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  1. Bethesda, when we will be able to buy your games in Ukraine like normal people? Will I have to ask my friends again to buy it for me, risking their Steam accounts to be banned, or dow what I’ve done soooo long ago last time – go to TPB?

    • Just pirate the game If Bethesda really cared about piracy, then they would give you an option to purchase it legally. I’m sure they will come back with a “we’re not allowed, just following the rules” excuse, but really, who cares?

      Not to mention, with all the money they have made from knowingly selling defective products, and then refusing to fix them, they deserve a little piracy. Karma is a b.

      • What do you mean defective products? All software has bugs, there’s no way around that. I had no problems with Rage at all. Stop trolling.

  2. I really love RAGE and bought ROW version before release.

    I waiting that DLC and what? I can’t buy it! Because I live in Russia. Thx bethesda, you’re the best publisher!

  3. Actually,enough with the negativism and attitude here;please Matthew act accordingly and get rid of those folks for us eh?I am very excited that finally a DLC for RAGE is available,the game is a gem of a kind for it’s time,and people visit just to spike on piracy issues?seriously?

    It’s everybody’s right to share his/her opinino, but the whole ultra-out-of-the-door-rant parody has to stop at some point.Mr.Hines, I know you are reading.Please just put en end to this.The rest of us love acting as actual fans and supporters.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Maldenya.

    I AM fan of the most of Bethesda’s games. I am just not allowed to buy them freely, you know. I want to give my money, but just can’t! So, please, don’t shut me up. I am, as thousands of other gamers here DO want to pay, but Bethesda in coop with some, probably, local publisher do some shitty work to restrict this here.

    What else do I have to do? I can’t even buy games for a full price, not even saying about local (we live worse than in Russia, but are tended to be treated as part of Europe, not having salaries even close to theirs).

    • Dear Mancubus,

      My comment concerned what “We’re Suckers”mentioned regarding piracy and any missupposed publisher’s ignorance or negligence towards several games distribution rights in several countries.So,apologies for the confusion.

      It’s not my authority to close anyone’s mouth,but people while fully entitled to any opinion they might have can not and must not turn and abuse this blog’s purpose which is to officially promote and celebrate the games.I can understand anybody’s concerns if they have a valid point and don’t come here prejudiced with the wrong sense of freedom to post just about anything.I advise you contacting directly customer support to ask anything regarding game’s distribution state in any country,different trade treaties under international laws govern many types of goods differently, this does not mean anything is boycotted or anything.

      to “We’re suckers”:I also do not have anything personal against you,but I think my comment above just above covers it.As a lawyer specialized in intellectual property law,and as a gamer from a Country,Greece which has seen grave damage to it’s local software marketvastly because of piracy and people’s misspread culture on it,believe me when I tell you that going nihilistic on matters just for the shake of it does not actual solve anything.

      The developer teams,the marketing administration and the publisher in general have one of the most open and friendliest attitude towards gamers and consumers,and if you do use social media to reach them for your questions you will have the pleasure of finding this out on your own.

      • Have you seen the communication Bethesda has given anyone lately? Doesn’t say much besides ridiculously vague statements. I have actually tried calling their customer support before. More vague statements that don’t give any real information or fix anything.

        Why would you ask gstaff and Pete Hines to stop the negativity? The words they have posted are the reason behind the negativity.

        It is everyone’s right to share their opinion. Good and bad. If we start deleting the negative posts, then you start taking rights away from someone. If we start denying people the right to share their opinion, that turns into discrimination. That could turn into fascism. I thought you said you were a lawyer?

  5. Hooray! I wish this had more front page exposure on steam, but whatever, it’s there and that’s what counts.
    Don’t mind the haters, they’re too busy wasting life to enjoy it. Keep up the great work!

  6. Because of my job’s nature I have witnessed first hand serious instances of fascism and discrimination,and this is why I never take responsibly mandras for such issues by people who actually consider it a cool and must to black paint anybody who will stand out of their little scheme war.

    So, with that covered,I am reminding you my initial comment’s basis;this blog is all about celebrating and sharing news about the games.

  7. Here in Czechland I also cannot buy this DLC since it is not available on steam or anywhere else, and I would like to buy it.
    Funnily enough, I was able to buy the game itself, steam version, just fine – outside steam (on gamersgate).

  8. Same in Romania, I have the boxed anarchy edition and can not buy the dlc because in Romania Rage is not on Steam. There’s no legal to way to get the dlc. I have only one word for this:


  9. @ Mancubus

    GStaff knows exactly what he has to do to end the negativity, simply post the apology that Bethesda owes the PS3 community over the whole Skyrim debacle. If Bethesda would simply man up and say “We screwed you guys. Sorry” then the vast majority will down their pitchforks and go back to waiting patiently as we were in July and August, but here we are in December and we’re still no further forward. Negativity is not only to be expected in this situation but should be actively encouraged by all those that call themselves gamers because if people don’t voice their disappointment how else are Bethesda (or anyone else) going to know that they need to change their behaviour?

  10. Itd be nice if you guys could fix your DLC so that the game doesn’t lock up on 360 everytime you load a save game. Its annoying as hell. The only way around it is to sign out, start Rage, Sign in then it initializes the DLC and then you can use your saves. Stupid. Makes me wonder if they even did any QA testing on it.