Dishonored, Honored (Updated!)

Update (12/19): IGN has named Dishonored the Best Action Game of 2012!

It’s that time of the year when publications are naming their favorite games from months past, and Dishonored is hitting list after GOTY list.

Just today, EDGE bestowed its Game of the Year award to Dishonored, while also naming Arkane the Studio of the Year. Meanwhile, GameSpot granted both its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platform GOTY awards to Dishonored, in addition to naming it Action/Adventure of the Year.

Publications that have also recently honored Dishonored with awards and nominations include:

Dishonored is still being played and replayed, and people are writing many words about their experiences. EDGE talks up the game in its Still Playing column, while 1UP chimes in with a spoiler-filled dissection of one of the game’s endings. Also recommended is the Gamasutra blog entry “Spatial and Social Realism in Dishonored” by Scott Juster, which breaks down why Dunwall is such a believable and lived-in setting.

Elsewhere, co-creative director Harvey Smith has a new column at The Penny Arcade Report where he discusses the genius of Far Cry 2. Here’s an excerpt:

“My ultimate moment of unbridled joy playing FC2 came during a side mission, picked up in the form of an assassination contract via radio tower. A couple of jeeps full of armed men were protecting a convoy carrying my target, a sophisticatedly-dressed man with close-cropped white hair and a burgundy suit riding in an SUV.”

Finally, if you missed the VGAs, check out the Dishonored version of “Sam Jackson Mode” on Spike. The party starts at 4:05.

Reader Comments

  1. Gee, was Skyrim not in the running? They didn’t win? Wonder why…Oh, that’s right. They included the PS3 console. Does anyone really wonder why Bethesda didn’t win studio of the year?

  2. These award shows are such a joke. Every single one of them is rigged, and I personally believe that bribery might be the biggest factor in winning some if not all of these awards.

  3. I think Skyrim may not have been in the running as is was released November 11, 2011, otherwise your argument is flawless We’re Suckers

  4. The sole reason ARKANE STUDIOS is being honored and awarded with that frequency, is the creation of a brand new ip and franchise which not only is absolutely brand new and original, it is one of 2012’s few successful attempts into blending several gameplay elements in to a unique type of game.

    I consider myself and fellow gamers VERY lucky a publisher like Bethesda noticed and acknowledged the studio’s worth in good time,because the developer itself is absolutely indepedent and one of it’s kind in the quality of the games they create;We need these people to be successful especially those of us who wish to see the visions of LOOKING GLASS STUDIOS and ION STORM relived and renewed.

  5. Dishonored deserves all the accolades it receives and more and you can add Kicenna’s House to the list, Nick. 😉 Congrats to all of you for another amazing game. The best of the holiday season to every one of you too!