RAGE DLC arrives next week on PS3, 360, and PC!

Return to the Wasteland in The Scorchers, an all-new RAGE add-on from id Software – arriving on 360, PC, and PS3 next week for $4.99 (or 400 Microsoft Points).

In this brand-new adventure spanning six all-new areas, you will fight alongside new allies to defend the Hager Settlment from a maniacal bandit clan known as The Scorchers. Along the way, you’ll participate in a new season of Mutant Bash TV, encounter new mini-games, and wield the overpowering and brutal Nailgun.

In addition to the new content, this DLC includes ‘Ultra-Nightmare’, a new high difficulty mode, as well as an ‘Extended Play’ option that allows you to play past the original ending of the game – giving you the opportunity to finish collecting items and achievements.

Reader Comments

      • I agree with this. There are plenty of 1-2 year old (some older) games, which I feel would still be worth a re-visit, if they received continued support and new content over time (I’m looking directly at you Deus Ex: Human Revolution!)

      • Exactly. Gran Turismo5 didn’t get it’s first dlc until over a year after launch. I hope this dlc also adds some more online co-op wastelands missions as well. The original 8 just werent enough.

  1. Can’t wait to try it, RAGE was a great game, in my opinion it was underrated. The art direction was stunningly beautiful, and the gameplay was a lot of fun.

    Hope we get more DLC in the future, I’d love to see some sort of team deathmatch or capture the flag multiplayer DLC.

  2. any news about the mod tools?
    you should concentrate on them.
    long promised feature “just type “idstudio” in the console of your retail game and its there”…..

    • Yeah, obviously they were payed off. It’s not like Rage and Skyrim are two completely different games from two different developers or anything like that.

    • Gee I just knew someone would bitch about this. Even though the games are completely different styles, have different teams working on them, and different mechanics to make them work, there would still be some impatient person bitching. Skyrim has a lot more complex mechanics then RAGE does, so its easier to deal with RAGE then it is Skyrim.

      • While Skyrim and RAGE are two completely different games, some PS3 users still see this as being Bethesda’s blog in general and so post everywhere because they don’t want Bethesda to sweep the PS3 issues under the carpet and forget about it in the same way they did with the Fallout games.

          • why cant they just learn to share experience?
            you know do a few dungeon runs in the unfinished playground of ESO, be friends

            yes people i am just being dumb here, just wanted to release the tension of the argument 😀 we can all be friends

      • And PS3 owners just knew that someone would drag out the “but Skyrim is so complex argument” Skyrim isn’t that complex, it merely tracks player actions in a level of detail that most developers see as pointless. When you look past this and see the facts the inadequacy of Bethesda is plain to see.

        1: Skyrim is built on a modified version of GameBryo, an engine that Bethesda has been working with for nearly 12 years – why do these engine level script errors and memory leaks still exist after all this time?

        2: The PS3 specs have been available to developers for seven years – why do Bethesda continue to build ports that don’t play nice with the hardware?

        Bethesda is more than aware of these two glaring faults yet refuses to correct them instead believing that if it simply lies (new engine, PS3 has received tons of attention) then people will still buy the game and then forgive them for not fixing these 10 year old mistakes because “nobody else makes a game like this” – well that excuse is tired now, it’s time for Bethesda to admit to their mistakes and prove that make a working PS3 game. Until then any comment relating to the treatment of the PS3 community in any blogpost is entirely justified as if people don’t bring it up Bethesda will happily sit back as if nothing is wrong.

  3. YES! All I can say is thank you id. I have been hoping for a long time that there was more to come of Rage, such an amazing game, it is a shame so few people saw it for the great game it is. One of my favorite games of all time, glad to see some dlc coming out for it.

  4. Does it fix the incredibly underwhelming ending? The story that ended way too soon? Nope?

    Might pick it up, but will have to buy Rage again (which shouldn’t be hard, as it’s in bargain bins everywhere). Was so pissed at the way the game ended and how easy the last level was that I sold it the first chance I got.

    • It was weird the toughest “boss” to take on was halfway through the game. The ending battle wasn’t about quality, but quantity.

  5. Hey guys, shouldn’t the option to play the game after the ending come as a FREE feature in a patch? Instead of forcing your customers to buy the DLC in order to make use of it?

  6. As long as it’s not like the extra sewer “missions”. I’m very keen. More beautiful RAGE with the learnings from the original. Awesome.

    “…and PC”, agh, that’s an omen. Do you, Bethesda, say, “and PC” with Skyrim releases? Considering the somewhat rocky PC start, not a wise title.

  7. Holy moly!

    I beat, was disappointed with the game and especially the ending, and got rid of rage a long time ago.

    Why DLC for it now?

  8. Awesome!! Finally some love. I have been waiting forever for some new stuff. And ultra nightmare!!! Sweet another reason to run through the whole game again.. thank you. I felt nightmare was a bit easy, this will hopefully be a bit more fun 🙂 have a happy holiday ID. I’m hoping a expack or rage 2 is in the making. Would seriously like to see the story finish.

  9. I have no patience for this big empty shell again, because of “ultra nightmare” when the game have a broken AI and small maps in things to do.. lazy multiplayer.

    Some news for ps3 – Skyrim? Rage keeps texture problems, not much today, but is a game poorly done, but I still want to play Skyrim without limitations!

  10. @gstaff speaking of dlc’s i understand farcry 3 is having a free dlc for the ps3, how come beth no give us free dlc? not just for ps3 but for all. or thats just not bethesda’s thing?

  11. This is a case of too little too late. This game came over a year ago, no one remembers this game anymore. DLC for Rage was promised and never delivered, now it’s delivering and no one cares. Smart move Bethesda/id.

