that way” border on top of cities at least to a certain height but my number one complaint will once again be please make it so whether bounces off solid objects can’t tell you how many tomes I run for shelter in the rain in skyrim only to have rain and snow and mists going through walls

  25. So, let me get this right…
    You put the DLC you’re having trouble with on hold, to work on a LARGER DLC.
    Makes perfect sense right?

    After all, you did say you’ve been working hard to bring PS3 the DLC since August.
    So, yeah… whats another year?! 😀

    Your company has lost it, just drop the PS3 and go dry hump Gate’s leg.

  26. Do you guys seriously not know why the PC and PS3 have to wait for Dragonborn?
    Firstly, Dawnguard was labelled inetrnally as DLC1.
    Fine. One exclusive down.
    Hearthfire was not. It was internally labelled as BYOH (Build your own house).
    Still one exclusive down.
    Provided MS don’t shell out even more money for more exclusives, Dragonborn will be the last one we have to wait for, as it is labelled as DLC2.
    Oh, and don’t go all “*whine whine whine*MS blocking Sony” crap on this. If MS did that, they’d be sued so hard they’d vanish from the surface of the planet, as they are legally blocked from trying to corner a market (already been successfully sued on this) and it’d be just plain illegal anyhow.

    Unlike a lot of other PC players, I can wait a month for this. 30 days is nothing, people. I do feel terrible for the treatment of the PS3 guys, though.

    I’m still plodding through Dawnguard as I didn’t stupidly blitz through everything and then start complaining that it’s too short.

    In case it doesn’t reach us around 4th-7th January, I’ve still got lots of other games to play. I’m sure you all do, as well.

    @Prometheusts: I agree, lets get some DX11 on this. Usign DX9 on a beauty like Skyrim without an option for DX11 (AKA ACIII, DA2) is like painting a dog turd gold and trying to sell it, when there is a real gold lump next to it.

    I want Spears to return as well.
    I did find it odd in the Civil War questline that you’re given the option (on the Imperial Side) for Light, Medium or Heavy Armour. You pick Medium, are you’re given a different kind of Light Armour. What’s the point of that middle option anyway?
    Why aren’t the Generals removed from the “Essential” list after the war is over? I went into a camp as a werewolf, massacred everyone and then sat there for half an hour ripping the general to shreds. But he didn’t die, because apparantly Generals are akin to immortals, for some stupid reason.
    Get those damn Alik’r out of my bloody town. They’re still there nearly a full year after Kematu’s death.
    Stop following me into my private residence just to finish what you’re saying, lowly peasants!
    Shut up Olfrid “Patron of the Great Clan Battle-Born”, nobody else cares about you or your “name that I’m sure you know well”.
    Bloody hell, when I’m listening to someone tell me something important, why does some freaking idiot think old news is worth drowning out the other speaker? I’m looking at YOU town guards, some of you who think I’m still the mead girl from Jorrvaskr even after being named Harbinger.
    Oh, and where where the hell has the Dragon from mount Anthor gone?!

    Gstaff, please mention these inconsistencies to the team and ask them to fix them. I’m sure it persists across all systems. The Unofficial Patch for PC already does this, but it’s not an ideal fixpack, as it did tell me to go after Red Eagle’s sword a second time. So now I have Red Eagle’s Bane and Fury on my wall.

    • Squark: “Oh, and don’t go all “*whine whine whine*MS blocking Sony” crap on this. If MS did that, they’d be sued so hard they’d vanish from the surface of the planet, as they are legally blocked from trying to corner a market (already been successfully sued on this) and it’d be just plain illegal anyhow.”


      Furthermore Microsoft was watched by public authorities for years and have ALREADY paid 100 of milions because of unlawful acts!!!! It wouldn´t be a suprise that there exists some inofficial aggreements between microsoft and some game developers – million of people died by crime and wars, that show us since ever that humans aren´t as good as some of their laws claimed it or their moral imagination stated it 😉

    • This line of thinking is way off, it annoys me every time I see it. It doesn’t matter what it is internally labelled or what it is called (DLC1, DLC2, etc). Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn have all been referred to as “add-on” content. After Dawnguard, PC users waited 30+ days. After Hearthfire, PC users waited 30+ days. (I’m only not mentioning PS3 since that’s a different story). That’s it, right there, two exclusivity waits, done and done.

