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Updated: Congrats to Arkane and BGS for winning Best Action/Adventure Game and Best DLC, respectively, tonight at the VGAs!

Starting… right now, the 10th Annual VGA Awards are live on SPIKE — with both Dishonored and Dawnguard up for nominations. Best of luck to the developers at Arkane and Bethesda Game Studios.

Elsewhere, voting and nominee announcements for other year-end awards are beginning to surface on numerous gaming sites. They include:

Reader Comments

  1. Dishonored is good, but Assassin’s Creed 3 is a monster, If AC3 doens’t beat the crap of their rivals, then it means this contest was fixed…

    Of course, the people who hates AC3 are non-americans who feel betrayed because it didn’t take place on their favorite setting (feudal japan/ victorian england/ etc.). I’m not american but I don’t mind the setting as long as the game is good.

    So yeah, it has bugs, so does Skyrim and both are excellent games.

    Dawnguard on the other side HAS TO WIN, because their rivals are no match for it… Even if everybody and their momma love Mass Effect 3, its DLC is garbage compared to Dawnguard.

      • Ignorance is bliss, AC3 had and has bugs… even the PC version, which was released after the console versions.

        But Ubisoft is not lazy, so they already repaired a lot of them.

        Of course Skyrim has more bugs, but that was not the point.

        • your funny, AC3 even if it has bugs i don’t even noticed! and that is the difference between a great game and a broken game like skyrim!

          • plus the coding stuff sucks in Skyrim,z-fighting,lag,broken quests,etc…AC3? None of this, Farcry 3? None of this!…Crysis? None of this!,etc….let’s figure it…plus i don’t even know why they have a section called “contact” since if you try to contact them,the probability of obtain an answer is null,is just pathetic the treatment to PS3 users and PC users…better find better programmers,because as a student of programming when i see things like broken quests,etc…i wonder wtf they did in the university….BGS= GREEDY NACIONALISTS!They should learn how to support the community with “Riot”.
            I could be here all day,but calling me ignorant when you didn’t understand what i said and when you support a company that do this things! Well done! rofl

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but tone down the aggression and exaggerations. Remember that Skyrim sold well over 10 million copies, was rated Game of the Year by dozens of different groups in 2011, and has a metascore of 96%. Your opinion is not fact – it is incredibly isolated and supported only by the very, infinitesimally small, vocal minority.

          • Those ratings are bullshits…thanks to the green shit box they won that? Because if it was depending on PS3 they wouldn’t won!Plus they have a good Lore(good writers) and no more than that…imagine Elder Scrolls without is Lore….plus “agression and exaggerations”? here some words for you by “Martin Luther King,Jr.” :

            -“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

            Peace 😉

          • And please don’t reply! Plus i bought Skyrim for PC so i’m one of those “10 million” still i got this opinion,like i said they have great writers….even having this opinion i couldn’t be more relaxed,etc….plus respect my opinion….i’m from a country with real democracy,true freedom of speech…so Peace 😉

          • if i were you i would admit that you meant “League of Legends” and not “LOOOOOOOL” because that would make you ignorant and stupid,because you don’t know the country…anyway…here…have a cookie! 😉

          • adad – You are entitled to an opinion, however insulting other people who do not believe as you do is not opinion. At best it is immature, and at worse it is slander. So how many hours of enjoyment did you get from Skyrim? As far as bugs I bought it day one and have not had any trouble not attributed to my less then stellar PC. Maybe, just maybe you are overreacting to a simple entertainemnt product, hmm?

    • BGS on the other hand, can’t speak for you since you won’t make any DLC for the PS3. Not really sure I’m ok with you guys winning an award for failing to develop a game.

      • Agree with you there. maybe they should make award for worst game, quality and bugs to make these devs work harder not to win that.

  2. The fact that beth continues to win awards for bug ridden multiplatform games that they are incapable of adequately supporting is farcical! If folk continue vote for the half baked stuff beth pops out the only lesson beth are going to is that it’s ok to continue to charge full whack for sub par product.
    It’s like rewarding your dog for chewing the carpet!

