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  1. Sweet!I still recall the loving memories of fighting this creature’s cousins in Oblivion,and of course it will be great fun to discover how different monnsters A.I.’s behave and play on combat both on solo and under group adventures.

  2. I hope the fully matured variants appear as well, I must say i feel like a jerk for killing adolescent dreughs.

    as well I feel like they still need to find “their region” most creatures ahve a region they best feel at home in .

    scorpion in elseweyr.

    nymphs in hammerfell.

    centaurs in high rock.

    I guess dreughs are remnants of the jungle days of cyrodiil?

  3. How are updates and expansions going to be handled? Will there be exclusivity servers for Visa card users where they get updates and expansions first or will every be considered equal? Just want to be sure never knows these days with Bethesda.

    • I imagine they’ll promise regular updates every two to three months, but then as the game slowly sinks into Oblivion as subscriber numbers drop to below 1 million after the first month, and sit at around 500k after six months, they’ll realize they’re never, ever, going to recuperate the hundreds of millions of dollars they’ve spent on development, and so move the game into a free to play state with insane cash-shop purchases to try and milk as much as they can from the failed endeavour before finally laying it to rest and firing whoever thought chasing the MMO model back in ’07 was a good idea (if they haven’t been fired already, that is).

      Whew, that was a long sentence. It must really suck to get to the end of development on an MMO, only to find that the MMO bubble has burst. I feel sorry for all the devs at Zenimax Online =(

  4. I’ll be really dissapointed if there are only Land Dreugh. This video really pissed off the Morrowind fanboyism in me with its lack of ocean Dreugh.