      If Hearthfire didn’t count, then PC shouldn’t have had to wait. That’s all there is to it.

      Bethesda needs to just answer this whole “exclusivity” thing clearly so that fans can stop getting upset about it. Wouldn’t it be far easier to just clear up this whole thing?

      Clear it up, and learn that your fans dislike the feeling of favoritism. Realize that whatever the numbers tell you, the lesser amount of PC and PS3 gamers (compared to Xbox gamers) is still a huge number of gamers, and should be treated as equal. Get your content together and working on all three platforms, and then release it to everyone at once. I’m not sure how your marketing hasn’t learned this lesson yet.

      • Actually, Brandon, it does matter.
        They called a technicality on it, and while I do agree that Hearthfire is essentially a Downloadable Content pack, (also being rather technical about it) the internal label is what matters. If Hearthfire was labelled as DLC2, this whole debate would never have happened.

        Hearthfire’s PC release date was a bit of an atrocity. Nobody should’ve had to wait for that. And a little variety in the looks of the houses wouldn’t have hurt, either.

        I also agree that they need to start sharing a little more information about exclusivity, which is due to end right about now, with Dragonborn.

        • I still disagree, the internal naming has nothing to do with it. The only people who see the internal naming are the devs and PC players who use the Creation Kit or in-game console. The internal naming has nothing to do with the actual waits that gamers have, due to the way that the DLC/add-ons/whatever are marketed and released.

          Please show me where they called a technicality on it. I’ve not seen any official statement that makes the clarification “No, Hearthfire was not an exclusive, and Dragonborn is an exclusive.”

          To back up my theory, the recent blog posts / statements by gstaff seem to indicate that the wait for PC and PS3 is a technical wait for the content to be prepared for each platform, rather than any kind of exclusivity deal. I read into this that they simply did the Xbox first, because presumably the highest percentage of customers have Xbox. Also to back up my theory, there are the way that the trailers were marketed with the Xbox logo / etc – the first two had Xbox written all over them – the Dragonborn trailer doesn’t.

          Even if you factor out being unhappy with exclusivity in general (it is what it is), the whole thing is just poor marketing and poor decisions regarding release date.

          When you have a passionate fan base for a major title, you should be crystal clear about any type of exclusivity arrangements, and then you should release any subsequent content simultaneously. To do otherwise, as a major company, is just ridiculous.

          • It’s been said time and again, they paid for two DLCs, not two plugins.
            Hearthfire was more of a plugin, and official version of an existing mod.
            Dawnguard added locations and an arseload of content (if you went looking), and so was called DLC.
            Dragonborn will add a new landmass and another arseload of content, and will also ben called DLC.
            Heathfire added preset manor houses. That’s not worthy of being called DLC. We shouldn’t have had to wait for that.

    • The only issue I have there with the Hearthfire comment was that it was actually released as a timed exclusive for Xbox, later to be released for PC and held for PS3. So it would have counted as an exclusive. Which leads me to believe MS has a longer exclusivity agreement than just two timed DLC’s. I’d just like to know how many they have?

      I’m also the ‘Harbinger’.. and get tired of being talked down to by people supposedly following me.. it’s rude…

  27. Woah woah woah. That makes no sense at all, sorry.
    If you guys had been working on Dawnguard all this time, like you have repeatedly said you were, then it would be far more efficient to be finishing Dawnguard rather than hopping on to a new DLC.
    And yes, it’s a DLC. You download the content. Expansions usually come on new DISCS or run separately, as in the Sims games.

    Even if Dawnguard was even fixed the slightest bit, it’s still more efficient to continue on it. One does not drop a perfectly good steak to go and start on another one if they aren’t full yet.
    Plus won’t that annoy the hell out of the team working on it? My dad is a programmer. He and his coworkers HATE having to drop something to work on something entirely different.

    • Expansions come on discs?

      10 years ago, yes. Today, no.

      To address your examples:

      Bethesda content released after the main game always runs in conjunction with the main game, it never launches separately. That’s the nature of their open-world games, compared to other games that, just as one example, might be mission-based, so that a new mission can be launched separately.