    • If you’re going to rely on 6 year old hardware with an awful RAM implementation then that’s your problem. A friend of mine has a 6 year old laptop that can’t even start Skyrim, let alone play for 50 hours before running into framerate issues, but he doesn’t complain because he understands his hardware is absolute garbage. My brother owns Skyrim on his PS3 and has a 50 hour save game without any issues – that’s a good 40 hours more entertainment than most $60 games provide.

      Oblivion runs fine on PS3, play that. Otherwise, buy a PC, or a 360 if you can’t spare $400.

      • “If you’re going to rely on 6 year old hardware with an awful RAM implementation then that’s your problem. ”

        Yet, other companies don’t seem to have the same amount of problems that Bethesda has. Even the companies they publish for, like Arkane, seem to do better.

        • Those companies don’t create games with worlds as massive and interactive as Bethesda Games Studio do. Picture this, and imagine you work at BGS:

          “Hey Bethesda! We loved Oblivion, it was an incredible game, with huge draw distances, a massive world, fully interactive to the point that you could even move plates and cutlery, with vastly improved AI over Morrowind, and much better combat! Now please create a sequel that has a bigger world, with better textures, more environmental variety, better AI, more detailed meshes, better character models, longer draw distances, more LOD, a dynamic shadow system, better lighting effects, better spell effects, better AI, more characters on screen, and a better combat system. And please do all that on the same hardware as Oblivion! Thanks!”

          Yeah… I’m amazed it ran at all to be honest. The bare minimum RAM requirement for the PC version was 2GB, for the lowest settings, and they managed to cram that into consoles with 512MB of RAM? Holy hell, these guys are wizards.

          There’s a reason Bethesda has no real competition in the open-world RPG genre. It’s damn hard to do. Closed environments with sparse interactivity like Dishonored are far less intensive on hardware.

          • “There’s a reason Bethesda has no real competition in the open-world RPG genre. It’s damn hard to do”

            Not really for companies that know what they are doing, take some time with programming, and have some pride in their work.

            If I was a betting man, I would think there are no other companies that make anything like TES or the Fallout series because if Bethesda is willing to sue another company for just trying to use the word “scroll” in the title, how fast would they be in a courtroom if one designed a game that is similar to TES or Fallout?

            Other games are just as big, just as complicated on the graphics front, and have just as many quest lines. Not to mention stories and plots that are just as deep.

            As far as imagining myself working at Bethesda, I’m sure it would go like this:

            I will try to do another game like Oblivion, but I have to go to the DMV to take my test and get my learner’s permit. Just think, in two years, I will be able to vote! Of course, that would be if I were a “senior member” with a couple of years experience with the company. The new employees ironically are not old enough to buy their own games without their moms being with them.

          • I’m sorry but the huge and varied world argument is so played out. Bethesda has been making these types of games for over a decade. Skyrim’s engine is exactly the same, just slightly improved, basically it’s new in name only(Creation Engine)They’ve used the same gaming engine for over a decade all the way back to Morrowind. And the same issues appear from one game to the next. Now using the same engine for over a decade, they should have mastered it from front to back, and from top to bottom. Their games should not have the amount of bugs, and the exact same bugs from one game to the next. Fixes or patches shouldn’t drag on and take months. They should know this engine so well they could patch games in their sleep.

            In the case of the PS3, the inferior system argument is played out. Sure the system specs are dated, but Bethesda knew this from the beginning, and even knew the PS3 version would run into problems as Todd Howard admitted in January of this year. Why did they even bother to release it in the first place if the hardware specs are so obsolete? Can you say Cash Grab, because from where I stand that is all the PS3 version was. The PS3 version and all versions for that matter were sold on blatant lies.

      • @Darkstorne
        There’s no need for platform bashing, and suggesting that we just buy a PC or a 360 doesn’t solve the issue. The ball is in Bethesda’s court and it’s up to them to resolve the Skyrim PS3 lag/DLC situation. The users shouldn’t have to pick up the pieces.

        Speaking of Oblivion, it ran fine on the PS3 because it was ported by 4J Studios rather than Bethesda, I’m sure Skyrim on the PS3 would have turned out much better if 4J Studios (or another developer with more PS3 experience) had been involved again.

