Around the web: DLC review roundup (Updated)

Hot (pun intended) off the heels of RAGE’s new add-on, The Scorchers, reviews and impressions are making their way online. Embedded above, IGN shares their 10-minute first look at the content, while sites like The Controller Online, ZTGD, and HiddenAudioLog are already posting their reviews. And this just in, OXM UK scores The Scorchers a 9/10 and declares that it is a “not unpleasant burning sensation.” Hmm.. okay, we’ll take it!

DLC coverage continues with Dragonborn and Dunwall City Trials rounds, after the break…


Described as “Skyrim, with more Skyrim” by Kotaku, plenty of new reviews are up for Dragonborn – available now on Xbox 360 and early next year on PS3 & PC. Reviews include:

Game Informer (8.5/10) – “Dragonborn delivers a great adventure that rarely apes content from the core game. The dungeon designs are inventive – especially the water temple – and flow nicely from quest to quest. Solstheim is a fun island to explore, offering a wealth of side content and locales to uncover.”

IGN (8.8) – “…there’s enough new stuff here, highlighted by the spectacular island of Solstheim itself, to make Dragonborn the best piece of add-on content for Skyrim yet.”

Joystiq – “Dragonborn is the best of Skyrim’s DLC so far, offering a significantly more substantial update than Dawnguard or Hearthfire. It’s more than reason enough to return to Skyrim.

RipTen (9.5/10) – “Not only is Dragonborn equivalent to an expansion pack, it’s my personal favorite Elder Scrolls DLC released this generation”

Destructoid (8.5/10) – Dragonborn proves that Bethesda can not only still produce, but that they haven’t forgotten their roots either.

Digital Spy (4/5) – “Solstheim is a fantastic location, packed with interesting landmarks, challenging enemies and a wide variety of quests, and reigniting that initial sense of awe.”

OXM UK (8/10) – “… feels both more adventurous and more complete – a differently styled distillation of the things Skyrim does best which should last you well into Christmas.”

The Escapist (4/5) – “Even in the face of unspeakable horror and impossible odds, the inhabitants of Solstheim have chosen to stay and fight for their lives, evoking strong feelings of both pity and admiration, and making them feel totally worth saving. Adding to that the host of new abilities, spells and creatures to interact with and acquire, Dragonborn is well worth your time.”

GamesRadar (Buy It) – “If one word sums up the Elder Scrolls series, it’s certainly “scope.” If you’ve played Skyrim for only ten minutes, you can’t escape the feeling that you’re just a tiny speck on a vast canvas. This is something that Dragonborn recreates very well. The map for the island of Solstheim is sprawling, and getting from one end to the other on foot will sap close to an hour of your life away.”

GameRevolution (4.5/5) – Bottom line, this DLC is well worth your time and money to check this out, especially if you’re going though Skyrim withdrawal.

GamingBolt (8.5/10) – “Dragonborn is brilliant.”

Gameplanet (8.5/10) – “The Dragonborn downloadable expansion is further evidence – if any were still needed – that Bethesda Softworks are amongst the very strongest singleplayer developers in the industry. A must for Skyrim fans.”

VentureBeat (80/100) – The moment my character started building the shrine and a weird voice spoke about Miraak in a disjointed way, I knew I had to see the story through.

The Penny Arcade Report – “‘Dragonborn’ shows you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can have the lengthy missions and story of ‘Dawnguard,’ or you can have the world additions and new sights of ‘Dragonborn.’”

Dunwall City Trials

Reviewers are also testing their abilities in Arkane’s skill-based DLC for Dishonored, Dunwall City Trials:

We Got This Covered – “Dunwall City Trials is an impressive, thoughtfully designed and entertaining experience that only the best will be able to master.”

Attack of the Fanboy – “Dunwall City Trials is well worth the price of admission, and you just might get the bug to do the single player all over again once you’ve completed them.”

GameFront (80/100) – “This sort of thing is a skill player or a completionist’s idea of a really good time.”
Eurogamer (7/10) – “Dedicated single-player story DLC is on the way in 2013, so while this selection of piecemeal distractions doesn’t always play to Dishonored’s strengths, it’s ample to tide us over until something more substantial comes along.”

The Controller Online – “Regardless of where you are in the main campaign, you can start playing the Dunwall City Trials, so it’s a great way to practice your skills and I can already see myself getting better at certain things, like using Blink to quickly and accurately fly around the map. I look at Dunwall City Trials as preparation before I even think about attempting to beat the game on Very Hard. I think I’m going to need all of the practice I can get.”

FPS Guru – “For the few hours you’ll get out of it, it’s worth it easily for everyone. If you’re the competitive guy looking to up your skills, take to the leaderboards and rise to the top.”


Reader Comments

  1. I am very excited we are finally seeing a DLC for RAGE.The content looks fresh,awesome,and very engaging,and it’s a steal for its price.The community over at official forums is very active and vivid lately and also on Steam forums.This is getting defintely on my wishlist,I really hope now that graphics drivers are at it people will find the mood to revisit RAGE,or purchase it if skipped-I plead guilty as charged!-and I definitely wish to see even more DLC’s rolling on for the game.

    Thank you.

  2. Will Bethesda do this again with the Next Skyrim DLC, give it to the Xbox First and then the Paid Microsoft PC Product a Month or 2 Later.

    Just because Micro$oft says we will get the Dragonborn DLC Early 2013 could very well be 2 to 3 Months.