      And delivery method has nothing to do with it because entire games are delivered by download. That’s today’s technology. It has nothing to do with how you classify additional content.

      Generally I think the term “expansion” is used much less these days, but I’ve always judged what you would consider an “expansion” vs what you refer to as “DLC”, “add-on content”, etc. by the size of it, not by delivery method or how it is played.

      I would consider both Dawnguard and Dragonborn to be expansions due to the size of them. They’re not just adding trivial content (as in online games, character clothing, funny hats) or a small amount of content (an extra playable character). Most importantly, they both add a good chunk of story, locations and quests, which in my opinion is the real defining measure of an expansion.

      Used to be games only had expansions, because you had to deliver them on a disc (or even floppy diskettes). So you made your post-game content meaningful and significant enough to warrant its own release. I hate the cheap add-on content in today’s gaming world (funny hats, etc.), and I think that the terminology today is somewhat confused in terms of different people disagreeing about what the terminology means, and different people (especially companies) USING the terminology to mean different things.

      I’ve always liked the “expansion” terminology.

      • Er, not everybody can afford to wait hours for a download to finish, because not everyone has Fiberoptic or a blazing fast download speed or a reliable line.

        I support expansions on Disc as an option, but not the sole method.

        But yeah, there needs to be a clear distinction about what is Add-On content and what is an Expansion.

        @ Kanna: “Expansions usually come on new DISCS or run separately, as in the Sims games.”
        Nope, wrong. Never have. True, you install the base game (needed for any bonus stuff) and an expansion. Then you run the game using the newer dsic (also true), but you could NEVER run a Sims game without the Base game. Or any game in my experience, for that matter.

        • I don’t have blazing fast download speed, but I don’t mind waiting a few hours. I’m not sure what you mean by “afford”. In areas where internet bandwidth is costly and slow, I can understand. If it’s just a matter of patience to let it download overnight or even let it download all day while you’re at work, I’m fine with that. Unfortunately, expansions on disc are certainly becoming a thing of the past.

          In terms of how DLCs get run, the recent DLC expansion that came to mind for me was the Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC. Yes, you have to have the base game, but as a comparison to Bethesda games, with DX:HR being a linear mission-based game, you would just launch that mission separately as opposed to with Bethesda you load your saved game in the open world, and the DLC is then triggered as a quest or a character comes up to you or something.

          • My line (as well as some others) isn’t that reliable, and I can’t let it run overnight either. It gets way too hot, way too quickly. Especially when downloading large amounts. I have a 6MB line on a personal router abd a strict download allowance, so I really can’t keep downloading expansions. EA games release DLC as discs as well, so why not Beth?

  28. Gstaff
    As I mentioned earlier. As a ps3 player with you postponing the first 2 dlc content we are gonna start in solstenheim with a diffrent game experience. What I mean by this is other consoles or pc will have dragonbone armor crossbows shouts skill trees etc.
    And as you stated in previous months is that dawngaurd works fine for most players but not all. It takes 6 months to fix that sounds like there was a higher agenda while our dlc was neglected
    Please respond to this . I would like to hear your input.

    • I think this information from the post is important to understand:

      “Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC.”

      As we’re working towards releasing Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, it’s important for us to put attention into how all three will work together.

      To your question about the order in which you play them, it was never intended that you needed to play Dawnguard before Dragoborn, just as we’d never tell the player they need to play the Companion’s Guild before going through the College of Winterhold. As Dragonborn will be releasing first, you’ll have the option to play it first. You’ll also have the option to play Dawnguard first, but that will mean you’ll need to wait until it’s released.

      • How do you even know if Dawnguard will ever be released though? You have (supposedly) been working on it for months now with now updates to us at all. Can you actually make it work?

      • The thing that does not seem fair…at this time, is that when I watch a YouTube video of someone “enjoying” Dragonborn, they have crossbow and other weapons and armor that is exclusive to Dawnguard. You mentioned that PS3 users will get Dawnguard and Hearthfire after Dragonborn is released, however, will these weapons be available in Dragonborn so that us PS3 users can have the same “enjoyment” that the Xbox 360 are experiencing. This may seem petty, but if Bethesda was in our shoes (PS3 users) and watched the same videos of the game play, you too would feel a little jaded.

