Dragonborn’s Release

Dragonborn is our favorite Skyrim add-on to date, and with reviews making their way online, it appears the gaming press shares that sentiment. In Eurogamer’s review from Dan Whitehead, he likens the content to a full-on expansion that was just what he needed to come back to Skyrim. Here’s an excerpt:

“This isn’t DLC. This is an expansion, like in the good old days. It’s an entirely new area, a blank map waiting to be filled in as you roam, packed with new quests, miscellaneous tasks, dungeons, barrows, ruins and crypts. It’s an absolute beast, with a main storyline that lasts a good few hours and enough supporting content to keep you playing for weeks more.”

Early reviews include:

  • Attack of the Fanboy (Loved It) – Dragonborn is the best Skyrim Expansion to date because it gets back to the roots of what made Skyrim fun in the first place.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements (9/10) – “… Bethesda have created here is exactly what Skyrim fans would have been crying out for… and that’s an experience that captures the brilliance of the main game but in a much more bitesize manner.”
  • Videogamer.com (8/10) — “After completing the main quest in 11-12 hours, I still have a lot of side quests to complete, a majority of the map lies undiscovered and I haven’t even begun gathering all the new loot.”
  • Kotaku – “Worth playing, worth exploring, worth leaping into like you’re starting Skyrim all over again.”
  • While OXM UK and CVG haven’t completed their reviews, they’re already sharing live impressions from their experience.

For those that are playing the content already, we hope you’re having a blast in Solstheim. And as noted in Monday’s blog post, we’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC. On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.

And we also have some more stuff planned for everyone next year as well.  We do everything we can to return the support you have given us, whether it’s The Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, game updates, or DLC. Thanks for your continued support and for sharing your adventures with us!

Reader Comments

  1. I got Dragonborn on my xbox as soon as it came out, and honestly it was a huge let down. I have still to finish Dawnguard surprsingly but I just love roaming around Skyrim. When the trailer for Dragonborn came out, showing Stalhrim, new areas and dragon riding, I was excited to say the least. However, I finished the main quest in 2 days, while roaming around and exploring. Furthermore the game was very glitchy with quests not working, not starting, being blocked, unaggressive immortal dragons, it was a pain. The quests also felt rushed, cut short and unrewarding. Last but certainly not least, Dragon Riding. Bethesda advertised it as dragons being a sort of mount, from which you could attack enemies and fly into battle. No, you climb the dragon it goes around in circles and you can throw two or three fireballs before he gets tired and puts you down; i compared in a previous comment to cooking: a nice addition but useless. It is a enormous let down as I explored all of Solstheim as well and just feel like I have nothing left to do there… after two days of playing. I payed 20 dollars for a DLC that was unfinished and ceratinly not worth the money. If it is to be patched, I will certainly be looking for updates, but until then I have left Solstheim definately.

  2. @BGS
    Here’s an idea give all systems a Season pass for all Skyrim DLC ON ALL SYSTEMS that is 25% off all DLC WHEN THEY COME OUT PS3 will get a discount for having to wait (as well as anyone else on any other system who waited) and XBOX/ PC already playing the content got to enjoy it longer everyone wins including you as it will help raise sales
    otherwise some people might be willing to wait for a used Skyrim GOTY

    • Yes. They definately should. There’s never enough mannequins.
      And they shouldn’t have made the display cases in Hearthfire so bloody awkward to use.

  3. Another day without playin skyrim dragonborn and what else should i do except writing gstaff that i´m pissed?!

    @ all guys who claim to chill down and wait till dragonborn is released:
    I like the elderscrolls since ever. I hate to wait. Two charateristics which are main oder side parts of my character. Try to go elsewhere (maybe to Syria) and said the people should wait for their freedom because every dictatorship will walk past you – after it u will be done with your live…

    It´s the same princip in different degrees of hardness – but which such a comparison the absurdity of your claiming will be visible 😉

    >> People want to fight for their subjective feelings of justice and injustice!

  4. I’m done with Bethesda…At least until they’re done with this timed exclusivity for xbox bullshit. I didn’t buy Dawnguard or Hearthfire over this crap and I’m certainly not going to buy Dragonborn, either.

    I hope the money from Microsoft is worth losing money from a once loyal fan.