  3. Dear Bethesda, I was looking forward to buy both Dishonored and Rage DLCs. Sadly, neither of it is available on Steam in my region (Czech Republic). I wonder why don’t you allow people in my country to buy your products? Especially when there’s virtually no other way for them to buy it other then through Steam. Even more puzzling is for me the fact that Dishonored can be bought through Steam while its DLC cannot. I won’t lower myself to piracy but I certainly see the reason why others do. Would you please explain me the reason behind this?

    • *** BUMP ***

      Dear Bethesda, is any of your clever managers able to explain why some of your products are not available in certain second-class countries? And why do you make contracts with incompetent local distributors (Cenega, 1C Company, or whatever it is, idgaf) even if they undoubtedly cause a significant loss of your money in such cases? To be honest, I don’t understand it at all…

    • The same country, the same (a bit Dishonored) feeling. How I wish I could actually pay you for the content! (Not mentioning it would actually allow me to play it, and not just read about it.)

  4. How many of these reviews were based on the PS3 version of the DB DLC? What? None? So we don’t know if it works yet on PS3, you say? Just checking.
    Beth continues to misrepresent their product and fail to deliver on legally guaranteed warranties. None of the above accurately reflects the true scope of the Beth work on Skyrim.
    Get the #$%^ dlc to PS3 first, then you can be accurately judged.

    • I love how PS3 people throw around random legal terminology to give an appearance of knowing what the frell they are talking about.

      • @Gilgamesh
        We don’t need random legal terminology, we know exactly what we’re talking about and if you were in the same boat then I’m sure you’d do the same thing as well.

        Just to recap:
        – Game-breaking lag at launch
        – Missing updates (like 1.6) that arrive weeks later on the PS3 after other platforms
        – Delayed DLC, that arrives several months later on PS3 after the other platforms.

        Not to mention that Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) were both lag-infested games, New Vegas especially.

        The reason PS3 users post here is because they don’t want Bethesda to sweep the issues with the PS3 version of Skyrim under the carpet and forget about it like they did with both of the Fallout games, where the issues still haven’t been patched even years later. (if you want to see what I’m talking about)

      • Didn’t you say the exact same thing about Dawnguard? Pretty sure the “dev team” has been “working on” Dawnguard Since July, not available yet though is it?

        Care to explain why PS3 users should believe you this time?

        • It’s quite obvious that work on Dawnguard/Hearthfire for the PS3 never actually began. They were just stalling for development on Dragonborn. This is the only explanation that makes sense.

          A company would not waste time, money, and resources on a project only to stop suddenly for the newest shiniest product and then pick it back up at an undetermined date. Bethesda know they can’t get Dawnguard/Hearthfire to work on PS3. After they consulted with the legal department they began deleting, scrubbing, and stopped talking about anything related to Dawnguard/Hearthfire on the forums and the other outlets they use to communicate to their subjects. They now know their best course of action is to continue stringing along their subjects, eventually enough people will forget about these DLCs and Bethesda can move on without any ramification.

      • Gstaff:
        PLEASE give us some updates on Dawnguard and Hearthfire for PS3!! you guys eed to stop stringing us along, we invested the same amount of money and time into your company as the PC and Xbox players, why do we get treated so? an update on the progress of the first 2 DLC please!!

  5. You worked on it now, what have you been doing on December Third after the Release of the Xbox and are you closing the Company today for Christmas and when do you guys open again.

  6. @gstaff gone back to oblivion since no new dlc on ps3. my question is there a chance for morrowind to be re released in hd or your other games like redguard? a shame if these games wont be played except on lets play youtube

  7. I suppose as the apocolypse hasn’t happened Beth will now have to honour their statements regarding the release of DLC for PS3 Skyrim…

  8. I have played Skyrim on and off since its release (taking breaks for other games) andhave loved. However, i am very disappointed with the Dragonborn DLC. I keep hoping that new weapons and armor will make dragon bone/scale obsolete and this hasn’t happened. Also this DLC has multiple glitches that seem to infect the rest of the game. Many of my mannequins now replicate pieces of armor that are placed on them and most of my weapon display cases don’t give me the option to interact with them. The game also freezes constantly and i have been playing on three different xbox’s one of which is the xbox slim with a 250gb HDD. Just fix the glitches and i would enjoy it so much more.

  9. Please make more RAGE DLC. Consider making an expansion pack, maybe one for around $20. Please, I need more RAGE. The Scorchers is really cool but I want something more substantial.

    • Agree, although the DLC was pretty substantial! especially for the low price. Sarah was an awesome character. I want to see some more Eastern Wasteland action or perhaps a jounrey to Gunbarrel to see Dan again?

      Maybe a buddy mission with the so-called Sheriff!

  10. Bethesda is nothing but lying con men sellouts. You should believe nothing they tell because there mouth is full of
    Sincerly Yours
    Ripped off PS3 customer

  11. Lemme give you my review.
    Cause we dont have dlc.
    Instead of gloating how bout working on delivering. And then accept praise.
    Never heard of someone patting themselves on their back when there 1/3 of the way done.

  12. Need more Rage DLC, the Scorchers DLC is awesome BTW. Is Bethesda committed to further development on Rage? It would be a same if the IDTech5 technology would go to waste.

  13. Wow, one official comment about the Skyrim DLC and it’s the same as everywhere else. I just want to know when PC release is, it’s well past the 30 day exclusivity which shouldn’t have been on this DLC in the first place and we don’t even get a rough date, early 2013 covers a few months and if I have to wait that long I will have no problem just not buying it.