        • I’m not bashing the PS3. I have one myself, and I’m so happy Journey won the best PS3 game award! I’m just pointing out the fact that it has massive RAM issues. Two 256 MB sticks instead of a single 512MB stick, and an OS with a larger RAM footprint than the 360 version. That’s going to play havoc with a RAM-reliant game like Skyrim, which requires at LEAST 2GB of RAM for the PC version on the lowest settings. I have no idea how they got the game on consoles at all! And some people say we don’t need a new console generation yet =P

          It must suck if it’s the only platform you have and you love the game, but I know for a fact you can easily get 50 hours of gameplay from the title before you even begin to see slowdown. I’m wondering how many “angry” PS3 gamers actually have these issues, and how many just jump on the bandwagon and complain for the sake of complaining. Like I said, my brother plays loads of Skyrim on his PS3 and has never had any issues.

          • Great, so the game requires 2 gb of ram on the PC. Tell me, did you buy the game at a store on a disc, or is it a download? Maybe it requires so much ram because that is where most of the game lives, in the ram and not buried in a program file to be readily available for loading new areas.

            If your argument were to hold any water, than the 360 would not be able to even think about running the game either. According to you, that 2 gb of ram on your little PC is a pretty big deal. The 360 has 512 mb. Gee, that seems a little smaller. According to your argument, whether the ram is divided, like the PS3, or whole, like the 360, both consoles should not be able to play the game.

            There are many PS3 gamers that have tons of issues with the game and have had them since day one. Did you know that Bethesda knew about these defects before release and decided to sell it at full price anyway? Did you know that they “forgot” to send PS3 copies to review websites when they sent out PC and 360 copies so the sites had to send someone out on release day to a gamestore to purchase one? Well, if they hadn’t “forgot” then we would have known about the defects before purchase! That might have affected their sales! Bethesda knowingly screwed over the PS3 customers and have not stopped.

          • The 360 has 512MB shared between VRAM and RAM, so there is some flexibility to allocate more to RAM beyond 256MB as needed.

            The PS3 has fixed 256MB RAM, and there is no way to allocate more as that is the total amount available.

            Skyrim is a unique and very ambitious open world sandbox RPG with lots and lots of persistent data, more than any other multiplatform game I’ve ever played.

            There are thousands of persistent NPC actors, hundreds of persistent NPC factions, hundreds of locations, hundreds of quests, tens of thousands of persistent objects and all kinds of other data that is being tracked about everything you did during your playthrough. There is even more going on under the hood compared to the previous Bethesda games, and it seems to be pushing the envelope for a multiplatform game, in terms of persistent data.

            The tracked data requires memory resources and it seems the game was already up against the limit of what was possible with 256MB RAM for a long playthrough, so the issue was compounded by adding the DLC content on top of that with even more persistent data.

            It sounds like they’ve worked out a solution for getting Dragonborn working on PS3 and hopefully the previous DLC will be released soon thereafter.

          • @Darkstorne
            In that case, I take back what I said about platform bashing. Sorry about that.

            A lot of PS3 users are still having issues though, particularly with the low framerate/lag, and I can still remember the week after 11/11/11 when news of the ‘Rimlag’ (as it was called it the time) hit the internet.

            I don’t think there are many people complaining for the sake of complaining, issues like the lag can be game-breaking for some people. If there weren’t any lag issues then people would be busy playing the game rather than complaining on Bethesda’s websites and the internet in general, since there wouldn’t be a bandwagon to jump onto in that case.

            I only have a PS3 and managed to get about 20 hours of lag-free gameplay before the lag kicked in (with patch 1.5), while I didn’t even get half of that at launch. (with patch 1.2/1.3)

            It’s not as if the PS3 is completely unable to run the game, for me the game runs fine for the first 20 hours and then the lag kicks in. Surely it’s possible for other patches to deal with whatever is causing the lag to kick in after 20 hours?

            Let’s hope that Bethesda can solve what’s causing the issue in the near future and get the DLCs working.