    • Which will, by legal definition be over around January 4th, 2013, that will be a full month after the Xbox release of Dragonborn.

  5. Please no?! They ALREADY released a new version for just the first two DLCs! If that’s not milking the customer, I don’t know what is.

    Instead of trying to cram more and more content into every release of the book (and in the case of previous Bethesda games, putting little pieces of exclusive stuff into each one, that doesn’t get included in a GOTY book, so you have to buy every book), and instead of a GOTY type book, why not just release a book for ALL the expanded content ONLY after the expanded content is finished? That way everyone who bought the original guide when it first came out only has to buy one further guide, and not have the paper weight and font size reduced to nothing as it would be if they tried to do a GOTY guide.

    Honestly, companies releasing game guides need to get into these types of strategies before-hand, so that consumers actually feel like they are being looked after, and not just milked.

    • I have no idea how this post ended up down here. The blog seems a bit screwy with the overload of comments. This was in reply to George, who asked “Is a new version of the guide book going to release with all 3 dlc’s info?”

  6. This is an honest and sincere comment, so I hope you don’t take it as sarcasm, but I really do hope that everyone who works at Bethesda Game Studios gets a big fat Xbox exclusivity Christmas bonus cheque, so that they all have a very happy holiday season and have lots of energy and put in lots of overtime to get the PS3 releases out the door for PS3 players and get Dragonborn out for PC.

    I think that you missed a huge opportunity Bethesda by not getting Dragonborn out for all platforms for Christmas. People on Christmas break are looking for gaming and they could have been playing your game. Instead, they’ll play a different game, and when you finally release Dragonborn (and the other DLCs for PS3), people will be busy again and will also be holding off spending due to the end of the Christmas season, and may hold off purchasing until it goes on sale on Steam, for example.

    • Maybe Beth wanna catch the Chinese New Year holiday sale in Feb? So brilliant that other companies never thought about.

      Oops, forget Beth didn’t release Skyrim in China…

  7. I have complete faith that Bethesda will deliver what they say they will. A while back, they promised me a game that would captivate me and keep me happy for many a rainy afternoon. Believe me, I live in Southeast Alaska- we KNOW rainy afternoons. They delivered on that promise and I still regularly enjoy diving into Skyrim. I look forward to the dlc you’re working on, and I do believe you’re working on it.
    A PS3 User

  8. Maybe the programmers and developers at Bethesda are annoyed that they have to pause their work on Dawnguard and Hearthfire. They peobably just have come to conclusion that this would maybe be the most efficient and best thing to do, even if it wouldn’t be something they would necessarily want to do. Dragonborn probably is easier and quicker to get working than the others, so you might as well get this one out, especially with how good it supposively is.

  9. I mean don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer that they would just continue on Dawnguard and get that out sooner as I don’t have much of an interest in Dragonborn. While I don’t like what they’ve done with this very well, I can totally see where they’re coming from and can accept that.

    • There is Know way to continue dawngaurd because either you killed all the vampires or you killed the dawnguard, you sir are obviously a noob I hope the Dark Brotherhood kills you in your sleep for such stupidity.

  10. People are missing the point there is no release date for DB because its not ready and won’t be. Early next doesn’t mean anything Bethesda is full of it. Come June they will put out some vague bs reason why it’s been delayed indefinitely

  11. Good point Brandon! Thanks for pointing that out about DLC and stuff. You seem like a pretty cool dude. 😀
    Expansion really just seems to be outdated for counsol gaming, since even most of the counsol stores have it under ‘DLC’. Really it’s used mostly for tabletop gaming now, or at least that’s where I hear it. Though I can definitely see your point about it adding tons more to the story than silly hats and things.
    I haven’t really looked at Hearthfire, since I own the PS3 and all, but it seems less, for lack of better terms, bulky than the others. What would it even be considered? Plug-in?

    Man. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since discs. Technology evolves fast! I wonder how we’ll be getting games an expansions 10 years from now!

  12. “On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer”

    So to prevent people from waiting for DLC, you’re going to make them wait to an undisclosed time in 2013. After promising content SOON back in november, and while they’ve had to wait over half a year for anything, you will generously and kindly make them wait at least another month. All the while, you could have released dawnguard, hearthfire before christmas. But no, PS3 has to continue to wait, and these fools thank you for it.

