ESO: Questions and Answers

This week on, the ZOS Community team answers your questions about The Aldmeri Dominion – comprised of the Altmer, Bosmer, and Khajiit. Here’s but one of the answers provided:

What made the Bosmers decide to join the Dominion?  – By Tamás Várfalvi

After the recent civil war between the Camorans, Valenwood was in disarray and vulnerable. The Cabal who were running the Imperial City took advantage of this by sending in Colovian troops to grab up some of the Wood Elves’ northern territory. Seeking an ally to help repulse the Colovians, King Aeradan of the Bosmer turned to Queen Ayrenn and her new Dominion.

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Reader Comments

  1. That image looks cool, but it makes me wonder…

    I have that dark feeling that ESO is gonna be a huge spoiler of all those zones that haven’t been visited in the main series since Daggerfall (because Arena was too generic on its enviroments, it doesn’t count as spoiler).

    So ESO will feel like Beth shooting all of their bullets in a single trigger pull…

    Or Bethesda could ignore the style of ESO, launch TES VI in the next province (Valenwood, Elsywir, Black Marsh, etc.) with their own art style, and then ESO will feel like an unwanted spin-off.

    • sorry for my bad english.. but
      I was thinking the exact same thing. it can really hurt the comming Elder scrolls game.. I surpose you can say its so far back in time the ESO take place but you would not be able to make something new that is surposed to be build before the ESO timeline. its allso a problem with how ESOs landscape is formed. the size of regions, cities and more. i dont know how they will make a new elder scrolls game without being everything that allready exists in the ESO.. means its gonna be a place you have allready seen in the ESO.

    • ESO follows in the past, before Skyrim. The single player version follows the future events. So TES 6 probably show a new place, or maybe a place present in the MMO, millenia after.

      This big space causes a lot of changes in the cities buildings, frontiers, politics, shrines and so on. Considering that Tamriel is a volatile place, there always some war, a lot of things have space to receive different considerations, changing the look, but without affect the lore.

      What surprises me is the lack in tecnology.. after the Dwemers, Tamriel looks always ancient or medieval.

      • “So TES 6 probably show a new place, or maybe a place present in the MMO, millenia after.”

        TESO is going to take place in all of Tamriel, nothing new can be show on TES 6 UNLESS they decide to visit another continent (which is ok, Tamriel is not the only continent on Mundus).

        1000 years before only changes city buildings, frontiers, people and politics… But not the landscape, ancient ruins or caves, those stay the same (unless there’s a big catastrophe).

        I mean, Draugr didn’t die yesterday…

        Look at Skyrim from 1000 years before, it gives the same feeling that Civil War’s Skyrim does. Because it is supposed to be the same place.

        I’m not saying is gonna be the exact same thing from future single player titles… I’m just saying it will feel like a spoiler.

        • The geographic accuracy of caves and landscapes, all holes and rocks, probably not happens. Skyrim in the MMO looks close, because they have the same game running now, fresh in the consumers mind.

          the BGS team and ZeniMax online, have a fantastic sense of scale and events for the kind of game, are certainly synchronized to avoid problems between the worlds of single player and multiplayer.

    • I don’t agree that it will hurt a new Elder Scrolls. ESO takes place in the first era, that’s along time for things to change. 200 years between Oblivion and Skyrim. The Oblivion crisis started the fourth era, thousands of years would stand before ESO and a chronological sequel to ESVI. IF it is a sequel. Skyrim is still new, and getting tasty tasty support. I dont think anything can be said of a new ES for a long time

  2. Really disappointed in the news about Elsweyr. One city and no non-humanoid breeds as NPCs.

    The devs have said that each alliance has a roughly similar amount of content. We already know Skyrim doesn’t have Winterhold present, so now I can’t help but worry about what else has been cut from release.

    • Who says anything’s been cut? A partially limited landmass was probably planned for launch all along. A lot of detail goes into Elder Scroll games and this one will already have several times as much landmass as it is. I’d expect some landmass expansions several months (maybe even a year or more) after launch.

      It takes a LOT of work to put together a world worthy of the name Elder Scrolls.

      Personally, I see this as a good sign. Elsweyr has always had a lot of mystery behind it. There are a lot fun an interesting things they can do with it, if they’re given enough time to work on it. It’s something exciting to look forward to down the road.

  3. Will the Next DLC like Dragonborn be released on Xbox Exclusive First, then have PC/PS3 wait a Month again.

    When is ESO coming out and will it be on PS3/Xbox aswell, can Online Games go on Consoles aswell.

  4. I hope this game will be such a big failure that Zenimax and all of their divisions go belly up. I want to see this compnay Bethesda included go bankrupt and never create a single game again. You will not be missed.

  5. I for one love the single player Elder Scrolls not this .Man I hope the whole company isnt putting all there apples in one basket .lol

  6. So Bethesda is going to follow Bioware’s lead and make their epic single player franchise into an MMO. That didn’t work out so well for Bioware, how can Bethesda think they will do any better. I personally HATE MMO’s as they are rented content and timesinks with little reward.

    I am bummed that Bethesda is going to be wasting precious time and resources trying to be the next WOW instead of doing what they do best.

    I hope they are planning ESO to be free-to-play, because that is where it will be 6 months after release.

    Also, as much as I have loved Daggerfall through Skyrim, how is this world going to differentiate itself from the TONS of other fantasy MMOs?

    Just a bad idea Bethesda….

    • How about you research the game before you make your mind up? Bethesda isn’t developing it. An entirely different studio is, they just get the IP and all the artwork etc. from the franchise. The game is being made by zenimax online, and this will be their first game.

      If you don’t know basic facts like that one, you probably don’t have a clue what is or is not going to be in the game.

  7. Problem with new MMO’s is normally they have very little end game content, and subscriptions are going out big time everything is switching to F2P.

  8. So disappointed in Zenimax for sending their unique IP to the slaughterhouse like this. Could you not have at least TRIED to create a forward-thinking sandbox MMO? Did you really have to copy WoW with the forced factions and restricted world interaction/exploration? For shame, Zenimax. For shame.

    When this game tanks (and it will) leave the developers to do what they do best. Do NOT force them to cram a successful IP into a currently popular genre, just because you see the $$$ other companies generate from them. TES is your $$$ machine that other companies envy of you, so leave it with Bethesda Game Studios to do what they do best.

  9. Can anyone help I bought Skyrim on demand and found a glitch im trying to move the palvits I press A but wont change its in the dungeun Folgunth help please