      • You say ram is so bad on ps3 you are amazed it works? Then you say your brother has ps3 and has had no problems? Think you lost your own argument there.
        Do you honestly think they would or could make and release game on ps3 knowing it wont work on ram available without sony knowing as is submitted to them 1st. Games , packs and patches get sent back to devs more than they would like us to know for more work. Also as ps3 is getting dragonborn and hopefully other dlc in new year proves it’s not ram problems as you make out.
        Also MR Hines from bethesda tweeted back in august it’s not a ps3 issue it’s a dlc issue and up to bethesda to fix..
        With your opinion on how much ram is needed on pc, and how better the xbox ram is implemented, to me shows how powerful the ps3 is to play games you think it shouldn’t be able to.
        I as of many other ps3 users are not jumping on bandwagon as you say, we just want fair play and support from bethesda which we have not had from a product we paid good coin for.
        Xbox or should say microsoft are spending huge amounts buying companies and exclusive deals for marketing reasons and quite happy to annoy thousands of ps3 users in hope we buy xbox. Would laugh my ass of if sony bought out bethesda for rights on skyrim and fallout, how the table will turn then ha ha.

  3. I heard that there won’t be a dishonored sequel…
    GStaff, can you please Proof me wrong?
    I think it’s such a great Game, in gameplay and setting… The atmosphere is overwhelming, for example the moment on top of kaldwinbridge, or being at the lighthouse in the thunderstorm.
    I think there is huge potential for a sequel, maybe with another character, someone like corvos’ Novice, after Corvos’ death. Someone who has to learn all These skills, and Even some more…
    I think what is a huge Point to improve, is the Open-World Setting. To discover dunwall or Maybe another city, on your own Feet, with lots of enterable buildings, a pretty Good differnence between the richer quarters, like the Boyles manor or other huge mansions with many secrets to discover, the well-going citizens, living in Big comfortable multifamily homes, the workers in their Baracks at the harbours and Fabrics, and the Slums and Ghettos, with the poors. For an open World Game, I would suggest a change of Night and daytime, Maybe with slightly longer nights. And there should be randomly very foggy periods and thunderstorms/rainfall.
    You see, there is a huge Lot of potential for a Dishonored sequel, so Gstaff please answer and Tell me there will Maybe be another one. I think Arcane did such a Good Job on the First one, the Second will be highly appreciated! Please respondier!

  4. Congrats on the awards! I had my fingers crossed for a Fallout 4 announcement, but I can wait until E3 =P

    Good luck for the year ahead. I hope it’s just as rewarding as the last couple of years have been for you and all your developers.

  5. My warmest congratulations to BGS and Arkane for their huge success!It means the world to me both because Arkane has proved themselves throughout the years as an excellent games developer and because it’s crystal clear that my Beth has great taste on who they support!

    Mmm.dlcs smell nicely allready!

  6. I didn’t vote for any of Bethesda’s games/DLC, if they had released working versions of both on the PS3 then I would have voted for them without hesitation but the technical issues really are holding Bethesda’s games back, Skyrim especially.

  7. Hello Bethesda !
    Congratulations on your last DLC Dragonborn , a truly fantastic DLC with the feel of Expansion to it , however , I’m here not to talk about it , I’m here because of another thing.

    Not sure if there are plans for future expansions or any plans at all , but I really wish to bring this to your attention.

    Many different polls in the official forums about the ‘Suggestions for future DLC’ vote for one and only idea , Orsinium.
    Here’s a link to one of the discussions about it which greatly explains the idea:

    Let me quote a few notes.
    “The third (and current) Orsinium is located between Hammerfell and Skyrim.”

    “In previous iterations of TES, Orcs have always been slightly under-represented.”

    “A DLC centred around Orsinium would give us the chance to visit a location that is different from Skyrim proper, much like how previous expansions differed from the ‘norm’ as established in the main game.”

    “Further more, Orsinium (as a mountain kingdom or city state) would just about be the right ‘size’ for an expansion. Entire provinces (such as High Rock or Hammerfell) would seem to be out of the question because of their large size. A smaller territory such as Orsinium, however, would fit right into the scope of an expansion.”

    Well , the full and the whole idea is on the thread , let me note again that most of the community polls vote for Orsinium , and I’m not sure if your company even listens to such ideas , but I fully agree with all the threads and I by myself would truly enjoy ( and buy ) an Expansion ( or DLC ) centered around Orcs and Orsinium.

    • I can’t say that I do not like that idea. But the whole nord lore was really not presented that well in Skyrim. I would rather see something that expands on little bits of information that we got now.