  13. Dragonborn is awesome! I’m getting closer to accepting an Elder Scrolls MMO. PS3 owners, I know your pain. I was there. But give it up! If you’re looking to only play on one console, Xbox and Xbox Live is exactly what you want! But… If you’re a serious gamer you own a PC (both PC and a Mac), Xbox, PS3, and yes even a Wii. I couldn’t imagine missing this DLC, Halo 4, or God of War for the PS3 when it was hot. I own them all, and can tell you the last time I used the PS3 was to play The Advengers Blue Ray disc. But the moment PS3 comes out with a exclusive blockbuster game release. I will be the first in line to get it with you! Don’t let the video game world pass anything by you. And if you want to put all your eggs in one basket, don’t bitch about it. If these guys didn’t have to reprogram each new DLC for PS3 and PC fanatics, there would be more DLC for all of us. Let these artists work on what ever canvas they feel comfortable working on and you figure out how to buy the console it’s on. If you are thinking about replying about the Money it takes to buy all the consoles, don’t. We’re talking about $70 games here. If you don’t have the money to invest in the equipment to play $70 video games, then stop playing them and get to work.

  14. well if this is xbox last exclusive since hearthfire didnt count. i hope evreyone will get the next dlc that comes out next year at the same time. im a ps3 player and i cant wait for dragonborn.


    Wrong. August 31st, 1996: Daggerfall released for PC.
    On my 16th birthday I got to experience the wonderful world of Bugthesda.

      • Are you kidding me?!?! After all of this you won’t even be giving us the patch before the end of the year? Do you guys just want us to hate you at this point? This is beyond ridiculous. What have you guys been doing for the last 6 months?

      • Ok. Fine. I guess I didn’t know it was normal to release a game under false promises and take over a year to fix it. Who am I kidding? This is a Bethesda game on the PS3. They are too incompetent to fix a game on the PS3. That would mean the staff would need an education above that of the average public middle school.

        Yeah, that was extremely insulting. They may feel close to the way I feel as a customer after the treatment from Bethesda. If they are angry about my words, then they should have put some effort into programming for the PS3 console. If I were a Bethesda employee, I think I would tell everyone I work at Capcom.

        Disgraceful Bethesda. Utterly disgraceful. Lazy, incompetent, unskilled, uneducated, pathetic, and an embarrassment to all that consider themselves video game programmers. The shame of the industry. You should all be extremely grateful that we do not have any real legal action available, otherwise I would thoroughly enjoy joining a class action lawsuit and suing you into the stone age.

        • Quit complaining. You should be thankful that they’re even bothering to fix the game for the PS3. It’s a sandbox game, there’s a lot of coding involved. So they have to look at everything to make sure it’ll work correctly before releasing the patch to Sony, and then Sony has to look through it before accepting it…same thing with Microsoft. In the mean time, why don’t you play something else while you wait? I’m sure there are other games that’ll keep you pre-occupied until then? What’s on the PS3 now? I’m a PC and xbox360 player, so I have a lot of options to consider and not get all butthurt if something happens.

          Anyway, Gstaff. In the Dragonborn DLC, I’m finding the last Black Book in Benkongerike, and the pillars you have to turn to match with the animal symbols above them do not turn at all. I tried saving the game and reloading, and going back to a save before entering the room where you have to open it, but nothing works.

  16. Just wanna know if Bethesda will release Skyrim GOTY in China. It seems Bethesda ridiculously ignores the HUGE fan base in China. Just look at this one single forum of TES,


    There are 55959 registers, 277764 threads, 4164282 posts!!! many of them are very deep lore discussions. And there are tons of such kind of forums. Since there is no official Chinese version, they even translated the whole game voluntarily.

    Maybe next DLC, Bethesda could consider to add some Akavir goodies, that would be awesome. I know Tsaescis are more like Japanese samurai but still …

    I myself do have a US steam account, but most Chinese players don’t. It is kind of sad to think 2012 is the Dragon year in China yet people have to go pirating to be Dragonborn.

  17. My mood worsens with another day without Skyrim: Dragonborn!
    Not because of the fact that I don´t have it, but because of the fact that every f xbox gamer has it!!!