    • The content hasn’t been delayed. We only confirmed it’s coming to PC on Monday. Developing the content across multiple platforms takes a lot of time, and we’ll be getting it to everyone on PC early next year.

        • Uh, nope, sorry, it’s not.
          Windows is a shagging OPERATING SYSTEM, not the whole damn machine.
          Similarly, you can also run Linux on a PC. Linux is not an MS development. Blew you out of the water, pete. Get your facts straight next time.

        • PC means all the operating systems, Windows is only the most common. Here is a list I found of some of the most common OS out there.

          Microsoft Windows

          So when you say PC you are talking that whole list and more not just Windows. Beth just programs for Windows primarily, but to say all PC are Windows is a foolish point to make.

          • lol the only one on that list that is maybe even close to windows on the large scale is linux b/c of its heavy use in the computer industry.

          • @ Corax : both BSD (except Mac OS X) and Linux are heavily used in the industry, but Linux is also used for personal computers and has a larger fan base because of that. If you count other hardware architectures besides PC, BSD might be the 2nd most popular OS because of iPhone, iPad, few people realizes it though

      • We haven’t received a single DLC yet. If you’re saying that nothing has been delayed then you are saying that this was planned this way? Are you really serious?

  29. The DLC is great, but like everything you guys make there is of course bugs and glitches. But the ones in the DLC are actually a game breaker.WARNING:SPOILERS: When I try to meet the first dragonborn for the first time he gives his speech and then once he tells his minions to send me back he turns around and bumps into one and just stands while moving to the right and im guessing since he doesnt keep walking through the portal or whatever it is behind him the game will not register sending me back to Tamriel. Any idea how to fix this? Or a time when a patch will come out to address this problem and more.

  30. gstaff mentioned price.
    What is Bethesda going to do about the price of the DLC?
    PS3 players were lied to and misled about the state of the base game that still has not been fixed. We were misled into buying a defective product. Some feel we deserve a substantial discount on the DLC.

    On the other hand, I think the last thing Bethesda wants to do is make 360 players cry, even though they have been pandered to this whole time.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Of course, with Bethesda’s history, I don’t think the DLC will even work. I think it will make the defects worse and completely break the game. We all remember Fallout: New Vegas don’t we?

  31. @gstaff irrelevant question, what does silent moons enchant do? is this broken? pls answer my question ive been wanting to know. thank u!

  32. I can understand that it takes a long time to develop the content across multiple platforms. The frustration lies with x box getti.g full support dlc patches. Pc got most of the same. Us ps3 players just got a couple of bug fixes and mounted combat. Was there ever a point where you stopped and said damn we gotta address ps3 cause are spitting in there face with every announcement we make.

  33. Hey um…..if all you guys have so much money to spend on gaming, why don’t you just…idk, buy an xbox? are you like, the only gamers in the world who don’t have ALL the consoles? quit your whining. Every game has a deal with SOME console first. You can’t tell me you have done EVERY SINGLE LITTLE thing there is to do in skyrim. Go re-kill enemies or something. Or, maybe…play a different game?

    • Again, I have to say no, it’s not.
      How many more are going to confuse the term “PC” with the Brand name “Windows”?
      Windows is a part of MS. The PC is not owned by one specific company, which is why you see a lot of PCs with alternative Operating Systems.
      Virtually any OS can run on a PC, not just Windows.

      • Exactly, as I stated previously, you can run a variety of OS on a PC, including but not limited to this list:

        Microsoft Windows

      • moot point. I do not believe I would be overstating it if I were to say that you really only have to worry about linux or windows. the amount of gamers out there playing on other os (from the list Jesse has provided) is minuscule. tiny. incomprehensibly irrelevant.

      • The confusion is partially, if not all, brought by Apple, while M$ never say a sheet to clear it up.

        Plus, Windows 8 can also run on ARM, which, conventionally, doesn’t count as PC

  34. All PS3 owners need to just stop buying Bethesda Games. This Company is notoriously known for not being able to code properly for PS3. They blame it on the PS3 when, in fact, it is the fault of their coders laking the required ability. They will keep pushing this launch date back until they can think of a way to tell you that they don’t know what they are doing. If by some miracle they do happen to release any DLC, then you can believe that they absolutely will not offer a discount in any way.