      What’s the story with dragon priests?
      We know only that there were 9 on Skyrim and they served dragons.

      Why Sarthal was sacked? Only because that thing in there?

      How the nords rebelled against the dragons? How exactly did they learn the shouts? Why they could. And any other race can’t do it (besides the dragonborn)?

      What’s the deal with dragonborn in Nordic culture. Because the dragonborn dlc does not give any answers.

      Some of them are :

      Why the great collapse happened?

      What happened to Ylgar the other son of Ysgrammor?

      What’s the deal with Rorikstead?

      and many more…

  8. “Garry”.
    The VGAs are officially trash.

    Dawnguard even getting a nomination for best dlc is a total joke, not only is a huge chunk of the playerbase without, it wasn’t even that great with its Mary Sue follower and generic story. Bethesda cannot into story anymore I guess, but they can sure craft the fuck out of a world!

    • Serana. A mary sue.


      Serana is probably the character that had the most character development and personality in skyrim thus far!

      Dawnguard is a very good take on the whole Vampire VS vampire hunters story, seeing how a huge heap of the story is not fighting vampires or the dawnguard, but rather advancing your chosen faction’s power by searching for an artifact in a yet unexplored part of skyrim, including meeting the remains of a race no one thought still exists.

      The forgotten veil, which is the size of about 2 holds not including caves, is a beutifull land, with plenty of exploration, places, and unique enemies.

      • you want to marry an undead? she’s dead! it’s just a freakin vampire. the right thing is kill her too, but… you known the history.

        • WTF are you talking about. When did I say anything about marrying her?!

          Besides, Unlike other undead, vampires can be cured. and serana CAN be cured.

  9. It’s always great to see people acknowledged for their great work and the Dishonored dev team of Arkane deserve every accolade they receive, as does the team at Bethesda who continue to create for Skyrim. Congratulations and all the best to both teams…I’m enjoying every bit of the worlds you are making and thank you!!

  10. @iZsoul there will be 2 more expansions for skyrim. The next one will be dealing with dwemer/falmer and the last one will be war with the elves and choosing a new king of skyrim. These are just insider rumours.

  11. More thread locks and forum bans in the PS3 section as the PS3 community continues to voice their disappointment at what can only be described as a complete lack of interest from Bethesda.

    It’s a shame really. I mean Dishonoured is probably as great a game as all these reviewers and award guys say it is, but a fair number of potential players see the name “Bethesda” on the box and think “if I buy this game I’m going to be forever reading about new patches and content rather than actually receiving them” and then putting that game back on the shelf.

    When exactly is Bethesda going to recognise that the PS3 community isn’t something you can simply snub and pretend doesn’t exist? When is Bethesda going to break this idiotic silence and address the massive damage they have done to their reputation in our eyes?

    • Uhm.. I do understand you murt, as I’m ps3 gamer aswell, but I really don’t think they don’t care about us. I think they did a big mistake with the exclusivity contract, and I hope they learn from this, but I also think they did everything they could do to solve the problem with the PS3. If they wouldn’t have done so, they would have been damn stupid from the economical point of view, and I’m pretty sure they’re not.

      And as you can see, dragonborn, the larger DLC, and even more has already been confirmed.

      • Dawnguard was confirmed as well, yet here we are nearly six months after release still waiting. And despite spending many of those months claiming “we haven’t given up” we have this blogpost confirming that for the last couple of months at least no work has gone into Dawnguard whatsoever because they moved to Dragonborn instead.

        The PS3 snub and lies continue and if you believe for a second that Bethesda would move backwards to our missing DLCs rather than forwards to a new DLC for 360 then you’re incredibly naive.

        • Hm… I don’t want to fight with you, so let’s just wait till early next year. I assume it will be around january/february/march. Perhaps at january the 4th or 5th, wich would fit into the 30 days exclusivity scheme, but honestly I have no Idea, as I’m just a usual citizen 🙂
          Probably Gstaff will announce the release date about a week before..
          But for the moment I’m just gonna lean back and get dunwall city trials 🙂

  12. @we’re suckers they do have competition recently dragons dogma by capom and kingdoms of amular might have misspelled that by EA and I personally enjoyed the dragons dogma demo on ps3