    Remember remember the 4th of december…

  18. I do agree with the process and your doctrine Bethesda , I might of been one of those who was and is mad about this entire Skyrim deal. But like I said before life goes on , is just that your games such the Fallout series , Dishonored , Rage ect, are what i would created if i was ever to work for such a company and my style of gaming.I just dont get why you guys would put on sale a broken game ? why ? . I think it would be fair to us the PS3 consumer to at least get a free DLC for all the drama and bull…. , “life goes on” but I’am a true gamer since 1982 and some of us true gamers I think we have earn a free-bee. thank you and I hope I get some sort of direct respond from your team. Keepup the good work Bethesda , cant wait for Fallout4

    • About releasing a broken game:
      They were pushed to release it on 11/11/11, which is completely ridiculous if you ask me.
      Like many others, I could’ve waited until the game WORKS properly before release.
      As it stands now, no amount of patching will make the dream come true. The only thing that will fix it now is a core redesign.

  19. My problem is this, I have legally owned and played every Elder Scrolls game that has been produce over the years. I fell in love with arena and was hooked ever since. Where the issue comes in is that up to this point i have always upgraded or replaced my PC to make it be able to play the games for Elder Scrolls. Now that i have kids i also own all 3 major platform systems and chose to buy the game on what i consider to be the best of them which is the PS3. Now im stuck in limbo waiting for a DLC that seems like it will never come. Im a level 79 in the game with over a million gold…. and nothing to do with it. Will a DLC ever come…. who knows but this has put a seriously bad taste in my mouth about bethesda and their support for PS3. Not sure if i will ever by another game from them again. Sorry Im a die hard fan thats dying of bordom now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. So we come up to the end of the year and BGS has decided to give the PS3 users nothing; no dlc, no patch 1.8, no apology. What kind of company just decides that it needs to treat a consumer base like this? They know they’ve screwed up, they knew they had an opportunity with this DLC to earn some of our trust back, and what do they do? Throw us to the back-burner and say “You’ve waited this long, might as well wait till next year.” Why do that? I just astounds me how little you care about your consumer base. It’s honestly unbelievable.

    • If you want to fix this, just pay them a sum of money that exceeds what microsoft paid them. They are so easily bought off.

      Anyone who thinks Dragonborn, or any ps3 dlc is out before mid2013, is obviously on something. This is Fallout 3 all over again. All dlc priority goes to microsoft, then PC (which is mostly Microsoft windows). While PS3 has to wait for them to fix “bugs”. Then when they are done milking the 360, they’ll magically fix these “bugs” and release the dlc on ps3. So PS3 kids remember, expect DLC for skyrim only after they are entirely done with the 360 and PC.

  21. Gstaff, do you care to explain why BGS has been unable to finish a single patch or DLC in the last 5 months for the PS3? I see no good reason.

  22. 210 comments. 80-90% of it are complaints about the impertinence with the ps3 dlcs, the xbox exlusivity and your damned discretion about why that shi… happened.

    Maybe it will rise to 300 😉

  23. Hey Gstaff: Please Please Please do me a Giant Favor as a Surprise for the PC Version when the DLC comes, Please add Cliffracers in the Game.

    I Never played Morrowind, but i would really like to see some Cliffracers.

    The Xbox Players say, theres not even a Cliffracer Trophy in the DLC, so how are People who Never played Morrowind, suppose to even know what they look like.

  24. What exactly IS the issue with Dawnguard? Its the RAM, but what happens? can it even run on the PS3? or is it impossible to even test it? why not release a Dawnguard PS3 BETA and see what issues pop up? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!?

    • The most logical answer i have heard of is to do with the memory access when loading up the saved game. Since skyrim is a large dynamic gameplay, the memory drive in the ps3 has to recall all the things you have interacted within the world such as the things you have killed and moved or dropped, quest completed, places visited. Apparently with the RAM on the ps3 cannot handle the progressive memory, adding more stuff to the game with more items and dynamics could unbalance the narrow bridge if u know what i mean, hope thats the case.

  25. Great job Bethesda! Having gotten every Skyrim trophy (a task that I cannot achieve with other games due to me losing interest), I have to say this is glorious news. I was hooked on this DLC when I saw the amazing additions.. I’ll take this one over the first two any day. Though they look fun as well. The fact is, even though I’ll get a lot of new games for Christmas from relatives, they will all be abandoned when Dragonborn drops on PSN. Keep up the great work!