  12. This is great. Been looking for a reason to play this game again. But is this a separated story line or just some mission while playing the main story like the Sewer DLC?

  13. very under-rated game, glad to see we got the long promised DLC a lot thought would never come. sucks that it is just content that was cut from vanilla version then slapped on months and months later as DLC. available through Steam?

  14. Does extended play mean a New Game+ or is just an extension of the game? Because I would hate to start the entire game all over again collecting everything.

    I mean for goodness sake games are meant to be fun and enjoyable not boring and tedious when it comes to collecting special items and wasting most of your time finding them i.e. I’m a completionist who tries to 100% all the games I get (Single player modes only)

    At least put a map or a gadget of some sort to locate all the collectibles next time on a later DLC or a sequel, if that’s a possibility.

    • You only need to have played through the first Hagar mission of the main game (Ghost Hideout) to be able to access The Scorchers content.

      If you install the content and load a save after the point where the DLC quest is given (in relation to the main quest), you will still receive a notification to go investigate the caves at the Hagar settlement.

      If your save happens to be in Capital Prime, you will be able to finish the area, then load into the Eastern Wasteland. From there you can journey back to the first Wasteland and reach the caves near the Hagar settlement.

      • What about the trophies related to the Ultra Nightmare difficulty and the Scorcher job path completion? Does that mean I can start that DLC on Ultra Nightmare difficulty from the current difficulty I’ve selected (Nightmare) or does that mean I have to start the game all over again from a fresh start? That’s my main question in relation to the previous one I stated. Like I said if I have to start all over in order to get the trophies that would be a hassle since I like to keep my collectible items rather than finding them all over again.

        • To get the Ultra Nightmare trophy/achievement, you’ll need to start an all-new game. Once you started the game on Ultra Nightmare, you need to make sure that setting is never tweaked.

  15. They thought the one thing ps3 players are thinking about right now is “Where’s new RAGE dlc?” so they decided to focus one that before ANYTHING ELSE, anything else? hmm I wonder what else they should be working on….

    • fanboys…. the worst kind of consumer, no critical sense, always buying.

      Rage is a shameful result, born old and weak. The first big mistake made by id software, and i have serious concerns about Doom 4, the chance of another big mistake is huge.

      No tools? no problem. The engine is terrible for multiplayer, and uses a awful concept of map building.. and the light is horrific.

      • I’m not at all an id (or beth fanboy) but I do think Quake 4 and RAGE are their best games, by far. RAGE is beautiful, you must be fooling yourself to think otherwise, it’s ART.

        Can’t wait to make maps using the mod tools!

        • Awful textures and need amazing amounts of storage or download. Static light. A step back in the shadows compared with Doom 3 = Art?

          Plus, an broken AI.. capable to stay in a corner, with a repetitive animations after the ads about “presence of hollywood animators”.

          Quake 4? that horrible pile of specular maps and small arenas?

          Beth’s are safe… you guys are crazy.

  16. I loved Rage when I picked it up… over a year ago. It’s still on my Xbox shelf, but it hasn’t moved in a long time, and part of that was the promised but never delivered DLC. Now, over a year later, a DLC is going to come out? I’m having trouble being interested, to be honest with you. If another one is planned, I’d seriously reconsider whether it’s worth the time and effort.

  17. Great news! I will be all over this one on Tuesday! Rage is one of my favorite games, period! Thank you id & Bethesda!
    Hopefully we’ll get a sequel too!

  18. I appreciate this. The timing works out for me. I bought the game kind of late, but then got held up playing some other stuff recently and this’ll be a good reason to get back into RAGE. I need some open world shooter/rpg type fun right about now.

    • Open world? I guess you’ve never played a shooting game surrounded by rocks, with a open sky.

      It is impossible get out of the dam without the fat guy, there is no quests around the world, like some cave or small group of enemys, the entire world existe in a small desert to to the edge of the dead city, the second chapter, is even smaller. Is to boring for 10 hours of game.

      The entire game runs inside old buildings, explode some cars, play with mutants, all the time inside small areas. Some jumps here and there, mini games… for a 20 gb pack? there are better games in visuals and gameplay, with less then 10 gb.

      Try Farcry 3 (truly open world + first person shooter) or Dishonored (a real example of art direction for the sake of the history, and amazing action).

  19. Yet another distraction for what’s happening (or not happening) on the PS3 for Skyrim. We have been mistreated long enough. I for one won’t be buying this or anything else from this company until you can prove yourselves to be worthy again. The “we’re working on it” phrase has gotten old over the last 6 months. It makes me sad to see the way you are treating your customers. If its not going to happen just man up and be honest about it. Don’t give us false hope for things that will never happen. That’s all i have to say for now.

    • This release has no barring on the release plans for Skyrim content on PS3. We’re still releasing Dragonborn early next year, and we’ll be working to release Dawnguard and Hearthfire after.

  20. RAGE in unavailable on Steam in my region (Romania), any chances will ever be available this region? Really wanna purchase RAGE and this DLC. 🙂

      • “I’m looking into it.”

        That’s Bethesda code for “check back in 8-12 months”…

        I really hope you guys realize what’s happening to your fan-base with every passing day. I’ll give you a hint… Eventually you’re going to have more upset customers than happy ones. Assuming you don’t already.

  21. @gstaff ok its safe to say we survived the mayan doomsday, and next year is in a couple of weeks. where is this announcement for dragonborn release date? at this pace since the patch hasnt even hit ps3 im guessing early next year is on late feb/ march? or perhaps april?