  35. So will us PS3 users ever get any DLC? From what I heard, Dawnguard worked well in Beta on the majority of PS3 systems it was tested on. I think that should be enough to release it. I’m tired of waiting this out, I want content asap! Is it really that hard to program for the PS3 or are we getting bullshitted and forced to buy xbox360 and the xbox version of Skyrim?? Not me. I’ll refuse to buy any Bethesda games ever again if they don’t release all the DLC for PS3 by next year.

  36. I don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to a dlc being late, if any one watched the reviews before skyrim was even released, its was clearly stated microsoft [xbox] will have all exclusive rights to dlc and etc,..so why even cry about it when every one should know any way, and yes I’m a ps3 user and I’m more than happy to wait, keep up the good work bethesda, I understand your not the only gaming company having problems with ps3 as many others are finding problems with ps3 split memory system, I don’t know why people are blaming you, I blame sony for coming up with a complicated software that’s nearly impossible to manufacture a game for,…

  37. Does anyone remember the vampire lair, thieves den, mages and fighters tower, the dwarven machine from oblivions dlc that 360 and pc only got? This is just a repeat of five years ago. Ps3 users will never enjoy the luxeries that other platforms get. Dont forget the ps2 never even saw morrowind, and the pc was the only one with expansions. My fellow ps3 owners don’t get your hopes up for dawnguard or the other one, even though being a vampire without dawnguard is completely useless, along with the werewolf.

    Back onto the vampires and werewolf. Bethesda you guys screwed up on that. They are extremely weak and useless at all levels. Reading onto dawnguard, it appears they become how they truly are meant to be, which is adequately stronger than your character normally. Seriously though bethesda, making the core games vampires really weak and only allowing 360 and pc users unlock their full potential, is wrong.

    Anyway, bethesda I think you owe ps3 users a sincere appology. An apology that follows along with all the dlc, on a disk.

  38. It still has no hard release date because no dlc will be coming out for download. They will package it in a two disc set. goty edition on one and the dlcs on the other to try to get ps3 owners to buy the game all over again.

  39. GSTAFF, so now that Dragonborn is released are you going to FINALLY work on the quest patch for the base game? The one we were promised almost a year ago? Or are you just going to make more DLC to cash in and not fix anything?

    • What do you mean? They fixed a lot of bugs! Like, more than 10! All those “rare” bugs they posted on the blog announcements for the title updates. If you’re on PC, check out the Unofficial Patch, which fixes literally hundreds of actual mistakes (if not thousands, by now), as documented thoroughly by the team of fans creating the patch, who deserve to be paid and hired by Bethesda. If you’re playing on Xbox or PS3, I do feel sorry for you, but you should have already learned your lesson in this regard from every previous Bethesda game.

      • I tried the USKP. It glitched the Red Eagle quest, sending me after his sword a second time, it borked the “Return to X for bounty” and a few others.
        But at least it DID fix the Argonian Ale side quest for whatsisface. Which has still vanished without a trace.

        • The USKP may have some issues, sure. That much is to be expected with such a large effort. But I think you could agree that it fixes a lot more than any potential problems it has, and it’s probably fixing a lot of stuff you don’t even notice. Plus the fact that they are actively continuing to work on it.

          • That much I can agree with. Though I think for safety’s sake you’d be better off starting a new game if you plan on running the USKP. I still notice missing vertices on rocks, oddly transparant trees and an overly cluttered journal with uncompletable quests.

  40. Some of you just need to take a deep breath. I totally understand that you ps3 owners are upset, I am too, but you wanted some news and you got it. I don’t understand all the anguish of PC players, you guys have all the other DLCs and some great mods to use. You shouldn’t have expected much more news than what they gave with the way Bethesda has been acting. They said they are working on Dragonborn and that it’ll be out early next year and then they will continue work on the other two DLCs after that. Just leave them to their work. If it’s January 4th of next year and we still don’t have a date then you can start harassing them again.
    Just please don’t make me look like a fool for having faith in you again Bethesda.

  41. Hmm; “Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.”

    Pricing, after so a long time it should be free.