  26. I don’t understand why the back of my skyrim case says “downloadable content” gstaff can you explain why xbox has the exact same problems as ps3 yet you guys are saying you are not satisfyed with ps3. DLC. Btw I only that hearth fire be free to us ps3 users

  27. Bug Report:

    I don’t know if this bug has been brought to your attention, but there is a serious issue with the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Dragonborn. I’m attempting to advance in the Path of Knowledge quest, but Neloth has entered Nchardak without me, thus leaving me stranded outside. This is stopping my progress in the main quest and is very troubling. I do not have an alternate save to reboot and can’t figure out a way around this.

  28. Watch Bethesda put the dragonborn dlc on ps store for $20.00 and call it justifiable since they submitted a post saying its release is in early 2013

    But in reality Beth I strongly recommend you sell this DLC for atleast half the price or 5$ off the most because lets face it, after considering all the things that went wrong with these past 6 months and 3 dlcs later you aren’t really #1 company friendly with ps3 and as an owner of a ps3 I know I speak for more than just myself when I say I would be really offended if you decided to sell dragonborn on ps store for 19.99 after all the messed up crap your company has done to the system I own

  29. Congratulations Bethesda, you win! I don’t see any reason to try posting anymore since you obviously don’t take our opinions seriously. I’m exhausted and tired of dealing with you guys. I have lost whatever hope I had left that you guys would throw us some sort of a bone for all of the crap that we’ve been through this last year. I’m just done.

  30. GStaff, I know you’re just the PR guy/girl/group, but a little back-and-forth would help. You can only act on what you’re told, I get that. But here’s the problem I’m having.

    That Damn Werewolf Mastered achievement. I’ve done it on three characters now, and still nothing.

    What gives? Every other trophy triggers properly, what’s wrong with this one?

    The Oghma Infinium didn’t activate properly the first time around. I was out of ideas and had to check out what UESP said about it. Seriously, go outside and wait a few hours, then go back in?!
    Oh, and Hadvar/Ralof following you around after the civil war. Do something about that, too. And the damn generals being immortal. I want to end the war, not just put it on hold for a while.

    Unlike so many others, my Dawnguard wasn’t borked. I went through it, completed it, I’m happy.

    PC Player, feeling bad for the PS3 players. Happy otherwise.

  31. Love the new dlc have done alot in it just extremely hate the bug I came across in the boss fight of the main story of it I’ve tried multiple times had finally rage quit for now any word of a update to fix the bug?

  32. I don’t feel bad for leaving this AGAIN, but this is the fifth time, hopefully one of these gets moderated and approved!!

    Let me apologize for the long words here, but there are some observations I need addressed. Dragonborn looks fantastic, and no offense to anyone, but it is a huge expansion and the smaller DLC’s that have already been released won’t work on PS3 yet… Doesn’t really leave much to hope for.. neither does not setting a deadline.. In regards to that, I have a few issues here…

    I understand saying ‘early 2013′ ensures you have no timeline to adhere to, but that is part of what is upsetting PS3 players so much. You make no set date to stick to, and by putting out more DLC for Xbox before PS3 even gets one, it seems that you guys are working on PS3 DLC when you have the spare time, it may not be the case, but with the lack of transparency that’s what fans are left to believe. Hearthfire is tiny compared to some DLC, why won’t that one work? Is that one just an Xbox exclusive? If it wasn’t an Xbox exclusive timed release then why did it get an ‘exclusivity window’? Why didn’t the other systems get the DLC when it released first?

    The big issue here, besides the inability to make it work on PS3, is that you guys aren’t telling people anything. The only people that know for sure are Xbox players who get a set date. PC users do the beta testing of patches don’t they? Why do they have to wait too? This is the issue. This game is far more to many people than just a regular game that can be set aside in favor of others to help ‘buy time’ until the next DLC comes out. Hence, the extreme outrage you guys are feeling from PS3 users, and even PC users who get the shaft due to ‘exclusivity’ on another console.

    As of now the ‘exclusivity’ has been months, and by not holding yourselves to any kind of deadline for PS3, and even PC this time, you guys have no real obligation to get it done on time, because you gave no time to stick to. I would think the money you would gain from holiday sales from PC and PS3 would make up for whatever it is Microsoft is paying you to get the exclusivity… plus it would show the loyal fans who still stick with it after feeling as they have been shafted with a sideways stick that you guys truly ARE here for them.

    I understand this stuff can be tedious and the amount of outrage from some fans is upsetting, but put yourselves in the same boat.. Fans see Skyrim as more than a regular game, and by leaving one portion of the fan-base out it is truly alienating them, and leaving a sour taste in their mouths. I’m sure you guys know this and are tired of the complaints and bit$%ing, but you got to see where you are going wrong here.

    Set a date and stick to it.. Hold yourselves to it and ensure that you make the date. Make a goal! Also, feel free to let the entire fan-base know what kind of deal you have with Microsoft for exclusivity, so we all know the earliest date is that we would have the opportunity to purchase DLC.

    For your fans sake, set a date. There is no real competition in the game arena for Skyrim, but making PS3 users wait is only allowing them to go buy other games instead of supporting your games. Sometimes you just have to do what it takes, look at Team Bondi and Rockstar (sure, Team Bondi failed but Rockstar reaped the benefits of L.A Noire). Outsourcing helps, there are many other companies out there that can make the PS3 sing, call them.

    Is it too much to ask to have a person in control actually deeply address the issues going on and the exclusivity in an interview of some sort (not Pete Hines or PR)? Todd Howard maybe? Some of the developers even? Actually get an in-depth reasoning behind what’s going on so fans can either show some sympathy/empathy and shut up, or so they have a reason to be upset?

    Todd Howard spoke up about the PS3 lag issues and DLC before,so why won’t he or somebody else truly open up to quell some fan anger?

    Why do they leave Pete Hines to say what he is ‘allowed’ to say, and leave little tidbits like ‘early 2013′ on the blog?

    Skyrim is not a regular game, it may have its glitches and faults, but you guys should be proud to have developed such a gem. The outrage from fans shows the attachment that players have with Skyrim, which is much stronger than the Elder Scrolls games before it…

    Now please, consider setting a date and having a person in control open up about what is becoming a PR disaster among Skyrim fans.. I guess not Xbox fans, but those other two pesky systems… I’m pretty sure it would help the image..

  33. What do you have against my post Bethesda blog? Could the ‘moderator’ please approve one of my many identical posts? I’ll finally help the citizens of the Reach if you will..

  34. Lol who cares about what platform the game started on first you all sound like little kids “we had it first” blah blah bullshit, all this crap started since PS3 has had absolutely no love period. Im keeping hope until mid January, if nothing happens then im done with this game.

  35. After watchin the gameplay of dragonborn on xbox, i gotta say im glad they didnt release on ps3 at the time, honestly for 20 bucks there were alot of disappointed xbox fans lmao which i love but ps3 users and pc users, u are goin to be majorly disappointed with the dragon flying dynamics and spears im srry if it changes ur mind after but itl save u big when dragonborn is released trust me

    • You need an Xbox LIVE silver account (free) to download the content. Keep in mind that content purchased on Xbox LIVE is tied to both the Xbox LIVE gamertag and the console it was downloaded on. So if you went offline and tried using the content from another Xbox (but using the same HDD), it wouldn’t run. It’s also essential that you have the 1.8 update downloaded to play the content.

  36. Does anyone else feel that playing a Khajiit Werewolf is a little bit silly? I mean, really, a cat becoming a wolf?
    Also, Argonian scales should offer some sort of natural protection.
    Also Orcs are called Orsimer, I had no idea they were classifiable as an Elven Subset. I thought orcs were orcs and that’s it.

    • Depends how u look at it, most accept that orcs are just corrupted elves much like tolkien story, others like the world of warcraft say that orcs were servants to the devils of the burning legion, for bethesda orcs were once elves who became corrupted wen malacath once known as trinimac was eaten by boethiah then vomited him back out thus transforming him into the very first orc and later their race out follow as the lore goes

  37. What defines an apology, Beth? The sincerity of it, which can only be conveyed by the actions you take to remedy the slight. If not, just know that on irc’s groups are discussing whether your cronyism to MS warrants attention of a collective sort.. These people are legion, and they do not forgive and they do not forget. You dont want to have to expect them. Trust me.